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Daniele Amati (born on 11 August 1931) is an Italian particle physicist, known as a pioneer of string theory.


  • The incompatibility between gravity and quantum coherence represented by black holes should be solved by a consistent quantum theory that contains gravity as superstring theory. Despite many encouraging results in that sense, I question here the general feeling of a naive resolution of the paradox. And indicate non trivial physical possibilities towards its solution that are suggested by string theory and may be further investigated in its context.

Quotes about Amati[edit]

  • ... in 1954 Daniele returned to Italy, his native country, and in the summer he attended a one-month course given by Fermi. He wrote me an interesting letter comparing the two as teachers. He put it roughly as follows: you ask a question to Feynman and, in many cases, he invents on the spot a clever and very original argument to answer the question: you understand the argument but at the same time you have the strong feeling that in no way you would have thought of it yourself. You ask a question to Fermi and his answer is so simple that you have the strong feeling that you should have thought of it yourself!

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