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Ferdinand is a 2017 American 3D computer-animated comedy-drama film produced by Blue Sky Studios and 20th Century Fox Animation. It is based on Munro Leaf and Robert Lawson's children's book The Story of Ferdinand and directed by Carlos Saldanha.

The film premiered at Los Angeles on December 10, 2017, and was released in the United States on December 15, 2017 by 20th Century Fox in 2D and 3D.

Built to Fight. Born to Love.(taglines)


  • [Repeated line] Bunny!
  • [As he finds himself in a china shop] Oh, no.
  • [Trying to maneuver through a china shop] Step light. You're a feather. You're a 2,000-pound feather.
  • [To Bunny] Sorry I almost killed you! [Bunny throws a carrot at his face] Ow. [Valiente laughs in mock]
  • I really need to get back home.
  • Actually, I'm gonna pass on the violence.
  • I'm not a fighter.
  • More of me to love.
  • Music to my ears.


  • Real classy, guys. Way to treat a lady.
  • I've been waiting this moment my whole flea-bitten, tin-chewing life, mister!
  • My true destiny is to be a coach.
  • Look at those pecs! It's like two little baby bulls inside of a bull.
  • Mama like that, mama like that.
  • Holy beefaroni, you're ginormous!
  • [When Nina hugs her] Is this love? I love love!


  • Listen to me, flower bull. Things have changed around here since you ran away. Now you're either a fighter or you're meat! Later, meat.
  • Our only way out is to beat the matador in the ring. And that's what I'm gonna do. But, by all means, ballerinas, keep dancing. Tomorrow, I'll be on the winner's truck.
  • Why would I believe a coward who thinks the only way out is through the back door?
  • Bulls fight or go down! That's how the world works.
  • I'm not afraid OF ANYTHING!!! [he becomes full of rage and pushes Ferdinand out of the bullpen] Come on, fight me!
  • You're soft. Like your father. And the soft ones ALWAYS GO DOWN!!!
  • [after his horn rips off due to Ferdinand getting picked] DON'T YOU GET IT?! LOOK AT ME! I'M ALREADY DONE.
  • Go away!
  • [reformed] I thought you could use extra horn. [Guapo is shocked at him due to his ripped horn and he gets annoyed] What? What's the problem?
  • So, are we getting out of here or what?
  • That wasn't so bad.
  • [after Bones and Angus got happy that Guapo is back and giving him the cold shoulder as payback] Okay, I deserved that.
  • I got ya, hedgehog.
  • Yeah, right!
  • [witness Ferdinand won the fight and survived] Flower bull did it.


  • We do not speak of Tres.
  • We're not thieves, we're survivors!
  • The door to freedom.
  • Just do exactly what we do. [She and Dos and Cuatro roll to the house. Ferdinand tries to do the same, and ends up doing a slow tumble that causes the ground to shake] Maybe not do exactly what we do...
  • Can you just try to be a little more quiet?


  • Good luck with that, amigo.
  • Alright, let's do it old school.
  • We're filthy hedgehogs!


  • It gives me the happies!
  • I love cake!

Hans, Klaus, and Greta

Hans: Klaus, Greta, look! It looks like somebody wants to come to our side of the fence.
Greta: Silly moo-moo. He doesn't know the rules.

Hans: Hmm. How do you get to the other side? Oh, let me ponder this question a little bit.
Klaus chuckles
Hans: Mmm... (gasps) SPOILER ALERT! You don't!

Hans: See, this is the beautiful horsey side, and that is the stinky bull side. Beautiful horsies stay here, and you ugly beasts stay there.
Greta: Don't even think about coming over to our side. Or we'll alert the humans!
Klaus: Ja. (laughs) Sucks to be YOU!

Hans: Shoo! Shoo-shoo! Go on, stinky one. Have a nice day smelling terrible. I bet his parents weren't even related.

Hans: (laughing) A bull dancing? Is this some kind of hilarious joke designed to make me laugh?
Greta: You see, horses, we have the beautifulest legs for the dancing.
Klaus: Bulls have short, stubby legs.
Hans: Ja, look at me. Moo, moo, moo!

Greta: You call that dancing? Hah! Nein, this is dancing.

Greta: Don't celebrate yet, you rump roast! Try this!

Hans: Klaus? Greta? I'm sorry for the things I said about your terrible dancing.
Klaus: Nein. (sobs) Nein, Hans! I am the horse that is full of the shame and the regret.
Greta: I cannot stay mad at you. Kommen Sie, you sons of stallions.
Hans: Let's Haagen-Dazs it out.
all whinny in relief


Calf Valiente: Bones, you're never going to get selected. You wanna know why?
Calf Bones: Why?
Calf Valiente: [rams into calf Bones, hurling him across the yard] 'Cause you're a puny bag of bones, Bones.
[Ferdinand comes over to help Bones up]
Calf Ferdinand: You okay?
Calf Bones: I don't need your help, weirdo! I'm fine! [nearly stomps Ferdinand's flower]
Calf Ferdinand: Careful!
[Calf Ferdinand puts his hoof around his flower to protect it. Calf Valiente becomes suspicious]
Calf Valiente: Oh, what do you got there, Ferdinand?
[Calf Ferdinand sits down and hides the flower while smiling sheepishly as Valiente approaches him]
Calf Ferdinand: Uh... nothing!
Calf Valiente: (Mockingly) "Uh, nothing".
Ferdinand: Hey! Don't you guys have some more headbutting to do?
Calf Valiente: Nah, this is way more fun. [Valiente pushes Ferdinand headfirst out of the way and reveals the flower] Can you believe this guy? The matador is gonna pick a bull and all he's worried about is a dumb flower. [Lifts his hoof on top of the flower, threatening to squash it]
Calf Ferdinand: Cut it out, Valiente!
Calf Valiente: Make me.
Calf Guapo and Calf Bones: Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!
[Ferdinand gets up and approaches Valiente]
Calf Ferdinand: I'm not gonna fight you, Valiente. [sits down to protect his flower]
'Calf Valiente: Aw, flower bull is scared.
Calf Ferdinand: I'm not scared.
Calf Valiente: Then fight. That's what bulls do.
Calf Ferdinand: You can hit me if you want, but leave the flower alone.
'Calf Guapo: [confused] You're just gonna let him smack ya?
Calf Bones: [surprised] What? Where's the fun in that?
Calf Valiente: [dumbfounded] Whatever. Have your stupid flower.

Una: Wait, wait. Hold on. You're not like the other meatheads, are you?
Dos: Don't be fooled, sister! Where do you think the word bully comes from, hm? It ain’t from chickens!
Una: No, no. Look at him! He’s soft and sweet.
Cuatro: Like butter.
Ferdinand: Thanks. I think.
Una: Let’s start over. I'm Una.
Dos: I'm Dos.
Cuatro: And I'm Cuatro!
Ferdinand: What happened to Tres?
[Una, Dos, and Cuatro cross themselves]
Una: We do not speak of Tres.
Ferdinand: Oh. Sorry.

Angus: Wait for me! Wait for me!
[Moreno and El Primero see Ferdinand and the animals escaping on the company's truck.]
Moreno: Are you seeing this, too?
El Primero: If you lose my bull, I'll fight you in the ring.
[Ferdinand looks straight ahead and sees the red Bunny Rabbit walking on the road and turns around to see the truck approaching him.]
Ferdinand: BUNNY!!
[Cuatro puts on the truck's brakes and the truck stops right in front of the Bunny. The Bunny Rabbit faints.]
Bunny: (Groans)
[Ferdinand walks out of the truck and picks up the Bunny and takes him the trailer with the bulls.]
Ferdinand: Your turn. [Hurries back to the truck as the Bulls looks at each other confused.] Go!
[The truck drives through the gate. Moreno walks out as the Ranch Heads pull up in his car. On the trailer, Angus is doing CPR on Bunny's chest with his hoof.]
Bones: Come on, Angus! You can do it!
Angus: I'm a bull, not a doctor.
[Maquina then appears behind Angus, Valiente, and Bones as he grunts, rubs his two hooves together and shocks the Bunny back to life. The Bunny then looks up and pants rapidly at the sight of the Bulls.]
Bunny: (Panting Rapidly)
Maquina: (Grunts) [Maquina and the Bulls smile at the Bunny.]

[in the pens, Ferdinand hears Bones crying and checks on him.]
Ferdinand: Bones?
Bones: [startled] Ferdinand! Oh, I'm not...
Ferdinand: Are you okay?
Bones: Why wouldn't I be okay? I just have... uh... allergies.
Ferdinand: Oh. Oh, yeah. Sure. No it's uh... You know, There's a lot of pollen in the air, this time of year.
Bones: That's right. A lot of pollen. Makes my eyes water.
Ferdinand: Hey, I'm really sorry about Guapo. I know you guys were friends.
Bones: Bulls don't have friends, Ferd. Guapo was my competition. Okay? I'm fine!
Ferdinand: Oh. Okay. [turns away]
Bones: I mean, how many times did I tell him? You gotta get outta your head, man. You gotta control your fears, you know? But he wouldn't listen. [sniffles] Sorry.
Ferdinand: It's okay to feel bad, Bones.
Bones: You won't tell anyone about this, will you?
Ferdinand: I won't say a word. But if you ever wanna talk about... oh, I don't know... allergies, I'm around.
Bones: Thanks Ferdinand. You're okay. Hey Ferd, look, if you don't wanna Guap, you gotta get your horns in the game, man. That's the one thing Valiente's got right.


  • Built to Fight. Born to Love.


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