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Enola Holmes is a 2020 film about Sherlock Holmes' teen sister who discovers her mother missing and sets off to find her, becoming a detective in her own right as she outwits her famous brother and unravels a dangerous conspiracy around a mysterious young Lord.

Directed by Harry Bradbeer. Written by Jack Thorne, based on the series of the same name by Nancy Springer.
Mystery runs in the family. (taglines)

Enola Holmes[edit]

  • Enola spelled backwards reads, well, "alone."
  • Hips are simply a function of legs, aren't they? What need have they of amplification?
  • London isn't quite what I imagined. People are a lot more... "excitable" than in the country.
  • When looking to travel incognito, it's safest to travel as a widow. People are always anxious to avoid conversation about death. Widows scare them. And there's no better disguise than fear.
  • I'll pay handsomely for good value!
  • Congratulations. You finally look like the nincompoop you were born to be.
  • I am a detective, I am a decipherer, and I am a finder of lost souls.
    My life is my own.
    And the future is up to us.

Sherlock Holmes[edit]

  • Look for what's there, not what you want to be there.
  • Now, please put the teapot down. In your hands, it is a mighty weapon.
  • Sometimes you must dangle your feet in the water in order to attract the sharks.


  • If you want to stay in London, be tough... be tough! Live the life. But don't do it because you're looking for someone. Do it because you're looking for yourself.


  • I'm not entirely an idiot, you know.


  • Mystery runs in the family.
  • Youngster. Rebel. Sleuth.


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