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Fast Forward is an Australian comedy show that ran from April 12, 1989 and ended on November 26, 1992.

Series 1[edit]

Hunch (Steve Vizard)[edit]

  • Shame Shame Shame
  • Shame, Shame, Shame, Slut, Slut, Slut. (Derryn Doll sketch)
  • Sexual Monster of The Worst Kind Deviant Chemical Carstration
  • Thanks heavens it's only a toy. Imagine if it were real?

Chenille + Janelle[edit]

  • Hello I'm talking to Chenelle, institute of Beauty + House of hair removal.
  • Just look for the pair of legs with the Question Mark in between them.
  • Well today Janelle, I Would like to talk about a service for those unfortunate Laddies + Lassies who don't know whether they want to be Laddies or Lassies.
  • You mean a sex change

Robert Gottilebson (Ernie Dingo)[edit]

  • Hi i'm Robert Gottilebson here to talk to you about that big thing tax.
  • 15 percent, 15 percent
  • You stick with me cos i'm always in the black.


  • I'm not seeing a lump of Black Forest Cake Darryl.
  • She was wearing a crushed apricot silk gown and guess what she had for lunch? Crushed apricots!
  • Your moon is in Saturn, take extreme care while rising.

Liar - Deshonke[edit]

  • What the eye doesn't see the buyer doesn't know

Lost In Space[edit]

  • Dr Smith was exploring more than the Lunar Surface

The Addams Family[edit]

  • What Their re-playing 1960's T.V Shows In Prime Time?
  • They Promised By 1990 no Child would be living in poverty, so Why am I dressed like this, 'cause your fat + ugly Pugsley.
  • Lurch feel up Tish I'm standing for parliament

Get Smart[edit]

  • The ol' disappearing policy trick.
  • That's terrible chief if you have Politicians, without policies what do you have?
  • The Liberal Party.

The Cosby Show[edit]

  • I Just love this time of evening dear. (Cliff,Vizard). Sunset Cliff? (Claire, Downey). No, Primetime!
  • I was thinking sought of you and I could go upstairs and play Doctors + Lawyers.
  • Theo my son's still a virgin boy.

Brent Smythe + Barry[edit]

  • Barry I want you to break that cigarette
  • Once You've seen a Smythe ad you know Smythe has his own way of doing things.
  • Last year Brent Smythe made as much money as the Prime Minister and his whole cabinet squared.

60 Minutes (Richard Carleton)[edit]

  • Do You Know were i can get my hands on a Hey Hey It's Saturday T-Shirt I enclose a $25 postal order.

Duck Beer[edit]

  • Suck A Duck, making Australian's what they are today.

Fin Review[edit]

  • You really knocked their socks of back there
  • Didn't you see the way Hancock was looking at you?
  • Who's Hancock?
  • Driver take me back to the airport I think I'm in the wrong car


  • I use valvoline so I can get into these really tight jeans


  • This is one of my all time favorites. the Keating Interest Rate Classic. (Candid Camera)
  • I am A Television Station without a license. The ABC ?

Rubbery Figures Cartoons[edit]

  • Space the Three Years Between Elections
  • Egg put it on your Face (Keating)
  • One Stake through the heart Should Do you (man) They wouldn't 'ave given me this job if i didn't have a heart (Keating)
  • Bob were running out of hot air(Keating) well let's throw out some first homebuyers (Hawke) It's not working Bob (Keating) Well I've Got Something. "The'll be no Australian child living in poverty by 1990" (Hawke) Got any more Bob? (Keating) All our other Election promises were in my back



  • We have not sung a song since we don't when. So we thought it was time to get together again


  • I'd won a Oscar + I'd come pretty far, Without you Babe I'd become a Star


  • I wanted to inspire the nation so I wrote this song about Masturbation.


I Dream Of Jeannie[edit]

  • Jeannie I want my trousers back, Jeannie

Mr Ed[edit]

  • Wilbur if you don't get rid of that horrible animal, I'm leaving (Carol). Is that a promise? (Mr ED)

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