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Elmo's World is a segment that is shown at the end of the long running American children's television program Sesame Street which premiered on November 16th, 1998, at part of a broder stuctral change to the show.

Classic Series


Elmo's World: Balls


Original Airdate: November 16, 1998


1: A cascade of ball topple over with Elmo! No balls are in the doorhill!
Elmo: Oh! Oh! That's right. Balls. You know, balls.

( laughs )

2: Dorothy's Question - Dorothy has miniature in her bowl. She wants to know how people catch a ball.
3: Mr. Noodle stuggles to catch a ball.
4: Kids show how they catch a ball.
Girl: You have to spread your arm out and catch a ball.
Boy: You put your arms out and when the ball is coming right at you, you squeeze your hands. See?
Boy: Dorothy, This is how you catch a ball. NO!
Elmo: Thank you, Dorothy.


  1. Egg
  2. Telephone Book
  3. Birthday Cake
TV Cartoon: The Ball Channel features "If Balls Didn't Bounce".

( TV angry, mad, grumpy and bounces to at once in left leave to Sesame Street )

( knock on door )

Film: Elmo's friend Michelle and her dad play catch at the beach.

Elmo's World: Shoes

Original Airdate: November 23, 1998


1: Elmo opens his closet to discover a giant mound of shoes, which tumble out. No shoes are doorhill!
2: Dorothy's Question - Dorothy has a miniatue shoe in a bowl. She wants to know how to put on shoes.
3: Mr. Noodle first put his shoes on his hands, then his ears, then finally on his feet - but ties the laces together and falls on his face.
4: Kids show how they put on shoes.
5: Elmo's Question - Elmo asks the viewers to count how many shoes are in a pair of shoes.
6: Quiz -
  1. Birthday Cake
  2. Table
7: The second film is named Brianna goes with her daddy to the shoe store to buy a new pair of shoes. On their way out of the store.

TV Shows

  1. [[w:Wheel




5: Film - Elmo friend Brianna goes with her dad to the shoe store to buy a new pair of shoes.
6: The Shoe Channel features: "The Story of Shoes." Coming Up: Wheel of Fortune (American game show) and Your Shoe of Shoes.

Elmo's World: Hats


Original Airdate: November 30, 1998


1: Elmo opens his closet to discover a giant mount of hats, which tumble out. No hats are in the doorhill!
2: Dorothy's Question - Dorothy has a tiny cowboy hat in her bowl. She wants to know how to put on a hat.
3: Mr. Noodle puts his hat on his elbow, the armhill upside down on his head, they puts the hat on the floor and tries to somesault into it but it gets stuck to his bottom. Eventually he magically suspends in midair and then jumps up into it, but, Mr. Noodle is left floating in the air because down!
4: Kids show how they put on hats.
5: Elmo's Question - Elmo asks the viewer to him count how many gallons of water fit in a 10-gallon hat (eleven!)
6: The third film is Nicole makes construction paper hat with her mother.




5: Film - Elmo friend Nicole makes a construction paper with her mother.
6: The Hat Channel features "Why People Wear Hats". Hats off to hats! Coming Up: Bowling for Dollars and Love Boater.

Elmo's World: Dancing


Original Airdate: December 28, 1998


1: Dorothy's Question - Dorothy wants to know how you dance.
2: Mr. Noodle can't stop dancing.
3: Film: Elmo friends Victor and Shelby learn help to tap dance.
TV Cartoon: The Lecture Lady dances The Hokey Pokey.
Home Video: "Elmo's Friend Zoe.

Elmo's World: Jackets


Original Airdate: January 4, 1999


1: Elmo's opens his door and gets covered in jackets.
2: Dorothy's Question - Dorothy wants to know how to put a jacket.
3: Mr. Noodle struggles with how to correctly put a jacket. When he finally puts his jacket on correctly, his pants fall down!
4: Several kids have just learned how to put on and button up their jackets.
5: Elmo's Question - Elmo counts the jackets in a jacket parade.
6: Quiz
  1. Tricycle
  2. Hot Dog
  3. Chair
7: The fifth film is Eric put on his jacket one time.


  1. Tricycle
  2. Chair
5: Film - Elmo friend Eric put on jacket at a one time.
Movie: Five Easy Pieces

Elmo's World: Food


( Shade gulps ) No!

Boy: Dorothy, this is how I eat a pizza.
Boy: Dorothy, this is how you spaghetti. You twist the folk and pick it up and eat it.
Girl: Here's how you with chopsticks, Dorothy. You hold it like a pencil and take it and eat it.
Elmo: Drawers don't eat.

( Drawer angry, mad, grumpy, burps and hiccups to at once marchill tower ) Stop!

Elmo: Drawer!
Film: Elmo friends Timmy and Ashley make a submarine sandwich.

Elmo's World: Books


Original Airdate: February 9, 1999


1: Elmo open his dooor which is full of shelves of books. Unprovked, shelves break in unison, dumping the books on the floor. No books are in the doorhill!
2: Dorothy's Question - Dorothy wants to know you read a book.
3: Mr. Noodle sits on a book, examines the blinder, and holds the book upside-down without ever. The Kids and Elmo tell him.
4: Kids reads some books.
Women: "Feel the fuzzy monster." with your hand. Feel. Nice. the end, Dorothy.
Girl: Dorothy, reads: "Cookie, cheese, cabbage, carrots, cracker, milk, pretzel, popcorn!"
Boy: Dorothy, this is how I read. "My First Reader." "Put down the duckie!"
5: Elmo friend Michael goes to the library.
6: The Book Channel airs a program about a girl who loves books. Coming Up: Ours Miss Books starring Book Shields.

Elmo's World: Music


Original Airdate: February 18, 1999


1: Elmo opens his door and becomes buried under dozens of toy brass instruments. The open is montage feature different instruments plays Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star with the boy is no revolve piano with Mickey Mouse in Pine, Arizona, the girl is no involved violin Minnie Mouse, toy recorders with Daisy Duck, kazoos with Barney the Dinosaur, a children's choir sings "la, la, la!!!" and an orchestra with Benny, Isa, Tico, BJ, Baby Bop and Riff.
2: Dorothy wants to know how.
3: Mr. Noodle attempts to play a marching band drum by wearing it
Movie: The Sound of Music

Elmo's World: Water

Original Airdate:: March 22 1999


1: Elmo opens his door and sees Niagara Falls.
2: Dorothy's Question - Dorothy wants to know how people swim in water.
3: Kids are seen in various stages of learning to swim - with parents, with water wings and unassisted.
4: Elmo's friend Jordan uses water to brush your teeth, rinse, wash your face, make oatmeal because hit in the kitchenhall tower, feed your dog, water the plants, take a bathtub, and drink during in the night!

Elmo's World: Bananas


Original Airdate: January 12, 2000


1: Elmo buried in one of his favorite fruits: bananas. No bananas are in the doorhill!
2: Dorothy's Question - Dorothy wants to know what you do with a banana.
3: Mr. Noodle tries to make a phone call on a banana, play a banana like a trumpet and write on paper with an ink-dip banana. When, he final goes to takes a bite, it pops up out of the peel and lands in Elmo hand.
4: Kids show how to peel and eat bananas.
5: Film - Elmo friend Michael made an entire meal of bananas: banana bread, fried plantains, banana pancakes, banana smoothies and banana pudding. All of Michael's friends came for a banana feast.

Elmo's World: Birthdays


Original Airdate: February 2, 2001

Elmo: Birthdays.
Boy: Hi, Dorothy. This is how I wrap a birthday gift. You put it in a special bag. Happy birthday, Dorothy.
Girl: Dorothy, this is a how I wrap a present. I put a big bow on it. You have to take the paper off the sticky part. Then, you stick it on. Happy birthday, Dorothy.
Girl: This is how I wrap a present, Dorothy. I fold the paper onto the box like this. Then, I fold the corners. And, I do the same thing on the other side. Now, I put a bow on. There. Happy birthday, Dorothy.
Film: Elmo friend Hampton.
TV Cartoon: The Birthday Channel shows "The Girl Who Loved Birthdays", about a girl that travels around the world to celebrate her friends' birthdays in different countries: Iceland, Mexico and Israel. Then, the girl flew back to Ypsilpanti.

Elmo's World: Games

Original Airdate: March 13, 2001


1: Elmo opens the door to fall a pile of toys and games that fall into the room.
2: Dorothy Question - Dorothy has a checkers game decoration in her bowl. She wants to know how to play a game.
3: Kids show Dorothy how they a memory card game, Simon Says and tag.
4: Video E-Mail - In Elmo's E-Mail, Ernie.


Abigail: I know a game.
Warren: Pulgarcito, donde estas? iAqui estoy! iAqui estoy! Como esta usted? iMuy bien, gracias! Ya me voy, ya me voy.
Computer: Elmo has mail!
Elmo: It's Elmo computer! Where you are? Elmo does not see it?!? Shade, open it! Not it here.
Computer: Elmo has mail...
Elmo: Maybe, it's play hide and seek. Let's go! Maybe, it's in the door.

( computer speechs, angry, grumpy, angry to at once in the streethill lighthouse )

( duck quacks to at once ) Bye!!!

Computer: Elmo has mail...
Elmo: He is play hide and seek.

Elmo's World: Getting Dressed

Girl: First, you put on one leg again. Then, you put your other leg in. Then, you tuck your shirt in, you snap it, zipper it and thighten.


Alexis: I'm seven years old and I can get dressing all by myself. First, my dad changes Ariana's diapers. Then, I put on her t-shirt. Sometimes we play, Where is Ariana? Then, we put on her overalls. Then, we put on her shoes.

Elmo's World: Sleep

Girl: Hello, Dorothy. This is my cozy bed, and
Joey: Hi, Dorothy, I'm Joey.
Nicky: Hi, Dorothy, I'm Nicky.
Joey: We sleep in bunk beds. I sleep on the top.
Nicky: I sleep on the bottom.
Joey: Good night, Dorothy.
Nicky: Good night, Dorothy.

Elmo's World: Mail

Original Airdate: April 7, 2003


1: Elmo opens his door to a barrage of letters and package delivered as mail.
2: Dorothy wants to know how you mail a letter.
3: Mr. Noodle tries to dunk a letter in the basketball hoop and the wastebasket before he takes flight on the mailbox.
4: Kids mail letters.

Elmo's World: Computers

Original Airdate:

Elmo's World: Teeth

Original Airdate: January 4, 2001
Girl: Dorothy, cruchy.

Animals Muppet



Elmo: Oh, look! There's a dog-- oh, aah, frog! Cat!
Turtle: Come back, Rabbit.
Elmo: Oh! That's right, pets! Here now, p-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-t-s! AAAAAAAAAAA-
Turtle: Wait up!

Elmo: Okay, open it, Drawer! Ahh! Can the chairs be a pet?
Kids: No!
Elmo: The cat is on the chair.
Elmo: Can the lettuces be a pet?
Kids: No!
Elmo: Can the tigers be a pet?
Kids: No!
Elmo: Can the monsters be a pet?
Kids: No!