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Edge of Tomorrow is a 2014 film about a soldier who fights aliens and relives the same day over and over again.

Directed by Doug Liman. Written by Christopher McQuarrie, Jez Butterworth, John-Henry Butterworth, and Hiroshi Sakurazaka.
Live. Die. Repeat. (taglines)

William Cage[edit]

  • I'm Bill Cage. You're Dr. Carter. We've had this conversation before. Two fingers behind your back. I've had the visions. I've seen the Omega.
  • I'm going to tell you a story. It's going to sound ridiculous. The longer I talk, the more rational it's going to appear.

Rita Vrataski[edit]

  • Come find me when you wake up.
  • You're a good man, Cage. I wish I had the chance to know you better.

Master Sergeant Farell[edit]

  • Battle is the great redeemer. The fiery crucible in which the only true heroes are forged. The one place where all men truly share the same rank, regardless of what kind of parasitic scum they were going in.
  • I see everyone is having a productive morning. You know, it gives me a swell of pride knowing soldiers of your caliber will be leading the charge tomorrow. Tip of the spear. Edge of the knife. Crack of my ass.


Skinner: Hey, mate. I think there's something wrong with your suit. Yeah. There's a dead guy in it.


William Cage: Listen man, I've never been in one of these.
Griff: Yeah, well, I've never been with two girls at the same time before. But you can bet when that day comes, I'll make it work.

Master Sergeant Farell: Take care of Private Cage.
Griff: What, all day?
Master Sergeant Farell: Something tells me it won't be nearly that long.

William Cage: What day is it?
Master Sergeant Farell: For you? Judgement day.

Dr. Carter: Have you seen anything strange?
William Cage: Is he shitting me?

William Cage: Wait a second. I've been thinking. I mean, this thing's in my blood, so maybe there's some way I can transfer it to you.
Rita Vrataski: I've tried everything. It doesn't work.
William Cage: Have you, you know, tried all the options?
Rita Vrataski: Oh, you mean sex? Yeah, tried it.

William Cage: You don't talk much.
Rita Vrataski: I'm not a fan.
William Cage: Of talking?
Rita Vrataski: Not a fan of talking. No.
William Cage: You know, you eventually do talk to me. It's usually around Lyons. You tell me about the time you went there with your family. Your brother got lost.
Rita Vrataski: I've never been to Lyons.
William Cage: You tell me your middle name. Peyton.
Rita Vrataski: That's not my middle name.
William Cage: You find your brother in the arcade, by the way.

Rita Vrataski: What do we do now?
William Cage: I don't know. We've never gotten this far.


  • Live. Die. Repeat.


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