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Dr. Dolittle is a 1998 American family comedy film about a doctor who discovers that he has the ability to talk to (and understand) animals.

John Dolittle[edit]

  • [after hearing Rodney speak] See, those guys in my dorm told me that stuff wouldn't affect me. [starts to cry] Now, 15 years later, this shit starts happenin' to me!


  • Do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight!
  • Hey Doc, why'd ya go and do that? Now, if he tries to eat me again, I'm gonna smack that mustache off ya face!
  • [stands on a vibrating machine] Thaaaaat feels gooooood!


  • Lucky: Why don't you watch where you're going next time, you bonehead!
  • Archer: Son, I think you need a vacation.
  • Skunk: You're standing on my tail, you idiot.
  • German Shepherd: Don't fix me, OK. Please DON'T fix me! I won't look at another female ever, I swear! Anything but my manhood, man! Not my manhood! Please oh... [Notices a Collie which resembles 'Lassie'] Yo baby, wassup ? You lookin' pretty sweet there sugar.


Young John: Why do dogs sniff each other's butts?
Prologue Dog: Well, this is kinda our way of shaking hands. If you really wanna get a sense of who somebody really is, you gotta sniff their butt.
Archer: Son! Stop talking to the dog. She doesn't understand a word that you're saying.

Young John: [about the prologue dog after she is given up for adoption] She was my best friend.
Archer: You'll make some real friends now.
Lucky: From that day on, John Dolittle never spoke to animals again.
Archer: Someday, you're gonna thank me for this.

John: Who's this?
Rodney: I'll give you a hint. I'm cute, I'm furry, and I make five hundred babies a year!

Maya: Can I tell you a secret?
Archer: Yeah, sure.
Maya: When Mommy told me what happened to Daddy, I wasn't afraid, I was happy because I believed that he could talk to animals. I want Dad to be weird, just like me. Is that wrong?
Archer: No. No, it's not wrong.
Maya: Sometimes I don't think he likes me very much.
Archer: Honey, he loves you.
Maya: I know he loves me, but I don't think he likes me and I want him to. I gonna try to do things his way, Grandpa, and stop doing these stupid experiments.

Baby Alligator: Mama?
Rodney: Mama? I'm not your mama.
Baby Alligator: Mama?
Lucky: Oh no, don't look at me. Though there was that one time I got drunk in the Everglades.


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