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Sesame Street (1969-) is an educational television program designed for preschoolers, and is recognized as a pioneer of the contemporary standard which combines education and entertainment in children's television shows. Sesame Street is well known for the inclusion of the Muppet characters created by the legendary puppeteer Jim Henson. More than 4,000 episodes of the show have been produced in forty seasons, which distinguishes it as one of the longest-running shows in television history.

Cookie World[edit]

Cookie Monster[edit]

  • Cookie Monster: [to tune of Elmo's World theme]: La la la la, la la la la, Cookie World. La la la la, la la la la, Cookie World. Me love me cookies, yeah, me cookies too. That was amazing.

1983 episodes[edit]

Episode 1839[edit]

Big Bird: Oh, hi Gordon!
Gordon: Oh, hi Big Bird.
Big Bird: Nice day, isn't it?
Gordon: Yeah, very nice. Big Bird?
Big Bird: Hmmm?
Gordon: Why are you doing that?
Big Bird: What?
Gordon: That.
Big Bird: Oh.
Gordon: With your head between your legs.
Big Bird: Oh, because.
Gordon: Because why?
Big Bird: Just because.
Gordon: You're walking with your head between your legs, just because? Uh, can't you give me a better reason than just because?
Big Bird: Well, I guess I could try, but I don't think I could come up with a better reason.
Gordon: Yeah, I understand.
Big Bird: You know what I'm gonna do now?
Gordon: What?
Big Bird: This. [makes a weird move] De-do. De-do. De-do. De-do. De-do. De-do. De-do.
[Gordon laughs and does the exact same thing]

David: Look, look, I'm tellin' you, she's a great candidate! She says that she's against big spending, big business, and inflation. She says when she gets into office, there'll be enough money for government, social programs, and the space program.
Bob: Hey, sounds great. What's her name?
Gordon: Alice in Wonderland.
[everyone else laughs]

1993 episodes[edit]

Episode 3230[edit]

[after Angela sings a song to her daughter]
Kayla: [coos] L--
Angela: You almost said "la". That was definitely almost a "la"! [laughs triumphantly] You almost said "la"! You did! Yes, you did! Yes, you did.
Jamal: [from down below] Angela, what's goin' on?
Angela: Jamal, your daughter almost sang her first "la"!
Jamal: No!
Angela: Yes, yes, yes! I was singing the La-La song, and she almost la'd!
Jamal: I'll be right up!

Bert & Ernie:[edit]

You're Not Bert [Bert comes in room dressed in a suit and tie]

Bert: Uh Ernie tell me. How do I look?
Ernie: With your eyes Bert. Keeheeheeheehee!
Bert: Ernie c'mon. You know I am going to the Pigeon Lover's Party; its a big event and I want you to look at me and tell me how I look. (Ernie looks up to Bert and gasps twice) Yeah. Good huh? (Chuckles)
Ernie: Wait a minute. Now hold on. Gee Bert. You look different. In fact you don't look at all like Bert. As a matter of fact, you're not Bert!
Bert: Ernie? Of course I'm Bert. Who else would I be?
Ernie: I don't know but you're not Bert. Now step with me to this picture. That is a picture of Bert up there see? Now Bert wears a white turtleneck and a striped sweater and look at you. You're wearing a tie and a jacket. And look at Bert. He has sticky up hair and look at you. Your hair is slumped down. See? You're not Bert. (shouts) Bert? Where are you Bert? Bert!
Bert: Ernie knock it off.
Ernie: Listen, what have you done with my old buddy Bert?
Bert: Ernie, I am just wearing different clothes and I combed my hair different so that I can look nice for the party.
Ernie: Listen mister, whoever you are. What have you done with my old buddy Bert? You better bring back Bert here or I'll call a missing Bert bureau.
Bert: All right. All right. I'll show you. I am Bert. I'll show you. Stay here and I'll be back.
Ernie: There is only one Bert and I know what he looks like.
Bert: Okay here I am. (Comes in room in his sweater and normal hair) See?
Ernie: Bert it is you! Now step by the picture so I can make sure. Yes you have the same sticky up hair, turtleneck and striped sweater. Bert it is you!
Bert: Of course it is me Ernie!
Ernie: Wonderful. Hey Bert what are you doing right here? You have to get dressed and comb your hair. You can't go to the pigeon lovers party looking like that Bert.

(Bert sighs twice in frustration)

Imaginary Baseball[edit]

(Ernie is seen crying as it noticeably rains outside; Bert enters)

Bert: Ernie what's the matter?
Ernie: (cries) Bert it's terrible Bert!
Bert: What's terrible Ernie?
Ernie: I wanted to go out and play baseball today, but look outside; it's raining outside! (cries)
Bert: Oh that's it huh? Ernie it's not so bad.
Ernie: Not so bad Bert?! Yes it is Bert. It's very bad. (cries)
Bert: Oh, hey I have an idea Ernie. Why don't you just imagine you're out playing baseball?
Ernie: Imagine? (Smiles in ideal)
Bert: Yes. Imagination can be as good as the real thing Ernie.
Ernie: (happily) Okay Bert. I'll try it.
Bert: Okay good. (Walks off)
Ernie: Okay (begins to imagine; the rain noticeably stops) The fans are cheering. (Fans cheering are heard) The umpire shouts..."(Umpire: Play ball!!!)" And I step up to the plate and the pitcher throws ball. I take a swing. (swings baseball bat) Oh it's a perfect hit. The ball goes high above the roof, in the sky and into the clouds. Then it begins to fall. Down down down down down it falls, into...(a splash is heard) In the ocean. Oh no.
Bert: Ernie it stopped raining. You can go out and play baseball.
Ernie: No I can't Bert.
Bert: Why not?
Ernie: The baseball is at the bottom of the ocean Bert. (Bert stares at Ernie in confusion)

A Banana in Ernie's Ear[edit]

Part 1:

(Ernie is seen holding a banana in his ear while he hums; Bert enters)

Bert: Ernie? [Ernie does not respond] Hey, Ern?
Ernie: [sees him] Oh. Hi, Bert!
Bert: Yeah, hey, uh, Ernie, you know that you have a banana in your ear?
Ernie: What was that, Bert?
Bert: [more loudly] I said you have a banana in your ear, Ernie. Bananas are food, they are to eat, not to put in your ear, Ernie!
Ernie: What did you say, Bert?
Bert: [even louder] Will you just take that banana out of your ear?!
Ernie: I'm sorry you'll have to speak a little louder, Bert! I can't hear you! I have a banana in my ear!
[Bert frowns]
Part 2:

(Bert comes back to see Ernie still holding the banana in his ear and humming)

Bert: (annoyed) Ernie...!
Ernie: (sees him) Oh hi, Bert.
Bert: You still have that banana in your ear!
Ernie: What?
Bert: (louder) I said you still have that banana in your ear!!
Ernie: (nods) Yeah, Bert, I know!
Bert: You know?! Ernie, why is that banana still in your ear!?
Ernie: Listen, Bert. I use this banana to keep the alligators away.
Bert: Alligators? Ernie, there are no alligators on Sesame Street!
Ernie: Right. It's doing a good job, isn't it Bert? (laughs; continues to hold the banana in his ear while Bert frowns again)


Gordon Robinson: Sally, you've never seen a street like Sesame Street. Everything happens here. You're gonna love it!
  • The very first line spoken on the very first episode from November 1969

Alistair Cookie: Good evening, and welcome to Monsterpiece Theater.
  • Unidentified 1981 episode

The Count: Greetings it is I the Count! They call me the Count because I love to count things!! AH AH AH!!!

Kermit the Frog: It's not easy being green.

Ernie: Rubber Ducky, you're the one.
You make bathtime lots of fun.
Rubber Ducky, I'm awfully fond of you.

Cookie Monster: You know how much me love cookies? Well, Me baby cousin won't touch them.
Ernie: Oh, I see. Well, Maybe she doesn't like cookies. Perhaps you have to feed her something else.

Big Bird: (Realizes he is three weeks away from home by walking) Three weeks?? Oh no! I'll never get home.
Truck Driver: Sure you will...just be patient.
Big Bird: Oh I do not know...
Truck Driver: Listen sonny…(sings) I found out a long time gotta learn to say yes when life says no, don't dwell on the bad times once they're past, that kind of thinking gets you nowhere fast, 'cause there ain't no mountain you can't climb, if ya hang on tight and just make up your mind, and once you set your heart to moving on, son there ain't no road too long.
Gordon: (drives in his car with Cookie Monster and his sister; sings) Don't look back don't you turn around.
Olivia: (sings) Just keep your eye on where you're bound.
Gordon and Olivia: (sing) And when you're bound to get from here to there a dream can take you anywhere...
Cookie Monster: Take me to cookies!
Grover: (flies and sings) 'Cause there ain't no mountain you can't climb if ya hang on tight and just make up your mind...(Screams as he plummets)
The Count: (sings in his Countmobile) And once you set your heart to moving on hut hut...then there is no road too long! And you can count the telephone poles! One telephone pole, 2 telephone poles, 3 telephone poles…4 telephone poles!
Bert: Help me search, Ernie! (Ernie looks from his airplane cockpit)
Ernie: Bert, remember what color he is? He's yellow. (chuckles as Bert glares at him)

Ernie: The statue knows "Rubber Ducky", Bert.
  • Unidentified 1981 episode

Cookie Monster: Me do anything for cookie!

Grover: It is I, your furry pal, Grover!

Mr. Johnson: Ah, what a beautiful day! I really should come here more often. It's much nicer to have lunch here in the park where there aren't any waiters! [Grover suddenly comes in, playing a guitar.] Oh no...
Grover: Ha-ha, yes, it is I, Grover!
Mr. Johnson: The very waiter I was hoping to get away from!
Grover: Uh, excuse me sir, but I am not a waiter.
Mr. Johnson: Well of course you are; you waited on me hundreds of times!
Grover: No, but today is my day off, and on my day off, I am a writer and singer of songs!
Mr. Johnson: Of all the benches in all the parks in the world, I had to pick this one!
Grover: I looooove making music! And I looooove singing! La-la-la-la-la-la-la-la! And I looooove to find words that sound the same, words that rhyme! Sir, would you care to make a request?
Mr. Johnson: I certainly would.
Grover: Oh good!
Mr. Johnson: Go away! And let me have my lunch.
Grover: Hmm. Well, that is two requests actually, but I will be glad to oblige. [starts playing and singing]
Go away, take a ride, take a walk!
Do not stay, I have no time to talk!
Yesterday I could pass for some fun,
But today I must ask you to run!
Go away, make it far,
Go away, take the car,
Don't delay, please just scram,
Do not play where I aaaaammm!
Go away, make it far--
Mr. Johnson: THAT'S ENOUGH!!
Grover: Oh! Well you are right; that is enough of "Go Away!" And now, a little tune I like to call, "Let Me Have My Lunch!" [starts playing again]
Mr. Johnson: Ugh...
Grover: This is the vamp, I love this part! You can tap your foot if you like.
[singing] Let me have my lunch,
Yes I'm eager for a bite!
Let me have my lunnnnch,
'Cause it's such a pretty sight!
There you go, sir! Two beautiful songs with many cute rhymes. Like, um, like "away" and "a-play" and "stay", and uh, "bite", "bite" and "sight", yes, and then there was "walk" and "talk", and, uh, "far" and "car", and "scram" and--
Mr. Johnson: Yes yes yes, that's just swell!
Grover: Swell indeed! In fact, all the rhyming has made me quite hungry for my lunch.
Mr. Johnson: Ugh, take mine!
Grover: Oh, that is very kind of you, sir. But what about your lunch?
Mr. Johnson: Well, I was thinking of that restaurant where you work!
Grover: Oh, but sir, I will not be there!
Mr. Johnson: Ah, exactly! [walks off]
Grover: Wait, sir! I shall play for you while you eat! [gives chase]

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