Fetch! With Ruff Ruffman

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Season 1


3-2-1 Blast Off!

Ruff: Ah, Henry, Boss, I mean, I said that I'd have the show ready by today, but I just--I need more time. Please, if I had just one more month, it would be perfect-- I didn't mean "month" I meant, like a week, maybe a day. No, I'm no--Am I? Wait a minute... [to the viewer] Are we live? Hi, I'm Ruff Ruffman! And you're about to witness the most important even in television history! The world premiere of Fetch with Ruff Ruff--[falls off chair] Oh, sorry, I went "puppy" there for a second.

Good Dancing and Bad Breath

Ruff: I probably should look that up. [Opens up the dictionary] Let's see. H, H, H. halitosis, yes. [gasps] BAD BREATH!? She said I had bad breath?.. But that's impossible! Everyone knows dogs have the cleanest mouth of the whole animal kingdom.

Season 2


The Mystery of Dogtopia and Catlantis

Ruff: [yelps and shrieks off-screen] RUN, BLOSSOM, RUN!!! [Ruff and Blossom hide in the Fetch 3000's countertop] Okay, we need a little more work...

Season 5


Eureka is Not a Brand of Dog Food

Ruff: [overtired] Hi, and welcome again to Fetch. The reality game show where humans do the fetching, not dogs! [sobbing]
Fetchers: [concerned] Why? What's wrong with you?
Ruff: My person, She's rediscovered the joys of playing Fetch with her dog!
Ruff's Owner: [off-screen] Ruffydoodles, time for fetchies! Bring your tennis ball! Woof-woof!
Ruff: [sobbing] You see what I mean!? She's running me ragged!