Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon

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Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon is a movie based on the popular anime series Dragon Ball Z.

  • (to Hirudegarn) Hey, you! Over here! I was enjoying my first day off in over a month, until some flat footed, mutated behemoth stepped on my house! You're gonna regret this you freak, all the way to the grave!
Tapion: Now here I am, a thousand years later and nothing's changed. Still a prisoner outside, looking in.

Tapion: (to himself) Minotia...why did your smile have to fade? It won't happen again! I swear!

Hoy: These putrid humans are but a taste of the endless flesh you will consume once whole again. Together, we shall bring this universe to its knees.

Hoy: (to Hirudegarn) Ha ha ha ha! Aha ha ha! Destroy! Destroy! Grind their bones to dust beneath your feet!

Hoy: (about Tapion) Grr...idiot! After a thousand years, you would think he'd learn to play a different tune!


Videl: (Videl receives a transmission) Saiyaman two. Go ahead.
Communicator: We have a situation at Randal Tower. An old man is threatening to jump!
Videl: You think that's bad? I've got trig in twenty.

Bulma: I may have to ask Tapion to stay.
Videl: Uh!? The alien!? That's who Trunks has been hanging out with!?

Bulma: I should've known Hoy was a villain. Those whiskers are a dead giveaway.
Tapion: Yeah. He murdered half our population.

Tapion: (Tapion pulls out his sword and tries to hand it to Trunks) Trunks...there isn't much time left. Quick, strike my heart.
Trunks: Uh!?
Tapion: I can't hold him much longer!
Trunks: You don't know what you're saying!
Tapion: Do you want to see everyone you care about die?
Trunks: But, you're my friend.
Tapion: Ah, Trunks, I know it's not fair to ask you. But there's no other way! I don't want to destroy you! I know death seems cruel, but I welcome this blade. Help me. (Trunks takes the sword and lifts it up) Yes. Thank you Trunks. It was an honor to know you, my brother.

Goku: (After Trunks cutting off Hirudegarn's tail) No Trunks! This monster is mine to handle. Alone!

Goku: (After turning Super Saiyan 3) Fight me... If you're ready to die!

  • These are after each time Goku is struck by Hirudegarn*
Goku: (After Gohan tells him about Hirudegarn's weakness) I know! Intense emotions drain it's energy!
Goku: What's the matter? Struck a nerve?
Goku: You call THAT a punch!
Goku: That's it, keep roaring! I'm still standing!

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