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Diff'rent Strokes was a television sitcom that ran on the American NBC network from 1978 until 1985, and the American ABC network from 1985 until 1986.

Season 1


Movin' In

  • Philip: (meeting the boys for the first time) Welcome, Gentlemen!
  • Willis: (confused, looking behind them) You talking to US?
  • Philip: Of course.
  • Arnold: How 'bout that, Willis? Downtown 2 minutes and already we're gentlemen.

  • Arnold: Willis, why do we have to go back to Harlem? Why can't we stay here?
  • Willis: 'Cause we miss Harlem!
  • Arnold: Yeah, and I wanna miss Harlem for the rest of my natural life.

  • Willis: Come on, Arnold. (to Mr. Drummond) we still leave in the morning.
  • Philip: Arnold, you don't really wanna leave, do you?
  • Arnold: No, but I gotta, without me, Willis is nothin'!
  • Kimberly: Oh, daddy, please don't let them leave!

The Spanking

  • Philip: (punishing Arnold) Arnold, I'm afraid there's just one solution. This calls for a spanking.
  • Arnold: A spanking? There ain't enough of me to spank.

The Club Meeting

  • Arnold: (finishing his donut) Mrs. Garrett, can I have a donut?
  • Edna: But you just had one, Arnold!
  • Arnold: How come I had a donut, that thing was 10% donut and 90% hole.

  • Arnold: Hey, Willis, let's go out in the schoolyard and shoot some baskets!
  • Willis: Arnold, I said, let me be!
  • Arnold: Come on! Hey Willis?
  • Willis: What? (basketball comes to him) Arnold, I don't wanna play basketball, here! (knocking over the clock) Now you done it, you, dumbhead! Why didn't you reach out and grab the ball?
  • Arnold: I tried, but I got a short reacher.
  • Edna: What was that?
  • Kimberly: What was the crack?
  • Edna: Anybody hurt?
  • Arnold: No, we're fine, but it ain't the clock's finest hour.
  • Edna: Oh, good lord! You know you're not supposed to play basketball in the living room!
  • Willis: Boy, Mr. D's gonna give it to us!
  • Edna: When Mr. Drummond finds out, you're gonna be the Spank-E!

  • Philip: So long, family, I'm off to play tennis!
  • Edna: Uh...
  • Philip: What happened to the clock?
  • Willis: I broke it Mr. D, it was all my fault
  • Arnold: No, I did.

No Time For Arnold

  • Willis: Now, move it around like this!
  • Kimberly: You're a terrific dancer, Willis!
  • Willis: Thanks, but in Harlem, we think we could consider this walking!
  • Arnold: Hey, Willis. Wanna play some basketball?
  • Willis: No!
  • Arnold: What's that supposed to be?
  • Willis: Get lost, Arnold, I'm teaching Kimberly how to dance!
  • Arnold: Dancin'? All you're doing are wigglin' your behinds!
  • Kimberly: Please, Arnold, we're practicing!
  • Willis: Arnold, I need to teach Kimberly how to dance so she go on to the TV's dance show.
  • Arnold: Aw, that ain't hot dude, watch some grooves, by the man with moves! Oooooeee! I'm gettin' the Saturday Night Fever!
  • Kimberly: Oooooh! Looks like we're havin' a Friday Night Fit!
  • Willis: Arnold! (turns off jukebox) Get lost, Arnold, we don't have time for you now!
  • Arnold: You never have time for me anymore! Soul brother and sister!

The Relative

  • Edna: Dinner will be served in an hour, Miss Waters. I hope this will hold you 'til then, I...(shrieks)
  • Myrtle: What's the matter with you woman, you're crazy!
  • Philip: Arnold what are you doing? Come down here!
  • Arnold: Yes sir.
  • Philip: Willis, are you in on this?
  • Willis: Before I tell you, can I call my attorney?
  • Edna: Oh, why did you boys do that? You scared me half to death!
  • Myrtle: It didn't do nothin' to my sandwich either!
  • Philip: What in the world has gotten into you, that was a terrible thing to do!
  • Willis: Mr. Drummond, we weren't tryin' to scare Mrs. Garrett, we wanted to scare Cousin Myrtle!
  • Philip: Why?
  • Arnold: So, she'd jump off the chair and through the ceilin'!
  • Willis: We think Cousin Myrtle is faking about her neck, and we don't want any guys of you rippin' you off!
  • Philip: Well, I am shocked with your behavior! You could have hurt Mrs. Garrett! Now, I want you both to apologize to her! Go on, I mean it!
  • Willis: We apologize Mrs. Garrett.
  • Arnold: I'm sorry.
  • Edna: Oh, you don't have to apologize to me boys!
  • Willis: OK, we unapologize.
  • Edna: Mr. Drummond, can't you see, the boys were just tryin' to protect you.
  • Philip: Well, I can protect myself! I oughta ground you two for a whole month! No television, no stereo, no movies!
  • Arnold: Just ground us, don't end our lives!
  • Myrtle: Wait a minute! Mr. Drummond, wait a minute! Don't punish them! I'm the one who should apologize! Don't take it out on the boys. They were only protecting you.

The Tutor

  • Philip: Uh-oh! Your teacher says, until your grades improve, you're off the basketball team!
  • Willis: Say what?
  • Kimberly: That's not fair, daddy!
  • Arnold: Why, is that a croc!
  • Willis: They can't do that to me, I'm the team captain!
  • Philip: But the only way you're gonna get back on the team is to get your grades up.

Willis' Privacy

  • Vernon: Oh no, Arnold!
  • Willis: You ruined my pictures!
  • Arnold: I didn't know you were in the bathroom!
  • Willis: Can't you stay out of my business?
  • Arnold: I got business my own to do in there!

The Trip (1)

  • Arnold: Come on, fish! Come on, take that bait! Come on, fish! I'm waitin' Ah, here we are, I got a big one, a big one!

  • Willis: Hello hello!
  • Arnold: It's the creature from the black lagoon!
  • Edna: Looks like he'll need a harpoon for this one, Arnold!
  • Willis: Got everything I need to go to Portland! Got my water skis, my diver's suit, my snorkel, and my flippers!
  • Arnold: You only need one more thing.
  • Willis: What's that?
  • Arnold: You need to learn how to swim!
  • Willis: Come on, blood. You know I know how to swim good now!
  • Arnold: No you don't!
  • Edna: Boys, boys! Boys, cool it! Stop acting like brothers!
  • Kimberly: Hey everybody, how do you like my new bathing suit?
  • Arnold: Where is the rest of it?
  • Willis: That's it, it's a bikini!
  • Edna: You look darlin', Kimberly!
  • Kimberly: Thank you, Mrs. Garrett!
  • Philip: Listen gang uh... Say, that's a nice bathing suit you're almost wearing!
  • Kimberly: Well, it was a choice between this and a one-piece!
  • Philip: I'm glad you took both pieces!

  • Arnold: 5 hours, what kinda train are we goin' on?
  • Philip: Oh, we're not goin' on a train!
  • Arnold: They got jet buses now?
  • Philip: Arnold, we're gonna fly.
  • Arnold: Whatchoo talkin' bout Mr. D?
  • Philip: We're gonna fly there, that's the quickest way!

Season Three


Junk Food Junkie

  • Kimberly: (indicates Arnold) He's a junk food junkie. He's a human garbage disposal.
  • Aunt Sophia: Arnold, I'm shocked. Don't you know what you are to eat?
  • Arnold: (frowns at Aunt Sophia) You mean to tell me that I happen to be a 49-pound Twinkie?!

Diff'rent Strokes: Copyright 1978-1979 Tandem Productions, Inc. All Rights Reserved Hello, Larry & The Facts of Life: Copyright 1978-1979 T.A.T. Communications, Inc. All Rights Reserved.



The Drummond-McKinney Family

  • Phillip
  • Maggie (2nd wife)
  • Kimberly (daughter)
  • Willis (adoptive son)
  • Arnold (adoptive son)
  • Sam (step-son)
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