Fictional last words in The Swan Princess media

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  • Derek… I… (Derek: Who did this?) It came so quickly… A Great… Animal. (Derek: Where is Odette?) Listen to me, Derek. It’s not what it seems. It’s not what it seems. (Derek: What’s not? Where is Odette?) Odette is… Odette is… Gone.
    • Who: King William
    • Source: The Swan Princess (1994)
    • Note: King William was attacked by The Great Animal.
  • Only if you defeat… me.
    • Who: Rothbart
    • Source: The Swan Princess (1994)
    • Note: Rothbart turns into The Great Animal, and Prince Derek killed him by shooting an arrow into his heart and sent him plunging into Swan Lake, exploding on contact.
  • Bye-bye, Birdie!
  • NOOOO!!!!!!!
    • Who: Clavius
    • Source: The Swan Princess: Escape from Castle Mountain (1997)
    • Note: as the orb from the Forbidden Arts crashes onto the floor and causes the entire mountain to erupt massive amounts of molten lava. The eruption kills Clavius while Prince Derek, Princess Odette and the others escape using Clavius' hot air balloon.
  • Traitor!