The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland

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The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland is a 1999 American musical fantasy-comedy film in which a tug-of-war between Elmo and his friend sends his blanket to faraway Grouchland, a place full of grouchy creatures and the villainous Huxley. Elmo embarks on a rescue mission, learning important lessons about sharing and responsibility.

Directed by Gary Halvorson. Written by Mitchell Kriegman and Joey Mazzarino.
The Good, The Bad and The Stinky.


  • [as Elmo infiltrates his home] That little piece of macrame lives!

Queen of Trash[edit]

  • Since I'm a Queen of my word, you're free to go and pursue the blanket or bed covering of your choice.


  • Sharon: You like me! You really like me! Get my good side... Oh, that's right. I don't have a good side.
  • Tiny: [before he can eat Elmo] You're not a worm. You're a teapot! I can't have tea. I haven't had my din-din yet!


Ernie: [humming but notices the audience] Hi, there, everybody! Welcome to the movie. We're so glad you came. Now--
[A yellow boy appears, wearing a bath towel and showering cap]
Bert: Ernie, Ernie. Listen, I'm going to take a shower. Have you seen my antibacterial soap?
Ernie: No, Bert, I haven't. Now, this movie you're about to see is all about Elmo.
Bert: Who are you talking to?
Ernie: The audience, Bert. They're right there. See?
[Bert walks up to the screen]
Bert: Wow! Look at all those people! Hey. Nice cardigan.
[Bert laughs, sounding like a sheep baaing]
Ernie: Now, in this movie, Elmo is going to ask for your help. He wants you to talk and play along.
Bert: How do we start?
Ernie: It's easy. Just count backwards from 10.
Bert: Okay.
Ernie: [whispers to Bert] You see, that's how you start a movie, Bert. Can you all help us count backwards from ten?
Audience: Yeah!
Ernie: Ready? Yell real loud! [the countdown sequence begins]
All: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!
[the film starts]
Bert: Ah!
Ernie: Hey, uh, Bert, don't you think you oughta put some clothes on now?
Bert: What? [notices he is naked and shrieks] Ernie! [runs away screaming]
Ernie: [laughs] Enjoy the movie, everybody. [leaves]

[The movie's title sequence plays. The screen pans through an open bedroom window and shows a red monster sound asleep in his bed, with his Blanket. A cute little yellow bird pops out of a cuckoo clock on the nightstand]
Cuckoo clock bird: WAKE UP!
[He falls out of bed]
Elmo: Elmo's up! Elmo's up! Elmo's...[notices the audience] Wow! Hello, everybody. It's so great to see you. [laughs] Oh hey, since your here, Elmo want to show you something. It's his favorite thing in the whole world. Yeah, Elmo's blanket. Come on over an meet everybody blank- [notices that his Blanket is missing] Blanket? Blanket. Blanket, where are you? Elmo wants to show you somebody. Oh, [searches under his bed] Are you under there, blanket? Blanket. Blanket, where are you? Blanket? Blanket? Oh, hey guys, have you seen Blanket?
Audience: Yeah!
Elmo: Where? [points to the left] Over there?
Audience: No!
Elmo: No? Where is Blanket? Blanket, Blanket! Oh uh, is he over here?
Audience: Yeah!
Elmo: Really? [turns around] Oh, there you are [laughs] Wow, thanks everybody for helping. Blanket, hey you come down from there. [shakes the hat holder and all of the hats including Blanket fall down and then Elmo comes up with a bunch of hats on him and then get off him] Wow. Ha- oh [notices Blanket on the floor and picks it up and then hugs it] Blanket. Oh Blanket. Elmo's so glad he found you. Elmo doesn't know what he'd would do without his best friend. [hugs Blanket again]
[Elmo laughs after seeing that Blanket was tickling him]
Elmo: Stop, that tickles! Ha ha ha ha! Blanket. Do do do do do. [giggles] Who's Elmo's best friend? Hmmm. Always by his side. Ha ha ha. That's you Blanket. Yeah. Ha. ha. Elmo's best friend. I'll find you when you-- hide. Ha ha ha. Whoa. Elmo's Blanket. A carpet. The magic kind. Elmo would never, would ever, leave you behind. Oh. Elmo's best friend. Ha ha ha. Let's go for a ride. Whee.
[Then Elmo is dressed in an Arabic costume doing a snake in a pot trick, or to him the blanket in a pot. Then Elmo is drawing blanket holding a globe]
Elmo: Who's Elmo's best friend. Hold still Blanket. Who helps Elmo try. You. [Blanket falls down] Blanket? [Elmo looking sad and tearing up] Elmo's best friend won't let Elmo [looks at Blanket funny] cry! Haha Haha. Together forever in rain or sun. We do things like 2, but we're really one. Elmo's best friend. [throws Blanket and then glass of orange juice spills on his blanket] Uh oh. Time to wash you. [laughs and heads to the Laundromat]

[At the Laundromat, Elmo was trying to start the washer but notices it doesn't work, he tries again but nothing]
Elmo: Um, sir, sir, sir.
Laundromat Manger: Huh?
Elmo: Sir?
Laundromat Manger: Wha?
Elmo: There's something wrong with this. [the laundromat manger comes to him] Listen. [turns the switch once, then twice]
[The laundromat manger bangs the washer. Elmo turns the switch again as the old man bangs the washer again as a beat music and notices it's working]
Elmo: It's working Haha haha.
[A brown bear, a tall, 8'2" six-year-old bird, a brown man, a brown woman, and a mysterous but friendly-vampire notice where the music is coming from]
Baby Bear: Haha. Hey you hear that?
Gina: Yeah. [deposits some clothes in the washer and closes the washer]
Baby Bear: Let's roll.
[Baby Bear and Gina danced and played to the music]
Count von Count: [pops a bubble] Ah ah!
Big Bird: Ha ha!
[A turqouise, bilingual monster and Prairie Dawn, a pink, level-headed, six-year-old girl play with the clothes on the clothesline]
Elmo: [laughs] Ha ha ha ha!
[The brown man with sticks and his hands and starts playing the pipes. Luis, a spanish man grabs tubs of laundry soap and starts drumming them. Big Bird dances. Count von Count and the brown woman dance as well.]
Elmo: Blanket, you're wet.
[Baby Bear dances]
Baby Bear: Hmm.
Elmo: Do do do do time to dry.
[Count von Count eats a bubble. Big Bird is pushing a cart with a basket of socks on it.]
Big Bird: Here we go socks.
Sock #1: [beatboxing]
Sock #2: [rhythm noises]
Elmo: [watches Blanket get dry] Wow.
Sock #3: [singing with dubstep]
Sock #4: Ohhhhhhhh yeah.
[With no time, the socks were mixing their music together and then the dryer went off.]
Everyone: Together forever, the world seems fine.
Elmo: Yeah.
Everyone: We never, would ever--
Elmo: Leave you behind. [kisses Blanket]
Everyone: Together forever, the world seems fine. We never, would ever leave you behind.
[Then, all of a sudden Count von Count slipped on a banana peel on the floor and then kicked the basket]
Count von Count: Woah!
Elmo: Whee!

[The scene cuts to Elmo flying down using Blanket as a parachute.]
Elmo: Oh. Thank you, Blanket. [Picks up his blanket] Hey, let's go home.
[Then a orange monster comes along sadly.]
Elmo: Oh, hi, Zoe.
[Zoe sighs and sits down on the bench sadly. Elmo looks at her with concern.]
Elmo: Zoe? What's wrong?
Zoe: I really, really wanted to go to the zoo today. But, my daddy had to work so he couldn't take me.
Elmo: Ohh. Elmo has an idea! Well, since Zoey can't go to the zoo. Elmo will bring the zoo to Zoey. Watch, watch, watch.
[Elmo mimics lion roaring.]
Zoe: What are you a lion?
Elmo: Yeah, yeah. Watch this. [Mimics a monkey]
Zoe: Oh, that's a monkey!
[Elmo snorts]
Zoe: Oh, I know, I know. It's a pig!
Elmo: No, Elmo has something in his nose.
Zoe: Oh. [giggling, sounding like a donkey braying] That's funny. Thanks Elmo you always make me feel better.
Elmo: You're welcome, Zoe.
Zoe: [notices Elmo's Blanket] Wow! What a cool Blanket. [picks the blanket up]
Elmo: Yeah, yeah. It's very special to Elmo. Zoe, Elmo's going to take it home.
Zoe: It's soft.
Elmo: Oh Zoe, Zoe! Elmo has a nice washcloth at home you could hold.
Zoe: Don't worry, Elmo. I'll be careful.
Elmo: But Zoe... Elmo wants his Blanket back now.
Zoe: In a minute Elmo.
Elmo: No. Not in a minute Zoe. Now! Now! Elmo wants his Blanket back now [tries to grab his Blanket from Zoe]
Zoe: Wait!
Elmo: Elmo wants Blanket now! It's mine, mine, mine!
[Suddenly a rip was heard from the Blanket]
Elmo: Oh
Zoe: [gasps]
[The camera shows the rip in the middle of Elmo's Blanket]
Elmo: Zoe, look what you did!
Zoe: I didn't mean it, it was an accident.
Elmo: Zoe is not Elmo's friend anymore!
Zoe: [Shocked] What? I'm not your friend!
Voice: I can't stop!
[We see a furry violet-red monster in roller skates rolling out of control screaming as he ends up running into Elmo's blanket and unintentionally snatches it away from Elmo and Zoe]
Elmo: Stop, Telly! That's Elmo's blanket! [chases him]
Zoe: Elmo.

[We then see a tan woman coming out with a plate full of glass vases]
Ruthie: Oh, this is so delicate.
[Telly comes rolling as Ruthie managed to avoid him quick without dropping the vases]
Elmo: Blanket! Blanket! [Crashes to Ruthie as she dropped her vases and they shatter] Sorry, Ruthie! Blanket!

[Telly rolled to the "Furry Arms" hotel where he rolled past a blue, shaggy monster as he spun in the spinning door]
Telly Monster: Look out!
[A woman's moves her legs out of Telly's way and Elmo spots him]
Elmo: [continues chasing] Blanket!
[The blue monster spun in the door till it stopped and he bumps to the rails and dropped his cookies and he collapsed]

Big Blue: Oh, waiter.
Grover: One second sir.
Big Blue: [disappointed] Oh!
Elmo: Telly, Elmo wants his Blanket back
Telly: I can't stop!
Elmo: Hi, Telly.
Telly: Hello
[Telly and Elmo spinning the pole.]

Grover: Yes, sir.
Big Blue: Oh no, not you again. Well, listen, I like...
Elmo: Blanket! Blanket!
Grover: This looks like a job for Super Grover!
Big Blue: But what about breakfast?
Grover: No thank you sir I cannot fly any full stomach. And away! [flies up to the sky, looks next to him and notices the blanket in the sky]

[Then Elmo's blanket starts to fall down]
Big Bird: [looking up in the sky] Oh.
[A green grouch is starting to sneeze. Elmo's blanket falls down and lands on the grouch's hand and sneezes on it, opens the trashcan lid on his trashcan, and then throws it inside of it, closes the lid, and leaves]
Big Bird: But- what?
Elmo: Blanket!
Super Grover: Oh. [soars down]
Big Bird: Huh?
Telly: Ahh!
Big Bird: LOOK OUT!
[Then in no time at all Elmo, Telly, and Super Grover crashed into each other]
Super Grover: Can somebody please get up? My super body can't take this much weight.
Elmo: Sorry Super Grover.
Big Bird: [gathers everyone] They crashed.
Baby Bear: Oh, man, are you okay?
Rosita, la Monstrua de las Cuevas (Rosita, the Monster of the Caves): Oh, no!
Big Bird: They couldn’t stop.
Elmo: Everyone's okay. But where's Elmo's Blanket?
Big Bird: Oh. I saw it. It fell out of the sky, Oscar sneezed in it, and he dropped it in his can.
Elmo: Oh. It fell out of the sky, Oscar sneezed on it and then Oscar dropped it in his can. Elmo sees. [giggles but then realizes] What?! [faints and collapses]
Everyone: Uh oh. Elmo? Elmo? Are you all right?
Elmo: Huh?
Baby Bear: How many fingers am I holding up?
Elmo: Huh?
Count von Count: That's two. Two fingers! Ah ah ah! [thunder rang]
Elmo: 'Scuse Elmo. Make way. [walks to thee trashcan and opens the lid] Oscar, please bring back Elmo's blanket. Oscar, Elmo really needs his blanket!
Gina: Oh, Elmo, it's okay.
Gina: [grabs Elmo] Ok. ok. [brings him down] Elmo take it easy, take it easy, calm down. It's okay. I don't think Oscar's home right now.
Elmo: Not home? B-But Gina, Elmo needs his blanket back.
Susan Robinson: I guess you'll just have to wait for Oscar to get back.
Zoe: Uh, Elmo.
Elmo: Elmo doesn't want to talk to you Zoe. All Elmo wants is his blanket back!
Zoe: But I didn't mean to... [starts to tear up]
Bob: Don't worry Zoe, Elmo's just a little upset right now.
Zoe: But Bob I didn't mean to rip his blanket and then Telly came and he...
Elmo: Alright everybody, break it up. Nothing to see here move along. Just a little monster trying to get his blanket back.
Baby Bear: Uh all right.
Rosita: Okay.
Elmo: Thank you
[Everyone leaves]
Elmo: [leans on the can] Hmm. Elmo can wait. Oscar will probably be back in any second. Do-do. Any second now. And Elmo's waiting. [sighs] Elmo's waiting. [waits until he loses his patience] ELMO CAN'T WAIT ANYMORE! [jumps in the trashcan]
[He screams and fall down until he hits the bottom. Then he notice the inside of the Oscar's trashcan]
Elmo: Wow! Elmo didn't know Oscar's place was this big. [turns around and spots his blanket. He runs over and hugs it] Blanket, there you are! Oh, Elmo's so glad to see you! Elmo missed you! Come on. Let's go home.
[He begins to tug at his blanket to get it free. He tugs harder at his blanket then the lock of the door opens and Elmo's blanket goes inside and Elmo fells into it. Oscar notices Elmo about to fall into the door]
Oscar the Grouch: Hey, Elmo.
[Elmo lets go of the door]
Oscar: Heh heh. Have a nice trip!

[Then in no time at all Elmo and his blanket were heading to somewhere strange]
Elmo: Blanket! Woah! Wow!
[Then the film froze as Bert panicks]
Bert: Hey wait stop the film! Stop the Film! [the films pauses] Ernie! Ernie!
Ernie: Oh what's the matter Bert?
Bert: What's happening to Elmo?
Ernie: Don't worry Bert. That's just the way to get to Grouchland. Roll film! [the film resumes] Hey, Bert?
Bert: What?
Ernie: Duck! [pinches his nose and ducks]
Bert: What? [Screams and ducks]
Elmo: Blanket! Where are you? Blanket! Very colorful! Wow!

[Elmo comes out of a pile of trash]
Elmo: That was a fun ride. Gee. Look at this place. Where's Elmo's Blanket? And where is Elmo? Elmo doesn't think he's on Sesame Street anymore.
[But then a grouch comes out of a box]
Brown Grouch: Hey, Red. You're in Grouchland.
Brown Grouch #2: [comes out] Which happens to be the great place on Earth!
Female Grouch: [comes out] A place where you can kick off your shoes and....[smell] smell your stinky socks.
[The grouches laughed]
Brown Grouch: Oh, no. I think I feel a song coming on.
[Music begins to play as Elmo notices the pile of trash his on starts to move as he was in a truck]
Elmo: Wow, this looks neat.
Grouch: Yeah watch your toes. Musical number coming through.
Grouches: Na, na na! (Na, na, na!) 3x Na, na, na!
Grouch Mayor: Hear the steady beat of sweaty feet, on the greasy streets of Grouchland! Smell the stinkweed gag the waving wheat, what a perfect day!
Grouches: Na, na, na! (Na, na, na!) 3x Na, na, na! Bring in the noise, bring in the junk! Step on a crack, step in the gunk!
Grouch Police: Home of the world's worst traffic jam!
Grouches: Welcome to Grouchland. NOW SCRAM!!
Grouch Mayor: With the gum and goo beneath your shoe You can bet you stepped in Grouchland. It's against the law to use shampoo, so we wash with cheese.
Elmo: Cheese, that's smelly.
Female Grouch 2: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Sharon Groan: You like me! You really like me! Now, get out of here! Get my good side. Oh, that's right. I don't have a good side.
Grouch Elder: If you're growing old and love the coast, spend your golden years in Grouchland. With the streets are paved in solid mold, and the stinkbugs sing. SING!!
Grouches: Na, na, na! (Na, na, na!) 3x Na, na, na!! Bring in the noise, bring in the junk! Step on a crack, step in the gunk!
Grouch Mayor: Our motto: "I grouch, therefor I am".
Grouches: Welcome to Grouchland! 5x NOW SCRAM!!!!!
Elmo: Wow. Grouchland sounds like fun.
All Grouches: What?
Grouch Mayor: Fun? You obviously don't appreciate Grouch culture. Let's send him some greeting cards, airmail.
All Grouches: Have a rotten birthday! Happy grouchness! Yeah! Get sick soon! Happy sour 16th!
Elmo: Elmo doesn't know how to read yet.
Grouch Mayor: Aww, isn't that just... Hmm?
[But then a red and yellow helicopter was seen arriving. But then they took cover as the helicopter was coming in. The grouches run in panic.]
Grouch woman: Oh no it's Huxley again! He'll take anything!
[But then Elmo watches with shock as the helicopter comes for a landing and the groches booed]
Grouch: Go home, why don't you?
[But then a vacuum began to suck in as the grouches ran in fear]
Elmo: What's going on?
Huxley: I'll take that.
[Elmo gets his "greeting card" sucked away]
Elmo: Hey, hey!
Grey Grouch: You're taking his greeting card.
[Then to a brown grouch with a sandwich]
Huxley: Mmm. I'll take that.
[Sucks away the sandwhich and leaves. The Brown grouch was about to eat till he find his sandwhich gone]
Brown Grouch: Hey!
[Then to a pink grouch girl with a doll]
Grizzy: [singing] Soggy Sandy wets her pants. That's why they call her Soggy. Watch her do her Soggy dance. Then after you'll get wet...
Huxley: Hey little girl.
Grizzy: Hmm?
Huxley: Is that your new Soggy dance Soggy doll?
Grizzy: Yeah!
Huxley: [blows raspberries] You're wrong. Guess who's changing its diapers now?
Grizzy: Let go of her! No!
Elmo: He can't do that. That's not nice.
[Grizzy tries to run but gets caught to the vacuum]
Grizzy: Hey, put me down, you rotten Huxley!
Elmo: Oh, oh.
Grey Grouch 2: Wow!
[Grizzy screams]
Elmo: STOP!
[Then the vacuum turns off and Grizzy falls off and falls down]
Male Grouch 2: Oh, I bet that hurt. Oh, yeah.
Elmo: Are you okay?
Huxley: Did someone say "stop"?
[A greedy thief steps out of the helicopter, walks toward Elmo and the Grouchland citizens, and takes off his goggles]
Huxley: Alright, who said that? Which one of you dares to question my evil ways?
Grouchland Citizens: [point to Elmo] He did. He did. He did.
Elmo: Elmo said it.
[A bright yellow insect pops out of the lid from the helicopter]
Bug: Hey, boss, he's the one. I heard him. It's the cute little red guy. He's the one questioning your evil ways.
Huxley: I know that, Bug.
Elmo: It's not nice to take things that don't belong to you.
Huxley: He also said "it is not nice to take things that don't belong to me" and "it's stealing"! [laughs maliciously] Isn't that just precious?
Bug: [giggles] Yeah. [jumps back in]
Huxley: Well, you figured out something. It all belongs to me. If I touch it, I own it. [laughs when he walks to the helicopter as Bug shows the tennis racket he stole] You see this tennis racket? [touches it] Ping! I own it. [Bug shows the hammer he stole] This hammer. [touches the hammer] Ping! I own it. [Bug shows the painting of Elvis Presley he stole] This velvet painting of Elvis. I didn't really want it, but... [touches it] Ping! I own it. [Bug shows Elmo's blanket he stole] And, this.
Elmo: Oh, oh, Elmo's blanket!
Huxley: [makes a loud buzz sound] You're wrong! You see, I didn't borrow this blanket. I didn't rent this blanket. And I didn't even take out a 36 month lease on this blanket. [Elmo tries to retrieve his blanket from Huxley, but he touches it and pulls it away from him.] Ping! I own it!
Bug: Well, I think it's made of all natural fibers. Maybe, 100% cotton. Very lovely.
Huxley: [turns to Bug] Bug, you really know how to ruin a villainous moment don't you? [Bug clings in fear] Now, get into the cartoonishly evil vehicle and drive!
Bug: Sir! Yes, sir! [he hops in]
Elmo: No, wait! Blanket! Blanket!
Huxley: You know, I would really love to stay and chat, but I have to get home and take a nap with my brand new wooby. [he gets to the helicopter and laughs] Say, bye-bye, wooby "Bye-Bye!" [laughs]
Elmo: It's a Blanket!
Huxley: Wooby!
Elmo: Blanket!
Huxley: Wooby!
Huxley: WOOBY!
Huxley: MINE!!!! [laughs as he closes the helicopter door and flies off with Elmo's blanket]
[Then the film froze as Bert panicks]
Bert: Stop the movie, stop the movie, stop the movie, stop the movie!
Ernie: W-What's the matter Bert?
Bert: Ernie, Ernie, did you see what Huxley did? He took Elmo's blanket! Oh! I can't look.
Ernie: [to Bert] But, but don't worry, Bert, it will be okay, [to the audience] right, everybody? Cause we know Elmo won't give up until he gets his blanket back. Roll film! [to Bert] Let's watch, Bert.
Bert: Oh, ok, Ernie, but I can’t see anything.
Ernie: Bert, you still have your hands over your eyes, Bert.
Bert: [Takes his hands off his eyes] Oh. [Laughs] I knew that.
Ernie: Sure, you did, Bert. Come on.
[Both go offscreen and the film resumes. Elmo runs around Grouchland asking everyone for help]
Elmo: Please, someone help Elmo please! [Elmo goes over to a Grouchland citizen dressed like a chef, all messy with spaghetti noodles and meatballs] Excuse Elmo, can you...
Grouchland Chef: [Yells in French]
Elmo: Excuse Elmo, can you... Oh, sir, can you please help Elmo get his Blanket back?
Grouchland Citizen: Well, I'd love to, but I don't speak English.
Elmo: But... Someone please help Elmo! Oh, excuse Elmo. That mean old Huxley took Elmo's Blanket!
Brown Grouch 3: That makes me feel so bad inside. Oh, wait. I think that's just gas. [He burps at Elmo]
Elmo: No, please- Now what is Elmo going to do? [Elmo gets dragged to an alley and met Grizzy] Hey, you're the girl with the doll!
Grizzy: Shh! The name's Grizzy.
Elmo: How come all the grouches just let that mean old Huxley guy take everything?
Grizzy: Well, cause the only way to stop Huxley is all the grouches would have to work together... and grouches hate that.
Elmo: But Elmo has to get his Blanket back!
Grizzy: Shh, shh, shh! Okay, okay. Look. Maybe I can help you. Follow me.
Elmo: Okay.

[Telly is seen looking for Elmo all over Sesame Street]
Telly: Elmo! Elmo! Elmo! Elmo! [bumps into the blue monster] Oh, sorry Cookie sorry! Sorry! [calling] Elmo!
Cookie Monster: Ohh... Me having a bad cookie day. Oh, me head.
Telly: Hey! Everyone! Hey! Hey! [Telly gets Zoe, Big Bird, a spanish woman and the brown man's attention]
Zoe: Hey, Telly!
Gordon Robinson: What's going on?
Maria: Yeah!
Telly: Oscar said that Elmo is gone! He probably went down into Oscar's can for his blanket, but instead of getting the blanket, he got sucked away into some far-off and grouchy place! And he's never going to...
Zoe: Oh no.
Big Bird: Oh no.
Gordon: Telly, easy, Telly. Oscar probably just meant that Elmo went home, that's all.
Big Bird: Yeah.
Zoe: Yeah, yeah.
Maria: Yeah!
Oscar: No, actually the worrywart's right everyone.
[Cookie Monster turns up]
Cookie Monster: What? What? What? What? What? Say what?!?
Gordon: Grouchland, U.S.A.?
Big Bird: Where's that?
Telly: That is terrible! What are we going to do? What are we going to do?!?
Maria: Here's what we're going to do, Telly. We're going to go down to Grouchland... whatever that is, and get Elmo back!
[Everyone cheers and heads for Oscar’s trashcan]
Oscar: Well, alright, but be careful. I just had the rugs dirtied.

Bug: You have a very lovely singing voice.
Huxley: Thank you. I always fancied myself a singer. I was almost in a bus and truck show of West Side Story. They said I wasn't right for Maria. What do they know? I feel pretty.

Gordon: [in jail] Hey! Can we get some water in here? [gets a bucketful of water in the face] Thanks.
Telly: I didn't get any.

Bug: How about that Elmo? What guts! What spunk! What chutzpah!
Huxley: You know what, Bug? You are really beginning to bug me.
Bug: Hmm... That's probably because I'm a bug.

Ernie: Who would wanna see a movie with a sad ending, Bert?
Bert: Titanic. Titanic had a sad ending.
Ernie: No, Bert. Uh, roll the film! C'mon, Bert. C'mon.
Bert: Gone with the Wind?
Ernie: No, Bert. No.
Bert: Doctor Zhivago?
Ernie: Shh! Quiet, Bert!

Grizzy: [quietly] Don't let it get around that I'm helping Elmo!
Gordon: So, where is he?
Grizzy: He went to Huxley's!
Oscar: What?! Huxley! First this guy ruined my beautiful Grouchland, and now, he's messin' with my frie...
[everyone is shocked to hear what Oscar just said]
Big Bird: Oscar, were you gonna say "friend"?
Oscar: No. I was gonna say... "French-fried fish-heads"! [everyone else scoffs in disagreement] All right. So the little stink ball is my friend. Oh, I gotta go do somethin' about this!

Oscar: Hey, listen up ya, grouch potatoes! Come on over here. Listen to me.
[The Grouches gather at his jail cell]
Oscar: You call yourselves Grouches. Look at ya. This Huxley character's taking everything that makes Grouchland so disgusting and you're not doing anything about it.
[The Grouches all agree]
Oscar: We gotta fight for our trash!
Grouches: Yeah!
Oscar: Stand up for our slop!
Grouches: Yeah!
Oscar: 'Cause...'cause...when they take our goo, uh...we gotta do!
Grouch Mayor: Yeah, that's right! We gotta do!
Oscar: "When they take our goo, we gotta do"!
Grouches: When they take our goo, we gotta do!
Grouch Police Officer: I love goo!


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