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The Wiggles Movie is a 1997 Australian-British-American children's musical comedy film produced by 20th Century Fox, Disney Videos and Gladusaurus Productions. The first theatrical feature-length film starring The Wiggles, it was shown in cinemas in Australia on December 18, 1997. Amateur magician Wally the Great (Tony Harvey) tries to become a better magician by stealing Greg's magic wand, but is confronted by Dorothy the Dinosaur, who believes the Wiggles have forgotten her birthday, while in fact, they have been planning a surprise party.

The film was released in North America as a direct-to-video film in 2003 from HIT Entertainment, under the title Magical Adventure! A Wiggly Movie.

Directed by Dean Covell. Produced by Hilton Fatt. Written by Greg Truman.


Roland the Remarkable: Don't tell me you're thinking of entering the competition tonight. Wally, the competition is for real magicians. You needn't worry. I'll take good care of Waldo's wand after I win. You can come and watch if you like. But, Wally... Wally.
[Wally moves in closer]
Roland the Remarkable: Take a tip. Don't embarrass yourself by trying to perform tonight. After all, I am Roland the Remarkable and you are... well... you.
[Roland enters Cecil's desk and Wally pokes his tongue out while leaving the office. Later, Wally rides on his tricycle on the road while setting off to find a magic wand]

Mrs. Bingle: Oh, hi, Murray.
Murray: [waving hands] Hi, Mrs. Bingle!
Anthony, Dorothy and Greg: Good morning, Mrs. Bingle!
Mrs. Bingle: Hello, Wiggles. It's 2 minutes till showtime.

Greg: But, not as much as Jeff likes sleeping. Look at this everyone. Jeff is always feeling sleep. Well, I guess we better wake Jeff up. When, I count to three, let's all say, "Wake up, Jeff!" and that'll wake him up and he'll jump up and down and do all sorts of silly things. It'll be really, really funny. So, when, I count to three, let's say, "Wake up, Jeff!"
Murray and Anthony: 1, 2, 3, Wake up, Jeff!

Mrs. Bingle: Hello, Cecil! I'm ringing to ask if you can orgainze a magician to attend our special celebration at the circus tent tonight.
Cecil: You wish will be my pleasure, Rosemary. We are having our annual magic competition tonight and.
Mrs. Bingle: Oh, thank you. That's wonderful.
Cecil: See you night.
Mrs. Bingle: Bye.

Anthony: Come on, Wiggles!
Wiggles: To the Big Red Car!

Door: Who goes there?
Jeff: Door, if you don't believe us, give us The Test!
Door: What 693,748 divided 63?
Wiggles: 110,118.73!
Door: What the password?
Wiggles: Silly pants!
Murray: Come on, guys! Check your rooms! Dorothy might be in there!
Greg: Nope! Not in there!

Greg: Come on, Wiggles! We are get the dinosaur to find!
[Greg and Anthony leave.]

Murray: Come on, everybody! Let's party!
Anthony: Let's eat!


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