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Final Fantasy XII is a role-playing game released by Square Enix in 2006.


  • Got a surprise for you! / How 'bout some of this! (Red Spiral)
  • You're mine! / I've got it! (White Whorl)
  • Not a chance! (Pyroclasm)
  • Basch lives!
  • Don't listen to Ondore's lies!
  • I'm Captain Basch!
  • I'm Captain Basch fon Rosenburg of Dalmasca!
  • Who said anything about strong? You'll make it. You got good friends.

Ashelia "Ashe" B'nargin Dalmasca[edit]

  • “I confirm what Judge Magister Gabranth and Larsa Solidor have said here. Please. Stand down your attack. The war is over. Ivalice looks to the horizon. A new day has dawned. We are free!”
  • “I am simply myself. No more and no less. And I want only to be free.”
  • “Even with power, we cannot change what has passed. What is done, is done.”
  • “In all Dalmasca’s history, not once did we rely on the Dusk Shard. Our people resolved never to use it, though their need might be dire. That was the Dalmasca I wanted back.”
  • [During Quickening Level 1: Northswain's Glow]: "I must endure!"
  • [During Quickening Level 2: Heaven's Wrath]: "I must be strong!"
  • [During Quickening Level 3: Maelstrom's Bolt]: "I must...believe!"
  • You're sky pirates, aren't you? Then steal me! Is that too much to ask?
    Occuria: You are our saint, Ashelia B'nargin you must be the one to straighten history's weave.
    Ashe: I am no false saint for you to use!
  • "Dalmasca does not forget kindness, nor ill deed done. With sword in hand, she aids her allies, sword in hand she lays to rest her foes. This nethicite must be my sword. I will avenge those who have died, and the Empire... will know remorse."

Ffamran "Balthier" Mid Bunansa[edit]

Balthier: Quite a performance.
Vaan: Who are you?
Balthier: I play the leading man; who else? Fran, the magicite.
Fran: Now then, I'll take that.
Vaan: No you won't! I found it, it's mine.
Balthier: And when I take it from you, it will be mine.
  • (Vaan takes off as Balthier and Fran have their heads turned) "Exit stage right."
  • "An Atomos? All skiff, no ship. Hardly fit for a leading man..."
  • "Believe what you want to, whatever it takes to make you happy. What's done is done."
  • "I am the leading man. Might need to do something heroic."
Ashe: Balthier! Do you understand exactly what it is you're doing?
Balthier: Princess! No need to worry. I hope you haven't forgotten my role in this little story. I'm the leading man. You know what they say about the leading man: he never dies.
Balthier: Ah, the prison repository of wrested relics and raiments.
Vaan: So, our things are in here?
Balthier: That's what I said.
  • "Vaan, the Strahl's in your hands! You'd better take care of her, you hear? If there's one scratch on her when I get back--"
  • "More Nethicite. No wonder they invaded."
  • "The Ifrit is playing with fire, and I'd rather not get burned."
  • "Vitality before violence."
  • "There's a proper way to do everything."
  • "With each passing day, the world finds new and exciting ways to kill a man."
  • "Hmph. I daresay I've soiled my cuffs. If a dungeon's waiting for us at the end of the night, it had best have a change of wardrobe."
  • "Yes, [the mimics] drink all the electricity, but they'll give it back to you if you ask nicely. Sticking them with a sword helps, too."
  • "Not many Viera where you come from, thief?"
  • "Incidentally, what is the going rate for rescuing Princesses these days? Food would be a good start -- the good stuff, mind you."
  • "It's not easy being this popular, you know."
  • "Remember what curiosity killed. Just a friendly word of advice."
  • [During Quickening Level 1: Fires of War] "I never miss!" or "Please...on your guard!"
  • [During Quickening Level 2: Tides of Fate] Let me show you how it's done! [as the tidal wave is about to wash over enemies] "Heads up!" or "Ha!"
  • [During Quickening Level 3: Element of Treachery] Here she comes! (when the meteor approaches)
  • "...Driver! Faster, if you please. I would be loath to expend any of the violence of my present mood on my companions."

Basch fon Ronsenburg[edit]

  • "If I could protect but one person from war's horror... then I would bear any shame. I would bear it proudly."
  • "I could not protect my own country. What is shame to me?"
  • "The time has come to tell you the truth of it."
  • "Let them watch. I know something of cages."
  • "I want you to take me to Balthier. Even caged birds need wings."
  • "I had someone more important to defend. And defend her I have."
  • "We are the arbiters of our destiny."
  • (to Judge Gabranth) "Then come! Wield your hatred and crush me. I welcome it!"

Vayne Carudas Solidor[edit]

  • Archadia's Emperor is freely chosen by Her people. I am but an elected official and nothing more.
  • My hands are stained with blood. I see little reason to stay them now.
  • Is it with hatred you look upon your Consul? With hatred you look upon the Empire?
  • The once-great House Solidor is now reduced to myself, and my dear brother Larsa.
  • Our dear Cid slain by his own son? Tis a common tale of late.
  • Your lives are forfeit, and your insurgence with them. Dalmasca will again know order.
  • [Using Mach Wave] What am I to do with those who would oppose me...but show them death?
  • (Referring to the late King Raminas) Even now, he remains among you, protecting you. His ardor for the peace and weal of Dalmasca falters not!


  • "In vain glory they arose, shouting challenges at the gods. But prevail they did not, their doom it was to walk the mist until time's end. A legend of the Nu Mou."
    -Regarding Espers
  • "I hear the cry of a terrible power..."
  • "We? No, I."
  • "You are ill at ease. The nethicite troubles you?"
  • "In the village you will find her: Mjrn. Bring her to me. She will know why you call her."
  • "I am unwelcome. An unsought guest in their wood."
  • [During Quickening Level 3: Shatterheart]"It ends now." (charges ice and throws it at the enemy, blow ice from her hand) "Crumble!" (As ice shatters)
  • "The gods are toying with us."
  • "I have discarded Wood and village. I won my freedom. Yet my past had been cut away forever. No longer can my ears hear the Green Word. This…solitude, you want, Mjrn?"
  • "The Viera may begin as part of the Wood, but it is not the only end that we may choose."(To Jote)
  • "You've let your eyes betray your heart..."
  • "That's what sky pirates do, they fly do they not?"
  • "Then it's settled. We should leave before the Marquis realizes she's missing. Like proper kidnappers."


  • "A city of men without countries. Pirates of the sea and of the sky. Few are they who would fain lay down their lives for a friend, let alone a king."
  • "When he helped you off the Leviathan, he spited the Judges full sore. He cannot sit in idleness and expect to avoid a reckoning."
  • "My lady. Your words still sound of doubt. Pray you reach your answer, ere we the Sun-cryst."
  • "The Illusions of the past. You think to have cast them off, only to find them years later, unwearying, unrelenting. The past can bind a man as surely as irons."
  • "A Judge Magister there was… Two years past, he took the Midlight Shard and used it not knowing what he did…and Nabudis was blown away. Cid ordered this of him to learn the Nethicite’s true power. That man swore never to let such terrible power be used again. He forsook his Judicer's plate, and his name."
  • "The past can bind a man as surely as irons."

Judge Gabranth[edit]

  • Why do you hesitate? Take what is yours. The Cryst was a blade, it was meant for you. Wield it! Avenge your father! Yes, it was I who wore Basch's face--who cut down the life of Dalmasca. Lady Ashe! Your father's murderer is here!
  • I slew your king. I slew your country. Do these deeds not demand vengeance? (Ashe raises the Treaty-Blade) Yes. Good! Find your wrath! Take up your sword! Fight, and serve those that died before you!
  • No, we cannot escape the past. This man is living proof. What is your past, daughter of Dalmasca? Did you not swear revenge? Do the dead not demand it?
  • You claim no need of power? What of your broken kingdom's shame? The dead demand justice!
  • Yet without power, what future can you claim? What good a kingdom you cannot defend?
  • (to Basch) Hah! Defend? You? You who failed Landis and Dalmasca? What can shame hope to keep safe? Your shield is shattered! Your oaths poison those you would protect!
  • Hear me Basch. Do not think killing the kingslayer will win you back your honor. When you abandoned home and kin, your name was forever stained with blood.
  • Preen and strut as you like! In the end, we are the same. Blood-thirsting carrion birds, hell-bent on revenge!
  • I am a Judge Magister. Even in disgrace. My just reward for aiding the empire that destroyed my homeland.
  • Futile, Basch! Long have I walked in hatred's company. As long as I can curse your name, I shall not be defeated!
  • Look Basch! Your friends die! As they must, for surely you cannot protect them! Know now the despair you have taught me!
  • Even a stray has pride! Here I pay my debt.

The Judge Magistracy[edit]

  • Judge Ghis: His Excellency, the Consul, asks the ministry of the disthroned royal family in restoring peace to Dalmasca. Those who foster instability and unrest, who claim royal blood without proof, they shall meet their fate at the gallows. There are no exceptions.
  • Judge Ghis: Such a great shame. I must confess: I though you the one that would help us restore peace to Dalmasca. No matter. We hold the proof of your royal lineage. A maid of passing resemblance will serve our purposes now. As for you my dear... (begins casting a spell) The Empire requires you no more!
  • Judge Ghis: Your Majesty does not disappoint. Ever quick to spurn an honorable surrender, as was your father.
  • Judge Ghis: Such a tremendous honor to again be graced with your presence, Majesty. You left us with such great dispatch upon our last encounter that I must confess I had begun to worry that we may have given your Majesty some cause for offense.
  • Judge Ghis: Lady Ashe, let us take [Balthier] for the people of Dalmasca. Your Majesty wallows in indecision on peril of their heads. And his shall be the first to fall.
  • Judge Ghis: We’ve found it at last: true deifacted nethicite. The power of the Dynast–King in my hands. Humph. Blood alone does not an emperor make, Vayne.
  • Judge Bergan: Ah, our vagrant Princess! Swift has your lust for revenge led you to the Sword of Kings. You will surrender it to me. Too late and to their sorrow do those who misplace their trust in gods learn their fate.
  • Judge Bergan: (reacting to conclusion that Nethicite controls him) No! No, the power of manufacted Nethicite is the power of man. A weapon forged by his wisdom, who would challenge the gods themselves. A fitting blade for a true Dynast-King. Raithwall did but pretend the title, a cur begging Nethicite scraps from his master's table. Hark, Ivalice hails her new Dynast-King, Vayne Solidor! He shall defy the will of the gods, and see the reigns of history in the hands of man. His time is nigh! The new Ivalice holds no place for the name Dalmasca. The stain of Raithwall's blood shall be washed clean from history's weave.
  • Judge Zargabaath: This is Judge Magister Zargabaath, captain of the Alexander, flagship of the 12th Dalmascan Fleet of the Archadian army. I address all ships in Rabanastre’s airspace. The Bahamut must not be allowed to fall on the city of Rabanastre! We are preparing to ram her! Do not interfere!
  • Judge Zargabaath: Should she fall, the paling will not hold, and all Rabanastre will be obliterated! All ships, concentrate your fire on the Alexander’s remains once Bahamut is clear of the city.


  • Ba'gamnan: What does that philanderer think he’s doing? I was to kill Balthier, not those addle-pated Imperials!
  • Ba'gamnan: As for you! We need Balthier alive! His corpse fetches but half the bounty!
  • Ba'gamnan: The whole affair has the smell of money. I may have to wet my beak a little.
  • Ba'gamnan: After them!

Cavern Pillars in the Pharos at Ridorana[edit]

1 Floor

Benighted child, Chosen, with life so short. Not for you are the words given the Unchosen. To Heaven's bright sphere turn, Her heights attain.

From beasts of Tower's base Wrest the Orbs you seek, Ripe with hidden Magicks. Orbs of Tower's Magicks born, Here and here alone to be found.

Benighted child, Unchosen, with life so short, This tower freely may you tread. In your passing, learn of truth. In your passing, speak of truth. These words writ by Hands Undying.

10 Floor

You who crawl upon the clay, Yet yearn for Heaven's path, made by Our will. Tongue of stone's green flame your way bespeaks. Tongue once silenced, to stone again returns, Its muted form a bridge for you to tread.

15 Floor

On paths must you rely, And by path of living flame have you come. Frozen in stone, The green flame passes from time, Stone now and ever more.

20 Floor

On sight must you rely, At mercy of the currents of this fading world. Seduced by false illusion, It is the Fool who cuts not his own path, Celestial glory ne'er to behold.

30 Floor

Wingless child, Consigned to walk the world below. Many are the works Whose natures a duality possess. So does the red flame consume the green, sundering the stair which it has laid.

46 Floor

Ignorant child, Born of chaos. Know you it was Our King, pitying A world bereft of Order, surfeit with Strife, Who stamped true Seal on mortal wax.

48 Floor

Ignorant child, Whose works are ephemera and folly. Never forget, it id not your power which O'er the temporal world holds sway, But Our King's own providence.

Ignorant child, Blind whither you go And whence you come. It is the Undying who straighten The weave you tangle so, who choose The path you must walk. So has it been, and so shall it be, As befits those of our wisdom, ever-living.

60 Floor

Ignorant child, Of ignorant afeared. Rare is the power that can bind. Here alone such magicks work, Neath mingling of Cryst-drawn waters and deifacted jewels.

You who reach, but cannot grasp, In failure ever to wander. Be well prepared for what is to come, The writings heed. To your materials be true, Ere among the Four you choose.

Rare souls who accost tower and sky, You alone binding magicks stir. You whom worldly props are now denied, On your own selves must rely, Fed of stores from harvests past.

Rare souls who accost tower and sky, You alone binding magicks stir. You who trust not might, To what will you trust?

Rare souls who accost tower and sky, You alone binding magicks stir. You whose magicks scatter on the winds, Will what remains advantage you, Your foes to disadvantage?

Rare souls who accost tower and sky, You alone binding magicks stir. You who shun sextant and compass, Fear not the darkness you must walk. Companions at your side, into unknown pass.

61 Floor

Ignorant child, By hist'ry's shadow blinded. Undying are We, Magnificent beyond knowing, Worthy of all fear. Once Our power did We wield, Holding temporal swat o'er All things great and small.

62 Floor

Ignorant child, Orphaned from hist'ry's truth. In heights unknown and unknowable Sit We, sovereign o'er all. No more this Ivalice to walk, From distant silence watch We your doings, Beyond the reach of mortal knowing.

64 Floor

Ignorant child, Blessed with life on clay below. All that lived and ever shall, Are as nothing before the Undying.

Ignorant child, Crawling thought life on clay below. All that lived and ever shall, By Giruvegan's grace to prosper Now and forever.

66 Floor

You who call the Vessel of Sky, Who would climb higher still, This Vessel's ways now master to ascend. Through ways untrodden, pass but one. Through ways then known, move unhindered.

Pilgrim impelled to Heaven's heights, Skyward keep your course. In Vessel of Sky now make your way. Reaching this place, your worth proven, The path for you shall open.

80 Floor

You who reach this final sphere, No paths herein will you find. The heights you've climbed, their glyphs, These shall be your guide. To seal of night look first. Not easily this realm to pass. Failing twice, punishment you will face.


  • Gerun: The Humes ever skew hist'ry's weave. With haste they move through too-short lives. Driven to err by base desires, t'ward waste and wasting, on they run.
  • Gerun: The treaty held with Kings of old is but a mem'ry, cold and still. With you we now shall treat anew, to cut a run for his'try's flow.
  • Gerun: The Nethicite is ours to give, to chosen bearer or to none. The heretic trespassed and set the rose of knowledge in Man's hand. With imitations they profane, it is anathema to us.
  • Gerun: Now take this sword, this Treaty-Blade. Occurian seal, mark of your worth. Cut deep the Cryst and seize your Shards. Wield Dynast-King's power! Destroy Venat!
  • High-Chief Zayalu: The proud heart becomes dulled to the suffering of others. When the strong heart forget [sic] suffering, it can only lead to evil.
  • Venat: Indeed. What claim does Gerun have on history's reins…seated on throne immortal, rent from time?
  • Venat: Yes, so much accomplished in six fleeting years. Man's fervor o'er all obstacles prevailing.
  • Reks: What..have you done?
  • Lamont (Larsa): This is what I came here to see. Nethicite.
  • Larsa: Attention! This is Larsa Ferrinas Solidor. My brother, Vayne, has died honorably in the battle. The Imperial fleet is now under my command.
  • Mjrn: Stay away!!! Power-needy hume!
  • Repeated Line: The reins of history back in the hands of Man.
  • Repeated Line: Manufacted Nethicite!
  • Vossler: Sky pirates, the future of Dalmasca will not be stolen!
  • Prideful Archadian Boy: (if the player uses the Gate Crystal to enter Archades) I saw you come in on the gate crystal. An Ardent, aren't you. No upstanding gentry would use the things. Why leave the city anyway?
  • Airship Travel Agent: (said if the player has an esper in the party) I'm afraid we can't allow you to board the airship with this...companion. It could interfere with the ship's skystone.
  • Gilgamesh: Fools! You face the mightiest swordsman in all Ivalice! You face me -- Gilgamesh! Long have I sought the blade of legend; scoured have I the furthest marches, east and west; and now my search brings me here, to you! Your weapons are forfeit to me! Fly, Enkindu! Fly, my faithful companion! I said FLY!
  • Cid:(when using "S-27 Tokamak") (pulls out the S-27 Tokamak) I'm afraid your time here is over! (charges) The curtain falls. (fires) Farewell! (laser hits the crystals, releasing a wall of fire) Ah-hahahahaha-haaaaaa!!!
  • Cid: And lo! How brightly burned their lanthorn! Casts it back the shadow of Occurian design! Testament that Man's history shall be his alone!
  • Seeq in Rabanastre: Oh, he wasn't counting the spoony bards, of course...(this is a reference to Tellah's quote from Final Fantasy IV)
  • Viera in Eruyt Village: It is because the spring remains apart that the flowers bloom.
  • Stairbottom Elder in Old Archades: Word travels fast in this town. New information is born, grows old, and dies in a day.


Gerun: Wield Dynast-king's power! Destroy Venat!
Ashe: But Venat-- Venat is an Occurian. A being like you.
Gerun: Venat is a heretic!

Basch: Please, get me out, for the sake of Dalmasca.
Vaan: Dalmasca!? What do you care about Dalmasca!? Everything that happened was because of you! Everyone that's died, every single one! Even my brother - You killed my brother!

Vaan: [Holding the Dusk Shard]Don't even think you're getting this.
Balthier: The thought never crossed my mind.


Balthier: [After the Dusk Shard glows] Oh, now isn't that impressive?
Vaan: Don't get any ideas. I told you, it's mine.
Balthier: I'm sorry, but the jury is still up about that one.

Vaan: Fran!
Fran: Hmm?
Vaan: I'm just wondering...about what she said about you saying the same thing fifty years ago?
Fran: ...Your point?
Vaan: Um...How old are you again?
Fran: ......(leaves)
Balthier: (sighs)...Nice, Vaan.
Larsa: Surprisingly rude.
Penelo: Try to grow up, please.

(a line quoted from Final Fantasy Tactics.)
Vaan: I got a good feeling.
Larsa: This is the way.

Fran: (As Balthier lends her aid) I would say that you're more like a ...'supporting' role.
Balthier: (chagrined) Fran, please.

Gerun: We give you now the Stone and task. Administer judgement: destroy them all!
Ashe: Judgement? Destroy them all? The Empire?

Balthier: He made airships, weapons...even made me a Judge.
Ashe: You were a...a Judge!?
Balthier: Part of a past I'd rather forget.

Vaan: What are we waiting for?!
Balthier: For you to calm down.

Fran: Arrghh!! (attacks a guard)
Penelo: What's wrong with her?
Balthier: I always knew Fran didn't take well to being tied up.
(Fran attacks another guard)
Balthier: I just never knew how much. How about you?
Ashe: I like Fran's idea, let's get out of here!
Vossler: No farther! Sky pirates, the future of Dalmasca will not be stolen. (Assumes a fighting stance) Why do this, Basch? This struggle is futile. You must know where it leads!
Basch: I do know. All too well.

Judge Bergan: The Senate may play at intrigue, but Lord Vayne is not one to be brought down easily. The entire military waits upon his orders, from the War Council down to the rank and file. What better blade than he to strike down the enemies of the Empire?
Judge Drace: (to Bergan from the shadows) Your Honor reminds me of Zecht two years since. He, too, put his trust in Lord Vayne’s strength, and what became of him? Gone without a trace since Nabudis!
Judge Bergan: I will not hear you malign Judge Zecht! He was a noble warrior. Or…do you think his trust in Lord Vayne ill-placed?
Judge Drace: Vayne took two of his own brothers’ lives. He is ruthless beyond contempt.
Judge Bergan: Ruthless you say? Would he were more so! He gives traitors no quarter, be they of his own blood! How fitting for one who would bear the burden of Empire.
Judge Drace: But could we bear him? Zargabaath, what of you? Surely you do not believe… his brothers were traitors.
Judge Zargabaath: So found His Excellency, Lord Gramis. You would do well to mind your tongue, Drace. That matter is long past.
Judge Gabranth: Your Honors, a summons! Lord Vayne has arrived at the palace.
Judge Zargabaath: We come at once.

Judge Drace: Lord Larsa has left for Bur-Omisace. He hopes to enlist the aid of the Gran Kiltias in stopping the insurgents. I doubt this will be enough to deter Ondore… but even a slight hindrance to his operations would be welcome. This will delay the Rozarrian invasion… and we will have bought much-needed time to shore up our defenses.
Judge Gabranth: Just as His Excellency had hoped.
Judge Drace: No matter the result, I am pleased with the young lord’s progress. I can already see the stunned faces of those mud-witted senators. The fools think a child emperor’s strings easy to pull from the shadows… but they will find that Lord Larsa is no puppet.
Judge Gabranth: Yes. The senators would be most pleased with a puppet for an emperor. Recall, Drace, how the Senate fears and despises Lord Vayne’s ability? When they realize the truth, that Lord Larsa is no docile lamb to be shepherded… they will bear their teeth and devour him.
Judge Drace: You’re right. I shall speak on this matter with His Excellency at once. Gabranth. It falls to us to protect Lord Larsa. Are we agreed?
Judge Gabranth: Aye.

Judge Drace: A viper amongst our Senators!?
Vayne Solidor: With Chairman Gregoroth as its head. With what dignity remained him, he confessed the poisoning and passed his own sentence.
Judge Bergan: A viper with many tails, much of the Senate is culpable.
Vayne Solidor: We have no choice but to strip the Senate of authority and assign powers of autocracy to myself until such time as order-
Judge Drace: Spare me your lies! I see the serpent coiled here before me.
Judge Zargabaath: Drace, you speak too freely.
Judge Drace: Zargabaath, do not tell me you join in this mummer's farce!
Judge Zargabaath: With Rozarria poised to invade at any moment, our leader must have a free hand.
Vayne Solidor: The once-great House Solidor is now reduced to myself, and my dear brother Larsa.
Judge Drace: Surely you would not go so far. Vayne Solidor! As Judge Magister and upholder of the law, I hereby place you under arrest!
Judge Bergan: You misunderstand, Vayne did not make himself autocrat, it was the very Ministry of Law which you serve. Do you see it now, Drace? When you bared your sword at his excellency, you bared your sword at the law.
Judge Drace: You wear the mummer's motley well, Bergan.

Judge Drace: Such strength - Inhuman!
Vayne Solidor: Zargabaath, take the Alexander. You will accompany Bergan and bring Larsa back to me.
Judge Zargabaath: Sire.
Judge Gabranth: Your Excellency, Lord Larsa was placed under my charge.
Vayne Solidor: Oh? Perhaps you mistook your orders then. I can see no other explanation for why you were reporting and conjecturing on my doings to my late father.
Judge Gabranth: Your Excellency-
Vayne Solidor: A hound begging for scraps at the Emperor's table. Would you serve a new master, hound? You may fulfill your duty as Judge Magister before us all. She has been tried and found guilty.
Judge Zargabaath: Your Excellency, I beg you reconsider.
Judge Drace: Do it, I care not. Live, Gabranth, protect the young lord. Protect Larsa...
Judge Gabranth: Forgive me.
Judge Drace: Pray be quick.
Vayne Solidor: And so House Solidor lives on.

Vayne: Venat! (Venat appears) I have failed you. I am no Dynast-King. You must find another. One who might realize your ambitions.
Venat: They are fulfilled beyond your knowing. The Cryst is sundered, Age of Stones, complete. From the Undying ones the world is freed. You shall not tread this path alone. Together we go, come...

Judge Gabranth: Yet without power, what future can you claim? What good a kingdom you cannot defend?
Basch: Then I will defend Queen and Kingdom both!
Judge Gabranth: Hah! Defend? You? You who failed Landis and Dalmasca? What can shame hope to keep safe? Your shield is shattered! Your oaths poison those you would protect!

Dr. Cid: Let him by, Venat. It is done. Ah, how I have enjoyed these six years.
Venat: The pleasure was all mine.
Balthier: Was there no other way?
Dr. Cid: Spend your pity elsewhere. If you are so set on running, hadn't you best be off, fool of a pirate?

Ba'Gamnan: You've seen to her feeding, yes?
Rinok: I have, my brother. She eats well.
Ba'Gamnan: See that she does. We need her alive. Balthier's bait must be fresh.
Penelo: I keep trying to tell you! I barely know who Balthier is!
Bwagi(With Gijuk trailing from behind): My brother! A message come from Rabanastre. The Strahl, she's set sail! She makes straight for the Skycity of Bhujerba!
Ba'Gamnan: Barely know, was it? Yet at a trice he goes bounding off for you! Tell me, how could that be?
Penelo: That's what I'd like to know! I just met him that one time-
Ba'Gamnan: [he approaches Penelo] Does that tongue never stop? What if we plucked it from your head? [he turns to Rinok and Bwagi] As for you! We need Balthier alive! His corpse fetches but half the bounty!
[Ba'Gamnan starts walking away, and Rinok and Bwagi follow]
Bwagi: A tender beating, my specialty!
Rinok: There's no fun for it if we can't tease out a scream or two!
[they burst out laughing evilly]
Penelo: [she looks towards the window] Where are you?

Vaan: So, this he an old friend of yours, Balthier? You two seemed...close.
Balthier: Close enough for fisticuffs...Driver! Faster, if you please. I would be loath to expend any of the violence of my present mood on my companions.
Cabby: S-Sir? Yes, sir!

Vayne Solidor: I bid you welcome to my sky fortress, the Bahamut. I must apologize for my delay in welcoming you aboard my ship. Permit me to ask: who are you? An angel of vengeance? Or perchance a saint of salvation?
Ashe: I am simply myself. No more and no less. And I want only to be free.
Vayne Solidor: Such a woman is not fit to bear the burden of rule. Weep for Dalmasca, for She is lost. Observe well, Larsa. Watch and mark you the suffering of one who must rule, yet lacks the power.
Larsa: No. [The music stops, and the camera turns to reveal that Larsa is holding a sword to Vayne's neck] No, brother. I will not. Though I lack your power, I will still persist.
Vayne Solidor: Bold words child.

Venat: For your ascendance, Vayne, I offer prayer. May you attain all that which your due.
Vayne Solidor: Attain it I shall. For too long have my deeds gone unrewarded.

Song lyrics[edit]

  • Go — I will give you wings to fly
    Cast all your fears into the sky

    Kiss me good-bye, love's mystery
    All of my life I'll hold you close to me
    Won't shed a tear for love's mortality
    For you put the dream in my reality

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