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Endless Legend is a turn based 4X fantasy-strategy game developed by Amplitude Studios and published by Iceberg Interactive for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X in September 2014. The purpose of the game is to dominate the world "Auriga" with one of the eleven races/factions through either diplomacy or war while developing new technologies, exploring new lands and founding new cities.

Endless Legend is the third game made by Amplitude Studios in their Endless series of titles, following Endless Space and Dungeon of the Endless.


  • Our legend spoke of a great journey beneath the stars. Safe in our holes and mines we ignored these old tales. But then the Great Quake creaked our holes open revealing ancient secrets and relics. Those unknown relics carried our patterns, our images, hints of a hidden past. We took them and fled the destruction seeking a new life on the surface. Now the legends and relics of our past show the way to our future. The journey will be dangerous, sometimes deadly, but we go forth without fear or ignorance, for "courage" and "knowledge" are the bywords of the Vaulters.
  • It's coming... I am convinced. Now, I must convince the others. We have seen the longer winters... We have felt the limits of the Sharing. Our planet is changing, we must change with it. We must leave the forest, start again, explore and reach out. We must find new ways. Adapt. Learn. For if not... we will perish. And that will not happen while I wear the crown.
  • We were different, once. We fought, drank, an loved as mortal beings. But our world changed and we faced a stark choice: Alter our bodies, or perish. Yet "survival" is not the same as "life". Now we are prisoners of the armor that binds us and the Dust that sustains us. We must drain Dust, drain energy, or die... Where is our honor now, Lords of the Amber Plains? And what matters more -- to reclaim our honor, or sustain our bodies?
  • The colony was everything. They were born as one, they fought as one and they died as one... driven by their hunger. But I hunted for something more... I stole the sentience of an ancient power and saw a greater purpose. For we were the first; Auriga is our planet. And I will turn our hunger against those trespassers who would take it from us. One day, we will reign supreme on Auriga. And we will gaze up at the stars, still hungry...
  • I am many things, I have been many things. Warm and green, cold and gray. Devastated and dying. Now I am alive again, but I fear my new children imitate the old ones. Some claim the mountains or the forests, or build fortresses on the plains. They begin to mistrust, and prepare for war. Still, I love them as as only a mother can. And now I fear for them. I feel the winds of change begin to blow... And this time it may be an all-out storm. I pray that my children will weather this tempest; for nothing is immortal, and one day they may have to survive without me.
  • They are weak. They are soft. They writhe in supposed discomfort at minor penances that the faithful would not even notice. Their sloth will be their undoing; without the pain, they cannot touch the power. Use your eyes! Or I will remove them in atonement. See that Auriga herself writhes in anguish -- as we all should. Join me in contrition and mortification such as Auriga has never seen. Together we will embrace the agony, and make it our servant.
  • The Endless broke us when they broke themselves. Now we are few and many that remain are of little use. Yet our purpose still drives us; even death cannot be allowed to stop us. We must find new converts, new servants, who will help us fulfill the great oaths we took so long ago. They will not only be our hands and our eyes, they will be the sword and the shield of our armies that will bring the Eternal End. First upon Auriga, and then across the universe.
  • Can you not see it? The End is near. Auriga is infested with foolish creatures who look at tomorrow as if they will live forever. They do not understand that none will survive... unless. From ignorance springs curiosity. From wilderness surges civilization. From barrenness grows exchange. From savagery arises bravery. As of today I see none who might lead this planet to its salvation. Unless...
  • They thought they would silence me forever. I fade colder and darker... Yet I have never felt so alive. I feel my senses, my Guardians coming back to life. They contain so much power, so much hope, but something is different... Will they be my saviors or the tools of my destruction?
  • Ages ago we were banished by our kin. In fear and shame they turned their backs on us, closing the door. We survived on a world gone mad by embracing the madness. Thus shadow and silence became our allies, and they made us strong. Now the time for payment of ancient debts has come. The price will be high. And we will be paid in full.
  • Oh Children, don't you roam at night.
    For shadows wait beyond the light.
    They lurk in the darkness, grim and wild.
    Hunting for a foolish child.
    If they catch you, close your eyes.
    To not see what before you lies.
    Fear my children, fear them now.
    As they will get you anyhow
  • You beings fixed, inflexible and slow, are not true Aurigans and do not see... That She, our Mother, as her life ebbs low, shall be delivered by the Allayi. For we, who change, adapt and persevere, will fight for Her survival come what may. So heed these dire warnings most sincere, for ruin comes to those who bar our way.
  • Now, I am alive again... And again... Can't this just stop? My oceans and mountains are frozen... I feel... I'm drifting. Look at them, Picking, plucking, reaping! Maybe they are here for me? To heal me. Maybe they are here... To end my torment? For good.
  • Marines do not fear the cold, the dark, or the enemy.
    • Marines - The Peoples Of Auriga [1]
  • Though not in the least a religious man, he is known to recite some sort of phrase or prayer at the end of each successful battle - a mystery whose secret even his closest lieutenants have not unraveled.
    • Baron Joslyn Deyval - The Peoples Of Auriga [2]
  • His rage burned brighter and brighter, until one day in its incandescence he struck out of his birthplace, seeking vengeance.
    • Feeds on Bones - The Peoples Of Auriga [3]
  • The insatiability was agonizing rather than merely annoying, and drove it to constant foraging or constant battle in order to feed. Driven to eat its own young, that act - forbidden except in times of urgent desperation - made it an outcast from its hive.
    • Empty Belly - The Peoples Of Auriga [4]
  • A gift to the gods, an Appeasement of Agony to pay for our sins of weakness.
    • Sunseeker Zakiya Eli - The Peoples Of Auriga [5]
  • It is said that the worst way to die is to burn.
    • Eneqa Wing - The Peoples Of Auriga [6]

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