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Dumb Patrol is a 1964 Warner Bros. Looney Tunes cartoon short directed by Gerry Chiniquy. The short was released on January 18, 1964, and stars Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam, with a cameo appearance by Porky Pig. The short features a biplane battles over France in World War I between Bugs and Baron (Yosemite) Sam Von Schpamm.

Bugs Bunny

  • [after knocking Porky out with a brick] Sorry, Smedley old buddy. You know, I just have to take his place. He's got a wife and six piglets
  • [as he watches Sam fall] Uh Oh! He's heading right for the ammunition dump. [explosion] I've heard of Hell's Angels, but I never thought I'd see one. [sees Yosemite Sam's spirit, rising, and playing a harp]

Yosemite Sam

  • Contact! Come on, plane, contact! Ooh, you stupid plane! I'll learn ya! When I say contact, I mean contact! [whacks the plane's propeller with a hammer, causing it to start spinning fast enough for the plane to run him over] Whoa, plane! Whoa! I said, Whoa, plane! C'mon, plane! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
  • If you're not Yeller, come on out and fight, wherever you are! [Bugs buzzsaws through Sam's plane] You'll pay for this!


Bugs Bunny: Well, what do you know? There's the little Wiener schnitzel, now. I'll just drop him this little token of my esteem.
[while flying over him, Bugs Bunny dropped a note to the Baron Sam von Schpam]
Yosemite Sam: What's this?
[Baron starts reading note, dropped by Bugs]
Yosemite Sam: Uh, "Dear baron: Roses are red, violets are blue, a leghorn's a chicken, and so are you!" Why, that dummkopf! He even spelt "baron" with a small b! "PS: I enclosed a big "B" in the flowers."
[a yellow-jacket stings the Baron's nose]
Yosemite Sam: YEOW! [Angered after being stung by the yellow-jacket bee, he rushes to his plane.] Contact! [He tries to start his plane by spinning it's propeller, but it keeps spluttering. He jumps on the plane's propeller, but still, nothing.] Come on, plane! Contact! Ooh, ya stupid plane! I'll learn ya! [leaves and comes back with a hammer] When I say "contact", I mean contact! [He whacks the propeller with the mallet and it finally starts, but it takes off too soon and too fast and runs him over.] Whoa, plane, whoa! [He chases after it.] I said "whoa", plane! Come on, plane! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
[He eventually climbs onboard as it takes off into the sky. Bugs notices Sam coming after him from behind.]
Bugs Bunny: Uh-oh.
[He tries to ascend to the clouds to hide from Sam, but he saw everything.]
Yosemite Sam: [points up to Bugs from the clouds] I saw ya sneak in there, ya yellow-livered swine hut! I'm-a gonna count to three, and if you don't come out, I'm-a comin' in after ya! One, two- [He crashes into a mountain and falls to the ground.] Ooh, that dirty snizckel kopf! Uck un strud'l hit'n snizckel kopf! [An explosion comes from the crash. Next scene, he returns to the hangar to pilot a pink plane. Once he's in the sky again, he searches for Bugs.] If you're not Yeller, come on out and fight, wherever ya are! [Bugs comes from behind and saws his plane completely. He jumps to the top of the plane to try to keep out of harm's way. He points at Bugs in anger.] You'll pay for this! [He falls back to the ground again. Next scene, we find him piloting a purple plane as he searches for Bugs again. Once the rabbit appears, he fires a machine gun at him, but misses. Bugs comes from the other side and he fires again, with the same results. He looks around, then Bugs appears again from behind. He takes notice and fires at him for the third time, but the rabbit escapes again. Bugs comes from the upper right and the Baron fires once again, to no avail. Bugs Bunny comes from the right, ahead of him, and he shoots, but still can't shoot the rabbit down. Bugs then goes all directions to make the Baron destroy his third plane as he opens rapid fire at him, resulting in him falling to the ground once again, dropping his gun in the process. He then rides what remains of his purple plane back to the hanger as a unicycle. Next scene, we see him piloting a red bomber plane, looking to drop bombs on Bugs. He looks for the rabbit with his periscope. He eventually finds him in his sights.] Ah-ha! [Once he has a lock-on at Bugs, he opens the hatch.] Bombs away! [He presses a switch to drop the bombs on Bugs, but unfortunately for him, he also falls and also finds that Bugs got away yet again.] Oh, no! [He crash-lands on the ground for the fourth time and the bombs explode on him. Next scene, he is piloting what appears to be a dinky little green biplane, but once he sees Bugs flying off, he pulls the lever and the biplane turns into a fierce fight monster triplane loaded with 10 machine guns.] Say yer prayers, rabbit!
[He pulls the lever to full power, but the plane breaks into three pieces, sending Sam falling to his doom. Bugs sees him falling to the ammunition dump.]
Bugs Bunny: Uh-oh, he's headin' right to the ammunition dump! [The explosion causes an earthquake as he and his plane shake from the rumble. He then takes notice of Sam's spirit in a devil suit floating to Hell.] I've heard of Hell's Angels, but I never thought I'd see one.
[The last shot sees Sam playing a harp as he floats skyward, ending the cartoon.]
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