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Dragon Ball Z (ドラゴンボール Z, Doragon Bōru Zetto) is the long-running sequel to the popular shōnen series Dragon Ball made by Akira Toriyama. The anime first premiered in Japan in April of 1989 (on Fuji TV) and ended in January of 1996, comprising of 291 episodes in its entirety. In the U.S., the series ran between 1996 and 2003, though not always on the same networks or with continuity of dubbing. It aired in the UK, albeit with the same dubbing problem, on Cartoon Network between 1999 and 2002, and the final few episodes ran on CNX in 2002, before that channel relaunched as Toonami. The series was redubbed and re-modified with its original Japanese soundtrack and began to be released in 2005 in season sets.

Season 8

The Wizard's Curse

Goku: So I guess Bibidi's son is controlling the guys from the tournament?
Supreme Kai: Yes. His name is Babidi. And as is often the case in this universe, the son is as evil as the father.
Krillin: Great. Why does that not surprise me?

Kibito: Dabura!
Supreme Kai: What is he doing here!?
Kibito: That cursed wizard. He's even managed to ensnare the king of the demons!
Krillin: Uh!?
Goku: Which one? Which one is Dabura?
Supreme Kai: The tall one.
Goku: I see. Is he strong?
Supreme Kai: Of course he's strong! He is the king of the demon world.
Gohan: Wait a second. What is this demon world?
Supreme Kai: It is a shadow world that exists on the other side of this one. Like two sides of the same coin. One of you may be the strongest in this world. But in his dark demon world, Dabura is the strongest by far.
Krillin: (afraid) Uh, guys, I'm beginning to feel just a little bit outclassed here. Uh...uh...I mean I'll still help you out if you think you need me...but why don't I...uh...how 'bout I take the little guy...?

Kibito: Once Babidi infiltrates a person's heart, his influence is complete. All he needs is to find but a trace of evil to bring someone under his power. Only those pure of heart and free of evil desires like us have a chance of fighting him successfully.
Krillin: Well, that works for most of us. But what about Piccolo? He hasn't always been one good guys, you know.
Piccolo: This is not the time!

Supreme Kai: I never anticipated that Dabura would be here too. I'm afraid that this changes everything.
Vegeta: Surely, the Supreme Kai isn't afraid, is he!?
Supreme Kai: Hmmm...
Vegeta: Hmph! Fine! You can cower up here behind the rocks if you want! I'll take them on myself if you don't have the stomach for it.
Krillin: I may just let you do that, Vegeta!

Babidi: You've done well. We are now one step closer to achieving our goal.
Spopovich: When you're as strong as us, this kind of job is like taking baby from a candy!
Babidi: It's such a shame that your business with me is finished.
Spopovich: Huh!?
Babidi: I'm afraid I have no more use for you. Ha ha ha ha! (Babidi does his wizard magic to Spopovich)
Spopovich: Uh? Waaahhhh!!!
Babidi: Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh. (Spopovich's entire body begins to bulge and he explodes to death)
Yamu: Uh!?
Babidi: Too bad. You know, I really liked him too.
Pui Pui: Yes. A terrible loss.
Dabura: Now for our other friend...
Yamu: Uh! Au...! (Yamu flies off with fear)
Babidi: Pui Pui. Would you please kill him?
Pui Pui: Gladly. (Pui Pui blasts Yamu in the sky, killing him)
Babidi: Ah. Nice shot.

King of the Demons

Babidi: Oh, there's something else.
Dabura: Yes?
Babidi: It would seem we have some company. Yamu and Spopovich were a bit careless in their escape I'm afaid.
Dabura: Eheh heh...
Babidi: Above us on that cliff face, you will find Supreme Kai and several of his friends.
Pui Pui: Uh...huh...uh...?
Dabura: Heh heh heh heh heh. The fools believe they are well hidden. Seven in all. Each of them strong. We cannot use the energy of the Supreme Kai or Kibito, but three of these others possess enormous energy as well. It would go a long way toward reviving Majin Buu.
Babidi: Oh, more than that Dabura. In these three alone, we will find more than enough energy to suit our purposes, how marvelous! Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh! I never imagined we would accomplish our goal so quickly! Lets lure those three into the ship where we could absorb their energy. That would be the simplest course of action, don't you think?
Dabura: Yes. But the Supreme Kai will surely try to prevent it.
Babidi: Oh, I think we can manage to get around that little problem. Dispose of the stragglers and get back to the ship at once. The others will come storming after you in a rage.
Dabura: Very nice. I need but a moment, and you will have them.
Babidi: Good, good. But spare the Supreme Kai for now. For what he did to my father, I will take my own sweet time with his destruction.
Dabura: At your request, master. I will leave him for your pleasure.
Babidi: Shall we get to work then?
Dabura: Certainly.

Babidi: Aha. Aha. Ha. Here they come. I'd be shocked if any one of them had a brain! Ha ha ha ha!
Dabura: Ha ha ha ha! Trapped so easily.

Pui Pui: Master Babidi. Has the time come?
Babidi: Oh, my dear Pui Pui.
Pui Pui: Please. I'm becoming quite anxious.
Babidi: Then...lets put that to good use. Go see our guests and don't leave a drop of their energy behind.
Pui Pui: Yes. Not a drop.

Pui Pui: You need not concern yourselves with getting to stage two, because unfortunately for you, the first warrior you must face is none other than me. And that means that none of you will make it out of here alive! Ha ha ha! Ha ha! Ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha!
Goku: Alright guys. So which one of us gets to fight first?
Pui Pui: Huh?

Vegeta: (after Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan play rock, paper, scissors to see who fights Pui Pui and Vegeta wins) Ha ha ha. Scissors win.
Goku: Oh...I wanted to fight this guy!
Vegeta: Well, sorry you won't get your chance!
Supreme Kai: Wait, please! You don't really intend to fight him by yourself, do you?
Vegeta: Of course I do! What other way is there?
Pui Pui: Ah! Heh Heh heh heh heh ha ha ha! Master Babidi told me to be very careful because your high energy makes you strong and dangerous. But you're nothing but a bunch of morons!
Vegeta: The only moron in this place is Babidi! He didn't investigate this planet very thoroughly, did he? If he had, he'd know that the most powerful fighter alive is standing in front of you!
Pui Pui: You!? The most powerful fighter alive? Aha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha! That kind of arrogance would get you killed!
Supreme Kai: Don't underestimate him. Babidi uses his magic to attract the strongest warriors in the universe.
Goku: Hey, calm down. Lets just let Vegeta take it from here, okay?
Supreme Kai: Huh? Are you sure?
Pui Pui: You know, none of you will ever leave here. And every ounce of energy you lose as I pound you will be absorbed by this room. And as the energy is absorbed, it will be channeled directly to Majin Buu.
Vegeta: Well, I guess that's unfortunate then...since you won't be able to hurt me, you won't be able to steal my energy.
Pui Pui: Keep dreaming. Before I'm done, I'll do much more than hurt you. When you fight Pui Pui, death is a certainty! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Vegeta: This guy is really annoying. (to Pui Pui) Welcome to the end of your life. And I promise, it's going to hurt!
Pui Pui: Grr...
Vegeta: Ready for the pain?

Vegeta Attacks

Pui Pui: Eheh heh heh heh heh! Welcome...to my home planet! I've won many great battles here, and by now, you've noticed that my planet is very different from yours. (Pui Pui picks up a stone) It's the gravity. Ten times stronger than Earth! Your hopes of winning are falling faster than that stone! You won't leave here alive! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Huh?
Vegeta: Maybe if this was five hundred times gravity you might have an advantage. But ten? I don't even feel it.
Pui Pui: Huh!? You're just bluffing! I know you are!
Vegeta: Maybe I am. Hard to tell.
Pui Pui: Enough! (Pui Pui attacks Vegeta with a succession of kicks and punches, but Vegeta dodges everything, slams his fist into Pui Pui's gut and kicks him into the debris) Uh?
Vegeta: So do you still think I'm bluffing?
Pui Pui: Grr...grr...
Vegeta: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
Pui Pui: Yah!!!! (Pui Pui still angrily runs at Vegeta)
Vegeta: Heh heh heh heh. (Vegeta quickly ducks below Pui Pui, placing his arms on his chest and blasting him to death)
Pui Pui: Ahhhh!!!!

Vegeta: (about Goku and Gohan) Children. So easily amused.

Dabura: Babidi, who are you going to appoint to defend stage two?
Babidi: Hmmm...send Yakon.
Dabura: What? This situation hardly calls for such extreme measures.
Babidi: I believe we may have underestimated the strength of those three. You see, Pui Pui was defeated easily without inflicting any damage to that fighter at all.
Dabura: Of course. But if Yakon fights now, I'm certain he will finish everyone off, and there won't be anyone left for me.
Babidi: We're not here to have fun. We're here to free Majin Buu and destroy planet Earth. Got it? Understand?
Dabura: Yes, of course. Forgive me.

Babidi: Yakon. Sorry to keep you waiting my friend. I have some fresh victims for you. Have as many as you like.
Yakon: Yes Babidi.

Vegeta: I'm beginning to think that this Majin Buu may not be worth fighting after all. And the same goes for that Dabura.

Next Up, Goku

Goku: Why'd I have to get this guy? Sure, he's big. But he kinda looks dumb ta me.
Yakon: Huh?
Supreme Kai: I know that monster. I know who he is. His name is Yakon.
Gohan: You've met him before?
Supreme Kai: That's right. He is one of the most feared creatures in the universe and he is extremely strong. I don't think Goku will be able to beat him on his own.

Yakon: (to Goku) Welcome to the planet of darkness. You're scratching your head, aren't you? You can't see me but I can see you.

Babidi: (after Goku changes to a Super Saiyan) What is that guy up to? He looks different than before. Oh no! He...he...he's changing.
Dabura: So what? He's just emitting light.

Babidi: I don't believe this! Three thousand kilis! How can an Earthling generate three thousand kilis of energy!?
Dabura: It can't be! With three hundred kilis, it's possible to destroy a planet! Three thousand!? I tell you a human with that much power does not exist.

Dabura: Master, don't worry. He's mine now. I'll take care of everything.
Babidi: Uh!?
Dabura: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! For stage three, I will be the warrior they must battle! And you have my word that I will fill Majin Buu with their energy when I destroy every one of them!
Babidi: But Dabura...if you are beaten by them, then who will protect me? You must promise me that you'll win!
Dabura: I'll win. I am Dabura. I am the demon king! I don't care how many kilis of energy they have. There is no one in the universe who can exceed my power!

Battle Supreme

Supreme Kai: Goku, listen to me! This is not a game! Babidi's henchmen come from the four corners of the universe and every one of them is incredibly strong! We've all been lucky so far, but I think from now on, we should all fight together.
Goku: Nah. Don't you worry about it, Supreme Kai. Gohan doesn't need any help. Besides, that would be unfair.
Supreme Kai: Huh? Unfair!?
Goku: Well, Vegeta and I both got to fight alone. So don't you think Gohan should have a turn for himself, too?

Babidi: (about Dabura) I'm glad he's taking this seriously. He can be such a devil! Heh heh! Oh, I just can't wait to see the look on all of their faces when Dabura walks through the door.

Goku: So I uh...wonder how they're doin' back at the World Martial Arts Tournament...?
Gohan: I don't know, dad. I mean, we did sorta leave 'em in a bit of a bind.
Vegeta: I would've preferred to fight you there Kakarot...than come to this place. This has been a waste of my time battling these cretins!
Gohan: Heh heh. I know what you mean, Vegeta. I was looking forward to dukin' it out in the ring with my dad, too.
Goku: Oh, yeah! I'm ready for the both of you! Anytime! Anywhere!
Supreme Kai: (to himself) These Saiyans are impossible. They enjoy the thrill of a challenge so much that they ignore the dangers of fighting. Reckless!

Trunks: (about Hercule) That old guy's a clown, isn't he?
Goten: No! Clowns are funny!

Coordinator: Mister Satan, it looks like your battle royale idea is a hit. It was very courageous of you to suggest it.
Hercule Satan: Uh...what?
Coordinator: Well, yes of course. Defending your title against four challengers at once is no easy feat. To be honest, if you were anyone else, I'd say you were a fool.
Hercule Satan: Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha! The last thing a champion like me ever worries about is the competition. Ha ha.
Coordinator: Yes, of course. Everyone knows that you're the best fighter on planet Earth. Right, he's great.
Hercule Satan: (to himself) I'm done for.

Eighteen Unmasks

Vegeta: Where are they!? Sleeping!?
Gohan: After those moves you and dad showed off at the last two stages, you probably scared them off.
Goku: I hope they don't all run away. You haven't even had your turn.

Trunks: (while they are disguised as Mighty Mask and are fighting Android 18) I'll tell you what! If you land a kick, I'll buy you an extra toy or something with the prize money.
Goten: Oh, really! Alright!

Hercule Satan: (to himself) What was I thinking? "Hey lets do a battle royale." Why couldn't I just keep my big mouth shut!

Babidi: (to himself) Dabura's going to rid me of those annoying intruders, but first I must have their energy so I can feed it to Majin Buu. He's the perfect choice to handle all the dirty work. After all, he's had so much experience at it. And the more he concentrates his evil spirit in that meditation room, the easier it will be for me to manipulate him.

Announcer: It's hard to think of this as a battle royale anymore. It has now become an all-out war between Mighty Mask and Number 18.
Hercule Satan: But...what about me?

Pay to Win

Hercule Satan: (after Android 18 kicks him once) But...you said you were gonna lose on purpose.
Android 18: I'm going to...but we have to make it look good for the fans, don't we? Besides, what was it you called me...an amateur?
Hercule Satan: Sorry. I was just trying to act like myself.

Android 18: (after allowing Hercule to win the match so he can pay her double the prize money later) Good match. I'll be paying your house a little visit tomorrow. If you don't pay, I'm going to kill you, champ.
Hercule Satan: Yes...I uh...the champ understands.

Gohan: Man, this is kinda like bein' on a game show or somethin'. Heh. I wonder who's gonna be behind door number three.

Vegeta: Gohan's been far too busy going to school and going out on dates to do any serious training! Both of us are more powerful than he is in his condition. Of course I could be wrong. Maybe he's been training in between classes or during P.E. or something. Maybe he's the strongest one here.
Gohan: Well...eheh heh eheh.
Vegeta: I didn't think so...

Dabura: I must say I'm impressed. Beating Yakon and advancing to stage three is far beyond what any other mortal has managed to do. Yes, it was quite unexpected indeed. So now you must face me...which means, you will progress no further.
Vegeta: Hmph. Your boss must be nervous if he sent out his number one guy. Why doesn't he come out himself, huh? He too scared?

Heart of a Villain

Dabura: (to Gohan) You want a glimpse of my true power? Well, so be it. I didn't know you were in such a hurry to die.

Dabura: (to Gohan) Is that all the power your transformation yields? You're pathetic.
Supreme Kai: Dabura is far stronger than Yakon and Pui Pui.
Goku: That's okay. So's Gohan.

Vegeta: I can't take this anymore! This is ridiculous! Why are we subjecting ourselves to this! Look! Call him down, Kakarot! I'll finish this!
Goku: Just give him a little more time. It's not like he's completely lost yet. Why not let him fight? He's hangin' in there.
Vegeta: Dabura's toying with him. You know that! Come on!
Dabura: Hmmm?
Vegeta: Why should I sit around all day acting like this matters. I could end this in five minutes if I wanted to! I'm not here to play games, Kakarot! Or to create nice father-son memories! I'm here to win! Stop pretending! Knock off the sentimental rubbish! The strongest one is the one who should do the job! I'm the one who should be fighting, not him!

Gohan: Hey! Where do you think you're going? Are you giving up or what?
Dabura: Oh no. It's just a brief intermission. We just need a few minutes to rework our strategy. It seems we've found a new recruit. The perfect warrior, capable of handling all of you. So just take a little rest while we bring him up to speed. Heh heh heh heh heh heh ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Gohan: Hey! Come back!
Supreme Kai: (to himself) What are they up to? They don't have any warriors stronger than Dabura!

Babidi: Did you really make a discovery? Hmm?
Dabura: Eheh heh heh heh heh. Yes.
Babidi: Good. I was beginning to think that you'd lost your nerve and were just looking for an excuse to get away. But I guess I was wrong, wasn't I?
Dabura: The demon king fears no mortal, although I admit they were stronger than I thought.

The Dark Prince Returns

Vegeta: Nah! This whole thing would be over with right now if it wasn't for you! I hope you're proud of yourself!
Gohan: What do you mean?
Vegeta: I mean you've disgraced us with your pitiful performance. There's no excuse for you fighting the way you did. You have Saiyan blood running through your veins. A warrior like Dabura should be dead! And now you're sitting here scratching your head, wondering what's next when this should already be finished. You are pitiful. Fighting with that soft righteous look on your face. It's brute strength that determines the outcome of a battle, not goodness. The mightiest survive and the weak perish. Your Piccolo and Krillin were turned to stone.
Gohan: Uh!?
Vegeta: That's because they're weaklings. Is that the kind of fate you want for yourself!? Uh! Garden statues! If they're lucky, someone will make a birdbath out of them!

Supreme Kai: You don't know Buu! His power is horrible! He's pure evil! Not even the four Kais combined could stop him! He's murdered millions of innocent people!
Vegeta: Shut up!
Supreme Kai: Don't be a fool! If Buu's revived, this planet's finished. History! All living things will be exterminated! He'll turn the Earth into a dark lifeless tomb.
Vegeta: Enough! Now you listen to me! What happens to this planet is none of my concern. The strongest will find a way to survive and the weaklings shall perish!
Supreme Kai: What kind of person are you?

Supreme Kai: Don't let him take you, Vegeta! Let go! The past is the past! Don't think of it! Be innocent and clear!
Vegeta: How can you say that!? I'm not innocent!

Chi-Chi: Hey wait! Maybe they could still win some money if they knocked Mister Satan out in front of all these people!
Yamcha: It doesn't work that way.
Chi-Chi: Hush up! Goku and Gohan beat Cell and that bum got rich off it! Now tell me...is that fair!?
Yamcha: No. But that's the way it goes Chi-Chi.

Goku: (to Majin Vegeta, after he blasts through the world tournament arena, killing many) Shame on you. The Vegeta I know would never have done this.

Vegeta's Pride

Hercule Satan: Hey, maniac! I'm afraid I can't allow you to move another inch! Your crimespree will end at my glorious fists. You've come head to head with the champion of the world, big guy!
Vegeta: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Hercule Satan: Hey! Why are you laughing?

Vegeta: You'll fight with me, Kakarot! Unless of course, you'd like more bodies to pile up on your conscience.
Goku: Uh! Vegeta! Certainly you didn't!
Vegeta: Ha ha ha ha...
Goku: How sad. I didn't think you were weak enough to be controlled.
Gohan: Uh!?
Supreme Kai: Huh!?
Gohan: Dad, don't.
Goku: Answer me! Vegeta! Do you let yourself be a slave!? (Vegeta raises his hand to the side and blasts the world tournament arena again, killing more bystanders) Huh!? Ahh!
Vegeta: Tell me. Is it slavery when you get what you want!? (Vegeta smiles) Heh heh heh heh heh heh. Heh heh.
Goku: Grr...grr...grr...grr...grr...grr...grr...
Gohan: Stop it! You don't know what you're doing!
Vegeta: Grr! Stand aside! (Vegeta knocks Gohan away with a flick of his hand) This does not concern you! It's between me and your circus clown of a father!
Goku: Circus clown. Well, that's a new one.
Vegeta: Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh! (Goku powers up)
Supreme Kai: No, Goku! You mustn't! If you fight him here, you would be doing precisely what Babidi wishes. Every injury that Vegeta causes would be sent back to the ship and Buu will be revived!
Goku: Tell me Vegeta. With that stamp on your head, I know Babidi's been giving you orders. Is this one of them? Are you trying to fight me because of him, or is this the same old story between you and me? Which one?
Gohan: Does it really matter!?
Vegeta: Not to you, Gohan. But to a warrior, it matters greatly. And you know this as well as I do, Kakarot. In a day, you'll be back to the dead, and I will not miss this opportunity!
Supreme Kai: Who are you people!? Don't you see the universe matters more than your meaningless squabble?
Vegeta: Grrr...grrr...meaningless, huh?
Supreme Kai: Uh!?
Vegeta: What do you know of meaningless!? Argh! Spend most of your life ruled by another, watch your race dwindle to a handful...and then tell me what has more meaning than your own strength! I have in me the blood of a Saiyan prince. He is nothing but a joke! Yet, I've had to watch him surpass me in strength...my destiny thrown to the wayside! He's...he's even saved my life as if I were a helpless child. He has stolen my honor. And his debts...must be paid!

Babidi: (about Supreme Kai) You can't afford to let him live, Vegeta. Kill him, Vegeta! Kill him!
Vegeta: I refuse.
Babidi: What!?
Dabura: Huh!?
Vegeta: Your business with the Kai...it means nothing to me! Kakarot is my only objective.

Vegeta: (to Babidi) No! Get out of my head! I already told you! I will not be distracted from this anymore! I won't! It will take more than head games to stop me! You may have invaded my mind and my body, but there's one thing a Saiyan always keeps...his pride!!!

Goku: Wow, Vegeta. This might take longer than I thought.
Vegeta: You see!? This is our fate! Our battle! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

The Long Awaited Fight

Babidi: The only thing we have to do now is decide how we're going to exterminate the Supreme Kai...that rat!
Dabura: Yes, Master.
Babidi: Eheh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh. Oh, what a happy day! I haven't laughed this much in years! Aha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Dabura: Leave them to me, Master. And I will have the Kai groveling at your feet before he dies.
Babidi: I could just sing.

Goku: (to himself, about Vegeta) Don't know why I'm surprised. He has been training for the last seven years straight.
Babidi: Welcome, friends. Heh heh. I'm glad you could join us. Heh heh heh heh heh. Especially you, Supreme Kai.
Supreme Kai: We've come to stop you, Babidi.
Babidi: Like you did my father?
Supreme Kai: I will not let you resurrect Majin Buu.
Babidi: That's too bad. I'm sure Dabura won't like that one bit. He was so looking forward to meeting Buu today and you know, I really hate to see him upset.

Magic Ball of Buu

Supreme Kai: Wizard. You need not worry what your monster will do to you, not when you still have me to contend with.
Babidi: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Squeek, squeek. He's a noisy little rat, isn't he?

Dabura: (to Babidi) Rest assured, these two will be easily removed from your sight. They're rubbish. I'll clean them up easily. Heh heh heh heh heh heh.
Babidi: Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh. Good, you can dispose of them any way you like. Maybe you could even turn them into stone. Two more statues to add to our collection.
Dabura: No, I have something far more painful in mind.

Babidi: Did I mention how glad I am to see you, Kai? Now I can finally avenge my father, can't I!? You remember don't you, the way you murdered my father!? I suppose he let his guard down! I won't make that mistake! I won't be done in like my father was, especially not by you! I learned from his shortcomings! I made his weaknesses my strengths! For example, I've learned to keep better company. Father never did have a knack for spotting talent.

Goku: Vegeta, I don't understand. You've never allowed anyone to help you before in your life. Why start now? Why Babidi?
Vegeta: Because I wanted him to reawaken the evil in my heart. I wanted him to return me to the way I was before! I was the perfect warrior! Cold and ruthless! I lived by my strength alone, uninhibited by foolish emotion! But slowly...over the years...I became one of you, my quest for greatness gradually giving way to this life of mediocrity. I awoke one day to find that I had settled down, formed a family...I had even grown quite fond of them. Would you believe, I almost started to think the Earth was a nice place to live...? Do you understand now, Kakarot? That's why I needed Babidi to set me free. By releasing the evil in my heart, he has freed me of these petty attachments...and I'd have to say, it feels pretty good.
Goku: Do you really believe what you're saying?

Dabura: At last success, Master Babidi.
Babidi: Ah! Yes! Sweet beautiful success! He's gonna come out! Majin Buu is coming out! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Buu is Hatched

Supreme Kai: This is a time for strategy, Gohan! Not blind heroics. We must regroup and wait for a better opportunity! We have to wait!

Supreme Kai: All your efforts for nothing!
Babidi: Ah...ah...ah!?
Supreme Kai: You've made a fatal mistake, Babidi! Just like your father! Fooled by overconfidence! Underestimated your opponents! And so this Earthling has destroyed your sacred Buu! Years of captivity in that shell must have made him defenseless! And not even the energy from this planet could revive him! Now the story of Buu finally comes to an end!
Babidi: Eh...ah...uh...uh...uh!?
Dabura: Don't let that old fool discourage you, Babidi. Even without Buu, we can still continue our plan. And I'm sure that with a little persuasion, the Saiyan prince could be put more completely under your control.
Babidi: (while crying) Oh, it's no use! Don't you understand!? There isn't any plan without Buu!
Supreme Kai: (laughing) To think I'd see the great wizard of evil brought to tears! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Babidi: Grr! Well, galactic domination may be ruled out, but what do you say we get rid of this annoying Supreme Kai!
Dabura: Sure. Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh.

Dabura: (watching the pink smoke of Buu forming in the sky) Clouds. No, it's some kind of smoke. I can't feel anything from it but...emptiness.

Gohan: So, what's the verdict, Supreme Kai? Is this the guy you're so afraid of?
Supreme Kai: Yes. That's Bibidi's creation without a doubt. I can never forget that disgusting creature's face!

Supreme Kai: I can't bear to look at him! We have to retreat!
Gohan: I'm not so sure about that. You may have been right about him weakening from his years in captivity. He's obviously tough, but I don't think he's unbeatable.
Supreme Kai: Wha...? But don't you sense his power? His strength!?
Gohan: Yeah, but I'm also well aware of what I can do.

The Losses Begin

Vegeta: It's as I thought. There's nothing to worry about Kakarot. This Majin Buu has been revealed as a weakling! At least by the measuring bar you and I have set. Is it too hard to understand, clown? The Saiyan race has evolved since that creature was entrapped. Think of what the Supreme Kai said. He's been constantly surprised by our strength. On Babidi's ship, we conquered what were supposed to be the strongest fighters in the universe, and we barely broke a sweat! Think about it Kakarot! We Saiyans have taken a ruling place in the universe that even its greatest overseer couldn't predict. And Majin Buu may have ruled in his time but now he's sorely outclassed.
Goku: You're wrong. I can feel something deeper inside him.
Vegeta: Enough with your feelings! You're just stalling because you know I'm going to beat you!
Goku: No, Vegeta. I know you can sense the same thing. You're just too proud to admit it.

Dabura: (about Majin Buu) He is but a fool.

Dabura: It is difficult to say why, but his revival has clearly been incomplete. I had great hopes for this Majin Buu, but this deformed version is nothing but an idiot and a waste. Hmm? (to Majin Buu) Oh, what's wrong? Do you have a problem with what I've said?
Majin Buu: Buuuu! Pow pow pow! Ow ow ow ow! Pow pow pow pow pow!
Dabura: A pity. He's not aware enough to know he's outmatched. Run along Buu. Or shall I turn you into stone?

Goku: We don't have any time for this now, Vegeta! We're the ones who let Buu out of his shell! It's because of us!
Vegeta: Buu is just a sideshow. You are my only concern!
Goku: Everyone on Earth will be killed! You hear me!? Bulma! Trunks! Everyone!
Vegeta: Grr...grr...shut up!!! Shut up!!! (Vegeta punches Goku repeatedly while speaking) Remember I've sold my soul to Babidi! I keep no loyalties! I have a Saiyan heart that depends on strength alone! They're nothing to me!
Goku: Liar!
Vegeta: Uh!?
Goku: I don't buy it! (Goku smashes Vegeta to the ground) Talk all you want, Vegeta. But you better convince yourself of it first!

Vegeta: (after hitting Goku from behind and knocking him out) I'll take care of this Buu myself! The last thing I need is for this clown to play hero again and dangle it over my head. We'll finish this fight when I return, Kakarot. Enjoy your sleep. And should your time run out before I'm done...heh heh...then we'll have to continue this another day...when I see you in hell!

The Terror of Mr. Buu

Majin Buu: Buuuu!
Supreme Kai: You'll stop this!
Majin Buu: No stop!
Supreme Kai: Grr...grr...grr...
Majin Buu: No stop! No stop! No stop! No no no no no!

Babidi: (to Supreme Kai, who is wounded and lying on the ground) What a wonderful day this is! Though I fully plan to rip you into pieces, let me first say thank you. After all, if it weren't for all the incredibly strong fighters you brought me, I wouldn't have been able to bring Majin Buu back to life. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Normally, I'd let one of my slaves do the dirty work, but to show you my appreciation, I think I'll kill you myself. See what a marvelous circle this is? You killed my father and now I kill you! (Supreme Kai twitches) Huh? Eh, forget the circle. Hey Buu, what do ya say you finish off this rat for me like you were supposed to do in the first place! Buu! I'm ordering!
Majin Buu: Ooo! Ordering!
Babidi: Huh!?
Majin Buu: I have hungry now. Buu eat him now, yes?
Babidi: Huh!? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! That's just terrific! Eating him up! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! What an appropriate end! Lost in your belly! Yes! What are you waiting for, Buu!? Eat every single bit of him! Don't even let a strand of his hair escape your gorgeous stomach.

Babidi: (after Dabura throws a spear through Majin Buu) Dabura! Have you gone absolutely insane over there!? I just really hope for your sake that you are aiming that spear at the Kai!

Dabura: Babidi. Don't be such a fool. This Majin Buu creature is far too powerful to be kept under your control for long. If he's allowed to keep reaching into his power, it will only be a matter of time before he destroys you!
Babidi: Grr...grr...grr...
Dabura: Make the best decision of your life and help me crush him while we can!
Babidi: Dabura, Dabura, Dabura, Dabura, are you crazy!?
Dabura: Huh!?
Babidi: There is no us anymore! Don't you understand!? He's been my life ambition and now that he's here, you are nothing!
Dabura: Master Babidi...

Majin Buu: (to Dabura) Now new plan. Now I eat you!

Meal Time

Majin Buu: Me eat you up!
Dabura: Ah! You wouldn't dare!

Babidi: Did you enjoy your snack, Majin Buu? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! You can eat the Supreme Kai too if you like.

Majin Buu: (to Supreme Kai, who is bruised and lying on the ground) What should me turn you into? Chocolate or jelly?

Majin Buu: (after Vegeta calls him ugly) He say oogly? What means that, oogly?
Babidi: Grr...he means your face would frighten small children. Now be quiet!

Vegeta: (to himself) Why is it that Kakarot haunts me so? Is it because he's always been one step ahead of me? Always succeeded where I have failed? First it was Frieza...defeating the tyrant that had held me in bondage my whole life...and then there was Cell...noble Kakarot...giving his life for the lives of his friends...for my life. Well no more. After all we've been through, it's finally my turn. I'll settle this so we can both rest in peace. Kakarot, when you wake up, this will all be over. I may be gone, but this planet will be safe. I'll stake my life on it.

The Warrior's Decision

Babidi: Majin Buu! Don't let him do this to you! Just eat him or squash him or something!

Babidi: Oh, yes! Victory! Aha ha ha ha! Go, Majin Buu! Pow pow pow! Ow ow ow! Isn't that right, Buu!? Drop him dead! Or whatever it is you say!

Majin Buu: Me mad now!
Vegeta: Uh!?
Majin Buu: Me get big now! (Buu explodes with anger)

Babidi: (about Vegeta) That fool thought he was so tough! But just look at him now! He's nothing compared to you, Majin Buu. He's nothing at all. Too bad he had to go and disobey me. He would've made such a fine subordinate.

Majin Buu: You no fun. You go bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye!
Vegeta: (to himself) I have to try harder. He must have a weakness. If this thing can be given life, he can also have it taken away.

Final Atonement

Babidi: Hah! So he's alive. That poor fool. It would've been a lot less painful for him if he had just rolled over and died. My Majin Buu is invincible. And now he's going to eat them all up! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Piccolo: That's not gonna happen. What you and that monster have done is unforgivable!
Babidi: Huh? Who are you? Heh...my what a lovely shade of green you are. Looking good. Who could blame you. After all, you've seen the power of Majin Buu. It figures you'd turn green with envy.
Piccolo: No. I always looked this way. So there's no use in flattering yourself, Babidi.
Babidi: What? How dare you? You've got some nerve talking to me like that, you insect! Yes, you'd better watch yourself or I'll sic Majin Buu on you next.
Piccolo: Yeah, why don't you call him wizard? I'm sure he'd be glad to see you writhing in agony like the worm you are.
Babidi: What!? Oh! That does it! You're going to regret every word of that, you!
Piccolo: Call your monster...so he can watch you die!

Vegeta: Trunks, you are my only son and yet I haven't held you once since you were a baby, have I? Come here, son.
Trunks: Dad, what's wrong? (Vegeta hugs Trunks) Ah, this is embarrassing. Dad, come on. Cut it out.
Vegeta: Trunks, there's something you must know. You've made me proud, my son. (Vegeta swipes Trunks' neck, knocking him out in order to prevent him from attacking Buu)
Goten: Uh!? What did you do to him!? Why'd you do that!? What's wrong with you!? Why did you do that to Trunks? You might've killed him. Why? Are you crazy? Why? Why did you do it? Tell me! Why did you do that to Trunks? You're his dad! Dads aren't supposed to do bad things to their sons. Why did you hit him!? Why did you hurt him like that? Why? Why? (Vegeta punches Goten in the gut, also knocking him out) Uh...

Majin Buu: Me big mad. Which guy hit Buu?
Vegeta: (to Piccolo) Take the two boys as far away from here as possible. Go now.
Piccolo: Of course.
Vegeta: It's time. Hurry.
Piccolo: You'll die. You know that.
Vegeta: There is one thing I'd like to know. Tell me...will I meet that clown Kakarot in the Other World?
Piccolo: I'm not going to lie to you, Vegeta. Although the answer may be difficult for you to hear. This is the truth. Goku devoted his life to protecting the lives of others. Because of his selflessness...when he died...he was allowed to keep his body...and travel to King Kai's planet. You, on the other hand, have spent your life in pursuit of your own selfish desires. You've caused too much pain. When you die, you will not receive the same reward.
Vegeta: Oh well. So be it. (Majin Buu is coming closer) That will be all. Get out of here. And hurry.

Krillin: What's Vegeta up to, Piccolo!? He's crazy! He won't make it! That monster is gonna eat 'im alive!
Piccolo: For the first time, Vegeta is fighting for someone other than himself. Controlling his own fate.

Vegeta: You are a fool. I am going to crush you. And throw you into the wind.
Majin Buu: Huh?
Vegeta: (to himself) Trunks, Bulma...I do this for you. And yes, even for you Kakarot! (Vegeta erupts with rage, exploding and killing himself in order to obliterate Majin Buu)

Evil Lives On

Yamcha: Uh...Chi-Chi...you didn't bring any guns on board, did ya?
Chi-Chi: No, of course not. Uh, m...maybe a grenade or two though...

Piccolo: (to himself) I don't sense anything, but that's definitely the place. He went out with a bang alright. Wow, what power it must've taken to produce a crater like that...Vegeta. No sign of Buu. I think it worked, Vegeta. Wait a second...there's Buu...or what's left of him...he's been blown into a thousand pieces. Now I understand, Buu would simply regenerate if damaged in the normal way, so you had to make an attack powerful enough to blow 'im to bits. Well, you did it Vegeta. It worked. Your sacrifice wasn't in vain. I've walked through that door before. I know it's not easy. Especially for a selfish guy like you. Hah. I was just like you once. Until Gohan's love changed me. I know you were changed too. I know how much courage it took to do what you did. Goodbye, my friend.

Babidi: (Babidi is torn apart and dying) Help me, please...
Piccolo: Help you? Heh. Why should I?
Babidi: Please.
Piccolo: When you help others, you receive help. When's the last time you used your powers to help someone? I'll bet it's been a while, hasn't it?
Babidi: Help! Don't lecture me!
Piccolo: You don't like being hurt, do you? But you delight in hurting others. You're right. You don't need a lecture. You need to be exterminated.
Babidi: No!

Babidi: (Babidi is torn apart and dying) Majin Buu! Help me! Please!
Majin Buu: Uh oh. You stuck in hole! Hee hee.
Babidi: You fool! Of course I'm stuck! I only have one arm left and not a leg to speak of!
Majin Buu: Hmm...Buu no help. Buu no can help.
Babidi: What are you talking about!? I know darn well that you can help me! Now do it!
Majin Buu: Oh! You do first! What happened!? You tell!
Babidi: What does it matter? Just hurry up and help me, lamebrain! It's not important!
Majin Buu: Yes, yes! Buu want to know now! You tell now! Tell now! Tell now!
Babidi: Majin Buu! Will you be quiet!? Just get me back to normal!
Majin Buu: Back to normal!? Back to normal!? No! Never normal! Never normal! Can't go back! Can't go back!
Babidi: Hurry up, Majin Buu! Do you realize what will happen if I die!? If I'm gone, no one will be left to set you free if you get sealed up again!
Majin Buu: Hee hee hee hoo hoo...?
Babidi: Ah, at last! It looks like I've finally penetrated that rubber head of yours! Grr...now fix me up before I keel over and die!

Babidi: (to Majin Buu) A little killing spree is in order!

Find the Dragon Balls

Videl: It's kind of hard to believe that you can actually wish people back from the dead with these things.
Yamcha: Well, look at me. I was as dead as you can get and I was wished back to life!
Bulma: Don't worry, Videl. Most people come back normal.
Yamcha: Hey, what's that supposed to mean!?

Krillin: Hey, do ya have any more senzu beans?
Yajirobe: We're not running a bean factory here, you just took our last three. We're gonna have to start charging!
Krillin: I'm surprised that you haven't started charging already knowing you...
Yajirobe: Hey! What do ya mean by that!? I live like a monk up here! I don't even have a TV set!
Krillin: You don't have a TV? Wow, you really are roughing it up here! Lets vamoose Piccolo.
Yajirobe: That's right! All I do is grow beans for you ingrates! I can't even get a pizza delivered up here!
Krillin: If you weren't so lazy, you could learn how to fly!
Yajirobe: Hey, he's right! I could fly my own pizza's up!

Videl: (Bulma is reaching for a Dragon Ball high up on a mountain) Doin' great! Come on, old gal!
Bulma: Old gal! She'd better watch it!

Yamcha: (the Dragon Ball is in a lake) Hey, these clothes are expensive! I'm not jumpin' in there!
Bulma: What kind of lame excuse is that!? Just take them off and go in your underwear!
Yamcha: Heh heh heh. See uh...that poses a problem. Uh...I'm not wearing any. Heh...
Bulma: Yeah, right! I bet you're just chickening out! Hmmm... (to Master Roshi) What about you!?
Master Roshi: Aheh aheh...I'd definitely go if I didn't have this cold. Aheh.
Bulma: The men are scared.
Android 18: Well, I'm not. But I don't feel like getting wet right now...so no.
Bulma: Least you were honest about it, unlike certain others I know!

Krillin: I'm either hallucinating or that's Goku standing there! Goku, is that really you!?
Goku: Hi.
Krillin: He's real! He talks and everything! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Aha ha ha ha! Ha!
Goku: (Krillin starts crying) Hey, what's the deal? Why are you so sad? I thought you'd be happy to see me.
Krillin: I'm not sad you oaf! I'm just so happy that I could cry! You're alive! You're alive!
Goku: Well, I'm about as alive as a dead guy can be!
Krillin: Look at you! You look like you've been through a meat grinder!


Goku: If only Vegeta hadn't been so arrogant. Thinking he could take on Buu alone. He'd still be alive. And we could work together.
Piccolo: No. Don't punish yourself like this. It wouldn't have made any difference. Not even an army of Super Saiyans could've.

Mister Popo: The young ones sleeping...Goten and Trunks are almost exactly the same size, aren't they? Could they do a fusion?
Krillin: Umm...is that possible?
Goku: Yeah! Thank you, Mister Popo! You know, that just might work!
Dende: Really Goku!?
Krillin: Mister Popo, I love you! You're a genius! Lets all give it up for Mister Popo the genius!

Yamcha: Okay, now do you remember the spell to release him? You know all the words?
Bulma: Of course. I'm not gonna pull a Frieza and screw it up, Yamcha!
Master Roshi: Bulma...I think Frieza failed because he wore too many clothes.

Bulma: (with sarcasm) That's fine. I'll just have to track down seven Dragon Balls again in four months...which shouldn't be any problem...
Goku: That's the spirit.

Dr. Brief: Your mother and I just can't bring ourselves to leave the little ones. We'll wait here for your return.
Bulma: Will you two stop being so naive and open your eyes? Is it really worth risking both your lives just to stay here and feed and clean your stinking precious pets?
Miss Brief: Remember...even if we meet a horrible, tragic, gruesome, and grotesque end at the hands of this Majin Buu, you're gonna wish to bring us back to life with the Dragon Balls...don't try to argue. We've made up our minds.

Global Announcement

Majin Buu: Buu's tummy is super big. These cakes itsy bitsy, but they taste so very yum yum yum!

Supreme Kai: Kibito, do you feel that? Majin Buu's power level continues to increase substantially.
Kibito: Yes, of course. His negative energy is impossible for me to ignore. It seems that even after being out of commission for thousands of years, Majin Buu is as unstoppable a force as ever. Every horrible possibility that I never even dared to fear has materialized today.

Babidi: Snap out of it, you big baby! What's the matter with you!?
Majin Buu: (whining) Buu still hungry.
Babidi: All those sweets are just empty calories. I've got something more satisfying.

Babidi: (while telepathically sending his message to Earth's inhabitants) The following material is of a violent nature and may be considered quite gratuitous. Enjoy. This program has been sponsored by your fellows.

Majin Buu: Ahhh...what Buu want for eat!? Hmmm...oh, Buu eat too much cake...oh yes...yes! Buu want candy! (Buu fires his ray, turning all the inhabitants of a city into candy and eats them all) Ahhh...
Babidi: This is but a small taste of what will happen if you don't surrender. Aha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Learn to Fuse!

Lady: (after Majin Buu eats everyone in a city) We're all done for! Somebody's gotta do something! I know I'm sweet, but I don't want to turn into candy! Ahaaaa!
Guy: How do you think I feel? I've had my nose buried in these books for a year. Ahem. A whole year trying to get into a college that just got blown up. What a jip! I coulda been at the beach!
Man: You think that's bad? Our wedding is tomorrow.
Woman: And ever since I was a little girl, I've dreamed of my wedding day. (Woman chokes her man by pulling his tie and screaming) You're not getting out of this that easy!
Man: Sorry, sweetheart!

Gohan: Supreme Kai...uh...where...uh...are we?
Supreme Kai: It's my world. It is the world of the Kais.
Gohan: This is where you live? Huh...well...I uh...guess this means I'm dead, doesn't it? Hey! I don't get a halo like my dad has!?
Supreme Kai: No. Now don't worry. You were in bad shape, but you're alive.
Gohan: 'Kay. But if I'm not dead...then what am I doing here?
Kibito: You are asking too many questions of the Supreme Kai. You should try to be more respectful. You are a guest here. No living mortal has ever stood on this ground.

Supreme Kai: I brought Gohan here to get the Z sword. It's the only way that Majin Buu can be defeated now.
Kibito: Huh!? The Z sword!? You...you can't be serious Supreme Kai! How can a mere Earthling do what the Kais themselves could not!? Don't you remember!? None of the Kais, not even you, were capable of freeing the Z sword!
Supreme Kai: I'm aware of the power of the Z sword. And I'm certain that Gohan is the right person to wield it.
Gohan: Uh...what's the Z sword?

Trunks: Goten! What are you doing!? This is no time to be stuffing your face!
Goten: Hold on Trunks. Please be quiet till I finish my meal.
Trunks: Grr...
Goten: You were the one that said it was bad manners to talk when a person was eating, remember?

Goku: (Goten and Trunks are crying) I said stop that! There'll be no more tears from now on! You will have to be tough to stop Majin Buu!

The Z Sword

Kibito: (to Gohan) Your effort is in vain. If the Supreme Kai was unable to extract the sword, how can a simple mortal like yourself ever succeed?

Gohan: (while struggling to hold the Z sword up) Hey, you know what...I think I figured out how I can use this thing to beat Majin Buu.
Supreme Kai: Is that so?
Gohan: It's so heavy...if I could just get him to hold it, he won't be able to move his arms.
Kibito: Huh! How dare you make jokes!? Have you no respect for the power that is in your grasp!?

Hercule Satan: Human beings can fly. It's just that our bodies have forgotten how to do it. We have to reteach ourselves just like Videl did.

Babidi: (after Majin Buu turns all the inhabitants of a city into chocolate and eats them) Well, the fun is over here. It seems that Majin Buu is actually full for once. I guess that means the next city will have to settle for being pummeled into oblivion.

Trunks: (telepathically) Babidi! Majin Buu! Can you hear me!? This is Trunks!
Goten: And I'm Goten!
Babidi: So, the two of you have decided to find some courage!
Trunks: No! We've decided to find you! And you don't wanna know what we have in store for that day!
Goten: It won't be pretty!

Race to Capsule Corp.

Trunks: You know, I don't think this fusion stuff's as great as you say.
Goku: Why don't you just give it a shot?
Trunks: Okay, but it sounds kinda stupid if ya ask me. I mean, it's not like we're gonna beat Majin Buu by dancing on 'im.
Goku: That's enough Trunks. Now both of you. Go Super Saiyan.
Trunks: Fine, whatever.

Goku: (after Trunks leaves to locate the Dragon Radar) Don't worry, Bulma. Trunks is a resourceful little guy. He'll be alright.
Bulma: I know...
Goku: No, I mean it. Vegeta isn't the only one of his parents he takes after, you know?
Bulma: Thank you.

Goku: You know, before you get to Capsule Corp., you're going to have to go through me!
Babidi: Ha ha ha ha! That's a good one! Buu, you heard what he said. Go through him! I suppose he wants to end up just like his friend Vegeta!

Babidi: Hey! Do you want to go back inside your ball for another million years!?
Majin Buu: Buu stuck back in ball, you go bye bye! He gonna make ya dead!
Babidi: (to himself) Oh, that's the problem with cronies. No matter how dumb they start off...they all end up trying to think for themselves.

Goku: I'm guessing an ascended Super Saiyan isn't much of a challenge for you...so how 'bout I take it up to the next level?
Babidi: The next level of ascended super-something...oh...oh...what...what's that?

Super Saiyan 3?!

Babidi: Perhaps you're so terrified that you've begun to hallucinate...is that it?
Goku: Perhaps...

Goku: (Goku changes to a Super Saiyan) This is a Super Saiyan. And this... (after becoming an ascended Super Saiyan) ...this is what is known as a Super Saiyan that has ascended past a Super Saiyan. Or, you could just call this a Super Saiyan two.
Majin Buu: Uhuh Uhuh...
Babidi: Ho hum. What a useless transformation. You've changed your hair. So what?

Piccolo: Has he really found a way to surpass an ascended Saiyan? Is that possible?
Krillin: He must be bluffing. I mean...what would that make him? Double ascended?

Majin Buu: (to Goku, after Goku turns into a Super Saiyan three) Buu not scared. Big hair make you big funny.
Babidi: Yes, I'm inclined to agree. This super three-whatever you said...it's ridiculous. Majin Buu...I think our friend's in need of a haircut.

Majin Buu: Buu have fun play with you. You strong.
Goku: Thanks. So are you.

Buu's Mutiny

Goku: Buu...I'm a man of courtesy, as well as strength. So I've got to tell you that I'm quite impressed by your fighting techniques. I've fought beings from beyond nameless galaxies and you by far are the best.
Majin Buu: Thank you.

Majin Buu: (after Goku changes back to a regular Saiyan) Hey! Why you go back to normal!? You and me not fight no more!? Buu have fun!
Goku: Well, I had a lot of fun, too. But unfortunately, I have some place to be...and time won't allow me to play with you all day, Majin Buu. It's time for me to say goodbye.

Babidi: They will never be strong enough to beat the two of us!
Goku: Well, for starters, they're only going to fight one of you because the other seems to do nothing but bark orders. Oh, and Majin Buu...I think you're much too gifted a fighter to be controlled...by a coward like Babidi.
Babidi: Ah! Shove it! (Babidi raises his middle finger to Goku)

Majin Buu: Mister Babidi?
Babidi: Wha...what is it?
Majin Buu: Buu have a better idea.
Babidi: You're actually having an idea! Doesn't that sound like a great trip. Okay then, why don't you tell me what you've come up with in that walnut-sized brain of yours!
Majin Buu: (Buu gets close to Babidi) Buu have a great idea.
Babidi: You said that already. Just cough it up so we can get on with the serious stuff.
Majin Buu: Oohh...heh heh heh heh heh. (Majin Buu grabs Babidi by his neck) Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Babidi: Uhh!!!! Uhh!! Uhh!!
Majin Buu: Ha ha! Now you no talk! Now no more could say words to seal Buu back up in ball! No no no! (Babidi is now choking)

Majin Buu: (while choking Babidi) You teach me lots of good things, but Buu think it's time Babidi go. Bye bye bye! Ha ha ha ha ha! Bye bye! (Majin Buu smashes his arm into Babidi's face, blowing his head off and killing him)

The Fusion Dance

Piccolo: So, what happens now? Majin Buu has no one telling him what to do anymore. There's no denying that Babidi was definitely the brains of that particular operation.

Majin Buu: Hello girl! You think Buu sexy?
Girl: (afraid) Ah! Yes...uh...I think you're very, very sexy!
Majin Buu: Yay! Then give Buu smooch! (Buu tries to kiss the girl)
Girl: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Majin Buu: Why you teasing Buu!?
Girl: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Majin Buu: You play with Buu feelings! (Majin Buu sees a magazine next to the girl) Hmmm...what this!? (Majin Buu picks up the magazine and looks at snapshots of men) So Earth girls like boys pretty like this, huh? How Buu supposed to live up to body image in magazine!? Ahh, Buu know! (Buu warps his face to look like an attractive male) Baby! (Buu tries to kiss the girl again)
Girl: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Get away!
Majin Buu: You girls don't know what you want! How do you like candy!?
Girl: Ahhhhhhhh! (Majin Buu turns the girl into a piece of candy and eats her)
Majin Buu: Umm...umm...umm...ah! Yes, yes! Very nice. Buu like girls. Buu so great! Now, do a flip! Ha ha!

Piccolo: (after Majin Buu decimates another city) He's even worse without Babidi.
Goku: Hmm...I guess it's just in his nature to cause destruction. It's probably the only thing he's ever known to do.
Piccolo: No. Don't go making excuses for him. There's no reason to demolish planets regardless of personality defects.

Goku: Call me crazy. But after watching those boys fight each other at the junior division, I decided to take a chance.
Piccolo: So you're going to wager the world's future on the shoulders of little children?
Goku: I think it's a pretty safe bet. Don't you?
Piccolo: Uh...you've always been a hopeless dreamer, Goku.

Trunks: (Trunks holds up the Dragon Radar) Here it is, sir! Confirm! Is this your Dragon Radar?
Goku: Confirmed! Good job, soldier! Mission accomplished!
Trunks: Thank you, sir!

Goku's Time is Up

Goku: You're gonna have to do the exact same moves in perfect symmetry alright? Lets give it a try.
Trunks: Uh...uh...
Goten: Uh...
Goku: Huh? What's wrong?
Trunks: Uh...I...I don't think Goten knows what symmetry is, sir.

Piccolo: Goku, would you have really asked Vegeta to do this fusion move with you if he were still alive?
Goku: Huh?
Piccolo: It's just that...well I can't imagine Vegeta subjecting himself to something like this.

Bulma: I wish they'd hurry. If Goten weren't holding my Trunks back, they'd be ready to fight Majin Buu right now and could keep all those people from getting killed.
Krillin: (to himself, angrily) Grr...somebody's gonna have to hold me back if she keeps talking like that!

Majin Buu: (while he's in the tub) Bubbles take edge off. Ahh...just like bath water. (Buu wears pajamas) There you go little toes. Buu feel so fresh and so clean in brand new pajamas...pop...makes Buu feel all warm cuddly on inside. So soft and comfy against Buu's clean skin, just like wearing a thin red layer of fluffy clouds...

Goku: (Goku is saying farewell and returning to Other World) I'll see you all sooner or later...
Krillin: (crying) Ha. Where you're going...I hope it's a bit later than sooner.

Return to Other World

Fortuneteller Baba: (after seeing the line for the deceased) Goku, I'm surprised at you. You're not going to cut in line, are you?
Goku: I sure am. But don't tell.

King Yemma: Oh, and Goku. A hard case came through a while ago. Name's Dabura. I think you know this guy.
Goku: Uh, yeah.
King Yemma: I knew it. He was a handful...I can tell you that. (remembering what he told Dabura) Listen, you better behave yourself in here, understand me? (to Goku) He was supposed to go below, but he would have enjoyed that so I gave him my stamp of approval and admitted him up here.
Goku: Aha ha ha! Nice going, King!

Goten: What's for breakfast?
Piccolo: Breakfast!? You're having the fusion technique for breakfast! That's what!

Majin Buu: (after he heals a blind boy) Is Buu hideous?
Boy: Gosh, I don't know Buu. You're the first person I've ever seen. But hey, I know you're beautiful on the inside.
Majin Buu: Oh. Ha ha ha ha. Buu like you. Buu like you.

Majin Buu: No hideous. Buu beautiful. No hideous. Buu beautiful. No hideous. Buu beautiful. Wooohoooooo!

Out from the Broken Sword

Android 18: Fusion-uhh!
Master Roshi: I tell ya...it's enough to drive someone crazy, isn't it?
Android 18: I even dreamed about it last night. Puar was trying to fuse with the Ox-King.

Goku: (after picking up a huge boulder to throw at Gohan for their training) Lets start out with this small one.
Gohan: Right, dad. Ready when you are.
Supreme Kai: That's a small one!?

Gohan: (after the Z sword breaks) Huh...oh no. Now it's...the...Z dagger...?

Goku: My old master likes girly magazines. We'll get you some!
Gohan: Oh boy! Uh, dad...
Supreme Kai: Goku, please! How inappropriate!
Elder Kai: Hmph! I have no need for such things. With my omniscient vision, I can see girls playing volleyball on the beach! Heh heh!
Supreme Kai: You call yourself a Kai!?
Goku: Hey, old man! How 'bout we get you a date with a real live Earth woman!?
Elder Kai: Is she a good kisser?
Goku: Yeah, of course.
Elder Kai: Eheh heh heh...heh heh heh heh...
Goku: (to himself) What luck...this guy's just like Master Roshi...
Gohan: Dad, are you nuts! How are you going to find someone that wants to kiss that guy?
Goku: Hey, don't worry. I can't go back to Earth, but you can. This is all too simple. You can handle it, son. It might require a little sacrifice though. Can you get Videl to do it?
Gohan: Dad! I'm not gonna ask my girlfriend to kiss that old relic!
Goku: Okay, okay. Sheesh. Who else do we know...?

Elder Kai: Funny though...I always thought it would be a Kai that broke the Z sword and rescued me, but you're more of a shoe-shine boy than a hero, huh? The Kai's been rescued by mere mortals. Things have sure gone downhill.
Supreme Kai: Well, sir. I've always tried my best...

Gotenks is Born

Krillin: So...uh...if you could fuse together with somebody and it could be anyone in the world, who would it be? Now, I mean...hypothetically...
Master Roshi: Gosh, that's a tough one, but I think I'd pick your old girlfriend, Maron.
Krillin: Heh heh heh heh heh heh! Right on! Bald and beautiful! So deadly!

Master Roshi: (after Goten and Trunks botch the fusion and fuse into a deformed version of Gotenks) He's my age!
Krillin: No, older.

Videl: (after Goten and Trunks fuse into Gotenks) Wow, he's a cutie.
Bulma: I think he favors Trunks a little bit. What do you think, Chi-Chi?
Chi-Chi: The nose, yes. The eyes, no.
Videl: He's got fabulous energy. Does it matter who he looks like? But, he does have Goten's hair.

Gotenks: If you're looking for the guy who just turned you into a doughnut, that would be me. Hello. You're going to wish that we never met!
Majin Buu: Buu no wish! Buu make boy dead!
Gotenks: No no no. Boy make Buu dead. Yes yes.

Piccolo: From now on, we do things my way! Tomorrow, you are going to fight Buu as a Super Saiyan and until then, we train! Understood, Trunkten!?
Mister Popo: Actually, it's Gotenks...
Piccolo: What!!!?
Mister Popo: His name. It's...uh...Gotenks...
Piccolo: His name is mud as far as I'm concerned!

Unlikely Friendship

Piccolo: No fighter that has ever won a victory did so using his fists alone. All battles are won before they are even fought, and do you know how?
Trunks: By planning?
Piccolo: That's right.

Hercule Satan: I was told a long time ago that the most important key to victory is the element of surprise.

Majin Buu: (to Hercule Satan) So, do you want to be candy, cookie, or pudding when Buu eats you?

Majin Buu: This candy made from people good! Try some! You eat!
Hercule Satan: Oh, of course. Human candy is some of my favorite stuff in the world.

Hercule Satan: (to Majin Buu) Say, Mister Buu...are ya hungry at all? I don't mean ta brag, but I'm a pretty good cook. What d'ya say, hmm?

I Kill No More

Van Zant: (after Van Zant kills an old lady with his sniper) Yeah! One shot and she's down!
Smitty: You really think that's the right thing to do?
Van Zant: Smitty, it's the end of the world! Majin Buu's going around killing everyone! Why shouldn't I? All bets are off now when I'm cashing my chips in! I'm gonna do everything I ever wanted to do! Like murder! You should give it a shot, if you know what I mean.

Hercule Satan: Wait. Where are you going?
Majin Buu: Buu kill more people now.
Hercule Satan: Uh!?
Majin Buu: You want kill people too?
Hercule Satan: I'm really more of a chef than a fighter.

Hercule Satan: (to himself, about Majin Buu) Tubby won't even know what hit 'im! I got enough dynamite here to blow up a tank! All I have to do is push this little button, and it's goodbye Majin Buu. They're gonna have to scrape 'im off the walls after this blast. Yeah! And I'll be the man who saved the world again!

Van Zant: (to Smitty, while gunning down people with a machine gun) Every single person on Earth is gonna die soon. Wouldn't you like to go out with a bang in the end!?

Hercule Satan: Uh...why do you fly around...uh...you know, killin' people...and destroyin' all our cities?
Majin Buu: Buu was told to.
Hercule Satan: Who told you that?
Majin Buu: Bibidi told Buu to kill people...Babidi said to destroy.
Hercule Satan: You know, you don't have to listen to them.
Majin Buu: Buu not know what else Buu can do.

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