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Dr. Dolittle is a 1998 American comedy film starring Eddie Murphy as a doctor who discovers that he has the ability to talk to (and understand) animals. The film was inspired by the series of children's stories of the same name, but used no material from any of the novels; the main connection is the name and a doctor who can speak to animals, although the pushmi-pullyu, a much-loved feature of the books, notably makes a very brief appearance in a couple of scenes.

John Dolittle[edit]

  • [after hearing Rodney speak] See, those guys in my dorm told me that stuff wouldn't affect me. [starts to cry] Now, 15 years later, this shit starts happenin' to me!
  • LEAVE ME ALONE! STOP TALKIN' TO ME!!! [screams three times]


Young John: Why do dogs sniff each other's butts?
Prologue Dog: Well, this is kinda our way of shaking hands. If you really wanna get a sense of who somebody really is, you gotta sniff their butt.
Archer: Son! Stop talking to the dog. She doesn't understand a word that you're saying.

Young John: [about the prologue dog after she is given up for adoption] She was my best friend.
Archer: You'll make some real friends now.
Lucky: From that day on, John Dolittle never spoke to animals again.
Archer: Someday, you're gonna thank me for this.

John: Who's this?
Rodney: I'll give you a hint. I'm cute, I'm furry, and I make five hundred babies a year!

Maya: Can I tell you a secret?
Archer: Yeah, sure.
Maya: When Mommy told me what happened to Daddy, I wasn't afraid, I was happy because I believed that he could talk to animals. I want Dad to be weird, just like me. Is that wrong?
Archer: No. No, it's not wrong.
Maya: Sometimes I don't think he likes me very much.
Archer: Honey, he loves you.
Maya: I know he loves me, but I don't think he likes me, and I want him to. I'm gonna try to do things his way, Grandpa, and stop doing these stupid experiments.

Baby Alligator: Mama?
Rodney: Mama? I'm not your mama.
Baby Alligator: Mama?
Lucky: Oh no, don't look at me. Though there was that one time I got drunk in the Everglades.

About Dr. Dolittle (film)[edit]

  • I did Dolittle for a particular reason. I wanted to do an extremely commercial movie. I love animals and I love Eddie Murphy, so I thought, "Here is a really commercial movie. I would never have thought I would have done something like this. The script wasn't particularly good when I started. It got a lot better, and it allowed me to form this company and hire Jenno Topping as my producer.
    • Betty Thomas [1]


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