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Divorce or dissolution of marriage is the ending of a marriage before the death of either spouse.


  • When love ceases, when in erotic love, in friendship, in short, when in the loving relationship between two people something comes between them so that love ceases, then the two, as we human beings speak, break up. Love was a bond, was in a good sense between them; then when something comes between then, love is displaced, it ceases; the connection between them is broken, and the break enters divisively between them. Therefore it comes to a break. Christianity, however, does not know this use of language, does not understand it, refuses to understand it. When one says it comes to a break, this is because one is of the opinion that in love there is only a relationship between two, rather than that it is a relationship among three, as has been shown. … So what does Christianity do? Its earnestness promptly concentrates eternity’s attention upon the single individual, upon each single one of the two. This is, as the two in love relate themselves to each other, they relate themselves, each one of them separately to love. Now if it does not go at all easily with the break. Before it comes to the break, before one of them comes to the point of breaking his or her love in relation to the other, that one must first fall away from love. This is the important point; therefore Christianity does not speak about the couple’s breaking with each other but only about what the single individual is always able to do-to fall away from love.

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