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Eugenio Cruz Vargas (Santiago, October 2, 1923 - Olmué, January 18, 2014) was a Chilean poet and painter.

Eugenio Cruz Vargas, year 1999


  • «There are many ways to practice and make art. There are also various ways to express, such as comedy, sculpture, music, painting etc. Dimensions can be immense even in such small spaces as the head of a pin».[1][2][3]
  • «Silence is the space that has yet to be resolved where the dynamics of thinking and deciding». [4][5][6][7][8][9][10]


Quotes about Eugenio Cruz[edit]

  • "Cruz Vargas keeps his flat and surreal poetic style, characterized by simple language instrumentalized to sublime the love, the life and the nature".[12]
    • Maria Carolina Geel (1913-1996), Chilean writer.
  • "A child who does not renounce dreaming, the same as living with the adult life struggling to pieces and holds them with claws that poetry is capable of to find the magnitude of resources”.[13][14]
    • Emilio Antilef, Chilean journalist and writer.


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