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Dinosaur is a 2000 computer animated feature film produced by Walt Disney Pictures featuring anthropomorphic dinosaurs. It tells the story of Aladar, an iguanodon whose egg was snatched and dropped on a remote island.

Directed by Eric Leighton and Ralph Zondag. Written by Ralph Zondag, John Harrison, and Robert Nelson Jacobs.
Music by James Newton Howard.


Kron: Stay out of my way!

Zini: [whilst combing his head back with his hand] You'll want a little help from the 'love monkey'.

Plio: [narrating] Some things start out big, and some things start out small, very small. But sometimes the smallest thing can make the biggest changes of all.

Zini: This "monster"'s got no teeth! What's he gonna do? Gum us to death?

Zini: "Hey, sweetie. If you'll be my bride, I'll groom ya." That is good. Oh, that's good. "Girls, I'm known as the 'professor of love' and school's in session." Yeah, I still got it.

Aladar: I hope it's not contagious.

Zini: I'm a raging epidemic of romance.

Eema: Walkin' backwards, huh? Well, let me know if that gets you there any faster.

Aladar: He's my grandfather -- couple of times removed.

Zini: Try a couple of species removed.

'Zini: Hey, enough with the beauty sleep! You're ravishing already!

Eema: [about to cross the desert] If you smell something sizzlin', it could be me.

Baylene: Oh, joy. Blisters!
Eema: I got blisters ON my blisters.
Yar: You don't wanna know where *I* got blisters...

Plio: We can't just leave him here!
Eema: We can if we move fast enough!
[they enter a cave]'
Aladar: It's dark, but at least it's dry.
Eema: I like dry. It's the dark part I'm having trouble with.

Yar': If I could sleep THAT deep, I'd be in paradise.
Eema: If you could sleep THAT deep, honey, you'd be dead.

[The group reaches the Nesting Grounds, featuring a large lake]
Plio: Our new home...

Zini: [surrounded by female lemurs] Anyone up for a game of "monkey in the middle"?

[closing narration]
Plio: No one knows what changes, big or small, lie ahead. One thing is certain; our journey's not over. We can only hope that in some small way our time here will be remembered.

Yar: Hey, old girl, you're wandering off a bit.
Eema: [panting] That's all I need: a monkey on my back.

[Aladar dashes off to warn of the landslide.]
Eema: Kron'll eat you alive!
Aladar: Let him try. [dashes off.]
Eema: [sighing] I hope Kron's in a listening mood...

Eema: Move over, everybody. Bringin' in babies is what *I* do best!
Yar: I'd say it's been a few years since you've hatched an egg.
Eema: You're right -- so let me practice on your head!

Yar: Come here, you little rascal. Let me get a good look at you.
[Aladar's baby urinates on Yar]
Yar: [disgusted] Yep. You're your father's son.

Aladar: [about his newborn son] Hey, little guy! He looks just like me!
Neera: Meet your dad. He's not as crazy as he looks.

Aladar: [as he is pushed and shoved by the thirsty herd trying to make their way to the water sarcastically] That's it! Keep pushing, that's very helpful.

[after the lemur children hop away after playing with Aladar]
Plio: [sarcastically] Heh. It's a shame you don't like kids.
Aladar: [sarcastically] Ugh. Nasty little vermin.

Aladar: Look, Neera, if we watch out for each other, we all stand a chance of reaching your nesting grounds.
Neera: You sound so sure.
Aladar: I'm not. But, it's all I know.

Yar: Babies grow up! You keep that thing, one day, we'll turn our backs, it'll be picking us out of its teeth! Things like that eat things like us as snacks!

Kron: [sarcastically] Hm. Let the weak set the pace? Now there's an idea.

Zini: I believe you asked for a wakeup call at the dawn of time.

Neera: [about Aladar] That, children... is a jerkosaurus.

Bruton: Why is he doing this? Pushing them on with false hope?
Plio: It's hope that's gotten them this far.
Bruton: But why doesn't he let them accept their fate? I've accepted mine.
Plio: And what is your fate?
Bruton: To die here. It's the way things are.
Plio: Only if you give up, Bruton. It's your CHOICE, not your fate.

Aladar: [despairing] We're not meant to survive.
Baylene: Oh, yes we were! We're HERE, aren't we? And how DARE you waste that good fortune by simply giving up? Shame on you. Shame on you! SHAME on you! The worst of it is, you allowed an old fool like me to believe I was needed... that I still had a purpose... and do you know what? You were right. And I'm going to go on believing it. And I, for one, am not going to die here!

Neera: You really like kids, don't you?
Aladar: Well, the thin ones are a little chewy.

Yar: Oh, well. Poor Zini. The clan still has one bachelor.
[Plio looks at Aladar]
Plio: No, we have two.

[after a meteor devastates Lemur Island]
Suri: [crying] They're all gone.

Zini: I'm a raging epidemic of romance.
Aladar: Come on, hot stuff, let's get going. You don't wanna miss Yar's annual pep talk.
Zini: [sarcastic] Oh, goody. Can't wait to hear the mating advice of an old monkey.
Aladar: Hey, I heard that in his day, that "old monkey" was quite a swinger.
Zini: You talkin' about Yar?
Aladar: Yeah! To hear him tell it, he put the "prime" in "primate".

Suri: [she, Aladar, and all the other lemurs on the island are watching fireballs fall down from the sky] What are they?
Aladar: I don't know.

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