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Doris Simeon (born 22 July 1979) is a Nigerian Yoruba and English actress, compere, hairdresser and entrepreneur. She is the CEO of Davris Beauty centre situated at Ifako Lagos. Wikipedia


  • It was really fun for me. Those days when my mum sent me on an errand and I didn’t it deliver well, she would flog me and I would wonder “Are you sure this is my mother? But now when I think back, I realise she was only trying to make me a better person.

    Especially, when I do the same to my son. It dawned on me that all those scolding was out of love. It was really fun. I grew up in a face me, I face you kind of house where you have lots of drama. When I think about it, I laugh a lot. Funny enough, I used to tell the “Aje-butter” children that they didn’t have as much experience about life as those of us who lived in the ghettos.

  • No, fame has really favoured me in so many ways. I thank God for that.
  • I don’t want to change anything. I just thank God for creating me the way I am.

    If I have to come back to this world again, I want to come back as me.

  • I want to really affect people’s lives, put smiles on their faces. There are street kids out there suffering, we need to go out there.

    I like the courage of Iyabo Ojo, Halima Abubakar for all those NGOs and the rest of them. Putting smiles on people’s faces is what I’m aspiring to do and I think that’s the only way your prayers would be answered and God would put a smile on your face too.

  • Don’t be desperate. Be yourself. If you have that gift and you think you can still go out there to learn, do it. Go and learn from the professionals and God will put you through. If God says it is your time, he will definitely lift you up
  • I am not God, only God can say. I might just say I don’t want again but what if God says it’s time for you to settle down again. So it’s not a closed door for me when it comes to marriage.
  • The issues of rape, women and child abuse and malaria are becoming rampant in our society and if not quickly checked, we might lose our children to these negative vices permeating the globe. So, we believe that access to the right information will help people living in not-so-developed communities to stop endangering their lives through self-medication and patronage of quack health practitioners. We have provided the information they will need in the short movie, which we have also made to be entertaining.
  • We are hoping that after the tour and private screenings, we will be able to raise enough awareness and resources to produce a full body of works which would be available to the world at large.

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