Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound

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Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound is a movie based off the popular anime series Dragon Ball Z.

  • (While holding Gohan in a bear hug and crushing him) Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! How ironic that your father's death was the key to our escape. I so wanted to thank him personally, but now, you will have to do it for me.

  • If it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have any.
  • That's Krillin with two L's and I do accept personal checks.
  • (While battling Piccolo) I can do this. He's not unbeatable. Well, unless he uses his special beam cannon. Then I'm dead.
  • (to Zangya, while Zangya is hidden behind smoke) You must be my opponent. My name is Krillin. Maybe you've heard of me. I'm a great fighter slash hero from Earth. You'd do well to stay on your guard, I've already defeated Piccolo today. You might say I'm on a winning streak-- (Krillin sees Zangya) You're a girl!? Space chicks are hot! Now, don't think you can tempt me with your beauty! I have to win first place! (Zangya performs a combination of spin kicks, sending Krillin to the ground.) I think she likes me.


Kogu: (Kogu blasts at Trunks) Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...
Trunks: Watch where you point that thing. I might get the wrong idea. We may be fighting but this is still a tournament, no killing allowed. (Kogu lunges at Trunks with multiple attacks) Whoah! What the hell are you!?
Kogu: Someone not to be trifled with, boy! Yaaahhhhhh!!! (Kogu pulls out his sword and performs multiple slices at Trunks) Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Argh! (Kogu slides his sword back into its scabbard and pumps up his body)
Trunks: Grrr...

Gohan: Watch it! You could've killed me!
Bujin: You have no idea!
Gohan: Alright, you got my attention!

Agent: (to an operator, as the agent pushes Hercule into a pod) Quick! Send him before he gets out!
Operator: Yes, sir.
Hercule: Whoah, wait! Don't I get a seatbelt!?

Tien: Hey, Trunks. Whaddya say we give these people a good show?
Future Trunks: Okay.

King Kai: Earth is in grave danger.
Goku: From what?
King Kai: You mean who. Bojack.
Goku: Uh...Bojack?
King Kai: A dark demon of the worst sort. Psychotic, unstable, filled with madness and rage. Long ago, he tried to destroy every galaxy within the Dormidious sector.
Goku: Sounds like King Piccolo.
King Kai: Yes, but far more powerful. He has an insatiable appetite for genocide. We, the Kais, took it upon ourselves to stop him. All four of us fought together and sealed Bojack within a star at the edge of this galaxy.
Goku: He's trapped in a star?
King Kai: Not anymore. You set him free when you destroyed my planet during the battle against Cell. The seal was broken, leaving Bojack unbound. Now, he has returned for vengeance. And it looks like his first target is planet Earth.
Goku: Then he's already defeated. My son will stop him.

Bojack: Company. Goooooood.
Gohan: Uh?
Bojack: It's been so long...since I've snapped someone's neck.
Gohan: His energy is amazing.
Tien: You murderers. You killed the intergalactic fighters.
Bujin: Hey, you're trespassing. Earth belongs to my master now.
Bojack: (softly) Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...
Gohan: Oh yeah!!?
Yamcha: Not while we're still breathing!
Bido: Master Bojack has no equal!
Zangya: The universe is littered with the bones of those who dare to think otherwise.
Bujin: Master is not patient. You would be wise to stand down. Or better yet, kneel.
Yamcha: We'll pass, thanks.

Goku: My son needs my help!

Krillin: (after knocking out several fighters) That's Krillin with two Ls and I do accept personal checks. (kicks another fighter off the stage)
Chi-Chi: Go, Gohan! Beat 'em all! You can do it!
Crowd: (yelling at Chi-Chi) Ah, shaddup! / Sit down! / Down in front! / Out of the way! / etc.
Krillin: What? Gohan's fighting? But he's a Super Saiyan! That's not fair! Huh?
Piccolo: Haaa! (four fighters fly off the stage)
Krillin: Piccolo too? Where's Trunks? Make it a full set.
(10 fighters fall behind, and Trunks looks down smirking.)
Krillin: Me and my big mouth - this is now officially unfair.

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