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All the girls they love me
'Cause I know my way around.

Antoine Dominique "Fats" Domino Jr. (26 February 192824 October 2017) was an American pianist and singer-songwriter of Louisiana Creole descent credited with selling more records than any other 1950s rock and roll act except Elvis Presley.


You made me cry,
when you said goodbye…
  • They call, they call me the fat man
    'Cause I weight two hundred pounds
    All the girls they love me
    'Cause I know my way around.


  • Blue Monday how I hate Blue Monday
    Got to work like a slave all day
    Here come Tuesday, oh hard Tuesday
    I'm so tired got no time to play
    • Blue Monday (1954); the lyrics to the song are by Dave Bartholomew, with Domino later credited as co-writer for his musical revisions to the song in 1956.

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