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Escape from L.A., also known as John Carpenter's Escape From L.A., is a 1996 cult film directed by John Carpenter. The sequel to the action film Escape from New York, the film follows war hero Snake Plissken, played by Kurt Russell. It co-stars Steve Buscemi, Stacy Keach, Bruce Campbell and Pam Grier.

Snake Plissken[edit]

  • Call me Snake.
  • Your rules are really beginning to annoy me.
  • (facing four gunmen at once) I'm gonna give you assholes a chance. What do you say we play a little Bangkok rules? (picks up a tin can) Nobody draws until this hits the ground. (throws can up, draws, kills all four before it lands) Draw.
  • Catches on quick, doesn't she.
  • Sad story. You got a smoke?
  • You'd better hope I don't make it back!
  • I can see you're real concerned about your daughter.
  • I'm going to Hollywood...
  • The more things change, the more they seem to stay the same.
  • [Last lines; after shutting down all electricity on Earth] Welcome to the Human Race.

Cuervo Jones[edit]

  • You might have survived Cleveland. You might have escaped from New York. But this is L.A., vato. And you're about to find out that this fucking city can kill anybody!
  • (explaining the basketball rules to Snake) Two hoops, full court. Ten-second shot clock. Miss a shot, you get shot. Shot clock buzzer goes off before you shoot, you get shot. Two points for a basket, no three-point bullshit. All you gotta do is get ten points. That's it... By the way, nobody's ever walked off that court alive. Nobody.


  • Taslima: [Referring to mainland America] Back there, that is the prison!
  • Malloy: We sent in a five man rescue team, but within a few hours of landing on the island, all but one of them was killed.
  • President: (to Snake) You go to Los Angeles, come back with that black box and put it in my hand, and you'll be given a full pardon for every immoral act you've ever committed in the United States.
  • Map to the Stars Eddie: [After Snake wins Cuervo's basketball game and the crowd chants Snake's name] This town loves a winner!
  • The Surgeon General Of Beverly Hills: [groping Taslima's breasts] My God, they're real!
  • Utopia: [When Snake activates the worldwide EMP] He did it! He shut down the Earth!


(in the detention/deportation center)
President: Would you explain to this foot soldier why he's going to do what we tell him to do?
Snake: What's he talking about?
Malloy: The Plutoxin Seven virus.
Brazen: Genetically engineered. One-hundred percent pure death.
Malloy: It starts with a slight headache, then turns into a fever that gets worse. After a short time, you crash. You bleed out like a stuck pig. Not a pretty sight.
Snake: I get it. You figure that you inject that shit into me, and under the threat of death, I'll do whatever you say... just like in New York.
Malloy: You got it... Snake!
Snake: One question: which one of you assholes gets to die trying to stick me?
Malloy: You don't understand. It's already in you.
Snake: (looks down at his hand, where Brazen scratched him earlier)
Brazen: Catches on quick, doesn't he?

[The President orders the execution of Snake. Soldiers fire at him, with no effect. Malloy takes a gun and walks to Snake, swinging it at him. The gun passes right through.]

Brazen: He's not even here, he's a hologram!
Snake: Catches on quick, doesn't she?

Snake: You got a smoke?
Malloy: The United States is a non-smoking nation. No smoking, no drinking, no drugs, no women, unless, of course, you're married. No guns, no foul language, no red meat.
Snake: "Land of the free..."

President: What's it going to be, Plissken? Them or us? (approaching armed forces)
Snake: I shut down the third world; they lose, you win. I shut down America; you lose, they win. The more things change, the more they stay the same.
President: So, what are you going to do?
Snake: Disappear. [Types "6-6-6" on the remote]
Brazen: He's entered in the world target code...Sir, that will shut down the entire planet.

[Malloy looks at Snake in shock]

Snake: I told you, you'd better hope I didn't make it back.

Snake: Let's say I come back and I have your black box. Who'll give me the antidote to the virus?
Malloy: A medical team will be standing by.
Snake: Neither one of you will be there?
Malloy: No.
Snake: Good!
Snake: (starts firing on them, with no effect)
Malloy: Ha! Figured you might try that, hotshot. That's why the first clip is loaded with blanks. Bye-bye, Snake. Good luck!

Duty Sergeant: What would you say to all of us who believed in you, who looked up to you, who thought you stood for right over wrong, good over evil? Be my guest. What do you have to say, Plissken?
Snake: Call me Snake.

Malloy: This is your last chance, hotshot.
Snake: For what?
Malloy: Freedom.
Snake: In America? That died a long time ago.

(seeing the bikers chase Snake)
Cuervo Jones: That looks like Snake Plissken!
Utopia: Who?
Cuervo Jones: He used to be a gunfighter. He kind of faded out of the scene a few years ago. I hear he slowed down some.
Utopia: He don't look that slow Cuervo!
Cuervo Jones: Nobody rolls into town and disrespects me! Not Snake Plissken, not nobody!


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