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  • Art is a way station to architecture.
  • Constructionism demonstrates that the border between mathematics and art,between a work of art and technology cannot be ascertained.
  • The words on a printed surface are taken in by seeing, not by hearing.
  • The artist constructs a new symbol with his brush. This symbol is not a recognizable form of anything that is already finished, already made, or already existent in the world – it is a symbol of a new world, which is being built upon and which exists by the way of the people. (c. 1919)
    • Wikipedia: El Lissitzky, note [18]
  • We consider the triumph of the constructive method to be essential for our present. We find it not only in the new economy and in the development of the industry, but also in the psychology of our contemporaries of art. Veshch will champion constructive art, whose mission is not, after all, to embellish life, but to organize it. (1921)
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