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Enter the Matrix is the first video game set in the Matrix universe, released in 2003 by Shiny Entertainment and is a concurrent plot to The Matrix Reloaded. It contains about an hour of filmed footage made for the game during the productions of Reloaded and Revolutions, expanding on characters and events in the films. The story focuses on Ghost and Niobe, the crew of the Logos, the fastest ship in the fleet of the human resistance, as inside The M they receive a package containing a dire message of an advance upon the city of zion by the machines, from the recently lost crew of the Osiris.


  • Let's get going. I think those sirens are for us.


  • Okay, Ghost. Smooth and gentle on the trigger.
  • [on Axel] He is fast. I will say that.


  • You have reached the Daniel Institute of Dream Interpretation. Leave a message after the tone.


Niobe: Why do you do that?
Ghost: Do what?
Niobe: Check your guns?
Ghost: You never know.
Niobe: Its a program. They get loaded every time the exact same way.
Ghost: Hume teaches us that no matter how many times you drop a stone and it falls to the floor. You never know what'll happen the next time you drop it. It might fall to the floor, but then again it might float to the ceiling. Past experience can never prove the future.
Niobe: So?
Ghost: So you never know.
Niobe: Here we go.

Niobe: [picks up the phone] We're in.
Sparks: You got ten minutes until the Post Office closes. There's a tone of heat in the area, but the package is still untouched. Box number is...seven-three-one-two-two-two.
Niobe: Got it.
Sparks: And hey, can you ask Ghost, if he doesn't make it. Can I have his boots?
Niobe puts down the phone and they drive off to the Post Office.

The Trainman: Seventy-two hours. Seventy-two hours.
Niobe: What did you just say?
The Trainman: That's exactly how long Zion lasted last time.
Niobe: What do you mean and who are you?
The Trainman: Me? Nobody. Just a spectator, enjoying the ride. Seventy-two hours.



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