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Final Fantasy VII Remake is an action role-playing game developed and published by Square Enix and released in 2020. It is part of a planned series of games remaking the entirety of the original 1997 PlayStation game Final Fantasy VII. The first entry is set in the dystopian cyberpunk metropolis of Midgar, and primarily follows the protagonist, mercenary Cloud Strife, as he and an eco-terrorist group known as AVALANCHE oppose a powerful megacorporation known as Shinra from using the planet's life essence as an energy source.

Cloud Strife[edit]

  • Not interested. [Ch. 1]
  • This is a one time gig. When it's done, we're done. [Ch. 1]
  • Survival can be a matter of luck or skill. And you can't rely on luck. [Ch. 2]
  • Watch the tail! You don't want to be hit by that laser! [Ch. 1]
  • If it feels wrong, don't do it. [Ch. 3/4]
  • I'm a light sleeper. It's a SOLDIER thing. [Ch. 14]
  • Nailed it, I know, thank you. Moving on. [Ch. 9]
  • When we were kids everybody wanted to be a SOLDIER. By the time I made it in, they didn't need heroes anymore. [Ch. 3]
  • Fine. I promise. [Ch. 4]
  • You okay? [Ch. 5]
  • I'm not cut out for this crap. [Ch. 5]
  • Quit acting like you know me! [Ch. 8]
  • Bring it on, bitch. [Ch. 18]

Barret Wallace[edit]

  • Y'all have to look at the big picture here. Nothing worth fighting for was ever won without sacrifice. [Ch. 2]
  • Take a good look. It's because of that great big pizza in the sky that people down there gotta struggle to survive. [Ch. 2]
  • Put me on TV, I'mma drop some truth! [Ch. 7]
  • Hold onto this. This anger. Okay? [Ch. 13]
  • Some bad people are... trying to hurt the planet. And Daddy... Daddy and his friends are trying to stop those bad people. The slums, your friends, the whole planet — it's Daddy's job to protect it. [Ch. 14]
  • Just thinking about busting into Shinra HQ's got me fired up! [Ch. 16]
  • Used to think you were a little shit with a big attitude and a bigger inferiority complex. Quite possibly the worst person I have ever met. But that was before I figured you out. All this? It ain't you. [Ch. 14]
  • A good man who serves a great evil is not without sin. He must recognize and accept his complicity. He must open his eyes to the truth — that his corporate masters are profiting from the planet's pain. [Ch. 16]
  • I'm a man of modest dreams. Dropping you from seventy stories up would get me damn near to good. [Ch. 17]
  • He [Al] even pulled the flower trick on Tifa once. She told him where to stick 'em. [Ch. 14]
  • Ain't you two havin' fun! [Ch. 18]

Tifa Lockhart[edit]

  • Still, it's kinda funny. Us going our separate ways, thinking that must be it... That we'd never meet again — and then here of all places we do. [Ch. 3]
  • I'll be fine. You've seen how much ass I can kick. [Ch. 9]
  • Deep down, you're a pretty nice guy. Didn't see it when we were kids, but... [Ch. 14]
  • They took everything from us. Again. [Ch. 14]
  • I don't care! I don't want anyone else to die, please! [Ch. 5]
  • A whole lotta normal people with families and friends work for ShinRa. People just trying to support their loved ones as best they can. I know it's not exactly a revelation, but... it's easy to forget. [Ch. 16]
  • We should totally celebrate! Let's dress up and hit the town! [Ch. 3]
  • I'm sick of this! I'm sick of all of this! [Ch. 7]
  • Cloud! Are you ignoring me again? [Ch. 1]
  • What's with you all of a sudden? Like you're losing that hard edge... [Ch. 4]
  • I'll buy stuff for the bar, decorations, coasters! [Ch. 10]
  • Hang on, guys, we're coming. And you can go to hell! [Ch. 11]
  • You can't do this! [Ch. 12]
  • No biggie. [Ch. 16]
  • You gotta be better than this... If you're gonna play the hero. [Ch. 17]
  • We can beat them! [Ch. 18]
  • What'd I miss? [Ch. 18]
  • Better late than never! [Ch. 18]

Aerith Gainsborough[edit]

  • We're not delicious! Not even a little bit! [Ch. 10]
  • ...We need to make the most of the time we have — to live our lives the way we wanna live. Every minute... every moment, matters. [Ch. 14]
  • I'm glad I met you, Cloud. I really am. I'm grateful for all the words we've shared. For all the moments, and the memories. You've made me more happy than you know. [Ch. 14]
  • People hate the steel sky, the slums... but I don’t. How could I? All that passion, all those dreams, flowing and blending together into something greater... [Ch. 7]
  • ... But whatever happens, you can't fall in love with me. Even if you think you's not real. [Ch. 14]
  • The Shinra Electric Power Company isn't the real enemy. I promise you. There's a much bigger threat. I just want to do everything in my power to help. All of you... and the planet. [Ch. 17]
  • The first guy I ever loved... (muted) [Ch. 9]
  • Is Tifa like... your girlfriend? [Ch.8]
  • Can I come? Then it's a date! [Ch. 10]
  • A long time ago I used to sell flowers here. [Ch. 9]
  • Go. Follow your heart. [Ch. 12]
  • I'm a friend! Of Tifa's! [Ch. 12]
  • I miss it. The steel sky. [Ch. 18]
  • I'm not some princess who needs to be coddled. (Ladder she's climbing breaks) Shit. [Ch. 7]
  • Sorry I'm late. [Ch. 18]

Red XIII[edit]

  • Is it our destiny to defy destiny? It's an interesting question. [Ch. 18]
  • If it's to be a hunt, you could use a nose like mine. [Ch. 18]
  • Labrat Dog! [Ch. 17]
  • I am what you see before you. Nothing more. I'd appreciate it if we simply left it at that. Agreed? [Ch. 16]
  • I'm the one who carried you. [Ch. 17]


  • Together we can cast off the yoke of fate... together. [Ch. 18]
  • All born are bound to her. Should this world be unmade, so too shall her children. [Ch. 18]
  • Seven seconds until the end. Time enough for you. Perhaps. But what will you do with it? [Ch. 18]
  • You are too weak to save anyone. Not even yourself. [Ch. 2]
  • Those who look with clouded eyes see nothing but shadows. [Ch. 18]
  • You need not remind me. It was the crowning moment of our time together. But that was then, and this is now. [Ch. 2]
  • That which lies ahead does not yet exist. Our world will become a part of it one day. But I will not end, nor will I have you end. [Ch. 18]
  • The reunion is nothing to fear. [Ch. 8]
  • You have failed again, I see. But through suffering you will grow stronger. Isn't that what you want? [Ch. 13]
  • Fate is not to be taken lightly, Cloud. [Ch. 18]
  • Do you fear me? [Ch. 18]
  • Within my veins flows the blood of the Ancients. This planet is my birthright. [Ch. 13]
  • Very good, Cloud, Very good. Hold onto that hatred [Ch. 1]
  • A touching reunion [Ch. ???]
  • Mother. Let's reclaim our world, Together. [Ch. ???]
  • Fate is not to be taken lightly, Cloud [Ch. 18]
  • Don't worry. It's a simple thing. Run, Cloud. Run away [Ch. 1]
  • Can you bare to see the planet suffer, Cloud? [Ch. 1]
  • Our beloved planet is dying. Painfully. Slowly. Silently [Ch. 1]
  • Do you dream of me? [Ch 18: Battle]
  • "His famous wing is finally out for battle. Be careful"

Don't let the hatred take over [Custom Quote By: Toby Hendricks] Look into the shadows [Custom Quote By: Toby Hendricks] Do you think it will all end, Cloud? Let me remind you. This time it will. [Custom Quote By: Toby Hendricks] Do you fear the fate of your mother? [Custom Quote By: Toby Hendricks] Do you miss your friend Zack Fair? [Custom Quote By: Toby Hendricks] Do you want me to unmake this kingdom of Materia, Cloud? [Custom Quote By: Toby Hendricks]


[Ch. 1]

Barret: This pump's sole purpose is to drain the planet dry. While you sleep, while you eat, while you shit — it's here, sucking up mako. It doesn't rest and it doesn't care! You do realize what mako is, don't you? Mako is the lifeblood of our world. The planet bleeds green like you and me bleed red. The hell you think's gonna happen when it's all gone, huh?! Answer me! You gonna stand there and pretend you can't hear the planet crying out in pain? I know you can!
Cloud: You really hear that?
Barret: Damn straight I do!
Cloud: Get help.

[Ch. 2]

Cloud: You're not real... you're... dead! (in Japanese: It can't be...! You're... dead!)
Sephiroth: I am?
Cloud: I killed you with my own-
Sephiroth: Oh, you need not remind me. It was the crowning of our time together. But that was then, and this is now. I have a favor to ask. Don't worry. It's a small thing. Our beloved planet is dying. Slowly. Silently. Painfully. Can you bear to see the planet suffer... Cloud? Were the planet to die, so many things would be lost.
Cloud: (while having a flashback to the Nibelheim Incident) Mom... Mom...
Sephiroth: Your hometown that burns so bright... The sound of her voice pleading for me to spare you. The shiver of her flesh yielding to cold steel. That which binds us together would be no more. And I would be loathe to live in such a world. Which is why I must ask you this one favor. Don't worry. It's a simple thing. Run, Cloud... Run away. You have to leave... You have to live.
Cloud: (drawing the Buster Sword) You bastard! (in Japanese: Don't screw with me!) (He swings at Sephiroth, who disappears along with the visions of Nibelheim burning)
Sephiroth: Good, Cloud. Very good. Hold onto that hatred.
Cloud: (putting the Buster Sword on his back and rubbing his temples) I'm seeing things. Fumes from all the mako, maybe. All right. You got this.

[Ch. 14]

Barret: (in Aerith's garden after she's been abducted by Shinra) You should rest up while you can.
Cloud: Likewise.
Barret: Nah, I'm good — real good. 'Sides, when I close my eyes, I start thinking 'bout things. 'Bout people. Like Finn. Lazy little punk. Kid would do damn near anything 'cept what you told him. But ask him to paint you a picture and boy howdy. Those Stamps in the tunnels? Finn's work. Every one. Then there's Al. Intel guy. He had these tricks for stealing codes I still don't understand. Stole his share of hearts, too. But, when it came to the ladies, he just had the one trick. Bouquet of flowers hidden behind his back. Funny to think, some of 'em might've even come from here. He pulled the flower trick on Tifa, believe it or not. She told him where to stick 'em.
Cloud: 'Course she did.
Barret: Our quartermaster, Nellie, had a good laugh at that. She was tight with Jessie. People sometimes took 'em for sisters even. They'd say "No way!" and get upset, but then they'd start giggling and you knew... (beat) Yeah... They'll all be fine. They're strong. They're tough. Like me. After we save Aerith, I'll introduce you to them.
Cloud: Sounds good.
Barret: (chuckles) Never thought I'd feel better after taking with your hard-boiled ass.
Cloud: Think you can sleep now?
Barret: Oh, yeah. Like a baby.

[Ch. 14]

Cloud: (upon seeing Tifa in Aerith's garden) Can't sleep?
Tifa: Yes. Cloud? (in the English version: No. You too?)
Cloud: I heard footsteps.
Tifa: Sorry. I woke you up. (in the English version: Sorry. Didn't mean to wake you.)
Cloud: Don't worry. It's a SOLDIER thing. (in the English version: I'm a light sleeper. It's a SOLDIER thing.)
Tifa: (laughs) That flower you gave me the other night. That was from Aerith, wasn't it? I knew there was something weird going on. You, buying flowers. They symbolize reunion, believe it or not. I was curious, so I looked it up. I tried to keep it alive as long as I could. But now... it's dead and buried. Like the bar... our home... and everything else. (Tifa begins to cry, walking forward to embrace Cloud) They took everything from us. Again. (After a beat, Cloud wraps his arms around her) Cloud... Cloud, you're hurting me. It's stupid. I know that crying's a waste of time. (in the Japanese version: Cloud... It hurts. Sorry. I know that crying won't do anything.)
Cloud: That's not true.
Tifa: Thank you.

[Ch. 14]

Cloud: (upon seeing Aerith in her garden) How is this... Is this a dream?
Aerith: Maybe. You tell me.
Cloud: You okay?
Aerith: Don't I look it? I used to live in the Shinra Building, back when I was really little.
Cloud: Your mom told us.
Aerith: Right. So it kinda feels like I've gone back to my childhood home, you know? Honestly, it's not that bad.
Cloud: So what, you wanna stay?
Aerith: C'mon, Cloud. Don't be silly.
Cloud: Your mom's really worried too.
Aerith: "Too?" So you're worried about me?
Cloud: Of course I am.
Aerith: I'm sorry about that. Really.
Cloud: Is that...?
Aerith: (while praying) Everyone dies eventually.
Cloud: I suppose.
Aerith: So we need to make the most of the time we have — to live our lives the way we wanna live. Every minute... every moment matters.
Cloud: I'll remember that.
Aerith: Good. (beat) So...
Cloud: You need to embrace this moment. Right?
Aerith: (nods) I'm glad I met you, Cloud. I really am. I'm grateful for all the words we've shared. For all the moments and memories. You've made me more happy than you know. And I'll always cherish what you've given me. But... But whatever happens, you can't fall in love with me. Even if you think you have... it's not real.
Cloud: Do I get a say in all this?
Aerith: It's almost morning. Time to go.
Cloud: I'm coming for you.
Aerith: If that's what you want. Thank you.

[Ch. 18]

Barret: Home free, Red!
Red XIII: I wouldn't celebrate just yet.
Barret: Man, you need to lighten up. Hell, you might even try smiling. (Red smiles; it looks more like an ugly snarl)
Barret: On second thought... maybe frowning suits you better. Hey, don't pout!

[Ch. 18, during the final boss fight]

Aerith: (if Aerith appears during the second phase) Did you miss me?
Cloud: Not really. He's [Sephiroth's] tough.
Aerith: Yeah, so what? Screw him.

[Ch.18, after the final boss fight]

[Cloud drops into a black reality, where Sephiroth waits. He feels pain and Sephiroth takes his hand.]
Sephiroth: Careful now. That which lies ahead... does not yet exist. [Cloud backs away] Our world will become a part of it... one day. But I... will not end. Nor will I have you end.
Cloud: This is...?
Sephiroth: The edge of creation. Cloud, lend me your strength. Let us defy destiny... together!
Cloud: [raises his sword] Never.
[Sephiroth raises his sword, and a short swordfight ensues. Sephiroth locks Cloud's sword]
Sephiroth: Not yet.
[Sephiroth disarms Cloud, and goes behind him]
Sephiroth: Seven seconds till the end. Time enough for you. Perhaps. But what will you do with it? Let's see.
[Cloud turns around, only to see Sephiroth gone. A black feather falls to the ground]

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