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You are just a puppet... You have no heart... and cannot feel any pain... How can there be any meaning in the memory of such a being? What I have shown you is reality. What you remember, that is the illusion.
Only death awaits you all, but do not fear. For it is through death that a new spirit energy is born. Soon, you will live again as a part of me.

Final Fantasy VII is a role-playing game developed by Squaresoft in 1997. Published by Sony Computer Entertainment Inc./Europe/America (SCEI/SCEE/SCEA) for the Playstation and by Eidos for the PC. A PS4 remake of the game was released on April 10, 2020. The game depicts a small group of eco-terrorists in their fight against a corporatocratic power company, set in a dying urban fantasy world where a mystical life force has become an industrialized and weaponized natural resource.

Cloud Strife[edit]

  • Not interested. (It's not my problem).
    • Cloud's tag line
  • Barret, be careful! Attack while its tail is up! It's gonna counterattack with its laser!
    • His infamous English line during the first boss battle, offering exactly the wrong advice. (Scorpion Sentinel will counterattack with the laser if the player attacks the boss)
      • A more accurate translation would be: Watch the tail! You don't want to be hit by that laser!
  • No one lives in the slums because they want to. It's like this train. It can only go where the tracks take it.
  • Anyone may claim that he will act in the direst times, yet only a brave man acts in times great and small.
  • ...Something.
    • When Yuffie asks Cloud to say something after giving him a kiss on the cheek in their date scene
  • A floating city... pretty unsettling scenery.
  • If everything's a dream, don't wake me.
  • A billion mirror fragments... small... light... taken... angel's... singing voices...xeno...gears
  • I've... been thinking, too... about the universe... people... the planet... How wide and big... No matter where I go and what I do, it won't change a thing.
  • Alright everybody, let's mosey!
  • OK, I got it! (after learning Omnislash, his Level 4 limit)
  • Don't really care.
    • Infamous saying if the player gives him the Limit Break item that does not belong to him

Aerith/Aeris Gainsborough[edit]

  • The Shinra Electric Power Company isn't the real enemy. I promise you. There's a much bigger threat. I just want to do everything in my power to help. All of you - and the planet.
  • Don't fight here! You'll ruin the flowers!
  • Mine is special. It's good for absolutely nothing!
    • ironic comment about the White Materia
  • I think they believe I have what it takes to be in SOLDIER!
    • offering an explanation for being constantly pursued by the Turks
  • This guy are sick.[sic]
    • Infamous typo that she says in the Sector 5 slums in the original translation of the game.
  • A girl!! What do you mean by that!? You expect me to just sit by and listen, after hearing you say something like that!? Mom! I'm taking Cloud to Sector 7. I'll be back in a while.
  • He always said that just once, he'd like to dress up like a girl.
    • attempting to convince a tailor to make Cloud a dress
  • Embarrassed? Come on, speak up!
  • What are you doing?
  • Did you have a bad dream? Don't worry. You'll feel much better in the morning. And I'll promise to take you straight home.
    • (If the player makes a noise, making Aerith distracted)
  • You jerk! I thought I told you not to leave your room. Now get back in there!
    • (If the player makes a noise for the second time)
  • No more games.
    • (If the player makes a noise for the third time)
  • I want to know you. The real you.
  • Heya.
  • Let's see how compatible Cloud and I are!
  • Hey, that's Cloud's line! '...It's too dangerous, I can't get you involved...' Blah blah blah.
  • I won't let you do it! The future is not only yours!
  • [last words] I'll be going now. I'll come back when it's all over.
  • I'm sick of this[1]
    • unused line that is used in the Great Glacier.
  • It isn't me.
    • (If the player gives her the wrong level 4 Limit Manual)
  • This should be okay.
    • (If the player gives her the Great Gospel (her Level 4 Limit Manual) after completing all her Limit Breaks)
  • Silly...Didn't anyone tell you? This IS Hades
    • Debug Menu

Barret Wallace[edit]

In the original version, Barret Wallace is one of the first Final Fantasy characters that has used curse words in-game.

  • You all have to look at the big picture here. Nothing worth fighting for was ever won without sacrifice.
    • to AVALANCHE
  • A promise is a promise.
  • It's cuz of that &^#$# 'pizza' that people underneath are sufferin'!
    • referring to Midgar's "stacked plate" layout
  • Who you callin' Mr. Barret? That don't sound right!
  • Stop actin' like a damn kid. Si'down and shu'up!
  • Is it right to go on? They're all gone. Died for the planet. Will they ... will they ever forgive me? ... Right now, I don't really know.
  • Don't forget that your skinny ass's workin' for AVALANCHE now!
  • Shit! The hell you so calm about? You bustin' up my rhythm...
  • But, damn man, that thing gives me the creeps...
    • when about to crawl into a duct that leads to a reactor
  • We'll jump from here!! Follow me, you 'spensive leech!
    • to Cloud after he proves to be a liability
  • Y'all Shinra're the VERMIN, killing the planet! And that makes you King VERMIN! So Shu'up jackass!
    • to President Shinra after he calls AVALANCHE "vermin" (Note: 'King VERMIN!' is a lizard boss in Final Fantasy X-2)
  • Oh yeah? Well to me it looks like a golden shiny wire of hope.
    • referring optimistically to a suspended wire that could be used to reach Midgar's top plate
  • Don't need no appointment... This is a 'mergency! Anyone who don't wanna get their face bashed in better git outta the way!!
  • Da-Mn.
  • Where's its $#&*&@ head? This whole thing's stupid. Let's keep goin'.
    • interrupting the party's horror when they encounter a headless Jenova
  • If I was alone, this wouldn't be a thang, but I got a reputation to protect.
  • Haeey!! Baaeby!!
  • You damn Midgar hyena...!
    • To Don Corneo in Wutai
  • Cetra? That some kinda disease?
  • I've been here since the beginning and I still don't know what the hell's goin' on!
  • I'm going, going, going, gone! And I'm leavin' the thinkin' to you!
  • I know you got problems... hell, we all do. But you gotta understand that there ain't no gettin' offa this train we're on, till we get to the end of the line.
  • I'll go upside your spikey blonde head and bring you back to normal!
  • (at the base of Gaea's Cliff in the snowy Northern Continent) ...Seein' a place like this, makes you realize how awesome nature is. But, if anyone ever told me to live here, I'd tell them know... I'll tell you one thing though, if I did have to live here I'd change things around 'n' make it better. I guess the total opposite of this would be...... Midgar. When you think of it that way, Shinra don't seem so bad... Uuuuuurrrrrgh!! What the hell am I sayin'!? The Shinra, not bad!?
  • You Spiky Haired Jerk!
  • Don't go thinkin' you so bad jes ‘cuz you was in SOLDIER.
  • The planet's dyin', Cloud!
  • Hey gimme me back my money!
  • Yo, yo wait up!
    • To Cloud who tried to chase Yuffie by himself
  • So play!!! Mess around all you want!! Don't forget, we're after Sephiroth!
    • After Aerith tells him that they gonna play
  • D-d-d-damn! My head hurts!
    • if the player gives the right Limit Break item but does not complete all his Limit Skills
  • Heh, no sweat! (after learning Catastrophe)
  • Got nuthin' to do with me! (if the player chooses the wrong Level 4 limit manual to him)

Tifa Lockhart[edit]

  • Sephiroth!? Did Sephiroth do this to you?! Sephiroth... SOLDIER... Mako Reactors... Shin-Ra... I hate them all!!
    • Upon discovering her father's body outside the Nibelheim reactor
  • Oh! Cloud! Your hair looks like a Chocobo!
  • Quit slapping me! You old wench!!!
    • to Scarlet before slapping her repeatedly
  • Words aren't the only way to tell someone how you feel.
  • So! You're really leaving?! You're just going to walk right out ignoring your childhood friend?!
    • to Cloud after he refused to join AVALANCHE
  • I made it this far, believing in the memories we shared. This isn't happening! It's too cruel!
  • A memory is something that has to be consciously recalled, right? That's why sometimes it can be mistaken and a different thing...... But it's different from a memory locked deep within your heart.....
  • People have many things pent up inside of themselves. So many things they can never forget. Strange, isn't it?
  • This day will never come again, so let me have this moment.
  • Will you stop acting like a retard and climb?! It's only a few more floors anyway!
    • To Barret, when he complains about having to climb the ShinRa building's 65 floors
  • I've got the wrong person.
    • Infamous engrish saying when she is given a Limit Break item that doesn't belong to her.
  • I wonder what Aeris felt...When she was up on that altar...
  • It's all right. You're here... Everyone's all together. Together... we can do anything. We've worked this hard already.
  • But that's all right. As long as I'm with you... As long as you're by my side... I won't give up even if I'm scared.
  • I'm not too sure, but...
    • if the player gives Final Heaven but does not learn all her limit skills
  • Hmm... so that's it.
    • if the player gives her the Limit Break item that belongs to her (Final Heaven) after learning all her Limit Breaks

Red XIII/Nanaki[edit]

  • I'll talk as much as you want later, Miss.
    • to Tifa after she shows surprise when he talks
  • I don't like two-legged things.
  • (When asked what he is) I am that which you see before you. Nothing less.
  • It's pretty hard standing on two feet.
    • while impersonating a sailor
  • Humans only look at appearances, anyway. Any way you look at it, I'd say I make a fine human being.
  • Would you kindly hurry? The heat is drying my nose.
  • Shinra only cares if things are good right now. But, I plan to live for 500 years and won't stand for that type of thinking.
  • Midgar... I hated the fact I was caught by Hojo and taken back to the lab where they did all kinds of experiments on me... But because of that I was able to meet you all... People you meet... others you don't... Strange, isn't it?
  • I am Nanaki, son of Seto... I am afraid of nothing... it's all right, all right. I'm Nanaki, the son of brave Seto... I'm not afraid of Sephiroth...
  • I am Nanaki, son of Seto... Warrior and protector of Cosmo Canyon.
  • Grrrrrr....
    • After Cloud kicks a soccer ball into him at Costa Del Sol
  • Is it impossible for us to carry on... what Aeris tried to accomplish?
  • Right, I've got it!
    • if the player chooses the Limit Break item that belongs to him and learns all his Limit Skills
  • I don't get it.
    • if the player gives the right Limit Break item but does not complete all his Limit Skills
  • It has nothing to do with me.
    • if the player gives him a Limit Break item that does not belong to him

Cait Sith/Reeve Tuesti[edit]

Cait Sith is an animatronic and can be remotely controlled by Shinra executive Reeve Tuesti. As such, some of the dialogue delivered by Cait Sith is actually said by Reeve.

Cait Sith[edit]

  • Hey you!! What're you lookin' so down for!? How 'bout it? Want me to read your fortune!? A bright future! A happy future! Oh, but don't hold it against me if it's not a great prediction! Oh, so sorry! I'm a fortune telling machine. The name's Cait Sith.
  • Ordinary luck. It will be an active fortune. Give into the good will of others, and something big'll happen after summer.
  • Be careful of forgetfulness. Your lucky color
  • What you pursue will be yours... but you will lose something dear.
  • W-wait a second. I won't run or hide. Yes, I was a spy. I was hired by the Shinra. I couldn't help it. How 'bout if we continue like nothing ever happened?
    • after Cloud discovers he's a spy
  • I know I have a stuffed animal body, but I'll work really hard!
  • Listen you stupid, slimy, sleazy old scab bag! If you want to get women, there is such a thing as the RIGHT way!
    • Cait Sith to Don Corneo in Wutai
  • Hi, Cloud. This is Cait Sith. I overheard the whole story! Don't forget about me. Everything you said makes perfect sense! You can use my stuffed body for the future of the Planet.
  • This is the final, final farewell!
  • She told me to "Be strong". I feel so happy. Owwww... What happened? I can protect the Planet too! I'm kinda embarrassed... There's plenty of stuffed toys like my body around, but there's only one me! Don't forget me, even if another Cait Sith comes along. Goodbye, then! I guess I'm off to save the Planet...
    • Before going to retreive the Black Materia - which will kill whoever attempts to take it
  • Both 'Gya ha ha' and 'Kya ha ha' are up to something. Wanna eavesdrop?

Reeve Tuesti[edit]

  • (To President Shinra about his plan to destroy AVALANCHE at the cost of civilians) Please, Mr. President. I'm asking you reconsider. No! I'm begging you-
  • Something bothers me. I think it's your way of life. You don't get paid. You don't get praised. Yet, you still risk your lives and continue on your journey. Seeing that makes me... it just makes me think about my life.
  • Let's just say I'm against capital punishment. Besides... I hate this broad.
    • explaining why he knocked out Scarlet, who was to oversee a public execution
  • Looks like Kya ha ha and Gya ha ha are up to something again.
    • talking about Scarlet and Heidegger
  • I didn't want to do this... using dirty tricks and taking hostages... But this is how it is... no compromises. So why don't we continue on as we did before?

Cid Highwind[edit]

Like Barrett Wallace, Cid Highwind curses in-game, but more so than Barrett.

  • Shut up! Sit your ass down in that chair and DRINK YOUR GODDAMN TEA!
  • Even the moon'd tire of waitin' around for your ass!
  • It's gonna get so hot in there that there a'int gonna be SHIT left when we blast off!
  • This's gonna be a big splash. Hold on to your drawers, an' don't piss in 'em!!
  • Maybe God'd forgive an ugly shit like you, but I won't!
  • Shit! Shit! Shit! What the hell's with this place!
  • I don't know what the hell it is, but it's falling from the sky. Hmpf! It's not even an omen.
  • It's really something, having a smoke at a place like this.
    • smoking at the the Temple of the Ancients
  • I want you to know that I didn't dislike him. Gotta admit he was a strange dude. Just when you thought he was cool, he'd go and do some damn fool thing. And when you thought he was smart, he'd show how stupid he was. Everything about him from his movements to his speech were kinda odd.
    • recalling Cloud's unusualness
  • Hey, do you know who I am? I'm Cid—that's who the hell I am! Now just let me handle it!
  • I know how tough it is bein' a leader, because I've been one. I always forget who has what materia.
  • I don't give a rat's ass whether it's science or magical power. No, I guess if I had to choose, I'd rather put my money on the power of science. Humans who used to only roam around on the ground are able to fly now! And finally, we're about to go into outer space. Science is a "Power" created and developed by humans. And science just might be what saves this planet. I was able to earn my living thanks to science. So to me, there's nothing greater!
  • I don't want to regret not having done something later.
  • Captain? I'm the Captain.
    • when meeting him for the first time
  • Huh? What the hell're you sayin'? You're still young, and you give up that easily?
  • So, why don't you all do whatever you think is right?
  • You're stupid. You're really $#&^%$* stupid.
  • You start worryin' and there's no stoppin' it! Things just start fallin' apart and get worse and worse.
  • I always thought this planet was so huge. But lookin' at it from space, I realized it's so small. We're just floatin' in the dark. ......kinda makes you feel powerless. On top of that it's got Sephiroth festerin' inside it like a sickness. That's why I say this planet's still a kid. A little kid sick and trembling in the middle of this huge universe. Someone's gotta protect it. Ya follow me? That someone is us.
  • (after the previous speech, he is asked by the crew how to go about defeating Meteor and responds, as the music abruptly stops) ..................................I'm still thinkin' about that.
  • Yeah, hoo boy, the planet calling...right.
  • Wh, what the hell was that!? That came buzzin' past here like a powerhouse!
    • running into the barrier crater at the Northern Cave
  • We're busy runnin' back and forth! Even my bikini goddess would be pantin' about now!
  • Not me! Give it to someone else! (if the player gives him the wrong level 4 Limit manual)
  • Hmph, don't quite get it but... (if the player gives his Level 4 limit manual Highwind without completing his limit breaks)
  • Hey I like this! Lemme use it! (if the player gives the Highwind Limit manual after completing all his limit breaks)

Vincent Valentine[edit]

  • Vincent. My occupation is... forget it.
    • introducing himself to Cloud and company
  • Hearing your stories has added upon me yet another sin. More nightmares will come to me now. More than I previously had.
  • Too much hope is the opposite of despair... An overpowering love may consume you in the end.
  • I was frozen in time, but now I feel as if my time is just beginning...
  • I don't care what you are doing, so much as the idiotic way that you are doing it.
  • Escape from a world of illusions... Hmph... I wonder which is better.
  • Wrapped up in the planet's strange notions surrounded by Shinra-made machines... science and the planet lived side by side in that old man's heart.
    • recalling Bugenhagen's love of nature and technology
  • The Ancients... after a long time that is probably what others will come to call us...
  • Defeat Sephiroth... Defeat the son of that beloved woman... Am I on the verge of committing another sin...? Or am I atoning as best I can for only watching...?
  • Our battlefield is now beneath the earth... The gate to tomorrow is not the light of heaven, but the darkness of the depths of the earth...
  • Cold? Hmmm... I guess that's just the way I am, sorry.
  • Hojo...what a queer fellow.
  • And this... this... is my punishment.
  • Wait! Don't go by yourself!
  • She has a mysterious weapon. I've seen her somewhere before… (when recruiting Yuffie)
  • I'm becoming less human... (after learning his Level 4 limit, Chaos)

Yuffie Kisaragi[edit]

  • I know you want my help because I'm so good!
  • Remember, if you piss me off... it'll cost you!!
  • Oh, GAWD! If I knew this was gonna happen, I would've taken rope escape lessons more seriously!!
  • GROSSNESS! Don't mess with me old man! You don't even have any Materia!
    • when Don Corneo holds her captive and picks her to be his "companion for the night"
  • ...boring story number one!
    • upon meeting Vincent Valentine
  • You gotta do it then. You gotta live true to yourself.
  • I know you're all dying' to talk to a babe like me!
  • Cloud, put me in your party, so I can get off this ship.
    • Yuffie suffers from motion sickness
  • Cloud...sign this. It's a contract that says when the war is over, all the materia will belong to me.
  • You spikey-headed jerk! Lets go - One more time!
  • The stars shine so bright, like glowing materia... reach up and grab one.
  • Oh wow, I'm totally clueless!
    • if the player gives a Limit Break item that does not belong to her
  • Nope! I don't get it!
    • if the player gives a Limit Break item that belongs to her and has NOT completed all her Limit Skills
  • Cool! This should do it!
    • if the player gives a Limit Break item that belongs to her and has completed all her Limit Skills


  • After a long sleep, time has come...
    • To Cloud aboard Shinra's ship
  • What I have shown you is reality. What you remember, that is the illusion.
    • To Cloud after Sephiroth shows him what really happened
  • Out of my way. I'm going to see my mother.
  • (Before Jenova) You should have ruled this planet. You were stronger, smarter. But then they came, those inferior dullards...They came and took this planet away from you. But don't be sad, Mother. I am with you now. (Rips away the casing to reveal Jenova) We meet at last...Mother.
  • ...My sadness? What do I have to be sad about? I am the chosen one. I have been chosen to be the leader of this Planet. I have orders to take this planet back from you stupid people for the Cetra. What am I supposed to be sad about?
  • Only death awaits you all, but do not fear. For it is through death that a new spirit energy is born. Soon, you will live again as a part of me.
  • Melding with the Planet... I will cease to exist as I am now... Only to be reborn as a 'God' to rule over every soul.
  • What are you saying? Are you trying to tell me you have feelings too?
    • To Cloud after Aerith is killed
  • You are just a puppet... You have no heart... and cannot feel any pain... How can there be any meaning in the memory of such a being? What I have shown you is reality. What you remember, that is the illusion.
  • The knowledge and wisdom of the Ancients is held in the materia. Anyone with this knowledge can freely use the powers of the land and the Planet. That knowledge interacts between ourselves and the Planet, calling up magic.
  • How does it feel? It's your first time in your hometown in a long time right? So how does it feel? I wouldn't know because I don't have a hometown.
    • To Cloud when they enter Nibelheim
  • Ha, ha, ha. Think, Cloud? ..."Cloud"? Ha, ha, ha. Oh, excuse me. You never had a name...
  • Don't...push...your luck...
    • To Cloud before the latter attempts to attack him
  • ...over... It's over... ...everything... Everyone...everything... It's all over... Now everything will begin with me!!
    • Dummied intro to the final battle with Safer∙Sephiroth

Shinra, Inc[edit]

President Shinra[edit]

  • Forgive me for asking, but I can't be expected to remember each person's name. Unless you become another Sephiroth. Yes, Sephiroth... He was brilliant. Perhaps too brilliant...
  • If you'll excuse me, I am a very busy man. However, I have arranged for a playmate for you all. His name is Airbuster. Our Weapons Development department created him. I am sure the data he will extract from your dead bodies will be quite useful.
  • These days, all it takes for your dreams to come true is money and power.
  • Citizens, unite! Come to the light, Mako energy. Power is truth. Shinra is the future. Real happiness can be found in obedience to the company.
    • During a broadcast on T.V.
  • And such a waste of good fireworks, just to get rid of vermin like you...
    • Retort to Barret over dropping the Sector 7 Plate
  • ...You are beginning to bore me. I'm a very busy man, so if you'll excuse me...I have a dinner I must attend to.
  • We'll destroy Sector 7 and report that AVALANCHE did it. Then we'll send in the rescue operation care of Shinra, Inc. ...Heh, heh, heh... This is perfect.

Rufus Shinra[edit]

  • What a crew.
    • when every member of Cloud's party unassumingly tells Rufus who he or she is
  • With things looking like this, you better be ready for pay cuts...
    • after Cloud, disguised as a soldier, provides a very bad welcoming ceremony for President Rufus
  • That's right. I'll let you hear my new appointment speech. ...My old man tried to control the world with money. It seems to have been working. The population thought that Shinra would protect them. Work at Shinra, get your pay. If a terrorist attacks, the Shinra army will help you. It looks perfect on the outside. But, I do things differently. I'll control the world with fear. It takes too much to do it like my old man. A little fear will control the minds of the common people. There's no reason to waste money on them.
  • People are ignorant. They'll feel better as long as someone is punished.
    • before sending Tifa and Barret to be executed
  • Whatever I say now is too little, too late. We must evacuate.
  • Things are different than when father was in charge.
  • Is that all you can do...? Give one word answers and apologize for everything? Do something. I'll be expecting results.
    • To Heidegger at Costa del Sol


  • (To President Shinra) These sewer rats appear to call themselves "AVALANCHE", sir.
  • (To Reeve) The stench of the director's cowardice fills the room yet again.
  • The 'peace preservation' force will defeat the enemy.
  • GYA HA HA!!!
  • Mayor? He just sits in this building all day feeding his face! You still call that a Mayor? Now if you'll excuse me sir!
  • I'm ashamed of myself.
    • After Rufus tells him he has "messed up big time"
  • The President's sure done it this time! If we can only defeat Sephiroth, the idea that Meteor will also disappear is based on different objectives!
  • Don't be so ludicrous! I don't recall you giving me any orders! The Peace Preservation will give their best effort to make the enemy retreat! Because of them, I... I...!
  • The President is dead! Now I'm doing things my way! Ghaa haah hah hah!


  • With the chaos resulting from the meteor reports, we desperately need to rally public support... it's better that we punish somebody... anybody.
  • KYA HA HA!!!
  • But, even if we make the perfect weapon, could that stupid Heidegger even use it?
  • ...Hmph! This isn't any good either. You only get junky materia from junky reactors. This reactor's a failure. What I'm looking for is big, large, huge materia. You seen any?
  • God, I can't stand it!


  • (After seeing footage of Cloud's fight with a Sephiroth clone) Very, very good. And thus is the hypothesis proven correct I can only hope you would continue, NOT disappoint.
  • There are so many frivolous things in this world.
  • Go beyond the powers of science... Before your presence, science is powerless... I hate it, but I'll concede to it. Just... let me see it.
  • I offered the woman with my child to Professor Gast's Jenova project. When Sephiroth was still in her womb, we infused him with Jenova's cells...
  • It should be obvious, I'm getting a tan.
    • explaining what he is doing in the Costa Del Sol
  • Would you like to be my guinea pig? Oh, now what? Are you going to draw your sword?


  • Oh dear. Oh-oh dear. A man of my fine retained taste, running out of butter.
  • Rate hike! Rate hike! Tra, la, la! And please include our Space Program in the budget!
    • after hearing Mako rates will be raised 15%; speaking as the head of Shinra's Space Program
  • Don't say 'fat'! Hey-hey! Tea! Can I have some coffee too? With lotsa sugar and honey and... oh yeah, don't forget the lard!
  • Hey-hey? Have we met before? Hey-hey! Is the tea ready yet? With plenty of sugar and honey. Oh yeah, and don't forget the lard too.

The Turks[edit]


  • The Ancients will lead us to a land of supreme happiness. Aeris will be able to bring happiness to all those in the slums. That is why Shinra would like Aeris' cooperation...
  • Look... for yourself... Damn... Letting Aeris go was the start... of my... bad luck... The President... was wrong...


  • We may be retreating, but... we're still victorious.
  • A pro isn't someone who sacrifices himself for his job. That's just a fool.
    • when asked, while off duty, to help pursue Cloud
  • Farewell. If we both survive... If we can save our lives...
    • To Cloud if you choose not to fight the Turks
  • Just lookin' at you is makin' me sober.
  • ...It's just that we're off-duty!! Go away. I don't want to talk to you.
  • No one gets in the way of Reno of the Turks...
  • I don't like being taken for a fool.
  • Don't misunderstand. We have no intention of joining you. But for now, we'll agree not to bother each other. That's all.
  • You're finally here. We're gonna split into two. You do whatever you want. But don't endanger Elena. Don't worry. We won't do anything to that girl, Yuffie. For now...
  • Don't step on the flowers.
    • after stepping all over the flowers
  • Reno: All right, Corneo. This'll be over quick, so listen up. Why do you think we went to all the trouble of teaming up with those guys to get you? 1. Because we were ready to die, 2. Because we were sure of victory, or 3. Because we were clueless.
  • Don Corneo: Two!!! Number Two!!!
  • Reno: All wrong. (Corneo falls to his death) The correct answer was....
  • Rude: ...because it's our job.


  • Will you press 'up' please?
    • upon cornering Cloud's party in an elevator
  • ...Don't worry, I'll do my job.
  • ...Reno said he wanted to see you after the injuries you gave him healed. He wants to show his affection for you all...with a new weapon.
  • ...because it's our job.


  • I'm the newest member of the Turks, Elena. Thanks to what you did to Reno, we're short of people. ...Although, because of that, I got promoted to the Turks... In any case, our job is to find out where Sephiroth is headed. And to try and stop you every step of the way. Wait a minute, it's the other way around... You're the ones that are getting in our way.
  • Our orders were to seek you out and... ...Kill. Our company may be in turmoil, but an order's an order. That's the will and spirit of the Turks! Believe it!
  • It's so stupid! They always talk about who they like or don't like. But Tseng is different. Ah! Oh no! They're here! They're really here!
  • Reno, do you think that was really such a good idea!? I mean that the way a professional, a Turk would act!?
  • H... hey, I'm one of the 'Turks'! Don't think you can get away with this!?



  • Each town used to have a name, but no one in Midgar remembers them. Instead of names, we refer to them by numbered sectors. That's the kind of place this is.
  • ...Cloud...I'm glad...I could talk with last time.


  • That should keep the planet least a little longer.
  • Say, do you think Cloud's going to fight to the end for AVALANCHE?
  • haven't changed. Oh, forget it.


  • Barret's up him...
  • An' Cloud... Sorry, I wasn't any help.
  • ...Cloud...You name...


  • I hear the cries of the planet. As if to say... "I hurt, I suffer". When it's time for the planet to die, you'll understand that you know absolutely nothing.
  • Cloud says they are trying to save the planet. Honestly, I don't think it can be done. For even if they stop every reactor on the planet, it's only going to postpone the inevitable. Even if they stop Sephiroth, everything will perish. But, Nanaki. I've been thinking lately. I've been thinking if there was anything WE could do, as a part of the planet, something to help a planet already in misery... No matter what happens, isn't it important to try? Am I just wishing against fate?
  • What to do? Have you lost your way? When that happens we each have to take a good long look at our selves. There's always something in the deepest reaches of our hearts. Something buried, or something forgotten. Remember it... Whatever that is, must certainly be what you are all looking for...
  • Look always to the eternal flow of time which is far greater than the span of a human life.
  • What you see will eventually become part of life's dream.
  • It's all Greek to me!


  • Choco Billy: Your chocobo stable are empty.
    • He says this infamous Engrish dialogue after renting a chocobo stable but you have no chocobos yet during the breeding sidequest.
  • Jenova: Beacause [sic] Cloud...You are a puppet.
    • Jenova's only line of dialogue; the typo is in the script.
  • Train Man in Sector 7: When you've been a train man as long as I have, you see a lot of people and a lot of lives. People meeting, parting, joy, sadness... After a while, it doesn't even get to you anymore. I wonder how long it's been... There's an invisible rail between me and the passengers. I could never live their lives. I'm just a train man plain and simple. It's easier that way. That's not to say that the crossing gate of my heart doesn't hurt now and again. Back during the war, I remember there was a lot of painful scenes then. But, that's a story for another day.
  • Honey Inn patron: True beauty is an expression of the heart. A thing without shame, to which notions of gender do not apply.
  • Scotch: Come over here sexy...we'll take good care of you!
    • speaking for all of Don Corneo's lustful lackeys; attracted to Cloud, who is dressed as a woman
  • Zangan: Hey, it's you! You're still sane, right?
    • looking to Zack for help after having witnessed Sephiroth's violent change in behavior
  • Zack: Oh here. Put on this. It smells a little though; don't complain. (the sound of slapping is heard) You look pretty good with that. Well...
    • after Zack rescues Cloud and himself from Nibelheim (also suggests Cloud got his SOLDIER uniform from Zack)
  • Gold Saucer Battle Arena slogan: The Brave Do Not Fear the Grave.
  • Gold Saucer Battle Arena option: Off course!
    • A misspelling of 'of course'. When the player is asked whether he wants to "Keep goin'?" after a battle, this is one of the options
  • Dyne: I hear her voice.. Eleanor's voice... begging me... not to hate your rotten guts.
  • Dyne: All they give us are artillery and stupid excuses... what's left is a world of despair and emptiness...
  • Godo: Strength without determination means nothing... determination without strength is equally useless...!
  • Godo: Go! Survive till the end! And return! With the Materia!
    • Yuffie's father shares her passion
  • Don Corneo: If I push this button, they'll fall upside down, and we'll have a SQUASHED TOMATOES! [sic]
  • Man in Mideel: ......guess its been about a week now since he washed up here on the shore... Poor pokey-headed young thing...
    • discussing with another villager Cloud's recent appearance
  • Mideel villager: Everything must come to an end. And someday it's gonna be your turn. Even the world's gotta end sometime. Everybody leaves at one time or another. And everyone gets left also. That's just fate... It's sad, but there's nothing that can be done about it.
  • Doctor in Mideel: You can see for yourself what things look like, but at least no one was seriously hurt. We're just very unhappy now.
    • remarking on the city's condition after a massive flood
  • Corel villager: I figure if I stay alive long enough, something good's bound to happen.
  • Junon soldier: I'm learning to be a delinquent soldier!! I just can't seem to get the hang of it!
  • Junon soldier: All the real soldiers were killed fighting Weapon. It may seem ironic that losers like me are still alive. But that's the reality of it.
  • Junon soldier: How 'bout, whoever stays alive, gets to take her out?
    • speaking to a fellow soldier before fighting Cloud's party
  • Woman: They're burning. Someday they'll burn out. The stars are just like our youth.
  • Woman: The sea breeze, sun, and Meteor. Isn't nature strange?
    • tanning in Costa del Sol
  • Costa del Sol woman: I wan' learn how speak beddah. But don' wan' have stars fall down. You think... same?
  • Costa del Sol woman: Ho! Ho! Ho!...... It's the end of the world.
    • looking at Meteor in the sky
  • Tanning woman: I don't care if it's the end of the world, I just want to sit here and drink cocktails. Ooooh...... I think I drank too much.
  • Corel Station attendant: The Gold Saucer reopened. Why don't you go play hard and clear your heads as well as your pockets?
    • suggesting a possible distraction from the planet's impending doom
  • Elder Bugan: Live with the planet, die with the planet. Maybe this is the way it should be. Who knows? I'm full of booze...


Tifa: Did you sleep well Cloud?
Cloud: Next to you, who wouldn't?
[7th Heaven]
Tifa: …… You forgot the promise, too.
Cloud: Promise?
Tifa: So you DID forget. Remember…… Cloud. It was seven years ago…
[Nibelheim Well]
Tifa: Look, the well. Do you remember?
Cloud: Yeah…back then. I thought you would never come, and I was getting a little cold.
[Seven Years Ago]
young Tifa: Sorry I'm late. So, what did you want to talk about?
young Cloud: When spring comes…I’m leaving town. I'm going for Midgar.
young Tifa: …All boys are leaving our town.
young Cloud: But I'm different from all of them. I'm not just going to find a job. I'm going to be a SOLDIER, the best of the best, just like Sephiroth!
young Tifa: Sephiroth…The Great Sephiroth. Isn't it hard to join SOLDIER?
young Cloud: …I probably won't be able to come back to the town for a while. (notices Tifa being silent) …huh?
young Tifa: Will you be in the newspapers if you do well?
young Cloud: I'll try.
young Tifa: Hey, why don't we make a promise? Umm, if you get really famous and I'm ever in a bind……You come save me, all right?
young Cloud: What?
young Tifa: Whenever I'm in trouble, my hero will come and rescue me. I want to at least experience that once.
young Cloud: What?
young Tifa: Come on--! Promise me----!
young Cloud: All right... I promise.
[Seven Years Later]
Tifa: You remember now, don’t you… our promise?
Cloud: I'm not a hero and I'm not famous. I can't keep...... the promise.
Tifa: But you got your childhood dream, didn't you? You joined SOLDIER. So come on! You've got to keep your promise...

[Cloud dresses like a woman to infiltrate Don Corneo's mansion]
Aerith: It's still not right. A wig! That's what you need!
Owner: Umm, I thought you might, so I talked to my friend about getting one. You know the gym? You'll find a lot of people there like you. Go and talk to them.
Cloud: ...'like you'? Aerith, what did you tell him?

[Cloud is stuck in a bathtub with many muscular men...]
Mukki: Isn't bathing great...? It soothes your heart. How is it, bubby!? Feels good, huh?
Cloud: .........I don't feel good. Let me out...
Mukki: You'll get used to it. Try counting to ten.
Cloud: Ten...
Mukki: Hey bubby, how old are you?
Cloud: Eight... Twenty one...
Mukki: You're less then half my age. I'm so jealous. So how 'bout it...? Do you wanna join my "Young bubby's" group?
Cloud: ............Seven... Six... Not to be rude or anything, but could you go do someone else?
Mukki: Well, if that's how you feel...too bad. We have a trip planned at a cabin out in the country.
Cloud: Five... Four... Three... Two... One... Alright, that's ten. I'm gettin' out.

[Cloud, having dressed the most feminine, is selected to be Don Corneo's "date"]
Corneo: Ahh, we're finally alone... All right, pussycat... Come to daddy!! You're so cute, I never get tired of looking at you. Do me, too?
Cloud: Ummm......
Corneo: You don't like me? There...there isn't someone else, is there?
Cloud: [setting up the interrogation] Yes, his name's Barret...

[the party extracts information from Don Corneo]
Cloud: And if you don't tell us...I'll chop them off.
Aerith: ...I'll rip them off.
Tifa: ...I'll smash them.

[passersby are talking on the street]
First Person: I've had it!
Second Person: Me too.
First Person: You know this is the first time we've ever agreed on something.
Second Person: Yes...
First Person: Well then, shall we.....?
Second Person: Yes...
[they kiss, then fall together in exhaustion]

Barret: So what the hell is this thing?
Red XIII: A fascinating question.
Tifa: Did it just talk!?
Red XIII: I am that which you see before you. Nothing more.

[while climbing the high staircase in the Shinra building]
Barret: How much farther do these stairs go on?
Tifa: Why don't you ask them?
Barret: It's not one of them endless stairways or somethin', d'ya think?
Tifa: Of course not!!
Barret: Right... couldn't be that....Are we there yet?
Tifa: Not yet.

Yuffie: Thinkin' of running away? Stay and fight! FIGHT, I said! C'mon...... What's the matter? You're pretty scared of me, huh!?
Cloud: [sarcastically] ......petrified.

Tifa: High voltage tower...... I guess this means Cloud'll be all right.
Aerith: Yeah, better leave it to Cloud!
Red XIII: We're counting on you, Cloud!
Cloud: Hey!! Wait a second!

Aerith: Maybe I should get a tan for a change. Which do you like, Cloud?
Cloud: I like fair complexions.
Aerith: Got it. I'll remember that.

[Barret experiences painful memories while at the Gold Saucer]
Aerith: We're gonna play...
Barret: So PLAY! Stop messin' round goddamnit! Don't forget we're after Sephiroth!
[Barret runs away]
Aerith: ...I think he's mad.

Dio: Hey boy.
Cloud: Boy...
Dio: How is it? You having fun? Mmm, so, you ARE having fun. Well, good, good for you boy.
Cloud: My name's Cloud. And stop calling me boy.
Dio: Mmm? Me? I'm the owner of the Gold Saucer. The name's Dio. Just call me 'Dio'.
Cloud: ...... (Not even listening)

[Vincent tells his story while inside an open coffin]
Vincent: There was no way to cancel the experiment. I couldn't stop her. That was my sin. I let the one I loved, the one I respected most, face the worst.
Barret: That why you started sleepin' in a box? Gimme a break!
[Vincent closes the coffin and proceeds to sleep]

Yuffie: Cloud, say something! PLEASE!!!!!!
Cloud: ...something.
[Out of annoyance, Yuffie smacks Cloud]

[Zack and Cloud hitch a ride to Midgar]
Zack: What're you going to do once we get to Midgar?
Cloud: ...
Zack: I know what I'm gonna do. (thinks) I got a place I can crash for a while... No wait, the mother lives there, too... (scratches his head) Guess that's out...
Cloud: ...
Zack: Yep... gotta change my plans! (walks over near Cloud) Hmmm... No matter what I do, I need some money first... Hey, wanna start a business? But what could we do? Hey, Cloud? Think there's anything I'd be good at? (turns to the driver) Hey old guy! What do you think I'd be good at?
Driver: What're you yappin' about? You're still young, ain't ya? Young folks should try everything! You gotta pay your dues while you're young. Go out and look for what you really want.
Zack: Try everything... That's easy for him to say... (does some exercising) HEY! Of course! I got a lot of brains and skills that other guys don't! That settles it! I'm gonna become a mercenary. Yeah, thanks pops!
Driver: Hey, didn't you even hear a word I said?
Zack: Listen, I'm gonna become a mercenary and that's that. Boring stuff, dangerous stuff, anything for money. I'm gonna be rich. So, Cloud. What are YOU gonna do?
Driver: No, wait... You got it all wrong.
Cloud: U... Uhhh...
Zack: I'm just kidding. You know I wouldn't do that to you. We're friends, right? Mercenaries, Cloud. That's what you and me are gonna be. Understand, Cloud?

[Aboard the Highwind]
Rufus: So, I finally found you.
Scarlet: Kyaa haa hah. Kyaa haa hah haa hah haa......... hah. This is incredible......
Heidegger: This is the Promised Land the President has been searching for!!
Rufus: But, I'll be the one who gets it. Sorry, old man.
Hojo: Heh heh heh...... That land is no one's. It's where the Reunion will take place...... They will all gather here...... I wonder if we'll see...... Sephiroth?

Reeve Tuesti: [through Cait Sith] I've been itching to ask you this for a long time. When you blew up the Sector 1 reactor, how many do you think died?
Barret: That was for the planet. Ya gotta expect a few casualties.
Reeve Tuesti: What may be a few to you was everything to those who died...

Cloud: I was devastated. I wanted to be notice. I thought if I got stronger I could get someone to notice ...
Tifa: Someone to notice you...? Who?
Cloud: You.

Cloud: Maybe no one will come back.
Tifa: But that's all right. As long as I'm with you... As long as you're by my side... I won't give up even if I'm scared.
Cloud: ........Tifa...
Tifa: No matter how close we are... We were far apart...before this. But when we were in the Lifestream surrounded by all those screams of anguish, I thought I heard your voice. (sniffs) You probably don't remember this... But deep in my heart I heard you calling my name... Or at least I thought I did...
Cloud: Yeah... At that time I heard you calling me. You were calling me back from the stream of consciousness in the Lifestream. After all, I promised. That if anything were to ever happen to you, I would come to help.
Tifa: Cloud...? Do you think the stars can hear us? Do you think they see how hard we're fighting for them?
Cloud: I dunno... But... Whether they are or not, we still have to do what we can. And believe in ourselves... Someday we'll find the answer. Right, Tifa? That's what I learned from you when I was in the Lifestream.
Tifa: Yeah......that's right...
Cloud: Hey Tifa...... I...... There are a lot of things I wanted to talk to you about. But now that we're together like this, I don't know what I really wanted to say... I guess nothing's changed at all... Kind of makes you want to laugh...
Tifa: (shakes head) Cloud... Words aren't the only thing that tell people what you're thinking...
Cloud: ..............

[Final scene before the Northern Cave]:
Tifa: The airship is too big for just the two of us. Yeah, it's a little lonely without everyone.
Cloud: Don't worry. It'll be okay. I'll make a big enough ruckus for everyone. Besides, I'm the pilot. No more flying around casually like before. We won't have time to feel lonely.
(heavy noises on the Highwind)
Tifa: Huh!?
Cloud: It's moving......
(they run into the cockpit)
Cloud: Barret! Cid!
Barret: O, that okay with you?
Cloud: Red!
Tifa: Why didn't you tell me!?
Red: But, you know, Cid.
Cid: Hey, Red. If you butt in now, you never know what they'll say later......
Tifa: ......Were you watching? (referring to her night with Cloud)
(Tifa runs off into the corner, and the men shake their heads)
Cloud: Vincent!
Vincent: Why such a puzzled look? You don't want me to come?
Cloud: No, it's just that you're always so cold. I thought you didn't care what was happening.
Vincent: Cool? Hm...... I guess that's just how I am, sorry.
Barret: Well lookey-here. The Shinra Manager's come back.
Cait Sith: Uh, excuse me but... I wanted to come with the main group, but I couldn't get away...... So some people in Midgar took me in. I know I have a stuffed animal body, but I'll work really hard!
Barret: I guess that's everyone.
Red: No, Yuffie's missing.
Barret: She ain't gonna show up. 'Least this time she didn't steal our materia. Guess we gotta be thankful for that.
Yuffie: How could you say that!? I came all the way here after being seasick as a dog! I didn't go through all that just to have you guys have the best parts all to yourselves!
Cloud: Welcome back, Yuffie.
Yuffie: Gee, Cloud...... that's so nice of you to say that. ......You sick? Well, whatever. I'm gonna be in my reserved seat in the hall......waiting......upp! ...... Urk!
Cloud: Thanks everyone.
Barret: We didn't come back for your spikey headed ass! We came back for Marlene. Guess it's jes' my......whatcha call, feelings or somethin'. I, uh, I ain't got no words now......
Red: ......Although she's not here, she left us a window of opportunity...
Cid: We can't let it go like this.
Cloud: ......Aeris. She was smiling to the end. We have to do something, or that smile will just freeze like that. (nods) Let's all go together. Memories of Aeris...... Although she should've returned to the planet by now, something stopped her and now she's stuck...... We've got to let go of Aeris' memory.
Cid: Has anyone here changed their mind?
Cloud: I'm counting on you, Cid.
Cid: Yeah, yeah....... There are 2 levers here that've been buggin' me for a while now... Let me try them out. All right, so what should I do? You decide, Cloud.
Cloud: This is our last battle. Our target is the North Cave. Our enemy is......Sephiroth! So let's move out!
Cloud: We're almost to the North Cave! We're on our way, Sephiroth!
Cid: Man, I'm going to stick it to him!
(alarm flashes on)
Cloud: What is it, Cid?
Cid: Errrrggh! Some incredible force! Losing...control......!
(Highwind's crew shows up)
Cid: Get the hell outta here, flunkies! Didn't I tell you all to go home!?
Collectively: Yes, sir. This is our home!!
Cid: Oh man--......stop trying to act so cool. All right, you jokers! Hold me down with everything you got!! Geronimo!!
(alarm clears)

[Aerith killed by Sephiroth]
Cloud: Aerith... this can't be real!
Sephiroth: Do not worry. Soon the girl will become part of the Planet's energy. All that is left is to go North. The 'Promised Land' waits for me over snowy fields. There, I will become a new being by uniting with the planet. As will this girl......
Cloud: Shut up! The cycle of nature and your stupid plan don't mean a thing! Aerith is gone. Aerith will no longer talk, no longer laugh, cry...... or get angry...... What about us...... what are WE supposed to do? What about my pain? My fingers are tingling. My mouth is dry. My eyes are burning!
Sephiroth: What are you saying? Are you trying to tell me you have feelings too?
Cloud: Of course! Who do you think I am?
Sephiroth: Stop acting as if you were sad, There's no need to act as though you're angry either. Because Cloud, you are... (a boss battle with Jenova LIFE ensues).
(after defeating Jenova LIFE) Jenova: Because, you are...... a puppet. (NOTE: The word "because" was misspelled as "beacause" in the original PlayStation version)
Cloud: (to the party) Alright everyone, listen to me. I am Cloud, ex-SOLDIER born in Nibelheim. I came to settle up with Sephiroth
(then one of the party members respond depending on the character chosen in the party).
Cloud: I came here by my own free will... Or so I thought. However......To tell the truth, I'm afraid of myself....There is a part of me that I don't understand. That part that made me give the Black Materia to Sephiroth. If you hadn't stopped me, Aerith might have been......There's something inside of me. A person who is not really me. That's why I should quit this journey. Before I do something terrible... But I am going... he destroyed my hometown five years ago, killed Aerith and is now trying to destroy the Planet. I'll never forgive... Sephiroth. I... I must go on.
(one of the party members once again respond to Cloud's speech)
Cloud: I don't know how Aerith tried to save the planet from the Meteor. And I guess now, we'll never know. But! We still have a chance. We must get that Black Materia back before Sephiroth uses it. Let's go.

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