Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show

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Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show is a 2009 Canadian-American animated road comedy television film based on the animated series Ed, Edd n Eddy.


Eddy's Brother: Park don't open 'til noon.
Eddy: I told you he's a whiz at tellin' time!
Eddy's Brother: Pipsqueak?
Eddy: Bro! [moving Edd aside] Look out!
Eddy's Brother: Mom and Dad know you're here?
Eddy: As if!
Eddy's Brother: Anyone know you're here?
Eddy: Only these chumps who chased us here!
Eddy's Brother: Just a sec. Aren't those ankle-biters from the cul-de-sac?
Eddy: Yeah, and they want to beat me up, all for nothin'.
[Eddy's brother turns his tinted glasses towards the kids]
Kevin: He's lookin' at you, Rolf. Later. [hides behind him]
Eddy's Brother: "All for nothin'", huh? Still the troublemakin' Eddy, I see. [gives Eddy a noogie]
Eddy: [awkward laugh] Stop it, bro.
Ed: [grinning] I smell my fingers after I eat cheese!
[Awkward silence]
Eddy: Um, I told the guys you'd put us up. Ed and Double D.
Edd: [awestruck] I have big experie-- Uh, whale, uh... [faints]
[Eddy and his brother laugh. Eddy's brother drops him, sending him bouncing down the trailer steps]
Eddy's Brother: Why's your girlfriend wearing a sock on her head?
Eddy: Girlfriend?

Eddy's Brother: [grabs Eddy by the upper lip] Just for old times' sake, let's play uncle.
Eddy: Uncle?
Eddy's Brother: [spins him around and grabs him by the leg] Wanna crash at my place, don't ya?
Eddy: That's why we came all the way-– [his brother twists his leg] UNCLE! UNCLE! UNCLE!
Eddy's Brother: Say what?
Edd: Oh, my!
Eddy's Brother: [lets Eddy go and laughs cruelly as he spins around like a wind-up toy] That was good, pipsqueak.
Eddy: So can we go inside now?
Eddy's Brother: Why not? Don't forget to wipe your feet.
[He repeatedly throws Eddy into the trailer door, to the other kids' shock and outrage]
Nazz: Dude. Eddy's brother is a real jerk.
Lee: WHAT'S HE DOIN' TO MY MAN?! [her sisters have to hold her back]
Eddy: [badly bruised] Bro, give it up...
Eddy's Brother: "Give it up"? I thought you wanted to hang with your "hero".
Eddy: I do, bro! I do!
Edd: Mister Eddy's Brother! As the older sibling, don't you think you should rather be setting an example for Eddy, and not, um... belittle him... in front of his... friends?
Eddy's Brother: Belittle? He's always been little! I like you, girlfriend. [hammers Edd into the ground using Eddy] You got spunk.
Ed and Marie: DOUBLE D!
Sarah: What the heck?!
Rolf: [puffing out his chest angrily as an air raid siren sound effect is heard] Rolf has had enough of your platdoodle, elder one! Prepare yourself for a merciless thrashing! [pushes Kevin forward]
Kevin: [looks nervous, but works up his nerve] Hey! Bro guy! Lay off him, man!
[Eddy is gripping the door as his brother tries to yank him back]
Nazz: Yeah, Mr. Macho Man!
[The kids gather, ready for a fight. Ed notices the door almost being pulled loose, and with a determined look, pulls the pin from one of its hinges. The door breaks loose and flies at Eddy's brother, smacking into his face, then bounces along with Eddy still clinging on, to the kids' concern]
Eddy's Brother: [dazed and bruised] Uuugh… uncle... [collapses, wobbling like jelly]

[After Eddy's brother is defeated]
Edd: Eddy, speak to me! Are you all right?
Eddy: [wakes up and removes Edd's arms away from him] I made it all up, Double D! Everything about my brother was a lie. I just made things up so people would like me, think I was cool. But boy, was I wrong! The scam, my brother...this...when am I gonna learn, Double D? [tears leak from his eyes]
Edd: [smiling kindly] I think you just have, Eddy.
[Eddy grins, glad his friends still accept him]
Kevin: Grab him! [he and the kids charge, with the sound of an oncoming train]
Ed: [rushing at them] NO! TAKE ME!
Eddy: [terrified] Okay! I'm sorry! Honest! I didn't mean to hurt you guys!
[Instead of being mad, the kids cheer and toss Eddy into the air like a hero, much to his surprise]
Rolf: Let Rolf rub the pit of victory, Ed-boy! [rubs Eddy's armpit]
Nazz: I'm so glad you're okay, dude. [hugs Eddy and kisses him] You're awesome.
Eddy: I am?
Kevin: I gotta admit, pal, that was so choice.
Eddy: [grinning] It was?!
[The Kankers regard Eddy's brother with contempt]
Lee: What a deadbeat this guy turned out to be.
Marie: He don't look so tough.

Jonny: The time of reckoning is now, rapscallions! IT'S MELON TIME!
[Jonny charges into all three of the Eds, slamming them into a pile and landing proudly on top of them]
Jonny: No thanks are necessary, citizens.
[The other kids are furious and attack him]
[While the others thrash Jonny, Jimmy helps the Eds up]
Kevin: [wiping his hands after the fight] Sorry about that. Say, let's go to my place. Jawbreakers are on me!
[The other kids cheer and follow him, carrying the Eds]
Eddy: [delighted] We did it, Double D! Everyone loves us! WE'RE FINALLY IN, BABY!
Edd: And it only took 130 episodes, 4 specials and a movie, Eddy!
Ed: Let's sing a song! [the Eds and the kids then sing "Friends are There to Help You", with the "second verse" which is the "same as the first"]
Jimmy: [singing] When you stub your toe, and it hurts, you know…
Kids and Eds: [singing] ...Friends are there to help you!
When you trip on your face, and your teeth are misplaced, friends are there to help you!
When you're flying low, and you're giving a show, friends are there to help you!
When you take off your shoe, and your feet stink, PEE-YEW, friends are there to help you!
[As the kids sing and leave, Jonny lies dazed, with Wilfred eating out of his Captain Melonhead helmet. The Kankers are focused on something else entirely: dragging Eddy's brother inside.]
Lee: First one inside gets to give him mouth to mouth! [When the Kankers finish pulling Eddy's brother inside, Marie reattaches the door and shortly thereafter, a flurry of girlish giggling erupts.]
Jimmy: Second verse, same as the first! [singing] When you stub your toe, and it hurts, you know…
Eds and Kids (including Jonny this time): [singing] ...Friends are there to help you!
When you trip on your face, and your teeth are misplaced, friends are there to help you!
When you're flying low, and you're giving a show, friends are there to help you!
When you take off your shoe, and your feet stink, PEE-YEW, friends are there to help you!

[Last lines of the film]
Jonny: This is your craazyest plan ever, Plank! We'll show them! WE'LL SHOW THEM ALL! What's that? … They did, didn't they? Yeeeaaah... The goody-goody-two-shoe days of Captain Melonhead and Splinter have come to an end! And out of the darkness will rise the villainous days of the Gourd! And his evil cohort, Timber, the Dark Shard! Together, we will exact revenge, on the entire CUL! DE!! SAC!!! [laughs maniacally, then suddenly stops, as if Plank interrupted him] What? … There's no time left? … It's the end of the movie? … What movie?


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