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Dries van Agt, 2011

Andreas Antonius Maria "Dries" van Agt (2 February 19315 February 2024) was a jurist and Dutch politician of the Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA). He served as Prime Minister of the Netherlands from 19 December 1977 until 4 November 1982.


  • I am only an Aryan.
    • In 1972, while serving as justice minister. [1]
  • There’s a war criminal coming to this country. ... The occupation and expansion … building of settlements, of occupied territory, this is according to the Rome Statute, which is… the setup… the statute on which the international criminal court is based, in so many words, a war crime. ... So why should we receive someone who continues with such things, we could have sent him right away to the international criminal court, that would have been better

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