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Dinosaucers (1987, 1989-1991, 1993) was a cartoon series, created by DIC Entertainment, about two groups of dinosaurs, called Dinosaucers and Tyrannos, who constantly battle each other.

Opening sequence[edit]

Ankylo: The Dinosaucers are leaving, Bossasaur!!
Genghis Rex: Well, FOLLOW THEM!

Happy Egg Day To You (episode #3)[edit]

Scene: Allo (with devolver) and Genghis Rex (with fossilizer) are in a Mexican standoff

Allo: I may be a fossil in a second, but not before you're devolved into a tyrannosaurus with a brain the size of a pea!

A Man's Best Friend is His Dogasaurus (episode #16)[edit]

Ankylo: I think we Tyrannos have been licked!
Ankylo gets licked by a giant dino-dog that vaugley resembles Odie from Garfield and Friends

Monday Night Clawball (episode #32)[edit]

Teryx: When do we get to cheer?
Sara: When our team does something good.
Teryx: I think I'll have a seat.

... then later ...

Teryx: Now can we cheer? He's in the end zone!
Sara: Wrong end zone! Two points for them.
Teryx: I'm gonna get a conifer burger and some fern fries. (walks away)

Allo & Cos-Stego Meet the Abominable Snowman (episode #36)[edit]

Allo: Calm down now, tell me what you saw.
Stego: A big ugly monster!
Allo: Oh, don't be silly, Stego. We're the biggest ugliest monsters on this planet.

Who: Two pastrami on rye, comin' up.
Allo: Could I have mine on white bread?
Who: What are you, an Eagle Scout?
Allo: Now listen mister... uh...
Who: Who.
Allo: Who who?
Who: You lookin' for work as a night owl? My name is Who.
Stego: You're who?
Who: Who!
Stego: That's what I said.
Who: What?
Stego: Who!
Who: What?!?
Stego: Never mind!
Who: Oh, he's the cook.
Stego: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!

Allo: Stego, you tried to trick me!
Stego: [like Lou Costello] I've been a baaaaaaad dino.

Stego: This area isn't on the map. All it shows is Mount Himalaya.
When: HIMALAYA! That's where it happened. Slowly I turned, then I saw him.
Stego: [backing away nervously] Allo?
When: I crept closer, step by step, inch by inch... Then, I went CRAZY!
When causes an avalanche to fall on Stego

Lochs and Bay Gulls (episode #43)[edit]

Genghis Rex: The Dinosaucers! It can't be! You were all fossilized into rocks!
Ichy: The only rocks around here are the ones in your head, fang face.

The Museum of Natural Humans (episode #56)[edit]

Scene: the Dinosaucers and Secret Scouts are holding the Tyrannos at gunpoint

Allo: You lose again, Genghis Rex!
Dimetro: [indicating David] Thanks to the Secret Scouts!
Genghis Rex: Secret Scouts, indeed! You'll get your yours, Dinonerds!!
Rex throws a smokebomb and the Tyrannos run away

Scene: David's skateboard lands empty at Lava Dome 2

Allo: That human is such a practical joker. Why can't they be like we are: perfect in every way?
Dimetro: What's the matter with humans today?

Scales of Justice (episode #62)[edit]

Scene: The Dinosaucers are in court defending against Tyranno litigation

Judge: Are you illegal aliens?
Allo: We never illegally crossed your border; we dropped straight down from outer space!
Judge: [speechless]
Cut to shot of Ichy just barely restraining himself from laughing out loud

I Got Those 'Ol Reptilon Blues Again, Mommasaur (episode #63)[edit]

Scene: Genghis Rex and Princess Dei escape from the palace on Reptilon after failing their mission

Princess Dei: [derisively mimicking Rex] I'll kidnap the Dinosorceror and Dinosorceress and rule Reptilon! Heh heh!
Genghis Rex: [like Ralph from The Honeymooners] One of these days, Dei! One of these days! Pow! Zoom! Right to the Earth!

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