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Dragon Ball Z (ドラゴンボール Z, Doragon Bōru Zetto) is the long-running sequel to the popular shōnen series Dragon Ball made by Akira Toriyama. The anime first premiered in Japan in April of 1989 (on Fuji TV) and ended in January of 1996, comprising of 291 episodes in its entirety. In the U.S., the series ran between 1996 and 2003, though not always on the same networks or with continuity of dubbing. It aired in the UK, albeit with the same dubbing problem, on Cartoon Network between 1999 and 2002, and the final few episodes ran on CNX in 2002, before that channel relaunched as Toonami. The series was redubbed and re-modified with its original Japanese soundtrack and began to be released in 2005 in season sets.

Season 4

The Heavens Tremble

Gohan: (as he watches Krillin leave with Maron) I wonder if she's...yeah...she is! She's Krillin's girlfriend! He did it! Ha ha! After all these years, he finally found a girlfriend!

Garlic Junior: Now Popo, where is Kami?
Mister Popo: I don't know.
Garlic Junior: You're lying.
Mister Popo: No. Mister Popo does not lie.
Garlic Junior: For some reason, I believe you.
Mister Popo: Yes, that's because I don't lie.
Garlic Junior: Bah! You disgust me! Hah! (Garlic Junior shrinks Mister Popo) Hmm. Pint sized Popo! Don't bother trying to escape! That tidy little energy field is impregnable. Ah, there you are. You look so scared. Don't worry. I'm not going to kill you yet Mister Popo. All in due time. All in due time.

Bulma: What a day. This is great, all of us here together.
Yamcha: Really. Hey, speaking of together, are you guys officially dating?
Krillin: (shy) Well...sort of. We're not boyfriend and girlfriend.
Maron: Huh? Oh, so we're still free to date other people? Well then. (to Yamcha) What do you say we go out?
Yamcha: Yeah...uh...sure. Why not? (Bulma pulls Yamcha's ear)
Bulma: Say what?
Puar: My goodness.
Yamcha: Come on Bulma. We were joking. Right, tell her Maron.
Maron: No, I'm serious.
Krillin: Oh no.
Bulma: Enough kidding around. Maron, you haven't said much about Krillin. What makes him so special to you?
Maron: Gosh. That's a good one. (pause) Uh...well...he's bald!

Garlic Junior: You were lucky last time. If it wasn't for that kid, I'd be sitting on your throne already.
Kami: In your dreams. I'll die before I let that happen.
Garlic Junior: Ha ha ha ha ha. Oh my. I couldn't have said it any better myself. I'm taking over and you are going to die!

Garlic Junior: You see, boys...our army of darkness has always been here. We just have to wake it up.
Spice: You're a genius lord Garlic. What a brilliant plan.
Salt: Yeah. You've really outdone yourself this time boss.
Garlic Junior: Why, thank you. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Black Fog of Terror

Maron: Come on. Loosen up.
Chi-Chi: Huh!? Who are you!?
Maron: A friend. I was invited here, but I don't think you were.
Chi-Chi: Grr...alright you! You'd better stay out of this!
Maron: Heh heh. You're just a jealous old lady. You should go home. Your grandson's obviously not here right now. But I can see why he needed to get away.
Chi-Chi: (enraged) Why you! (charging up) That does it! I hope you like black and blue 'cause you're gonna be wearing it for a while.

Krillin: Babe, you've gotta be more careful.
Maron: Who? Me?
Krillin: Yeah you. That's not an ordinary lady you're lookin' at there. Chi-Chi's one o' the strongest women on the planet. Even Goku's afraid of her.
Maron: You've mentioned him before. Who is he?
Krillin: He's my friend. The one from outer space...remember? I told you about ten times.

Krillin: Gohan, wait!
Gohan: No! I'm not scared! These freaks did something to my mom!
Mustard: We sure did. So?
Gohan: So you'd better change her back right now!
Salt: Hee hee hee. We can't, you dope. Only the sacred water kept at Kami's lookout can do that.
Gohan: Sacred water?
Vinegar: That's right. But Kami's on an extended leave of absence.
Spice: Too bad ey? But don't worry. Our boss is guardian now. Garlic Junior.
Gohan: Grr...
Spice: Oh, I see you remember 'im. Lord Garlic will be pleased.
Vinegar: Yes. Indeed he will.
Spice: Give up kid. You're outnumbered.

Spice: (to Gohan) It's no use kid. The more you struggle, the tighter the hold becomes. It's hard to believe that a small fry like you trapped Garlic Junior in the dead zone. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Vinegar: Good, yeah. This'll be fun!
Piccolo: Fun? You slither around in the darkness waiting to capitalize on people's weaknesses, and you call that fun?
Salt: Garlic Junior can destroy you anytime Piccolo. He has Kami held captive you fool!
Piccolo: What? Garlic Junior's back?

Battle in Kami's Lookout

Spice: Admit it. You've always had a fascination with the dark side Piccolo. Why don't you join Garlic Junior now while you still can? He's about to take over the planet.
Piccolo: Yeah right. Don't make me laugh. Come on, how could someone stupid enough to get caught in his own trap take over a planet friend?
Mustard: Ey! Watch your mouth!
Salt: You're gonna wish you never said that lizard boy.

Vinegar: You're lucky that lord Garlic ordered us ta take you in alive or I'd finish you off right now.
Piccolo: How did your brainless boss escape the dead zone?
Vinegar: Alright, that's it. You're dead.
Spice: Hey...heh heh heh. Settle down, Vinegar. He's just trying to get you riled up. I'll answer your question Piccolo, if you really want to know. (pointing upward) The power of the Makyo Star.
Piccolo: Go on. How?
Spice: Ah yes. Now I have your attention. Not long ago, the autumnal equinox was on the first point of libra. Heralding this auspicious moment for the dark side was the Makyo Star, whose proximity to the Earth provided an incredible source of power to all creatures of the night. This rare alignment of the planets and stars occurs only once every twelve thousand years. At no other time is man more susceptible to evil than this. It is a time when the powers of darkness are at their zenith and the unseen lower forces dominate the Earth. Garlic Junior used this influx of dark energy as a springboard to shatter his prison and escape it forever. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. You don't get it do you? Garlic Junior is the new guardian of the Earth. He's taken over Kami's lookout and is seated quite comfortably on the throne. Kami and Popo are just mantle pieces now, looking on hopelessly from their little glass jars.
Piccolo: Huh?
Gohan: Uh?
Krillin: Great. We're in trouble.
Spice: The beautiful part about it all is that with the black water mist, we hardly have to raise a finger. Just look how eager your friends are to help us. We're gods to these plebians.
Vinegar: We're like celebrities to all these people, kinda like the role models an' all!
Mustard: Yeah! Dig it man! You should join us! You would love it. They worship us. And soon they're gonna be like that for good.
Gohan: Huh?
Krillin: What!? For good?
Salt: Once twenty four hours passes by, the change becomes permanent. Not even the sacred water can change them back.
Spice: Heh heh heh heh. You came here looking to fight us, but the battle has already been won. There's no one left to fight for, nobody wants your help. Can't you understand that? Just look. Look at your friends. Do they look like they're waiting for a knight in shining armor to come and rescue them? Who do you think you're fooling anyway? You haven't really changed. So drop the goody two-shoes act and join us. Or oppose us and suffer like you've never suffered before. Your choice. Well?

Spice: (about Piccolo) His Namekian body is having a strong reaction to the venom.
Vinegar: Too bad. Lets put him out of his misery.
Spice: Vinegar, stop. We mustn't kill poor Piccolo. Without him, we won't be able to use the dragonballs.
Vinegar: Do I get to kill him later then?
Spice: 'fraid not. Why should we hurt a friend? If you're bitten by someone who's been infected by the black water mist, you become just like them. Piccolo's one of us. Yes, wake up. You're part of the family now.

Soldier: (in a battlefield of dead bodies) My word. So this is what my people get for being loyal servants to Frieza. How could he order Vegeta to do this to us after all we've done for him?
Vegeta: Fool! No one tells me what to do anymore! Especially Frieza!
Soldier: You dare to defy Frieza? (Vegeta lifts the soldier by his uniform)
Vegeta: Look! I did not come here to fight with you! It was you and your idiotic friends that started it in the first place, now tell me where Goku is!
Soldier: I've never even heard of him.
Vegeta: If you're lying to me, I will rip your head off!
Soldier: Heh! We're protected under Frieza's treaty. You're the one who's going to get it.
Vegeta: Really? Is that so? The treaty you signed with Frieza is no longer valid! Because in order for a treaty to exist, the one who signed it must be alive and Frieza's dead. A Saiyan by the name of Goku destroyed him.
Soldier: Frieza killed by a...a monkey? What a joke.
Vegeta: Ha ha ha ha. I don't remember telling a joke, bird-face!
Soldier: Grr... (the soldier pulls his blaster up to shoot Vegeta and Vegeta crushed it with his hand) Ahh...
Vegeta: You just made my day. (Vegeta blasts the soldier to death)

Yajirobe: Alright! How did a dog ugly guy like you score that chick?
Krillin: Hey, cool it on the ugly stuff.

Fight with Piccolo

Spice: (to Gohan and Krillin) Well boys, what do you think of Piccolo now? He's all set to serve Garlic Junior. That's because he's become part of our family! He's one of us kid. Just like your mother is.
Garlic Junior: Ah, I see the son of Goku has arrived. I believe your name is...Gohan, right? Welcome here, my friend. I hope you don't mind but...heh heh...I have a question for you. I want to know where your father is.
Gohan: My father?
Garlic Junior: Precisely. I must find him in order to carry out my revenge. Once that is accomplished, then both you and he will pay double for your failed attempt to defeat me.
Gohan: No.
Garlic Junior: Even though now I rule the Earth, that isn't good enough until I exact my revenge upon you two. So young Gohan, tell me where your dear father is hiding. And I warn you, don't try to be smart.
Gohan: My dad would never hide from the likes of you. And besides, where he is, he doesn't even know your evil kind exist.
Garlic Junior: Where he is...what do you mean by that?
Gohan: I'll never tell.
Garlic Junior: Huh?
Gohan: So don't bother to ask me that question again!

Salt: Alright, you heard him. Why don't we get started. Prepare ta get whooped!
Vinegar: Hey, don't whoop him too bad. Save some for me.
Spice: But two against one wouldn't be fair, would it?
Salt: Ah, like they say...all's fair in love and war. Hee hee hee hee hee. Come on kid, lets play. I haven't got all day.
Garlic Junior: Aha ha ha ha. Oh, isn't this wonderful Kami? I've always believed that revenge is so sweet.
Salt: What are you waiting for? Well, if you're not gonna make a move, then I guess I will. (Salt pummels Gohan)
Krillin: Gohan, I'm comin'!
Mustard: Hey, hold on! Where ya goin'? It's my turn ta play with you! (Mustard repeatedly slams his knees into Krillin's face)
Salt: (while pummeling Gohan) Aha! What's wrong kid!? You don't wanna fight with me? Oh please! I thought the son o' Goku was a little tougher than this! My sister can take a punch better than you!

Maron: Hey, Yajirobe and the talking cat!
Korin: Hey hey hey! The cat has a name you know! And it wouldn't hurt for you to show a little respect!
Maron: Whatever. If it makes you happy.

Korin: We were talkin' the talk, now we have to walk the walk.
Yajirobe: Yeah, and like they say, the way to a woman's heart is through her stomach.
Korin: What? Oh. I guess that pretty much explains your strike-out record with the women.
Yajirobe: You know, I think Marron has taken a shine to me.
Korin: Ah, but once she tastes my coconut shrimp casserole, she'll be all over me.
Yajirobe: In your dreams, catnip breath.
Maron: (from afar) Oh boys, can you please hurry. I'm simply starving.
Korin: C-coming my precious.
Yajirobe: Poor cat's headed straight for heartbreak city.

Salt: (about Gohan) That kid's sure got a lot of moxy.
Mustard: You're not kidding. He's on fire.
Salt: Well, I think you should have first crack at 'im. Okay?
Mustard: Remember what he did last time? I say two against one is our only option against him.

Call For Restoration

Garlic Junior: Aha ha ha ha ha! Excellent work Piccolo! Yes, once he was young Gohan's mentor, but the tables have turned...and now, Piccolo will destroy the rodent for me! Kami, I have a surprise for you! I wouldn't want you to miss the moment Gohan becomes part of my family!

Spice: That's enough. We'll take it from here Piccolo.
Vinegar: Our revenge for Mustard and Salt!
Spice: Ahhhhh!!!! You're mine, maggot! (Piccolo attacks Gohan instead)
Vinegar: What's he doin'? I thought you told 'im ta leave the kid ta us...
Spice: I did. But remember...Piccolo and Gohan hate each other. That hatred has been pent up in Piccolo for years and probably was released when he breathed in the black water mist.
Vinegar: Oh.

Garlic Junior: Hmph. That's what you get when you send a Namek to do a man's job.

Garlic Junior: Well, on the bright side, at least you'll get to see the bottle of sacred water before I terminate you.
Gohan: How dare you?
Spice: Don't take another step forward if you know what's good for you.
Vinegar: That's it! (Vinegar knocks Gohan away)

Garlic Junior: Don't you get it Gohan? Whether you breathe in the black water mist or get bitten by someone who has, it's all the same. You become one of us. And your only mission is to serve me, the almighty Garlic Junior.
Spice: Why don't you join us? You're the only one who's left kiddo.
Vinegar: 'Scuse me sire, it'd be my pleasure ta rid you o' this roach.
Spice: Unless of course you would like the honor of finishing off the little ratbag yourself, my lord?
Garlic Junior: Nah, have fun boys!

Suicidal Course

Krillin: I guess it's true what they say...you can't trust anyone anymore. Heh heh heh.
Garlic Junior: Grr...grr...grr...grr...
Gohan: Krillin, you and Piccolo are really good actors. I didn't suspect a thing. You two were acting, weren't you?
Krillin: Heh heh heh heh heh...
Piccolo: Hmph, with Kami and Popo as hostages, that was the only way I could get close enough to Garlic Jr. to release them safely.
Kami: Thank you for freeing us Piccolo. We are eternally grateful.
Piccolo: Spare me your thanks. I didn't rescue the two of you because I wanted to Kami.
Kami: Hmm...
Piccolo: The only reason I did it was because with you captured, I can't fight at my maximum power.
Kami: Yes, of course.

Soldier: (after Vegeta fatally wounds a bunch of Frieza's soldiers) Please sire. Please forgive us. Forgive us for ever doubting the incredible power of Vegeta.
Vegeta: A lesson learned too late. Ha. Did you poor fools actually believe you had a chance against me? When will they ever learn? Those who do not bow down before me shall suffer my wrath. Out here I have no equal. Not even Frieza was enough of a match for me. But there is one...Kakarot. Where are you...?

Garlic Junior: So Piccolo, aren't you worried about Kami? I'd be worried if my mind and body were linked to that decrepit old prune. It would be such a tragedy if something happened to him, huh? You'd certainly have a tough time surviving without him. And with Kami gone, I bet you wouldn't talk so tough.
Piccolo: Ha. If I were a coward like you, your words might scare me. But, I'm not.

Garlic Junior: I want to show you something. My source of power. (pointing upward) Behold. The Makyo Star, my home. It's warm glow revives me and fills me with incredible strength and after twelve thousand years, its made its way to Earth. Can you feel it? Now that the Makyo star has finally arrived, I will become ten times more powerful than I've ever been before. There's nothing you can do to stop me from taking this planet for my own.

Spice: The last time we fought, you got lucky kid. But now, you're about to find out how powerful we really are.
Vinegar: Yeah, so be afraid. Be very afraid.

Extreme Measures

Piccolo: (Garlic Junior appears from behind Piccolo) You!?
Garlic Junior: Peekaboo! Come ta big daddy Garlic!

Vinegar: (about Krillin's beaten body) Hey! Found a meatball! Heh heh. (stomping on Krillin with his leg) You're dead bonehead!

Gohan: (after seeing Krillin falling, Gohan releases two huge blasts at Spice and Vinegar) Yahhhhhhhhhh!!!!
Spice: No way!
Vinegar: Darn! Yes way! Oh no! (Spice and Vinegar explode to death)

Garlic Junior: Congratulations. You've made the first cut. It's too bad but your friend Piccolo wasn't as fortunate as you.
Gohan: Grr...
Garlic Junior: Heh. It's a shame, isn't it kid? Tough luck.
Gohan: Grr...
Garlic Junior: Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh. You're mad, aren't you? What are you going to do about it?

Piccolo: (to Garlic Junior) Your power's increased and you're big, but you're slow. You can't sacrifice speed for power. Not against me!

The World Awakens

Guardian: (to Kami) I can see you're tired. Wouldn't you like to put your feet up and rest...for eternity?

Garlic Junior: (after Gohan rips through his stomach head-first in midair) Thanks a lot! I needed to lose a couple of pounds. Ha ha ha ha!

Garlic Junior: (as Piccolo fades) Like they say, an old Namekian never dies! He just fades away! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Garlic Junior: (while crushing Piccolo and Krillin by their heads at the same time) Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Two heads are always better than one!

Maron: (after waking up and smacking Yajirobe) How dare you!? You tried to bite me!
Yajirobe: I didn't bite you! You rolled over and stuck your foot in my mouth!
Maron: Whatever.
Yajirobe: Huh?
Maron: I guess you're not used to having someone else's foot in your mouth huh?

Brief Chance for Victory

Garlic Junior: That little pimple of a shield is going to pop and the three of you are going to ooze into the dead zone like the pus that you are!

Mister Popo: (about the Guardians) They've never done this before. It's a great honor Kami, to be pardoned for coming here. They've forgiven you.
Kami: Oh yeah? Well, I haven't forgiven them! Get a life you stubborn old fools!

Gohan: Oh my gosh, I can't believe you made it.
Kami: Yes. By a whisker.
Mister Popo: But my plants got sucked into the dead zone.

Gohan: You made it, thank goodness!
Krillin: Yeah, thank goodness you saved us Gohan.
Piccolo: Hey, knock off the mushy stuff you sissies.
Gohan: Uh, oh my gosh. Piccolo.
Krillin: Hah ha! Check him out.
Gohan: Wow. Piccolo!
Piccolo: Yeah, well thanks for blowin' up the Makyo Star kid. Because o' you, Garlic shriveled up like a raisin.

Gohan: Piccolo! We did it ourselves! We didn't even need my dad this time!
Piccolo: We needed your dad very much kid. And he was here the whole time.
Gohan: What? Are you sure?
Piccolo: Of course I'm sure. He was here, inside of you, Gohan.
Gohan: Heh...hey Piccolo?
Piccolo: Yes.
Gohan: Gosh. You're such an incredible friend.
Piccolo: You too Gohan. You too.

Krillin's Proposal

Oolong: (about Krillin and Maron) Man, this is just like beauty and the geek!

Master Roshi: (about Master Roshi allowing the marriage to go through) Out of the question. You know you have to clear that with me first.
Krillin: Aw, come on.
Master Roshi: We'll see. It's possible. As long as I get to kiss the bride first.

Master Roshi: (while both he and Ox-King are staring at Maron laying in the sun in her bikini) Gosh. Whoah-ho! It's a beautiful morning, isn't it, Ox-King?
Ox-King: Sure is, yes! The beach, the waves. Whoah.
Chi-Chi: Fruitcakes! You should be ashamed o' yourselves!

Maron: Aha ha ha! You middle-aged ladies crack me up!
Bulma: What? Middle-
Chi-Chi: Aged ladies?
Bulma: (same time as Chi-Chi) Well, she's a lot older than I am, I'm not middle-aged, she is!
Chi-Chi: (same time as Bulma) Well, she's a lot older than I am, I'm not middle-aged, she is!
Bulma: You have some nerve!
Chi-Chi: You're older than me and you know it!
Bulma: But I've always been the prettiest one, and you know that!
Chi-Chi: You think skimpy clothes make you prettier! Well, think again you bimbo! Grrr...
Bulma: Grrr...

Bulma: Where's Maron?
Krillin: Well, things were gettin' complicated so I broke up with her.
Master Roshi: Oh, poor guy.
Ox-King: Ah, it's a darn shame.
Oolong: Well, I don't believe it. I'll bet she dumped him.

Frieza's Counterattack

Master Roshi: You know, I bet I could teach Krillin a thing or two about getting along with the ladies.
Turtle: Getting them mad you mean...

Bulma: I had a weird dream last night that Vegeta came back.
Yamcha: What? Vegeta? You dreamt about him?
Bulma: You know, actually, he was pretty nice to me in the dream. And a good kisser to boot.
Yamcha: What? You kissed him?
Bulma: It was just a dream Yamcha!
Oolong: You poor sap. You're jealous, aren't you? Admit it.

Vegeta: I was hoping that Kakarot might have finally returned.
Yamcha: Huh? What? No way. You never found him in space?
Vegeta: Don't remind me. I'm angry enough to hurt somebody and pounding you might just be the therapy I need.

Vegeta: These garments that you left...are they for a man or a woman? They're pink.
Bulma: Come on, it's the style here.
Vegeta: Men in pink...how bizarre.
Bulma: Heh. (everyone laughs)
Vegeta: This is ridiculous. I'm a warrior. Not a...a...a variety of flower.
Bulma: Well, you smell good. (everyone laughs)
Vegeta: Stop that. Stop it or I'll blast you all!

Frieza: There it is. Planet Earth. Dead ahead. It's only fitting that the Saiyan should call such a puny planet home.
King Cold: Lets finish this now son. We can destroy the planet from here.
Frieza: Father, that would spoil all of my fun. I plan to savor my revenge, every little bit.
King Cold: Well, well. Look. A ship on radar. Seems your Saiyan friend is almost home.
Frieza: Heh heh heh heh. And when he gets there, he will find everything he has ever known or loved in ruins. Yes. He will know the wrath of Frieza!

The Mysterious Youth

King Cold: Ahhh yes. I've always so enjoyed the last few quiet moments before laying a planet to waste, but I must say, I'm feeling almost as anxious as you to reach our destination Frieza. I'm quite curious to meet this Saiyan, after all, I've heard so much about him, one could hardly blame me.
Frieza: (with his cybernetic attachments electrifying) Grr...
King Cold: Seems something's got your blood boiling, yes son? Uh uh, we mustn't let our tempers get the best of us.
Frieza: You've got me figured all wrong father. I was just admiring the view. It's simply electrifying, I'd say. Heh heh heh heh.

Puar: (Bulma and Puar land) Yamcha!!!
Yamcha: What in the world are you two doing here?
Bulma: We came to see Frieza. I missed him on Namek, and I am not going to let that happen again.
Yamcha: Are you crazy? Do you realize what he'll do to you when he finds you here?
Bulma: Yes, of course I do. He'll come down and blow up the planet, but I wanna see him before he does it. What's so wrong with that? Besides, I hear he's kinda cute.
Vegeta: It's amazing how every time you open your mouth, you prove you're an idiot.

Yamcha: Tien! Chiaotzu!
Chiaotzu: Ah?
Tien: (angrily) Vegeta! I didn't realize you were going to be here too!
Vegeta: Is that okay?
Tien: As a matter of fact, it isn't. I still haven't forgotten what happened the last time we met. You disgust me. How can you stomach him Yamcha.
Vegeta: Ha. Loser.
Tien: What!?
Yamcha: Hey, cool it guys. This is no time to fight, okay?

Vegeta: (to Tien and Yamcha) Be quiet. I'd rather Frieza's scouters didn't detect us because of your incessant jabbering. Besides, all this scary talk is upsetting the Namek.
Yamcha: The Namek?
Chiaotzu: Uh?
Yamcha: Piccolo!? How long have you been standing there?
Piccolo: Long enough to hear all of your senseless bickering.

Frieza: I will make him suffer for what he did to me! I will make this whole planet suffer!
King Cold: Yes, do be quick about it, I'd rather not stay too long on this pathetic little mudball, not that I don't just love it here, but I still don't see why we can't simply destroy the planet right now!
Frieza: You can be absolutely naughty father. It's impressive. And here I've always wondered where I picked up my knack for it.
King Cold: I take great pride in the fact that I have taught you all the necessary skills of life. Use them well.
Frieza: Indeed I will. For it just so happens that I have also learned from you the fine art of revenge. Allow me to demonstrate by vaporizing all of the Saiyan's friends one by one. Ha ha ha ha ha! Aha ha ha ha! My! Oh my! Ha! Won't he be surprised when he returns home and finds no one here to welcome him but me!

Another Super Saiyan?

Frieza: Well, you certainly are an arrogant little thing. And maybe in whatever little hole you just crawled out of, you're pretty tough. But you're no match for me, really. Fighting a pitiful little punk like you isn't even worth my time.

King Cold: What a pleasant surprise.
Frieza: You're right father. This may prove to be a bit more amusing than I had thought.
Trunks: And now, you two are going down.
King Cold: Aha ha. One thing is certain. If nothing else, I'd say this little creature is quite the comedian. Aha ha.
Frieza: Hmmm. He is at that. I'll tell you what kid. Let me give you a piece of advice. He who acquires his skills quickly, is he who is the first to perish.
Trunks: Heh. Thanks for the tip.
Frieza: Huh? Why you!
Trunks: Listen up! Now I've got one for you Frieza! Know your enemy! You've already made some pretty big assumptions about me, and that's a mistake that's going to cost you dearly!
Frieza: You insolent brat! You should really learn to control your tongue!
King Cold: Just destroy him already. We haven't got all day!
Frieza: Really father! Have some patience! I'm just trying to have a little fun, if you don't mind!
Trunks: He's right though. You really don't have all day! More like five minutes!
Frieza: Oh, that's too bad! Heh heh heh heh. And here I made dinner plans!
Trunks: So I've heard. Well, sorry Frieza. But I'm canceling your date with Goku.
Frieza: Huh?
King Cold: What's a Goku?
Frieza: Father, I know you're bored, but please try to keep up.
King Cold: Hmm...
Frieza: So I take it you know that worthless Saiyan?
Trunks: By reputation. But we'll meet soon.
Frieza: Oh...don't be so certain. Heh.
Trunks: But I couldn't be more certain Frieza.
Frieza: Ooo...
Trunks: Anytime now, Goku will be coming home. And only one of us is going to be here waiting for him. Get it?
Frieza: Definitely. As it so happens, I was just about to suggest that very thing myself. It's so nice that you and I can finally agree on something, don't you think?
Trunks: Heh heh heh. For once you're right.
Frieza: Well, then I guess all that's left is for me to decide just how I'm going to annihilate you.
Trunks: Enough kidding around!
Frieza: Huh?
Trunks: It's time you understood who I really am! So I'll tell you what. I'm going to let the two of you in on a little secret. You're about to find out what it's like to fight a real Super Saiyan, and I'm not talking about Goku.
Frieza: What?
King Cold: Grr...
Trunks: Heh heh.
Frieza: Heh heh heh heh. Ya crack me up kid. Ha ha ha! Aha ha ha ha ha ha! I've never met anyone who laid it on quite as thick as you! Aha ha ha ha...huh? (Trunks begins to power up)
King Cold: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...huh?
Frieza: No! It can't be!
King Cold: What is he?
Trunks: Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!

Bulma: Hey, maybe it would help us relax a little if we all sing a song.
Vegeta: Shut up! You haven't had one useful thing to say since you got here. Now you stay in the back and keep quiet woman! I don't have time for your stupidity right now.

King Cold: (after Frieza blasts at Trunks) My, I would say that was all rather anticlimactic, wouldn't you? I mean, the little runt certainly didn't last very long, now did he?
Frieza: Well, what did you expect? He was only a...a...a... (the smoke clears) monkey?

King Cold: Well done, Frieza. It only took you four tries to destroy that little boy. Aha ha ha ha ha!
Frieza: I was just warming up father! That's all. Really!
King Cold: Oho ho ho! Of course son. Of course. Heh heh heh heh.

Welcome Back Goku

King Cold: Super Saiyan? I'm impressed. To encounter a fighter of your caliber is a rare occurrence indeed. But it does present quite an opportunity. You see, I could appreciate a great talent such as yours. My eyes are not blinded by pride like my son's were. Join me and take Frieza's place at my side as the supreme ruler of the universe.
Trunks: Not a chance.
King Cold: Now don't be too hasty. Imagine. This and every other world would be but the merest of baubles in your collection. Playthings for your amusement. Subject to your every whim. No? Alright. But grant me this. Allow me to examine your sword. A weapon of such obvious quality practically begs to be admired. Aha ha ha ha ha. You have nothing to fear from me.
Trunks: So, you wanna see my sword huh? Here, catch. (Trunks tosses his sword to King Cold)
King Cold: Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh. Yes. Yes indeed. Remarkable craftsmanship. And I have a hunch that you would not have defeated my son were it not for this sword. What do you say?
Trunks: Believe what you want to.
King Cold: Ha! Heh! Alright then! I will! I say, that without this sword, you're nothing! That's what I believe! Rahh!!! (King Cold lunges at Trunks with the sword and Trunks grabs it) Huh!? Uh!?
Trunks: So much for your theory.
King Cold: Yah!
Trunks: You should know that a weapon doesn't make the man! (Trunks holds his arm in front of King Cold's chest)
King Cold: Wait you dirty little Saiyan! (Trunks blasts King Cold, shredding through him, and sending him into a mountain) Ahhhhh!!!
Krillin: First Frieza...now him! Oh man!
Vegeta: (to himself) Who is this kid?
King Cold: (King Cold is laying on the ground and Trunks is holding out his hand ready to blast) Wait. You can't. No. Please. I'm defenseless. Please. I'm not bad. My son was evil, but not I. I wanted nothing but peace. I meant you no harm, I swear it. (Trunks blasts King Cold to death) I'm...I'm telling the truth, noooo!!!

Bulma: Oh, hey, you've got our logo on your jacket. That's my dad's company. Are you one of our employees?
Trunks: No, not exactly. Just a fan.
Bulma: Oh I see. Well, tell me your name and I'll recommend you to dad.
Trunks: I uh...can't do that. I'm sorry, I know it's strange.
Bulma: Ohhh...mystery man!
Tien: Is his shoe size a secret too?
Yamcha: Yeah! Why can't I have a secret name!? That's not fair! I bet you have a secret spy decoder ring too!

Vegeta: (noticing Trunks staring at him while he's wearing the pink shirt Bulma gave him) What are you looking at?
Trunks: Oh uh, nothing, it's just that I uh...like your shirt.
Vegeta: You would...

Vegeta: (noticing Trunks is staring at him again while he's wearing the pink shirt Bulma gave him) Why do you keep looking over here? Haven't you ever seen a pink shirt before? If you like it that much, you can have it.
Trunks: No, no thank you.
Vegeta: Then knock it off kid!

Krillin: (Goku arrives in a space pod) Boom! What a landing! I hope he has some air bags in that baby!
Yamcha: Why? To protect the ship from Goku's head?

Mystery Revealed

Trunks: (after testing Goku by lunging at him with his sword, and Goku blocking with his finger) Man, those same moves turned Frieza into cold cuts.
Goku: Yeah, well. Your heart just wasn't in it this time.

Bulma: (about Trunks and Goku talking) Man, for two guys who don't know each other, they sure do have a lot to talk about.
Krillin: But hey, talking's not bad. It's a lot better than fighting.
Gohan: Uh...at least he doesn't have his sword out anymore.
Krillin: Yeah, and your dad put his finger away too.

Goku: Oh man, gosh. You defeated Frieza in a flash, and yet, from what you're saying, these androids are even stronger than you.
Trunks: They are. For sure. Hunting me down is one of their favorite hobbies, but it's two against one. There's not much I can do against them except run.

Goku: Your mother knows me? Am I going to meet her, or do I already know her now?
Trunks: Now...
Goku: Oh wow! I know your mom huh!? That's bizarre! Does she live by me or something?
Trunks: She's standing right there.
Goku: Aha ha ha ha ha ha! Bulma's your mother!? Aha! ha! (Goku rolls on the ground from laughter)

Krillin: Hey, Goku! So what did that guy say?
Goku: Oh, umm...ummm...well, nothing important, really.
Piccolo: That's funny. It all sounded pretty important to me.
Goku: Really? You heard it all?
Piccolo: My ears do more than just frame my face you know, Goku.

Goku's Special Technique

Vegeta: But there's still a few things I'd like to know. For starters, where in the world did you get that absurd looking outfit?
Goku: It's the latest fashion on planet Yardrat, but I guess it does look a little strange. (sees Vegeta wearing pink) But at least it's not pink!
Vegeta: Grr...nevermind! Who cares about your stupid clothes anyway!

Vegeta: Now hold on. I don't remember putting you in charge of this operation.
Piccolo: Are you challenging me Vegeta?
Vegeta: Heh, heh heh!
Goku: Heh heh! Whoah now...
Piccolo: Don't cross me Vegeta!
Vegeta: Or what?

Krillin: Yeah Bulma, your idea was good in theory, but maybe you oughta rethink your position on this one.
Bulma: What are you saying!?
Krillin: Ahem. (whispering to Bulma) Come here.
Bulma: Huh?
Krillin: (whispering to Bulma) What I'm trying to say is...I wanna try and stay on the good side of Vegeta and Piccolo.
Bulma: Huh?
Krillin: (whispering to Bulma) I don't know if you've noticed but they, uh...seem to have a hard time controlling their tempers.
Bulma: Oh.
Krillin: Hmm...
Gohan: I get it. You're saying you don't wanna get beaten up.
Krillin: Gohan, cool it! You're crampin' ma style!

Goku: Then it's settled! We'll all fight together! (everyone yells yeah)
Bulma: Look at you, the great general! Rallying his troops, hardly! You look more like a cheerleader.
Goku: Uh...
Bulma: It's hopeless. Boys will always be boys.

Chi-Chi: Absolutely not! No way! And that is final!
Goku: But are you trying to tell me that Gohan's studies are more important than saving the Earth?
Chi-Chi: That's right mister! There's nothing more important than Gohan's studies right now! If Gohan takes three years off, he'll fall behind!
Goku: Ah, relax, Chi-Chi.

Z Warriors Prepare

Yamcha: (to himself) Whatever Vegeta can take, I can take too. Three hundred times normal gravity shouldn't be that tough. I'm sure I can handle it.

Dr. Brief: You know, I'm starting to think Vegeta's a few cards short of a full deck.
Bulma: Huh?
Dr. Brief: It wasn't enough to have the simulator create three hundred times gravity for him, now he's demanding that I make some more equipment for him to train with, then all he's going to do is break it.
Bulma: Somehow, that doesn't surprise me at all.
Mrs. Brief: Well, I think it's great he works so hard.
Dr. Brief: Oh sure, he's training hard. But don't you think he's overdoing it a bit?
Mrs. Brief: Oh no. I think it's very admirable. In my day, a man that showed that much dedication to anything was definitely husband material. A girl would have to be crazy to let him get away, I tell you.

Bulma: Is he going to be alright daddy?
Dr. Brief: I hope so. The only thing he hasn't bruised is his eyebrows. If he stays in bed for a week or so, he should be alright. He's dodged a bullet again. It's a miracle he survived such a horrible accident. Those Saiyans are practically indestructible.

King Vegeta: (in a flashback) Vegeta, someday, you will be the strongest Saiyan in the universe.
Vegeta: Father?
King Vegeta: Those ships are headed to distant galaxies. From the day we are born, we Saiyans are examined for our power and leadership. The weakest of our people are sent to planets far away where they face no threat from our enemies.
Vegeta: Hmph. Goodbye pests.
King Vegeta: Vegeta, you come from a strong bloodline and you possess the potential power to join the super elite of all Saiyans. Never forget where you're from and train very hard my son, because if you've proven yourself worthy, perhaps someday you will become a Super Saiyan.

Bulma: (from a viewing screen, as Vegeta is training under four hundred times gravity) Stop it Vegeta! You are in no condition to be doing this right now!
Vegeta: Grr...
Bulma: I know you don't want to believe it, but you are made of flesh and blood.
Vegeta: Stop pestering me woman! Leave me alone!
Bulma: You know I'm right! So why don't you just keep quiet and do as I say!?
Vegeta: Grr...
Bulma: Nothing to say? Well that's good. Now go back to bed and get some rest.
Vegeta: Not yet. I do have something to say.
Bulma: Huh? Uh, is something wrong? Or maybe you're finally going to apologize to me! If that's the case, then lets hear it!
Vegeta: Leave me alone!

Goku's Ordeal

Chi-Chi: Grr...hold it right there! Now, let me get this straight! You expect me to get dinner ready and wash your clothes while you and Gohan relax in a nice hot bath! Well, that's not gonna happen mister! Do you even care what kind of day I've had! I dunno what I liked better, being chased halfway home by a wild boar, or walking the rest o' the way on my tired aching feet! And it's all because we don't have a car!
Goku: Uh, Chi-Chi, I'd drive you if I could, but you know I don't have a driver's license yet.
Chi-Chi: Well it's time you got one! I don't know why you have to be the only man this town who doesn't have a driver's license or a car!
Goku: (to Piccolo) You can't drive can you?
Piccolo: Leave me out of this!
Chi-Chi: I want both of you to put your training on hold for now and go to the driving school tomorrow! I think it's about time the two of you learned something useful for a change.
Piccolo: Say what!!!?
Goku: Aw, Chi-Chi, do we have to?
Chi-Chi: Listen, all I'm asking you two to do is get your driver's license, it's not like I'm asking you to save the world.
Piccolo: Uh...
Goku: Uh...
Chi-Chi: And if you don't...you'll have to cook your own meals from now on! Understand?

Goku: (sees Piccolo in jeans and shirt) Oh man, Piccolo! Where did you get those clothes?
Piccolo: Your wife got them for me out of your closet.
Goku: Oh, uh...sorry about that, Chi-Chi means well...listen, since we're here, lets get this over with.
Piccolo: Sounds good to me. Of course, I'm still not sure how I got suckered into this in the first place, she's not even my wife!

Goku: Give me another chance!
Instructor: Why should I, you stink!
Goku: I can't smell anything. Are you sure?
Instructor: I don't mean you! Your driving!

Instructor: (Goku is driving very fast) Ahhh! Ahh! Step on the brake!
Goku: The brake? Now, which one was that...? (Goku steps on the gas, increasing the speed even more)

Instructor: Both hands are not on the steering wheel. Minus one point.
Goku: You're testing me now?
Instructor: Your eyes are off the road. That's one more point.
Goku: No fair! (Goku steps on the break)
Instructor: Ah! Hey, what's the big idea? You almost knocked my false teeth out! That's ten points! So there!

The Androids Appear

Krillin: (Bulma is holding baby Trunks) Heh, I hope you don't think I'm nuts for asking, but what's the deal with the baby Bulma?
Gohan: Is it your son Yamcha? I'll bet he is.
Yamcha: Heh. He's not my kid.
Krillin: Huh?
Yamcha: Well, if you think that's a shock, just wait. Wait until she tells you who the father really is.
Krillin: Huh?
Gohan: Uh?
Goku: Ha ha ha. I'll bet it's Vegeta, isn't it? (tapping baby Trunks) Right Trunks?
Krillin: Uhh?
Gohan: Ehh?
Bulma: Now who told you that Goku? I wanted to keep it a secret. I was going to surprise you guys.
Goku: (laughing from panic) Aha ha ha ha ha ha...well, actually...I just thought I'd take a guess. I mean, he kind o' looks like Vegeta. Aha ha ha ha ha ha...
Bulma: You guessed his name too.
Goku: Yeah...what are the chances of that, huh? Maybe I'm psychic.

Yajirobe: I'm outta here.
Goku: Hey, are you sure you don't wanna stay and help us out?
Yajirobe: If you guys wanna stay here and get yourselves killed, that's your own business. But I'm takin' off while I still can.

Guy: Dude! You were flyin'!
Krillin: Nope, no androids...hey buddy! You seen any strange looking characters around here lately?
Guy: Yeah man!
Krillin: Huh?
Guy: You flyin' dude!

Dr. Gero: I am detecting a human with extraordinary power. What do your sensors indicate 19?
Android 19: It is close. Coming closer. Perhaps the one we seek.
Dr. Gero: Perhaps. This one far surpasses the average human.
Android 19: We will destroy it, yes 20?

Android 19: This is not the human we seek. I will identify it. (Android 19 scans Yamcha from afar) Human is designated male. Warrior subclass B. Identified as Yamcha.
Dr. Gero: Excellent. He will provide us with ample energy.

A Handy Trick

Goku: There's way too many innocent people around here. We've got to lead these two out of the city.
Dr. Gero: Yes.
Goku: Huh?
Dr. Gero: It is too crowded here. I agree. Many people could get in our way. I will see to it that they do not. (Dr. Gero uses his eye lasers to blast the entire city, killing all the inhabitants)

Goku: You monster!
Dr. Gero: I cleared the area of innocents, in accordance with your wishes. Do you disagree with my methods?
Goku: Grr...leave these people out of this!
Android 19: There are no people left to leave out.

Yajirobe: Ha. Yamcha's dumber than he looks!
Bulma: Huh? You mean, you're not going to go with them?
Yajirobe: Not on your life babe!
Bulma: And why not? From what I hear Yajirobe, you're a pretty good fighter and they need all the help they can get. So I suggest you quit being a coward and get yourself into gear.
Yajirobe: Can't do it.
Bulma: I am tired of hearing your lame excuses! Get down there and help out your buddies now!
Yajirobe: I don't know how to fly Bulma.

Dr. Gero: (after Goku asks him how Dr. Gero knew their names) Yes, of course...as you wish. Though I doubt it will matter much to you after a few moments, when you have been ground to a pulp. But if this is the last thing you wish to hear before you die, I will tell you.

Goku: (after changing to a Super Saiyan) Piccolo and Tien, you stay out of this. It looks like they only want me, and that's exactly who they'll get!
Dr. Gero: This is a most unexpected development indeed.
Android 19: This technique is not listed in my files, 20.
Dr. Gero: Nor in mine. But my sensors indicate that there is no cause for concern. Yes, it is a most impressive ability. But it is nothing we cannot handle. 19 will demonstrate this by himself.

Double Trouble For Goku

Maron: Where's Krillin?
Master Roshi: Oh, uh...he left a while ago. They're off trying to save the world from...annihilation again. You know how it is.

Oolong: Maron, he's not lost! Krillin's off fighting some androids made by the leader of the old Red Ribbon army.
Maron: What? Red ribbon? Oh, my goodness. Krillin, you sensed I was coming so you went out to get a red ribbon for me.

Master Roshi: (to Maron) We're usually right there with those guys. Darn shame. We feel left out.
Maron: But I want my Krillin now!
Master Roshi: Okay, okay! He'll be back soon, I promise! It won't be long now! But allow me to keep you company in the meantime.
Maron: Will you tell me the story about the red ribbons again?
Master Roshi: Well, that's not exactly what I had in mind...

Dr. Gero: Hm...Goku's new abilities greatly exceed anything I had anticipated. If the opportunity does not soon arise for 19 to steal some energy, he will drain his power reservoir and begin to malfunction.

Piccolo: Goku's just not his usual confident self. His attacks aren't even hurting the android. He's going to need our help you guys.
Tien: Hey, wait a sec. He seems fine. You're being paranoid. I mean look at him. What could go wrong?
Piccolo: I tell you, something's not right. Goku's maxed out for some reason. He's going to give out if this keeps up.

Upgrade to Super Saiyan

Vegeta: (after kicking Android 19 in the face) Nobody kills Kakarot while I'm around! Destiny has reserved that pleasure for me!

Bulma: Vegeta wouldn't let anything happen to his little boy. We'll be just fine.
Yajirobe: No we won't. We'll be...dead!

Krillin: (to himself, about his friends) These guys are iron-clad! It's hard to keep pace with them sometimes. I'm only human. I wanna live.

Android 19: Heh heh.
Vegeta: I was watching your battle with Kakarot...so I've seen your energy absorbing technique. Oh well, if I can't blast you away, I'll have to pound you into a pulp, that's all.
Android 19: You know some of my moves. But I know all of your moves Vegeta. Oh yes, Dr. Gero studied you very thoroughly.
Vegeta: Oh, is that a fact? Then why were you so surprised when Kakarot turned into a Super Saiyan? I'll tell you why. Because your database doesn't cover the battles we had in space. Your bonehead creator picked a fine chapter to omit from your memory banks.
Android 19: Oh?
Vegeta: That's right my friend, let me ask you...does a machine like yourself ever experience fear?

Vegeta: The sleeper has awakened. I am the prince of all Saiyans once again.
Dr. Gero: Enough of this nonsense, fool! You may have become a Super Saiyan but your newfound powers are still no match for us. Please demonstrate 19.

The Secret of Dr. Gero

Vegeta: (after being punched continuously by Android 19) Just as I thought, you're nothing.
Android 19: Huh?
Vegeta: Silly robot. Do you really think you have a chance against a Super Saiyan like me? Your brain must be malfunctioning. Fresh out of the factory with no warranty and already broken. What a pity.

Vegeta: (to Android 19, after slamming him in the face) I think you have an oil leak. What a bad deal. Such a fragile unit.

Vegeta: What's the matter? You're the one who started this game! And now you don't want to play anymore? You were enjoying yourself before...when you were sucking the life out of Kakarot.
Android 19: (fearful) Ah...ah...ah...
Vegeta: So I guess it's true after all, androids do experience fear!

Dr. Gero: (to Vegeta, as Android 19 tries to run away) Enough!
Vegeta: Don't be absurd! It's enough because you're losing! You've come here to destroy us!
Dr. Gero: Uh...ah...ah...ah...
Vegeta: Fool! You're going to have to finish what you started! Time has run out for you android! (Vegeta takes to the sky and charges a huge blast)
Piccolo: Ah?
Tien: Uh?
Krillin: Man, what power!
Vegeta: Here it comes! A little going away present for you! Aha ha ha ha ha! Ahhhh! (Android 19 is struck by the blast from behind)
Android 19: Ah...ah...ah...ah!!! (Android 19's head rolls on the ground)
Vegeta: I only wish there was a junkyard nearby so we could give 'im a proper burial! Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh!

Dr. Gero: You are a bit stronger than I anticipated. But it is nothing I cannot handle. Your defeat is imminent.
Vegeta: Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh. Yes, your friend managed to steal quite a bit of energy from me before I stopped him. Now's your chance to beat me. A vicious attack now could be sufficient.
Dr. Gero: (to himself, about Vegeta) How can he be so confident? What is he hiding? Yes, he is shrewd. He seems completely at ease, but is he?
Vegeta: Let me ask you this. What makes you think that you're going to do any better than him? You're an android too. I bet your head rolls just as well as his does!

More Androids?!

Dr. Gero: (while draining Piccolo's energy) Ah yes. This is invigorating. We should have done this sooner!

Piccolo: Stay out of this one Vegeta. I owe him. He's mine. If he manages to get by me, then he's all yours. How does that grab you?
Vegeta: I don't care if you want to fight him. I don't even care if you get yourself killed. But I do care if he manages to steal more of your energy and makes himself even stronger, so just keep that in mind while you're having your little fun, got it?
Piccolo: Yeah, I got it. I'll make sure that doesn't happen again.
Dr. Gero: (to himself) Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh. Well, I will make sure that it does happen.

Piccolo: (to Dr. Gero, while grabbing Dr. Gero's hand) You know, I used to be like you. One day you'll learn...that the more you hurt others, the harder your life becomes. It's simple. Your desire to kill is killing you! (Piccolo chops off Dr. Gero's hand with one swift blow) It's a darn shame! You could've put this hand to good use! What a waste of technology!

Dr. Gero: I do not understand! My data indicates that their abilities could not have improved this much!
Piccolo: Your data probably would've been accurate if we hadn't been warned about your arrival three years before you got here. In other words, we knew you were coming so we got all of our ducks in a row!
Dr. Gero: Ducks? That makes no sense! What do you mean!?
Piccolo: I mean that we've been preparing for you my friend!

Vegeta: (about killing Dr. Gero) How about the coup de grâce Piccolo? Or do I have to step in and handle it?
Piccolo: No! This is my job! I know if the tables were turned, this guy wouldn't hesitate. Believe me, no problem.

Follow Dr. Gero

Yajirobe: If you go down any further...I...I'll...I'll throw Trunks out the window!
Bulma: Oh, really? I don't think Vegeta would like you talking about his son like that!

Trunks: Hey! Why didn't you try to save them Vegeta?
Vegeta: Who?
Trunks: Who? Bulma and her son!
Vegeta: Oh! Them! I have more important things to worry about than that foolish woman and her blasted child! Now out of my way!

Bulma: Ahh! How dare you Vegeta! Uh! Every time you stick your geeky little face in front of Trunks, you make him cry! Grr...
Krillin: Hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee...
Bulma: It's alright. Your daddy's not going to scare you with that ugly mug of his.
Vegeta: Bulma, will you forget about the child for one minute!

Vegeta: Nobody saw him fly away, did they?
Gohan: Uh...so what are you saying?
Vegeta: I'm saying that android is trying to escape on foot, which means he probably hasn't gotten very far.
Piccolo: If that's the case, then we might just have a chance to find this lab and destroy the other two androids before Gero even gets there.
Vegeta: Hmph. I would never do anything that cowardly!
Trunks: Huh?
Vegeta: Only one course of action can possibly satisfy me! I will fight these androids face to face, and I'll break them with my bare hands!

Bulma: (to baby Trunks) Well Trunks, at least we know you'll grow up to be a handsome young man. And think, all this time, I was worried that you'd look like your dad.

Nightmare Comes True

Gohan: From what I've seen, I'd say the grown up Trunks is pretty cool.
Bulma: You're right. He is cool, isn't he?
Yajirobe: Hmph. Not that cool.
Bulma: What did you say!? How dare you say something like that about my son?

Yajirobe: Gee whiz Bulma, do you think you could freak out any more!?
Bulma: What!? (holding baby Trunks) Well, we'll just tell daddy about him!
Yajirobe: No don't! Not Vegeta! Please, I take it back!
Gohan: Ha ha. Watch out Yajirobe. Little Trunks is goin' ta be pretty tough himself one o' these days. He may come after you if he hears you were givin' his mom a hard time.
Yajirobe: Yeah, I'd like ta see him try!
Bulma: Ooo! That does it! I'm going to tell Vegeta exactly how mean you're being to his son!
Yajirobe: No, you can't tell! I'll do anything!

Krillin: Oh man! It's freezing up here!
Tien: I know. But this is no time to complain.
Piccolo: Just one more reason I'm glad I'm not an Earthling.

Dr. Gero: (after pounding Krillin to the ground) Heh heh heh. Silly human. What exactly did you think would happen when you found me?
Krillin: Why don't I show you.
Dr. Gero: Little fool. You still do not understand!

Android 18: I see that you have chosen to become an android...
Dr. Gero: Yes. Now I have eternal life like you. But we have pressing matters at hand. In the past, the two of you have displayed an unacceptable tendency to disobey my orders. I blame myself for this and the way I programmed you. I have since modified your programming however and I will no longer tolerate insubordination.

Goku's Assassin

Dr. Gero: Well, Goku's friends are very determined to stop us, but they will not! We will destroy them just as they destroyed Android 19!
Android 17: Android 19? So you built him after all.
Dr. Gero: Yes.
Android 17: I see. But he was of a different design than 18 or myself. He was an energy absorbing model, was he not?
Dr. Gero: Yes he was.
Android 18: How very interesting.
Dr. Gero: Huh?
Android 18: And you've chosen that same design for yourself? You thought that an energy absorbing model like 19 would be easier to control?
Dr. Gero: Yes.
Android 18: And now he's been destroyed...
Dr. Gero: Grrr...

Android 17: (after scanning the inactive Android 16) According to this data, I am much stronger than this model is.
Dr. Gero: It makes no difference.
Android 17: Hmm...18, go ahead and activate him, now.
Dr. Gero: I am your creator! You will do as I tell you to do! Stop meddling with Android 16 now! Or I will force you to stop!
Android 17: Your controller is broken.
Dr. Gero: Then I will make another.
Android 18: Heh... (Android 18 opens Android 16's capsule release valve)
Dr. Gero: For the last time, do not release him! (Android 17 slams his arm through Dr. Gero's back and out from his front) Ah...oh...ah...oh...
Tien: Huh?
Krillin: Uh?
Piccolo: Uh...
Vegeta: Augh...
Trunks: Grr...
Dr. Gero: What have you done? How dare you? Don't you know...I gave you life...and I can take it away! (Android 17 kicks Dr. Gero's head off and the decapitated head bounces and rolls on the ground) Grr...that does it! Now I am mad! (Android 17 crushes what remained of Dr. Gero's head)
Android 17: Heh heh heh heh heh...
Krillin: Did you see that? He squashed 'im like a bug! (Android 17 moves his finger, calling for Krillin)
Android 17: Ahem.
Krillin: Vegeta, I think he wants to talk to you.
Android 17: You with the shiny head, come here.
Krillin: You talkin' ta me?
Android 17: Uhuh.
Krillin: Yahhh! No way! Not me!
Android 17: Heh heh heh heh.
Vegeta: Don't be a coward. Go on. Fight him.
Krillin: All by myself? Come on guys, we're in this together. I'd like to keep my head on my shoulders.
Tien: Don't worry about it. I've got you covered Krillin.
Krillin: (Krillin steps forward with fear and Android 17 steps up) Uh!?
Android 17: Heh heh heh heh... (Android 17 walks away and Krillin sighs with relief)
Vegeta: It looks like he took pity on you, loser. That's too bad. You're so pathetic! Now he knows you're scared! Next time, he won't show you any mercy at all!
Krillin: What?

Android 17: Tell me, are all of you Saiyans so full of yourselves? Is Goku like you? Is this the way you try to hide your incompetence. We Androids will always be superior to your kind.
Vegeta: You take that back! You'll regret saying that! You're nothing but a machine made of tin! You're just a bunch of toys made by a crazy old man! And don't forget that tin toys can be broken!

Android 18: 16, lets see what you can do. Destroy him.
Android 16: I refuse.
Vegeta: So, the big guy's not so dumb huh?

Android 18: Ready, little man?
Vegeta: So, it's ladies first, is it? That's fine with me! Now don't expect me to go easy on you! I fight to win!

Deadly Beauty

Vegeta: (to Android 18) Oo...for someone made of metal, you move pretty fast. Heh heh heh heh heh heh. If you give up now, I promise I'll turn you into something practical, like a toaster or a washing machine.

Vegeta: (to Android 18) What's wrong? Batteries getting low?

Vegeta: (to Android 18) Your warranty ran out with me a long time ago, so you're going to be recycled.

Android 17: What do ya say 16, ya up for a fight?
Android 16: No. I will not fight them.
Android 17: You won't? Is something wrong with you man? So, you're just gonna stand there like a statue, is that it?
Android 16: I told you. I will only fight with Goku.
Android 17: Alright. Have it your way pal. But I suggest you loosen up before you rust.

Vegeta: Heh heh heh heh. What's the matter? You look a bit ruffled.
Android 18: Yes, well. Looks aren't everything. You fight quite well for being such a little man. It's impressive. Even if you are a Saiyan.
Vegeta: I know. There are very few willing to train as intensely as I did to achieve this kind of power.
Android 18: How sad. To work so hard for...so little.
Vegeta: Sad for you!

No Match For The Androids

Krillin: (about Android 16) What's he doing over there? Why isn't he fighting with the others? He's just standing there like a some kind o' statue. (Android 16 looks at Krillin)
Android 16: Hmmm...
Krillin: Yahhhh!!!! Huh?

Android 17: (after Android 17 and Android 18 pummel Trunks and Vegeta to the ground) How curious.
Android 18: Huh?
Android 17: Vegeta's hair has changed color again.
Android 18: Yes. And that strange glow has faded too. It's the same with this young boy (Trunks). I don't have any files on him.
Android 17: Neither do I.
Android 18: I wonder who he is.
Android 17: Hmph. It doesn't really matter, does it? Whoever he is, he's no threat to us.

Android 17: (to Krillin) You look scared. Just...relax. You are not the one we're looking for, okay? We want Goku. This one seems to be at a loss for words. Goodbye then. Come on, lets go. Lets go find Goku.
Android 18: And just why didn't you ask him where Goku is?
Android 17: Don't be ridiculous. Sure we could force him to tell us easily enough. But then we wouldn't get to have the fun of finding Goku ourselves.
Android 18: I see. Hmm...well, bye.
Krillin: Those cold hearted machines! How can they be so calm!?
Android 18: Really, I don't understand why you insist on behaving so foolishly 17.
Android 17: What's so foolish about wanting to have a little fun? What are you looking at 16?
Android 16: You two made too much noise. You scared the birds away.
Android 17: Birds?

Gohan: Ah, oh boy. There it is. Home at last. Wow. What a view!
Bulma: Gohan, listen. Can we go by my house first.
Gohan: Uh...uh...but I wanna go see my dad Bulma. He's not feeling well, remember?
Bulma: I know, but I promise I won't take long, okay? It feels like we've been gone forever and I really need some more supplies. Pee-yoo! Little Trunks needs his diaper changed.
Gohan: Uh...
Bulma: Being a mother really isn't easy you know. I have to get baby Trunks some fresh diapers and then I have to feed him. It's a lot o' work.
Yajirobe: Gohan! I vote that we all go to Bulma's house! I want some food!
Baby Trunks: Waaa! Waaaaa!
Gohan: Well, you guys win. It's three against one.

Krillin: No, stop!!!
Android 17: And, what do you want now?
Krillin: Stop. You guys leave Goku alone. He's sick, he can't fight you now. Goku hasn't done anything to you. Why are you after him?
Android 17: 16 has been programmed to destroy Goku. So that's what we're going to do.
Krillin: Why? You don't have to do that!
Android 17: We're only following Dr. Gero's master plan.
Krillin: Just listen to yourselves! Did you forget? Dr. Gero is gone! You took care of that!
Android 17: Yes, I haven't forgotten about that. But this, friend, is a game.
Krillin: What do you mean? This is just a game? Is that all?
Android 17: That's right. Yes. And finding Goku is a part of the game. That's why we did not ask you where he is.
Krillin: No! Stop this! I beg of you, please don't go after Goku. Please! You don't have to do this!
Android 16: No. I am programmed to destroy Goku.
Android 17: There you go, pal. Now if you'll excuse us, we have work to do. Stop worrying about Goku and take care of your other friends. They look like they could use some senzu beans. (Android 18 walks up to Krillin)
Krillin: Uh...ah...ah...ah (Android 18 kisses Krillin on the cheek) Uh...
Android 18: Good luck. Bye.

Last Ditch Effort

Piccolo: Ever since Vegeta became a Super Saiyan, his ego has been out of control. Honestly, I think what that android hurt the most today was his pride. He is very ashamed of his defeat.

Tien: Trunks, you were able to take out Frieza singlehandedly. You're one of the strongest people I've ever met, but those androids tossed you aside as though you were nothing. Goku is strong, but in all honesty, I don't see how he can be that much stronger than Trunks or Vegeta. And if that's the case, we're done for.

Krillin: I remember Master Roshi telling me something long ago. He said that if Kami and Piccolo hadn't split into two, they'd be the strongest being in the entire universe. Hello? Get it? The reason Piccolo has gone to Kami's place is so that he can join with him again.
Tien: Uh...really?
Krillin: If those two unite again into one being, they'll become the ultimate Namek warrior. And Piccolo is stronger than he's ever been before, so together they'll be an unstoppable force! Look. You know what a Super Saiyan is. Piccolo and Kami will become a Super Namek!

Trunks: My father...uh...I mean Vegeta...we can't forget about him.
Krillin: There's no reason for you to hide it anymore Trunks. We all know about Bulma and Vegeta and the fact that they had a baby. And that baby is you.

Master Roshi: (after Maron leaves with lots of her boyfriends) What a darn shame. If only I were a younger man...then maybe I could've been one of Maron's boyfriends too. It's not fair! It's not!

Closing In

Kami: What an unexpected honor this is. I never thought that you and I would ever be united again.
Piccolo: Stop smiling, I'm not doing this because I want to. It's because I need our combined powers, that's all. To be perfectly honest, I'm not sure how I'm going to tolerate being so close to you. Your mere presence sickens me.

Kami: Perhaps my time as guardian of Earth has come to an end.
Mister Popo: No Kami! You are still needed! The people of Earth still need you to watch over them!
Kami: You are too kind, Mister Popo. But I must act for the good of the Earth. This is about the continuing struggle for power between the forces of good and evil...and the danger that looms over us now poses a greater threat than anything we have faced in the past...even Vegeta with all of his strength was no match for these androids. Super Saiyan or not, he was tossed aside like a ragdoll. These androids will be difficult to beat. Even if Goku recovers from his illness, he will provide little resistance against these powerful new foes. In our combined form, Piccolo may be the only one strong enough to win this fight.
Piccolo: We agree. The force that threatens Earth is bigger than both of us. But at least when our powers are united, we still stand a chance. And no matter how slim that chance is, we must take it.

Piccolo: Don't you remember what Trunks said? The future will be destroyed by these androids!
Kami: Yes, but Trunks made a mistake. He told you that the androids you encountered today are not the same ones that he fought in the future.
Piccolo: Heh heh heh heh heh heh. Yeah right. And these androids are a real great bunch o' guys once you get to know them.

Android 17: (after hijacking a van) Right. We're all set. Now lets go find Goku.
Android 18: Step on it. Come on. Lets go.
Android 17: Quiet now, or I'll make you ride in the back.

Android 17: (while being chased by a gang of bikers) Why don't you take a new outfit from one of these goons, 18?
Android 18: No, there's nothing in my size.
Android 17: Hmph. Picky.

Unwelcome Discovery

Master Roshi: That was delicious Chiaotzu! You really know how to make a fine bowl of soup!
Chiaotzu: Heh heh heh heh. Thanks Master Roshi!
Oolong: Mmmm...this might be the best soup I ever had. Please tell me there's some more where this came from, I could go for a couple o' helpings of seconds and maybe even some thirds too.
Turtle: Uh...where did you learn to cook like that?
Chiaotzu: I used to cook for Tien when he was training and I came up with a few of my own recipes.

Master Roshi: Here's a thought. Why don't you stay here and train with us Chiaotzu.
Chiaotzu: Huh? Stay with you?
Master Roshi: Sure. You could stay here and train with all of us.
Oolong: Train? Heh! Come on, admit it! The only reason you want him to stay is so he'll cook for ya!
Master Roshi: That's ridiculous! I...I just thought it would be nice if he-
Oolong: Nice if he cooked for you!
Master Roshi: That's not true!

Chi-Chi: Ahhhhh! (everyone is shocked at Chi-Chi screaming) Oh no! What in the world was I thinking!? We don't have a minute to waste! We've got to hurry! Before it's too late!
Gohan: What are you talking about? (Chi-Chi takes out Gohan's study material)
Chi-Chi: Well, lets hit those books Gohan.
Gohan: Uh...I can't study now.
Chi-Chi: Don't you dare talk back to me! Now go to it!
Krillin: Wow Gohan! And I thought I had it rough!

Vegeta: (to himself) No, the Super Saiyans of legend were an invincible warrior race! I am their son, and at long last, I have risen to claim my birthright. I have stepped into the ranks of greatness. All my life, I have worked towards this goal and for what...to be brushed aside as easily as a common housefly by an android? A true Super Saiyan would not have fallen. Maybe I'm not who I think I am. Perhaps there are still new plateaus for me to reach. Far greater heights to which I must ascend. Yes. I will ascend. The universe will marvel to see the ultimate Saiyan potential once again realized. And I will be legendary. And then Kakarot, then I will see you bow before your prince!

Yamcha: It looks like we'll be at Master Roshi's island in no time. Oh and Krillin, don't you think we'd better tell Bulma what we're up to?
Krillin: Good idea. Wait, are you saying that I should call her? No way!
Yamcha: Come on Krillin. I'm flying the plane here. Thanks buddy.
Krillin: Alright. (to Trunks) No offence man, your mom's just hard to deal with sometimes.
Trunks: Heh heh heh. Believe me. I know what you mean.

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