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Detention is an American animated television series about a group of rebellious preteens from Benedict Arnold Middle School who continually find themselves in detention.

Shareena Wickett[edit]

  • Not yet I have to rush over to the box office if we ever get out of here.
  • I wont deny that I was born to sing Emmitt.
  • I can not believe what I'm hearing.
  • Hey Annie, did you get a ticket to the annual festival of sugary sweets yet?
  • Today's the big day, Ms. Kisskillya, it's the annual festival of sugary sweets!

Comedy of Terrors[edit]

Shelly Kelly: (Playing Ophelia) Hamlet hath, my lord, of late made many tenders of his affection to me.
Jim Kim: (Playing Polonius) Affection! Pooh, you speak like a Green Lantern.
Mr. Fletcher: The line is "you speak like a green girl." Not a Green Lantern. Hamlet is a tragic hero. Not a superhero!

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