Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

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Oblivion is the fourth installment in the Elder Scrolls Series, a fantasy video game created by Bethesda Softworks released on March 2006 for PC and Xbox 360. It chronicles the journey of an escaped prisoner as they attempt to close the doors to the demonic world of Oblivion and save the province of Cyrodiil at the center of the empire from utter destruction, joining heroic trade guilds, helping people they meet from town to town, and exploring monster filled ruins and caves along the way.

Main Quest characters[edit]

The Septims[edit]

Emperor Uriel Septim VII[edit]

  • "I was born 87 years ago. For 65 years I've ruled as Tamriel's emperor. But for all these years, I've never been the ruler of my own dreams. I have seen the gates of Oblivion, beyond which no waking eye may see. Behold, in darkness a doom sweeps the land. This is the 27th of Last Seed, the year of Akatosh, 433. These are the closing days of the 3rd Era...and the final hours of my life."
  • (when the player starts his/her first conversation with him) You. I've seen you. Let me see your face. You are the one from my dreams. Then the stars were right, and this is the day. Gods give me strength.
  • "Men are but flesh and blood. They know their doom, but not the hour."

It is perhaps worth noting that Uriel Septim's dialog borrowed at times from Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. (Example: "A tongue shriller than all the music calls me." [1])

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Martin Septim[edit]

  • "The amulet is shattered, Dagon is defeated. With the dragon's blood and the Amulet of Kings, we have sealed the gates of Oblivion....forever. The last of the Septims passes now into history. I go gladly, for I know my sacrifice is not in vain. I take my place with my father, and my father's fathers. The third age has ended, and a new age dawns. When the next elder scroll is written, you shall be its scribe. The shape of the future, the fate of the empire--these things now belong to you."

Mythic Dawn Cultists[edit]

Mythic Dawn Agents[edit]

  • [when provoked to attack] "Lord Dagon will welcome your soul in Oblivion!"
  • [when killed] "Paradise awaits and I do not fear death."

Mankar Camoran[edit]

  • "So, the cat's-paw of the Septims arrives at last. You didn't think you could take me unawares, here of all places? In the Paradise that I created? Look now, upon my Paradise, Gaiar Alata, in the old tongue. A vision of the past... and the future. Behold the Savage Garden, where my disciples are tempered for a higher destiny: to rule over Tamriel Reborn. If you are truly the hero of destiny, as I hope, the Garden will not hold you for long. Lift your eyes to Carac Agaialor, my seat at the pinnacle of Paradise. I shall await you there."

Secondary (Guild) Quest characters[edit]

The Dark Brotherhood[edit]

Lucien Lachance[edit]

  • "Dear Brother/Sister, I do not spread rumours, I create them."
  • "You sleep rather soundly for a murderer."

Vicente Valtieri[edit]

  • "You are like a Dark Gift from the Night Mother herself. Please, tell me how I can help."
  • "Please, do not let my appearance... unnerve you. I assure you that the needs and Tenets of the Dark Brotherhood come before my own needs as a vampire."


  • "May the Night Mother wrap you in her cold, loving embrace."

The Arena[edit]

Ysabel Andronicus[edit]

  • "Listen, sunshine, I ain't in the mood! You want something, talk to Owyn. He's right over there for Shinji's sake!"
  • "You again? You're becoming a real pain in my arse, you know that? I thought I made myself clear. You don't belong down here. Now get!"


  • [first greeting] "I don't know who you are friend, but you've got about ten seconds to tell me what you're doing in my Bloodworks before I lop your arms off."
  • [if low rank in Arena] "I heard a rumor that you're an idiot. Any truth to that?"
  • [if high rank in Arena] "Agronak is good, yeah, too good. He says he's only half orc. What I wanna know is: what's the other half? 'Cause it sure ain't human."

Agronak gro-Malog[edit]

  • "I'm no "Grey Prince". I'm a monster."
  • "I thought my father was a nobleman. Not some bloodsucking monster."
  • "What are you waiting for? Kill me. Can't you see? It's what I want! I can't go on knowing I'm something horrid. Kill me."
  • Agronak's last words if you told him of his vampiric lineage.

Blue Team Gladiator[edit]

  • "You--you killed Agronak...he was my friend. My mentor. Congratulations, "Grand Champion". Hope it was worth it."
  • If you killed Agronak, regardless of whether he wanted to die or not.

Adoring Fan[edit]

  • "By Azura, By Azura, By Azura! It's the Grand Champion! I can't believe it's you! Standing here, next to me!"
  • "Yes! Oh great and mighty Grand Champion? Is there something you need? Can I carry your weapon, shine your boots, backrub perhaps?"
  • [If allowed to follow player] "Golly you're the best! I'm going to follow you and watch you and worship the ground you walk on! Let's go!"
  • [If told to leave] "Aw gee! You sure? Okay, well, I'll be hanging around the Arena grounds if you need someone to worship the ground you walk on. Bye!"
  • [If told to wait] "Here? Right here? What about, say... over there? No? Right here? All right then, you're the Grand Champion! Whatever you say!"
  • [If meeting the first time] "Wow! You're the Grand Champion! I saw your fight against the Gray Prince! You're the best! Can I... Can I follow you around? I won't get in the way!"

Fighters' Guild[edit]

Random Members[edit]

  • [if Master of the Fighter's Guild] "Yes Master, you need me?"
  • [if low ranking in the Fighter's Guild] "Move your ass, boot."
  • [if low ranking in the Fighter's Guild] "Go hurt something."

Thieves' Guild[edit]

Ongar The World-Weary[edit]

  • [when finished bartering] "I'm glad that's done. I need a nap."

Thieves Guild Members[edit]

  • "Shadow hide you."
  • "I see you are a follower of the Gray Fox."

Shivering Isles[edit]


  • "Ta! Come see me again, or I'll pluck your eyes out! Hahahaha!"
  • "Wonderful! Time for a celebration... Cheese for everyone! Wait, scratch that. Cheese for no one. That can be just as much of a celebration, if you don't like cheese. True?"
  • "You've probably figured that out by now. Let's hope so. Or we're in real trouble... and out come the intestines. And I skip rope with them!"
  • "They're getting more active every day. Not a good sign. You know what would be a good sign? "Free Sweetrolls!" Who wouldn't like that?"
  • "Why not? Something has to work. Once, I dug a pit and filled it with clouds. Or was it clowns? Doesn't matter. It didn't slow him down. To be honest, it wasn't the best idea. And it really began to smell. Must have been clowns. Clouds don't smell bad. They taste of butter! And tears."
  • "Jyggalag! He is the Prince of Order. Or biscuits...no, Order! And not in a good way. Bleak. Colorless. Dead. Boring, boring, boring! And not a fan of my work, I can tell you. Hates it, hates me. You've seen his knights. Not the warm and cuddly sort."
  • "And Xedilian? Seeing as you're standing here, I assume you've succeeded. Or you're terribly confused. Or really lacking in good judgment!"
  • "Go talk to Haskill, he's got more brains than a brain pie...hmmmm...brain pie... perfect!! Care to donate???"
  • "Guards! Show Thadon out to the door, before he forgets...or I forget myself."
  • "Mountains will be moved! Movements will be mounted!"
  • "You're making my teeth itch!"
  • "Get going. Before I change my mind...or my mind changes me."
  • "Whoops! I guess the cat's out of the bag on that one! Who puts cats in bags anyway? Cats hate bags."
  • "I'm so happy I could just... tear out your intestines and strangle ye with 'em!"
  • "Quickly! Before I get bored. You wouldn't like me when I'm bored."
  • "I can see it in your face! Mostly in your eyes. I may have to take them when this is done."
  • "You dare interrupt me! Only I interrupt me! Like just then. I'm speaking with someone! We'll talk later. Or not. When is later, exactly? Not now, I'm sure of that."
  • "Time. Time is an artificial construct. An idea based on the theory that events occur in a linear direction, at all times. Always forward, never back. Is the concept of time correct? Is time relevant?"


  • "I'll Kalicrak the Findoo. I will. You Terratet it!"
  • "Rany Roo! Rany Roo!"
  • "I saw the Zaxer. And I magged it too. Aw, fribble!"
  • "Tell the daen! Tell the daen! Karn sky is relfing."
  • "Fribble! Just Fribble!"
  • "Gal bursten it."
  • (When accused during the Conspiracy to kill Syl) Naryan that! I'll balitoe before I krayble.
  • (On Obelisks) Grundy obelisks! Always tetterating knights and festars. Use the dookas to fix them.
  • (On Scalons) Dark-dark. We've been yinging a zeffle.
  • (On Shambles) Give them gargen to emeet with.
  • (On Elytra) They die quickly if you jejinak them. Jejinak! Jejinak!
  • (On Baliwogs) Foul tergens they are. Heffin all of them.
  • (On Skeletal Hounds) Sendockle the Klen. Do you understand? The Klen!
  • (On Heretics) Gorble. Can't you hear them gorbling?
  • (On Zealots) I've got a Quintat that says they can ipanate
  • (On Sleeping Outside) Friend no dorpidity? Communce to Uungor. Uungor communces he no deliriotic, that he mented fine. But Uungor is very deliriotic. Oversit me?
  • (On Quests) Have zickle to it. Nobody does rebby zickles any more.

Miscellaneous Characters[edit]

Random NPCs[edit]

  • "Well met!"
  • [with security skill over 70] "You've got some nimble fingers. What have you been getting them into?"
  • [with athletics skill over 70] "You're a fit one, been running a lot?"
  • [if you complete the arena] "By the nine divines! You're the grand champion, this is truly an honour!!"
  • [with high strength level] "Look at the muscles on you!"
  • [With acrobatics skill over 70] "You've got a bounce to your step. I bet you're quite the acrobat."
  • [With sneak skill over 70] "You're a sneaky looking sort.."
  • "By the gods, there's a psychopath on the loose!"
  • [when fighting someone] "Why... won't... you... die?!"
  • [when fighting someone] "This is the part where you fall down and bleed to death!"
  • [when fighting someone] "I've fought mudcrabs more fearsome than you!"

Guards and Soldiers[edit]

  • "Stop right there, criminal scum!"
  • "What do you need, citizen?"
  • "You have my ear, citizen."
  • [If they have a moderate disposition towards you] "Good day, citizen."
  • [If you have a high Infamy rating] "Keep moving, scum!"
  • [Upon seeing a dead body] "Someone's been murdered!"
  • [when in contact] "Duty calls."
  • [If you have completed the Battle of Kvatch] Why...why its you, the hero of Kvatch! It is truly an honor.
  • "By the Nine Divines! Assault!"
  • "Stop! You have violated the law! Pay the court a fine or serve your sentence."
  • [Upon resisting arrest] "Then pay with your blood!"
  • [Upon paying your fine] "Here's the procedure. We go to the castle. First we search you, confiscate any stolen goods. Then you pay your fine, and we release you."
  • "Hope you rot."
  • [Upon seeing a dead body and touching the body] *Gasp* "Oh my goodness! Excuse me, are you all right?"
  • [Upon seeing a dead body and touching the body] "The body's still warm. Looks like there's a killer about."
  • [Upon seeing a dead body and touching the body] "May he rest in peace."
  • [After completing the main quest] "All hail the champion of Cyrodiil!"
  • [After completing the main quest] "It is truly an honor."
  • [After murdering someone] "You. I've seen your kind before. You've got blood on your hands. Keep your blade sheathed, you murdering bastard, or I'll put you down myself."
  • [Relieving a fellow guard] "I'm here to relieve you"


  • "Psst! Over here!"
  • "Yes, you. We need to talk!"
  • "We can't talk here. Too public. Meet me behind the Great Chapel at midnight. Don't let anyone follow you. I'll make it worth your while."
  • "You won't help me? You're abandoning me now, just when I need you the most?! No... no. I understand. It is my problem, and I should solve it myself. You're right. I should never have involved you. Good night."
  • "You said you wanted me to solve this myself. And I am. Drastic measures. Didn't want to, but you're right, it is the only way. Um, no, I don't know the way to the Imperial City. You'll have to ask someone else."
  • [When killed during his quest] "And to think I trusted you!"

Leveling up[edit]

  • "You realize that all your life you have been coasting along as if you were in a dream. Suddenly, facing the trials of the last few days, you have come alive."
  • "You've done things the hard way. But without taking risks, taking responsibility for failure... how could you have understood?"
  • "You've learned a lot about Cyrodiil... and about yourself. It's hard to believe how ignorant you were, but now you have so much more to learn."
  • "So that's how it works. You plod along, putting one foot before the other, look up, and suddenly, there you are. Right where you wanted to be all along."
  • "You woke today with a new sense of purpose. You're no longer afraid of failure. Failure is just an opportunity to learn something new."
  • "You can't believe how easy it is. You just have to go... a little crazy. And then, suddenly, it all makes sense, and everything you do turns to gold."
  • "It's the most amazing thing. Yesterday it was hard, and today it is easy. Just a good night's sleep, and yesterday's mysteries are today's masteries."
  • "You've been trying too hard, thinking too much. Relax. Trust your instincts. Just be yourself. Do the little things, and the big things take care of themselves."
  • "With the life you've been living, the punishment your body has taken... there are limits, and maybe you've reached them. Is this what it's like to grow old?"
  • "You're really good. Maybe the best. And that's why it's so hard to get better. But you just keep trying, because that's the way you are."
  • "The results of hard work and dedication always look like luck. But you know you've earned every ounce of your success."