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Dead Space 3 is a third-person shooter video game developed by Visceral Games and published by Electronic Arts. Announced at E3 2012 on June 4, 2012 and released internationally in February 2013, it is the sequel to Dead Space 2 and the final main entry in the Dead Space series.

Primarily set on the frozen planet of Tau Volantis, the game follows protagonists Isaac Clarke and John Carver as they attempt to end the Necromorph threat.



Chapter 1: Rude Awakening

Captain Robert Norton: I don't have a lot of time, so I'll make this brief. I understand that you're something of an expert on Markers. You created one -
Isaac Clarke: I didn't make shit! Your government made me!
Cpt. Norton: And you destroyed two. Which is why we're here: we've got a job for you.
Isaac: No. No! I'm done with that! You find somebody else for your suicide mission!
Cpt. Norton: We did. And before we lost contact with her... [holds up photo of Ellie] She told us to find you.

Chapter 3: The Roanoke

Isaac: [Geez]... Coffins everywhere. Looks like some kind of funeral.
Sgt. Carver: Executions.
Isaac: Why do you say that?
Sgt. Carver: The bloodstains on the walls are about head height.


Isaac: That's no good.

Chapter 4

Isaac: [to Carver] You could've warned me about Ellie and the Captain.
Sgt. Carver: No one cares about your love life, Marker Boy.

Chapter 9: Onward

Sgt. Carver: Let's get one thing straight, Clarke. We came to this frozen shithole to stop the Markers, and nothing—not you, or your obsession with Ellie—is gonna get in my way. You got that?
Isaac: I know why I'm doin' this. Do you?

Sgt. Carver: [about the coring drill blocking their path] Damn thing's stuck!
Isaac: C'mon. Help me get those safety gates down.
Sgt. Carver: [in disbelief] Safety gates? Down? You'd better know what you're doing.

[The two use Kinesis to lower the gates. Freed, the drill begins to spin...]

Sgt. Carver: A-haha! Now we're gettin' somewhere!

[...toward them!]

Isaac: Oh, shit. Back up, back up! Get out of the way! [Necromorphs start coming in.] Stay out of its path!
Sgt. Carver: No shit!

Chapter 18: Kill or be Killed

Dr. Earl Serrano (audio log): Argh! Well, I've gone and busted my knee open. I suppose the Codex is in Mahad’s hands by now, and this place is about to be buried, like everywhere else. [chuckles] I remember telling my college professor I wanted to study xenoarcheology. He laughed right in my face. "There’s nothing to study," he said. "It's all dead space. No alien life exists out in the universe." In a way, I guess he was right. There is no life beyond our system, only a trail of extinction, wrought by the Moons. And now it's right on our doorstep. Well, above us lies the means of turning off the Machine, but also the means to complete it. Turning it off will finish our species; completing it will save us. I had hoped to be here to witness the saving part. It would have been spectacular to witness the Moon getting pulled into the planet and crushed to oblivion - a final act by the natives - a sacrifice to save us all. But now, I must rest. Perhaps Tim will be along soon with the Codex.

Chapter 19: Endings

Isaac: You can't have us.

Carver: So this is it, huh? We use that Codex?
Isaac: Yeah.
Carver: No more bullshit? We die here, now?
Isaac: But Earth...gets a tomorrow.



Chapter 1: Requiem

Carver: The fuck you doing men?
Isaac: Carver?
Carver: What are you doing in my apartment?
Isaac: We're not in your apartment. We're not supposed to be anywhere.
Carver: Are we...
Isaac: Dead? Guess not.
Carver: That doesn't make any sense! Issac, you activated the Codex! The moon fell, we fell!
Isaac: What about the alien machine? It froze the planet, it pulled the moon out of the sky! We don't know what that technology can do.
Carver: So, that's it, we were saved by fucking aliens?
Isaac: I...quit trying to make sense of it all back on the Ishimura.
Carver: Come on! This... this can't be real! What are we supposed to do now?
Isaac: Well, for starters, get the hell outta here.
Carver: And go where; Back to Earth?
Isaac: Yeah, If we're dead, we can do what we want, right?
Carver: Right.

Isaac: So, we did kill the moon. There it is.
Carver: Why is it way over there?
Isaac: It's orbit must have carried it westward as it was pulled down by the machine.
Carver: I still don't understand how we survived.
Isaac: Maybe we didn't.
Carver: Well, I'd know if I was dead, man.
Isaac: Man, I don't even know what "dead" means anymore. Are we Necromorphs? Is this what they feel like after the...after the Marker reanimates them?
Carver: Could you be any more crazy? Hell no, we are not Necromorphs! We killed the thing that makes them! At least, we don't have to put with this shit anymore."
Isaac: (realizing all Necromorphs are gone) Heh. Yeah. No more Moon. No more Marker signal. No more Necromorphs. At least, that's on our side.
Carver: Yeah. Now, we're just stuck on this godforsaken planet.
Isaac: Danik had a strong contingent down here hunting us. One of their has to be around here.
Carver: Now, that's a good idea. Let's get lookin', dead boy.
Isaac: That's not funny.
Carver: Yeah, it is.

Isaac: Norton? No, you're dead! Hey! Hey, Norton!

(Playing as Isaac on single player mode)

Isaac: Oh, god no! NO FUCKING WAY! WE KILLED YOU!! WE KILLED ALL OF YOU!!! Carver! Carver, they're still here!
Carver: (COM) I know! They're over here too!
Isaac: HOW?!
Carver: (COM) We must've missed something! I dunno!

Brethren Moons: We are all awake now. Awake and hungry. But where is it? Take us home, Isaac. Make us Whole.

Isaac: Of course.
Carver: Here, its just a little...
Isaac: Oh, no.
Carver: Oh, no what?
Isaac: The shock drive is this thing is out. Its only got impulse.
Carver: So, we're stuck?
Isaac: No. Just uh...just stuck in this star system. We can make it as far as the flotilla. We'll just have to find something up there to play with. We'll make it home, don't worry.
Carver: Worry? I don't know if I'm dead or alive. What's to worry.

Chapter 2: Infidels

'Unitologists: Take our hands so that we may feed you, take our eyes so that we may see you, take our lives so that we may serve you; We will live forever...

Chapter 3: Perdition

Unitologist Leader: The sky will part and we will draw them up, and they will be devoured, and we become one with them. Complete the Church, complete this ship and lead us home, make us whole!

Carver: You're a dead man, Isaac! You hear me?!
Isaac: I won't let you lead them home!
Carver: I will do whatever the FUCK I have to! I'm gonna find a way back!
Isaac: No! No one leaves!
Carver: Just... hold still, goddammit!

Brethren Moons: The Earth draws near. Even now we can feel it. Teeming with life. Teeming with Markers. From each world we devour, a new brother will rise and be made whole. Our network will grow and we will live forever.

Brethren Moons: You can kill the prophet, but you can’t kill the god! Your chance to warn the Earth has come and gone. We are coming. We are hungry. We are here.

Isaac: Carver! Psst, hey Carver! We're almost there!
Carver: What, we made it?
Isaac: Yeah.
Carver: I don't believe it.
Computer: De-shocking to Earth space in 3...2...1...

[The Terra Nova de-shock from slipspace and arrives to Earth. Carver laughs.]

Isaac: Earth Orbital control, this is Isaac Clarke aboard the CMS Terra Nova, requesting clearance, over.

[No response.]

Carver: Are you sure you got the right channel? This is over 200 years old.
Isaac: Yeah. No. I change it over tight... trust me. Trust me, it's right.
Carver: EarthGov Command, this is Sergeant John Carver, do you read me. Is anyone there? (Static) It's weird.
Isaac: United Mining traffic flow, do you copy? (More static) Lunar fight control, this CMS Terra Nova, does anyone read us out here?

[Incoming transmission is to be the cry of several people with the sound of Necromorphs attacking them. Isaac and Carver see outside of the ship, their expressions show horror. Shot of Earth, where it is seen that the Brethren Moons have come to Earth.]

Carver: Oh god...
Isaac: Oh no...

[A Brethren Moon appears before the Terra Nova, making Isaac and Carver shout. Fade to black.]'

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