The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland

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The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland is a 1999 American musical fantasy-comedy film directed by Gary Halvorson. It is the second theatrical feature-length film based on the popular U.S. children's series Sesame Street. It was produced by Jim Henson Pictures in association with the Children's Television Workshop and released by Columbia Pictures on October 1, 1999. The film was shot in Wilmington, North Carolina at EUE/Screen Gems. This is one of the few Sesame Street productions directly produced by The Jim Henson Company.


Ernie: Hi, there, everybody! Welcome to the movie. We're so glad you came. Now--
Bert: Ernie, Ernie. Listen, I'm going to take a shower. Have you seen my antibacterial soap?
Ernie: No, Bert, I haven't. Now, this movie you're about to see is all about Elmo.
Bert: Who are you talking to?
Ernie: The audience, Bert. They're right there. See?
Bert: Wow! Look at all those people! Hey. Nice cardigan.
Ernie: Now, in this movie, Elmo is going to ask for your help. He wants you to talk and play along.
Bert: How do we start?
Ernie: It's easy. Just count backwards from 10.
Bert: Okay.
Ernie: You see, that's how you start a movie, Bert. Can you all help us count backwards from ten?
Audience: Yeah!
Ernie: Ready? Yell real loud!
All: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!
[the film starts]
Bert: Ah!
Ernie: Hey, uh, Bert, don't you think you oughta put some clothes on now?
Bert: What? [shrieks] Ernie!
Ernie: Enjoy the movie, everybody.

Queen of Trash: Since I'm a Queen of my word, you're free to go and pursue the blanket or bed covering of your choice.

Ernie: Who would wanna see a movie with a sad ending, Bert?
Bert: Titanic. Titanic had a sad ending.
Ernie: No, Bert. Uh, roll the film! C'mon, Bert. C'mon.
Bert: Gone with the Wind?
Ernie: No, Bert. No.
Bert: Doctor Zhivago?
Ernie: Shh! Quiet, Bert!

Grizzy: [quietly] Don't let it get around that I'm helping Elmo!
Gordon: So, where is he?
Grizzy: He went to Huxley's!
Oscar: What?! Huxley! First this guy ruined my beautiful Grouchland, and now, he's messin' with my frie...
[everyone is shocked to hear what Oscar just said]
Big Bird: Oscar, were you gonna say "friend"?
Oscar: No. I was gonna say... "French-fried fish-heads"! [everyone else scoffs in disagreement] All right. So the little stink ball is my friend. Oh, I gotta go do somethin' about this!

Gordon: [in jail] Hey! Can we get some water in here? [gets a bucketful of water in the face] Thanks.
Telly: I didn't get any.

Huxley: Now get in the cartoonishly evil vehicle and DRIVE!

Bug: How about that Elmo? What guts! What spunk! What chutzpah!
Huxley: You know what, Bug? You are really beginning to bug me.
Bug: Hmm... That's probably because I'm a bug.

Bug: You have a very lovely singing voice.
Huxley: Thank you. I always fancied myself a singer. I was almost in a bus and truck show of West Side Story. They said I wasn't right for Maria. What do they know? I feel pretty.

Sharon Groan: You like me! You really like me! Get my good side... Oh, that's right. I don't have a good side.

Humongous Chicken: Now stand still. Like a piece of corn.

Oscar: Hey, listen up ya, grouch potatoes! Come on over here. Listen to me.

(The Grouches gather at his jail cell)

Oscar: You call yourselves Grouches. Look at ya. This Huxley character's taking everything that makes Grouchland so disgusting and you're not doing anything about it.

(The Grouches all agree)

Oscar: We gotta fight for our trash!
Grouches: Yeah!
Oscar: Stand up for our slop!
Grouches: Yeah!
Oscar: 'Cause...'cause...when they take our goo, uh...we gotta do!
Grouch Mayor: Yeah, that's right! We gotta do!
Oscar: "When they take our goo, we gotta do"!
Grouches: When they take our goo, we gotta do!
Grouch Police Officer: I love goo!


Main characters[edit]

Humans of Sesame Street[edit]

Muppet performers[edit]

  • Dave Goelz as Humongous Chicken
  • Jerry Nelson as Count von Count, Pestie, Grouch Mayor, Grouch Police Officer, Mr. Johnson
  • Matt Vogel as Big Bird (puppetry in some scenes)
  • David Rudman as Baby Bear, Alarm Clock Bird, Fat Blue Anything Muppet, Caterpillar, Pestie, Collander Stenchman, Grouch Ice Cream Customer, Puppeteer of Mr. Johnson, Various Grouches
  • Carmen Osbahr as Rosita

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