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Eder Jofre (born March 26, 1936) is a Brazilian former boxer, whom many consider to be the best Brazilian boxer of all time, aswell as the 2nd greatest bantam weight fighter of all time behind Ruben Olivares. He represented his native country at the 1956 Summer Olympics in Melbourne, Australia.


  • The excitement I underwent before the bout was something I’ll never forget. For a week I trained extra hard. I ran extra long distances. Every night when I went to bed I dreamed I was fighting. It was so clear – I would be going at it hot and heavy, then I would bring over a right hand and he would go down, the fight was over. Then the fight began. Here all the nervousness went out of me. I was doing what I wanted to do. It all seemed like something I had done many times before. And you know what? In the third round, just as I dreamed, I hit him with a hard right hand. Down he went and he didn’t get up. I had knocked him out.
    • Jofre, E. Boxing & Wrestling. Vol 2, No 9. March 1963, Page 17, Why I am the Strongest Little Champ.
  • A sturdy, two-fisted fighter with a big punch. Remember, while most American fans didn’t get a chance to see him in action, there was a time in the early-and mid 60s where he was considered the best fighter, pound-for pound, in the world.
    • Brophy, E. The Ring. Vol 74, No 1. May 1994, Page 28, Battle of the Legends.
  • It was my ambition to fight Becerra. I didn't care where. But that very year Becerra was unlucky enough to be responsible for the death of Walt Ingram, whom he had boxed in Mexico. I don't think he wanted to fight too much after that. He continued for another year, or until he himself was knocked out over the weight in Mexico by Eloy Sanchez. Then he did retire.
    • Jofre. E. Boxing & Wrestling. Vol 2, No 9. March 1963, Page 19, Why I am the Strongest Little Champ.

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