El Lissitsky

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El Lissitsky

Lazar Markovich Lissitzky [Лазарь Маркович Лисицкий] (November 23, 1890December 30, 1941), more famous as El Lissitzky [Эль Лисицкий], was a Russian artist, designer, photographer, teacher, typographer, and architect.


El Lissitzky : Life, Letters, Texts (1967; 1980)[edit]

Edited by Sophie Lissitzky-Küppers
  • We believe that the elements in the chemical formula of our creative work, problem, invention, and art, correspond to the challenges of our age.
    • Page 378
  • The purpose of architecture is to transmute the emptiness into space, that is into something which our minds can grasp as an organized unity.
    • Page 384

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