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Deep Rising is a 1998 film about a team of heavily armed hijackers who board a luxury ocean liner only to do battle with man-eating sea creatures.

Directed by Stephen Sommers. Written by Robert Mark Kamen.
Full Scream Ahead.  (taglines)


Finnegan: Like a fine wine, I'm aging gracefully, thank you.
Mason: Like a fine wine my ass. You look more like a keg of beer to me.

Canton: The Ottoia are very crafty. They hide in burrows. They catch their victims with spiny living tentacles. Then they crush them between their massive jaws.
Trillian St. James: Then they eat you, right?
Canton: No, they drink you. They drink you alive. Sucking all the fluids out of the body before excreting the skeletal remains.


  • Full Scream Ahead.
  • They Seized The World's Richest Ship... But No One's On Board!


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