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Dorothy the Dinosaur

Dorothy the Dinosaur (2007–2012) is an Australian children's television series, featuring Dorothy the Dinosaur.


Dorothy the Dinosaur's Party[edit]

(First lines. Song: "I'm Dorothy the Dinosaur!" plays.)
Dorothy the Dinosaur: Hello, everyone. It's good to see you. I'm waiting for my friends. Captain Feathersword has been away for such a long time, sailing around the world. And we're giving him a "welcome home" party. Oh! Here's Wags! Hi, Wags!
Wags the Dog: (He arrives wearing his beret & a bow tie.) Ruff! Hello, Dorothy.
Dorothy the Dinosaur: Ooh, Wags, what's that you've got there?
Wags the Dog: It's a "welcome home" present for Captain Feathersword. Ruff! (He gives her a gift.)
Dorothy the Dinosaur: Thanks, Wags. I'll put it in this basket. (She puts her present down into the basket.) And later, we'll put them under the tree in the garden.
Wags the Dog: Ruff!

Dorothy the Dinosaur's Memory Book[edit]

Kathy Gothadjaka: Nhami, nayam dijanu Gotha.
Dorothy the Dinosaur: Hello, Gotha. My name is Dorothy.
Kathy Gothadjaka: Nhami, Dorothy.
Dorothy the Dinosaur: You're speaking in a different language, aren't you?
Kathy Gothadjaka: Yo nayam yaka dijanu garryun Warramiri yan.
Dorothy the Dinosaur: Warramiri. So you're one of the Warramiri people.
Kathy Gothadjaka: Yo.
Dorothy the Dinosaur: Oh, what lovely flowers!
Kathy Gothadjaka: (giving Dorothy her flowers) Djanum nhuygu.
Dorothy the Dinosaur: For me? Oh, (laughs) thank you very much!
Kathy Gothadjaka: Djanum Australiayawuy wurrki.

Dorothy the Dinosaur Meets Santa Claus[edit]

Captain Feathersword: Oh, yes, Santa invited Dorothy and me to see his toy factory at the North Pole. I'd been there many times before and knew exactly where to go.
Dorothy the Dinosaur: Are you sure we're going in the right direction?
Captain Feathersword: Oh-ho! Just down here, and over here, Dorothy.
Dorothy the Dinosaur: We've been walking for a very long time.
Captain Feathersword: (offscreen.) I can see it, Dorothy. Not far now.
Dorothy the Dinosaur: (She saw something very strange.) What's this?
Captain Feathersword: (offscreen.) What's what?
Dorothy the Dinosaur: Oh, it says, "Knock", Captain Feathersword.

(Last lines)
Santa Claus: Merry Christmas, everyone!
Dorothy the Dinosaur: Merry Christmas!

Dorothy the Dinosaur's Rockin' Christmas[edit]

Wags the Dog: Woof! Hi, everyone! I heard there's going to be a Christmas party for Dorothy. I'm here to help. Do you need a hold dug? Woof! Woof!
Elfis: (He's imitating to Elvis Presley.) Wagsy, you ain't nothing but a puppy dog, howling all the time! (The audience we're all laughing.)
Poppie: Elfis, let's go and clear some of the scrap in the bush away so that Santa has a safe landing strip for his sleigh. Till then, bye, everyone!
(Audience shouting, "BYE!")
Elfis: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, Elfis is leaving the building. (with Fernie & Poppie leaving the stage.)
Captain Feathersword: Bye, old friends! See you soon! Whoo-hoo! Goodbye, me hearties!
Wags the Dog: Woof, woof! Well, Captain, let's get to work, and make this a party for Dorothy to remember!
Captain Feathersword: Okey-dokey, Wags! Great idea. Well, the first thing we need is a Christmas tree!
Wags the Dog: Woof!
Captain Feathersword: We usually get a Christmas tree from... (Wags is gonna get a Christmas tree.) Wags, where are you going? Where are you going? What's he doing, everybody? What...? Ohh! Oh, Wags! Look! Well done! He's got a Christmas tree! Oh, and you know what's good now? Let's decorate the tree! Have you got any ideas, Wags?

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