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Anthony Field, Lachlan Gillespie, Simon Pryce, Emma Watkins

The Wiggles (1991–present) are a Sydney, New South Wales-based children's band.


Wiggle Time![edit]

Murray Cook: Who is that?! Who's tickling us?! (spots Captain Feathersword) It's Captain Feathersword, the friendly pirate! Let's say "hi" to Captain Feathersword. (with Jeff & Greg.) Hi Captain Feathersword!
Captain Feathersword: Hello Everybody! I'm Captain Feathersword, the friendly pirate, argh.
Greg Page: Captain Feathersword, why do they call you Captain Feathersword?
Captain Feathersword: Ooh, they called me Captain Feathersword, because my sword is made of feathers, and it only tickles people. (tickles Greg with Feathersword and laughs)
Greg Page: (He laughs, while being tickled from Feathersword.) Hey! Wow! Stop that, Captain Feathersword. Now look, we were just wondering if you wouldn't mind... (He laughs, while being tickled from feathersword.)
Captain Feathersword: (tickles Greg with feathersword and laughs)
Greg Page: Captain Feathersword, did you just tickle me then?
Captain Feathersword: No!
Greg Page: Did he tickle me?
Jeff Fatt & Murray Cook: Yes!
Greg Page: I thought so. Now, Captain Feathersword, no more tickling, please, I'm very ticklish and I don't want to be tickled, all right? Now, we were just wondering if you would know a pi... (He laughs, while being tickled from feathersword.)
Captain Feathersword: (tickles Greg with feathersword and laughs)
Greg Page: I say Captain Feathersword, did you just tickle me again?
Captain Feathersword: No!
Greg Page: Did he tickle me?
Jeff Fatt & Murray Cook: Yes!
Greg Page: Yes, I thought so now that's enough tickling, Captain Feathersword, no more tickling.
Captain Feathersword: Well Greg, no more tickling. Well, what do you want me to do then?
Greg Page: Well, Captain Feathersword, we were just wondering if you would know a pirate dance that you could teach us.
Captain Feathersword: A pirate dance? Oh, I know a pirate dance. I'm a pirate!
Greg Page: Of course!
Captain Feathersword: Do you wanna do a pirate dance with me?
Jeff Fatt, Greg Page & Murray Cook: Yes we do!
Captain Feathersword: Well, let's do a pirate dance together, here we go!

Big Red Car[edit]

Jeff Fatt: Hey, Murray, where are you going with those bones?
Murray Cook: This food's for Wags the Dog. He kept me awake all last night. He was barking because he was hungry.
Anthony Field: Food! Did you said "Food", Murray? I'm really hungry.
Greg Page: Oh, Anthony, you're always hungry.
Murray Cook: Anthony, this food's for Wags the Dog, not Anthony the Wiggle.

Jeff Fatt: Cows can be big. Cows can be brown. They can be black and white as well. Some of them have horns on their head. And some just wear a bell. (singing) I eat grass and I moo all day, I'm a cow. (moo) I'm a cow. (moo) I eat green grass and I give white milk, I'm a cow. (moo) I'm a cow. (moo)

It's a Wiggly, Wiggly, World![edit]

Jeff Fatt: (in engineer's hat) Everyone, we're here with Jimmy Little. Hi, Jimmy.
Jimmy Little: Hello, Jeff. Hello, everyone.
Jeff Fatt: Now Jimmy, where did you come from today?
Jimmy Little: Well, I travel a lot on a train from the town called Nera, Momadery. And that's where the train goes, stops, turns around and goes back.
Jeff Fatt: Ah! Now you've sung lots of songs. Do you know any songs about trains?
Jimmy Little: Oh, yeah. I know some but I have a favorite. And the favorite one I like most is the Morningtown Ride.
Jeff Fatt: Wow! Hey, why don't you join Jimmy and the Wiggles on a train ride?
(The sky grows darker and a train is heard blowing its whistle and chugging.)
Jeff Fatt: (spotting a train) Hey Jimmy, I think it's here now.
Jimmy Little: Oh wow! That's great! Let's go.
Jeff Fatt: Yeah!

Hoop-Dee-Doo! It's a Wiggly Party![edit]

Greg Page: Hey, everybody, let's all say "Hi" to Dorothy. Hi, Dorothy.
Dorothy the Dinosaur: (giggles cause she's very happy to see you) Hi, everyone.
Greg Page: Hey, Dorothy, everybody's here. And you know what? I think they'd all love to do a dance with you. Dorothy, would you like to show everybody a brand new dance, "The Ooby-Doo?"
Dorothy the Dinosaur: I'd love it if everyone helped.
(Greg says that "Dance The Ooby-Doo" is a brand-new song Dorothy would like to dance to.)
Greg Page: Fantastic! Well, there's something we'd just better ask first, Dorothy. (to camera) Everybody, Dorothy love to show you her brand new dance, "The Ooby-Doo." Would you like to dance the ooby-doo with Dorothy? Fantastic! Let's all dance the ooby-doo with Dorothy.

Santa's Rockin'![edit]

(First lines)
Greg Page: Merry Christmas, everyone. (with others.) We're the Wiggles!
Jeff Fatt: I'm Jeff.
Greg Page: I'm Greg.
Murray Cook: I'm Murray.
Anthony Field: And I'm Anthony.
Murray Cook: (He's holding a book.) And we're reading our wonderful Christmas book. There's lots of great stories and songs in the Christmas book. And you know, everyone, this Christmas... (with others.) "Santa's Rockin'!"

Santa Claus: (He was really upset.) Oh, dear! Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho! Oh, so many presents! Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho!
Murray Cook: Santa Claus, what's wrong?
Santa Claus: Oh, Murray, oh, there's so many presents here to be wrapped, I'm not sure I'll have it all done my Christmas day. Ho, ho, ho, ho!
Murray Cook: Santa Claus, that is a problem. You need someone to help you wrap those presents. Now who could we get? What do you think, everyone? We need someone with lots of arms, who could help Santa Claus wrap the presents. (He gasps.) Yes, that's a great idea. of course, Henry the Octopus. He's got 8 tentacles, he'd be wonderful at wrapping.
Santa Claus: Oh, ho, what a great idea, Murray. Ho, ho, ho, Henry would be a champion Christmas wrapper. Ho, ho, ho!

Let's Eat![edit]

Anthony Field: Everybody loves babies. We love babies and we're very, very happy to have a wonderful baby with us today. His name's Levi and Levi's mother is Bernadette. Bernadette tell us about Levi. How old is he?
Bernadette: He's 4 weeks today, Anthony.
Anthony Field: Fantastic. Is he a baby or average size?
Bernadette: He was a big baby. He was born 9 pound 2.
Anthony Field: Beauty! Now Bernadette, like all babies, has got little ears, little eyes, little nose, little mouth and little fingers. He's absolutely beautiful. Now babies are beautiful but they're also very helpless. The best kind. My brother Paul's here today, everyone, to tell us about some wonderful tips to keep your baby's safe while sleeping and help reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
Paul Field: That's right, Anthony. Always sleep your baby on their back from birth. Sleep your baby with their face uncovered. You should have a smoke-free environment before and after your baby's born. Provide a safe sleeping environment, a safe cot, safe mattress and safe bedding. And finally, sleep your baby in its own cot next to the parents' bed for the first 6-12 months of their life.
Anthony Field: Here's a great song about safe sleeping.

It's Always Christmas With You![edit]

Murray Cook: Hey, everyone, look who's here. It's Henry the Octopus. Let's all say hi to Henry. Hi, Henry!
Henry the Octopus: Hi, Murray! Hi, everybody!
Murray Cook: Now, Henry, I know you love Christmas time and you especially love to sing Christmas songs. What's your favorite Christmas song?
Henry the Octopus: Ooh, Murray, I love "The 12 Days of Christmas".
Murray Cook: Oh, I love that one too. It's lots of fun. And you know it's about someone giving their true love lots of presents all for the 12 days of Christmas. And it builds up, there's the first day, the second day, then 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. Here we go, everyone. "The 12 Days of Christmas".

Anthony Field: Well, you know what? After all those beautiful presents, thank you very much for all those lovely presents, but you know what, Perry, Perry the Partridge? Stay up in that pear tree and enjoy the pears. (He chuckles over that funny joke.)
(Falling presents transition to Jeff that he is very tired because it's Christmas eve.)
Jeff Fatt: (He's yawning.) Ohh. Hi, everyone. You know, I love to sleep. I can sleep anywhere, any time. I can sleep standing up, lying down or sitting in a chair. But there's one time of the year when I can't sleep. It's a special night, and I get so excited, I just can't sleep. It's the night that Santa Claus travels all around the world delivering presents. That's right. I just can't sleep on Christmas Eve! (He's yawning, while he's very tired.)

Sam Moran: We are here in this beautiful setting, and I'm here with Captain Feathersword. Now, Captain Feathersword has some magical musical instrument buttons. Now, Captain, show us how your instrument buttons sound. Your first button is your guitar button. (He pushes the guitar button.)
Captain Feathersword: (He imitates to the rock'n'roll guitar.)
Sam Moran: (He pushes the button to stop.) Fantastic. Now, Captain, you've got 2 more buttons.
Captain Feathersword: Ooh, yeah.
Sam Moran: Got the second button. Second button is a trumpet button. A trumpet button, Captain. Trumpet button. Please, show us your trumpet. (He pushes the trumpet button.)
Captain Feathersword: (He imitates to the hooting sound on the trumpet.)
Sam Moran: (He pushes the button to stop.) Very nice. Very nice. Now, Captain, you third button is a very interesting button. It's the drum button. Show us how your drums sound, Captain. (He pushes the drum button.)
Captain Feathersword: (He imitates to the rock drum kit solo.)
Sam Moran: Wow!
Captain Feathersword: I love playing the drums, Sam. It's so cool. Yeah. (He imitates to the hip-hop beat, until he leaves.)
Sam Moran: Let's all play our drums together with "The Little Drummer Boy". Rum-pa-pum-pum!

Anthony Field: Well, everybody, we've had a wonderful time. We hope you've had a great time too. You know, my favorite part was when we went to Ireland and sang those beautiful songs with Anúna, their lovely voices and great personalities.
Sam Moran: My favorite part was watching the children act out the Nativity play.
Jeff Fatt: My favorite part is right now, when I can finally get some sleep!
Murray Cook: (He laughs.) And I loved singing and playing music with all our friends. Well, everyone, it's time for us to go. Have a merry Christmas. Bye-bye.
Anthony Field, Sam Moran & Jeff Fatt: 'Bye. (with Murray.) Merry Christmas.
(Last lines)

Taking Off![edit]

(First lines)
Emma Watkins: Hi! (with others) We're the Wiggles! (herself) I'm Emma.
Simon Pryce: I'm Simon.
Lachlan Gillespie: I'm Lachy.
Anthony Field: And I'm Anthony. And you know what, I love to eat lots of food, and play lots of guitar. (Anthony plays his blue maton guitar while he's playing his riff)
Emma Watkins: (chuckles) I love to play the drums (She is holding her drumsticks) and I love to dance.
Simon Pryce: Well, I love to sing, Laaaaaaaaaa! And play Simon Says.
Lachlan Gillespie: And I like to fall asleep. (Lachy snores)
Simon Pryce: Oh, no, Lachy's fallen asleep, everyone. We're gonna have to wake him up. So let's all say "Wake up, Lachy!" on the count to 3. Here we go. Are you ready? 1, 2, 3, (With Anthony & Emma) WAKE UP, LACHY!
Lachlan Gillespie: (Lachy blubbers while he's waking up) Thanks for waking me up, everyone. Let's get ready to wiggle!

Lachlan Gillespie: Hi, everyone. I love eating peanut butter, but not everyone can eat peanut butter because of allergies. But everyone can enjoy a song and dance about peanut butter, so let's all sing and dance to the "Peanut Butter" song!
Anthony Field: "Warning! Some people have allergies to peanut butter. Make sure you check before you share!"

Emma Watkins: So what bow should I wear today?

Emma Watkins: Hi, everyone. I'm here with Maria, and Maria and I are wearing our glasses. You know, a lot of people wear glasses, but I'm not really sure why. Maria, why do people wear glasses?
Maria: Because if they can't see what they're doing, they might make a big mistake, or something might go wrong with their eyes.
Emma Watkins: Wow, that's a great answer. Now, Maria, how many pairs of glasses do you have?
Maria: 8.
Emma Watkins: 8? Oh, my goodness. That's a lot of pairs of glasses! And how do you clean your glasses?
Maria: With this special spray.
Emma Watkins: Spray. Now that's handy, I should get myself some of that. Well, Maria, how about we sing a song about our glasses?

Pumpkin Face[edit]

Emma Watkins: (gasps while turning to the camera) Hello. I've got some pumpkins here... 1, 2, and 3. I wonder how many pumpkins you can see in the pumpkin patch.

Simon Pryce: Oh, no. Lachy's fallen asleep, everyone. But you know what? Let's not wake him up this time. It looks like he's having a really lovely dream. I wonder what Lachy's dreaming about... something to do with Halloween. Could it be the moon?

Wags the Dog: Roo. Rinkle, Rinkle, little star. Aroo! (chuckles) Woof, woof.

Simon Pryce: Now, everyone, here's our good friend, Henry the Octopus. Let's all say hi to Henry. Hi, Henry.
Henry the Octopus: Hi, Simon. Hello, everyone. (gulp)
Simon Pryce: Well, Henry, it's great to see you. It's fantastic to see you. Now I was wondering, Henry, do you love Halloween decorations?
Henry the Octopus: Oh, Halloween decorations are wonderful. I love them so much, Simon.
Simon Pryce: Yeah, I love them too, Henry. They're a lot of fun. Now, I have a decoration here. Now, this decoration it quite similar to you because you have 8 tentacles.
Henry the Octopus: Yes.
Simon Pryce: And this decoration... this spider decoration... has 8 legs.
Henry the Octopus: (He's so scared about this decoration while runs away) Oh, no, a spider. Oh, it's a spider. Oh.
Simon Pryce: Henry, it's just a decoration. But if you do see a real spider, you can look, but make sure you don't touch. Now, this next song is about a Halloween decoration spider, and it's lots of fun.

Wags the Dog: Roof. Before you go trick or treating, you might want to (pants) warm up with a Wiggly exercise. Here's a song called "I Stamp." (laughs then barks)

Emma Watkins: Good evening, everyone. I'm Emily, the weekly reporter. And we're here today on Halloween Hour with Dr. Jonny to give us some ideas for Halloween.
Dr. Jonny: What I'd like to say to the parents is that it's great to have a few candies, lollies, and chocolates. But what I'd like to say to parents, even when kids come trick or treating, it's quite okay to give a healthy alternative like apples or other fruit and vegetables. And also during the year, please eat candy in moderation. And try and get some exercise. That will make your kids much healthier.
Emma Watkins: Oh, oh, actually, Dr. Johnny, we went trick or treating this afternoon. And I was wondering, would you like some lollies.
Dr. Jonny: That's lovely. But I might take those away, and in their place, I might give you some healthy apples as an alternative.
Emma Watkins: That's a really good idea to offer some alternatives. I might add some chopped banana, maybe next year. Well, thanks for sticking with us. And we hope to see you next year.

Henry the Octopus: One of the symbols of Halloween is the owl. Gluk, gluk, gluk. Here's a song and dance called, "Do the Owl."

Wiggle House![edit]

Anthony Field: Do you know our friend Wags the Dog? Well, he's a big, friendly dog. He loves to sing, he loves to dance. His specialty is a dance called the Scritchy Scratchy Flea Fly Dance. It goes like this. (He's scratching to the Flea Fly Dance.) Can you do it? Well, you're very good at it. Come on, let's all dance with Wags the Dog.

Emma Watkins: Playing sports is lots of fun. You can play sport by yourself or as part of a team. My favorite sport is tennis.
Lachlan Gillespie: My favorite sport is Australian Rules football, or "AFL".
Simon Pryce: My favorite sport is golf. (He's pretending to swing the golf club.) Fore!
Anthony Field: Well, my favorite sport is Rugby League football. Oh, yes. Played around Australia, played around the world. And there's a great team that plays Rugby League football, the West Tigers. And there's another great team, the United States Tomahawks. We wrote a song about the Tomahawks. And I tell you what, everybody, join in with us. Let's have some fun. Rugby League! (He gives thumbs up to Rugby League football.)

Rock and Roll Preschool![edit]

Anthony Field: Everybody, Emma's feeling a little bit sad today. Emma, would you mind telling everybody why you're feeling sad?
Emma Watkins: Yeah, I'm feeling a little bit sad because recently my nanna passed away.
Simon Pryce: We're really sorry to hear that, Emma.
Emma Watkins: That's alright. I'm very fortunate to have such lovely memories of Nanna and some beautiful photo, and sometimes when I look at them, it reminds me of Nanna and it makes me feel like she's still here and it cheers me up.

Wiggly, Wiggly Christmas![edit]

Simon Pryce: You might know this next song as, "Silent Night", but it was written many, many years ago, way back in 1818. Now, where was it written, Lachy?
Lachlan Gillespie: Ah, Simon, it was written in Salzburg, in Austria.
Simon Pryce: Ah. And who wrote it?
Lachlan Gillespie: A man by the name of Franz Gruber.
Simon Pryce: And it wasn't written in English then, was it, Lachy?
Lachlan Gillespie: No, Simon, it was written in German and it was called "Stille Nacht".
Anthony Field: Well, I tell you what, we used to sing "Stille Nacht". We used to sing "Stille Nacht" when we were little Wiggles. (to camera.) Everybody, come on, dance with us, sing with us "Silent Night" or, in German...
Lachlan Gillespie: "Stille Nacht". (By giving everyone a big thumb up.)

Wiggle Pop![edit]

Anthony Field: Everybody, it's time to take a musical trip to wonderful Africa. And do you know what? We've written a song based and inspired on the music from South Africa. And we've got some wonderful dancers coming to dance, Luck and Pepsie. They're going to do the gumboot dance from South Africa. The only thing is, everybody, whenever we play that music, giraffes come out and dance. Giraffes! But I haven't seen any giraffes. Have you seen a giraffe? What? You've seen giraffes? Where? Over here? Over here? (He laughs) I can't see... Oh, you're using your binoculars to see the giraffes. (He is holding his pretend binoculars.) And if I use my binoculars, I'll see the giraffes too. (He calls out, while the giraffe dancers are dancing.) Giraffes, where are you?

Lachlan Gillespie: (He's holding a jar full of cookies.) I love these cookies. They're dairy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free. Delicious! Now to eat one. Ahh! (He opens a lid.) Lid off the cookie jar. Hand in the cookie jar. (He put his hand into the jar, while grabbing a cookie.) Pick up a cookie. (He eats a cookie while chomping, but then, no cookie.) Hey! There's no cookie! (He's looking through his cookie jar, until, he gasps.) "Who Stole The Cookies From The Cookie Jar?" Police! Help! There's been a robbery!
Anthony Field: (He arrives, while dressed up as a policeman.) 'Ello, 'ello, 'ello. What seems to be the trouble?
Lachlan Gillespie: Oh, thank goodness you're here, Officer. Look at this!
Anthony Field: (He is so shocked that the cookies are not in the jar.) Whoa!
Lachlan Gillespie: "Who Stole The Cookies From The Cookie Jar?"
Anthony Field: (He's thinking someone stole it.) Hmmm. Lachy stole the cookies from the cookie jar.
Lachlan Gillespie: Who, me?
Anthony Field: Yes, you.
Lachlan Gillespie: Couldn't be.
Anthony Field: Then who?
Lachlan Gillespie: Well, you're a policeman. You should know.
Anthony Field: Ooh, let me have a think. Hmm. (He take his police hat off.)
Lachlan Gillespie: Hang on a second. Anthony!
Anthony Field: Yes, it's me, Lachy. I was just dressing up like a policeman to help. The only thing is I really don't know. But let's ask everybody. (with Lachy asking a question.) "Who Stole The Cookies From The Cookie Jar?"

Big Ballet Day![edit]

(Shot transition to a painting picture of 4 ballerinas are wearing a yellow, red, blue & purple tutu & their shoes. Then shot cuts to Lachy & Anthony introducing Shirley Shawn the Unicorn for the first time ever.)
Anthony Field: Everybody, fun times. It's time to meet a friend of ours. The all-talking, all-singing, all dancing unicorn named Shirley Shawn. Let's all say, "Hi, Shirley Shawn." (with Lachy.) Hi, Shirley Shawn. Well, Shirley Shawn is a wonder unicorn. And the only word Shirley Shawn says is "Scrumptious", with a special action. Can you do it for us, Shirley Shawn?
(Shirley Shawn the Unicorn is gonna say "Scrumptious" by bending her elbows.)
Shirley Shawn the Unicorn: Scrumptious!
(Anthony says that Shirley Shawn is a scrumptious Wiggly Friend.)
Anthony Field: Wow! Come on. Let's try it together. Everybody. (with Lachy & Shirley Shawn.) Scrumptious!

Party Time![edit]

Emma Watkins: This is a great game called "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" or "Pin the Bow on Emma". You can choose which one you like the best.

Emma Watkins: I'm here with my friends the squirrels. G'day, squirrels! (She clicks her tongue to make their squirrel sounds.) The squirrels like to go into the forest, collect all the nuts, come back home, store the nuts and eat them a little bit later, when they're ready. Come on, let's go gather some nuts like the squirrels. (She clicks her tongue to make their squirrel sounds.)

Fun and Games[edit]

Emma Watkins: Can you do the Baby Shark dance? Ee-ee-ee-ee-e. You're doing it. Yes, that's it. Baby Shark. Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo. Can you try the Mummy Shark dance? Aa-aa-aa-aa-aa-aa-aa. Good. What about the Daddy Shark dance? Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh. Excellent. How about the Grandma Shark dance? Aa-aa-aa-aa-aa-aa-aa. What about the Grandpa Shark dance? Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh. You're doing it. Come on. Let's dance the Baby Shark dance together. Ee-ee-ee-ee-e.

Lachlan Gillespie: Hello, do you like dancing? Well, I've got a great fun game to play. I've asked the Wiggles, and all the wiggly friends to come up with a dance. Try some yourself.

Emma Watkins: Number 1, number 1, my little poem has just begun. Number 2, number 2, the rooster crows, Cock-a-doodle-doodle-doo! Number 3, number 3, I like you and you like me. Number 4, number 4, Someone knocking at the door. Number 5, number 5, 5 busy bees are buzzing in a hive. Busy, busy, bzz, bzz, bzz!

Choo Choo Trains, Propeller Planes & Toot Toot Chugga Chugga Big Red Car![edit]

(First lines)
Emma Watkins: G'day there! I'm Emma Wiggle! Come on, let's go on a bowtiful ride!
Lachlan Gillespie: Hello, I'm Lachy. How are you today?
Simon Pryce: G'day, I'm Simon and it's great to see you. Beep Beep!
Anthony Field: G'day there. It's Anthony. What's your name again? Oh, of course it is. Let's have some fun.
Captain Feathersword: Oh-ho! Ahoy there! I'm Captain Feathersword! Let's have fun together in that big old plane! (imitates plane noise)
Emma Watkins: Oh look! It's Dorothy the Dinosaur!
Lachlan Gillespie: Hello, Shirley Shawn, you scrumptious unicorn.
Simon Pryce: Oh, there's Henry the Octopus.
Anthony Field: Everybody, it's Wags the Dog! G'day Wags!
Emma Watkins: Choo Choo Trains,
Lachlan Gillespie: Propeller Planes,
Simon Pryce: And Toot Toot Chugga Chugga...
Anthony Field: Big Red Car!

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