Don't Be a Sucker!

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Don't Be a Sucker! is a short film produced by the US War Department in 1943 and re-released in 1947. It has anti-racist and anti-fascist themes. The film was made to make the case for the desegregation of the United States armed forces.


  • Public speaker: I see negroes holding jobs that belong to me and you. Now I ask you, if we allow this thing to go on, what’s going to happen to us real Americans?
    Hungarian man: I've heard this kind of talk before, but I never expected to hear it in America.
  • In this country we are not "other people", we are American people. [...] I was born in Hungary but now I am an American citizen. And I have seen what this kind of talk can do — I saw it in Berlin. [...] I was a professor at the university. I heard the same words we have heard today. But I was a fool then. I thought Nazis were crazy people, stupid fanatics. Unfortunately it was not so. They knew they were not strong enough to conquer a unified country, so they split Germany into small groups. They used prejudice as a practical weapon to cripple the nation. (Hungarian man)
  • They say he is tall [shows Goebbels], slender [shows Göring], blue-eyed [shows Rudolf Hess] and blond [shows Hitler]. There is no Aryan race – and more important – there is no master race. There are people who may find these ideas convenient, but science cannot support them. There is no scientific proof of correlation between a man's racial characteristics and his native ability, or character. In all racial groups you find similar ranges of potentialities. (Teacher)

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