Evil Star

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Evil Star is the sequel to Raven's Gate and focuses on Matt's life after his time in Yorkshire. He is now fostered by Richard Cole and lives in York. Both of them are recovering from the cult in Lesser Malling, but once again the Nexus corporation get in touch with them about a new gate opening in Peru.

Matt Freeman

  • I think you should get out of the school.
  • (to the bully Gavin) Do you want me to rip open your other hand too?
  • I just don't understand you!
  • Hate is all you have.
  • I'm in Cuzco.
  • I want to go back to the LEAF project.
  • Salamander had it. Now that he's dead, perhaps we'll never find it.
  • You can't even look after yourself!

Richard Cole

  • There's no stone circles in the desert.
  • You're imagining things.
  • Are you sure there's no swan?
  • (when Incas kidnap him) Run, Matt! Run! Don't stop!
  • There's no bread and there's no eggs. I know, I know, I said I'd get some. But I forgot.
  • Of course it matters! I'm meant to be looking after you...
  • For all we know, this mysterious South American businessman or whoever he is could have got to Morton, this could all be a trap.
  • You don't want me, you want Matt.
  • Was I chosen? The way I see it, Matt just happened to stumble into my offices.

Diego Salamanda

  • To what do I owe the pleasure of your company? What do you want?
  • One of the Five. Two of the Five... here, in my hacienda!
  • The silver swan must be positioned at midnight precisely.
  • It's five minutes to midnight... just five minutes... that's all I needed. Five minutes more!
  • Do you realize how much I hate you?



(some Incas are watching the sunset. One man sitting on his backside gets up)

  • Old Inca: (in Incan) He will come. We have no need to send for him. He will come anyway. The boy is on the other side of the world. He lives in England.
  • Atoc: Oi, are we just going to wait for him? We have so little time. And even if he does come, how can he help us? A child?
  • Old Inca: You don't understand, Atoc. The boy has power. He still has no idea who he is or how strong he has become. He will come here and he will arrive in time. His power will bring him to us.
  • Atoc: Who is this boy?
  • Old Inca: His name is Matthew Freeman; he is the first of the Five.

  • (Matt comes home and sees Richard with Susan Ashwood and Fabian)
  • Richard: You don't want me, you want Matt.
  • Susan: We want both of you. Come in, Matt.
  • Matt: What do you want?
  • Fabian: Hello, Matt. How's the new school?
  • Matt: School's great.
  • Fabian: You're looking well.

  • (in the hotel, four cops walk up to Matt)
  • Rodriguez: You are Matthew Freeman? Yes. My name is Rodriguez.
  • Matt: Where is Fabian?
  • Rodriguez: Fabian? Who is Fabian?
  • Matt: Please... you've got to help. I was attacked yesterday. There were men with guns. You've got to phone Mr Fabian!
  • Rodriguez: (to receptionists) Move! (he punches Matt in the chest, Matt flies onto his back)
  • Matt: I want...
  • Rodriguez: (playing) What do you want? You want to confess? I think that would be a very good idea my friend.
  • Matt: I haven't... done anything wrong...
  • Rodriguez: You have no name. You have no identity. You have entered my country illegally. Maybe you are a terrorist? You are young, that is true. But there are others who are younger. WHERE IS RICHARD COLE?
  • Matt: I... don't know... he said to meet me at the hotel... I don't know... where he went!
  • (a businessman comes out of an elevator, but then stops in surprise at the scene before him with a policeman kneeling over an injured boy. The businessman retreats to the elevator and disappears back upstairs)
  • Rodriguez: (he cradles Matt's neck in his hands) You are a very foolish boy, Matthew Freeman. You have come, uninvited, to my country and it is time for you to pay. Because, you see, you are "Paul Carter." You do not exist. We could shoot you now. But that is not what is going to happen to you, Matthew Freeman, you are going to be put in a cell deep underground and you are going to be left to rot and nobody is ever going to hear from you again. Diego Salamanda sends his regards!