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Fire Emblem, strategy and role-playing video game franchise developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo.

Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War (Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu)[edit]

  • "Hey, you're draggin'! Now pick up the pace!!" - Gandolf (to Aideen)
  • "She's my booty! I'm takin' her back to be my wife. She's a keeper, wouldn't ya say?" - Gandolf (to Gerard, referring to Aideen)
  • "You're strong, reliable, ... and slow! You're the one, hands down! Hahahaa!" - Alec (to Arden)
  • "Hrmph. I can live with the strong and reliable part, but leave the slow bit out of it, ok?" - Arden (back to Alec)
  • "Hey, isn't that Midale!? Come on, Midale... pull it together!" - Sigurd
  • "Sigurd, I'm leaving him with you in good faith. Show him the ropes, OK?" - Alvis (referring to Azel)
  • "We'll find a cozy little spot, have a little wine ... just like old times." - Sigurd (to Eltosian)
  • "You pull any stunts and that lit'le brat's history." - Kinbois (to Ayra, referring to Shanan)
  • "Don't let them push you around." - Shanan (to Ayra)
  • "You better not double-cross me Kinbois, because I'll hunt you down and put your head to a stick! Even if it takes me to the ends of hell! Got it!?" - Ayra (to Kinbois)
  • "Whoa-whoa!! Fer such a pretty face, you sure can spew some filth!" - Kinbois (back to Ayra)
  • "Alright, let's do this. Anyone that gets near me is going down!" - Ayra (when a member of Sigurd's army gets near Genoa Castle) (Ayra then starts to chase members of Sigurd's army until Sigurd recruits her.)
    In Japanese: "Watashi ni chikazuku-sha ha awareta na."
  • "For Shanan's sake, you must die. Now feel my Meteor Sword." - Ayra (attack quote when she first attacks a member of Sigurd's army)
  • "They're makin' my auntie fight against her will! Please, you gotta help her!!" - Shanan (to Sigurd, referring to Ayra)
  • "Then put down your sword. As a descendant of Baldo, the crusader of light, I will not betray you." - Sigurd (recruiting Ayra)
  • "Shanan ... I'm sorry." - Ayra (death quote, if Ayra dies as an enemy)
  • "Shanan be strong." - Ayra (death quote, if Ayra dies as a playable character and she is single)
  • "Shanan be strong. <Ayra's mate>, I want to see you again ..." - Ayra (death quote, if she dies as a playable character and she is married)
  • "Wow... Sir Sigurd sure is a kindhearted man." - Oifey
  • "As a knight, I can't have you sneaking around like some petty thief." - Eltosian (to Eliot)
  • "That sounds like superstitious nonsense to me. No one should be forced to live like that. Diadora... we must meet again." - Sigurd
  • "You're going to pay fully for making me the fool. Throw this trash in the dungeon!" - Chagall (first to Eltosian and then to the Agusty castle guards)
  • "You're putting your life in peril!" - Lachesis (to Eltosian)
  • "God, I can't stand conceited men like him." - Lachesis
  • "It'd be nice to fight for something real for a change." - Holyn (to whoever recruited him)
  • "Why do things always go Eltosian's way..." Eliot (death quote)\
  • "Alvis... YOU BASTARD!!!" Sigurd (for Alvis sentencing to kill him and marrying his brainwashed, amnesiac wife)
  • Levin "You talk for hours with Sigurd, but you won't even spare a moment with your son!"
    Rahna (Levin's mother) "My son left me two years ago to run off to some faraway place. I don't see him anywhere."

Fire Emblem (Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken)[edit]

  • "I'm done for... is this really the best I could aspire to?" - Raven (death quote)
  • "So this is the Mani Katti. A blade with no equal." - Sain
  • "Then choose! My sword will never lose to yours!" - Guy (to Matthew)
  • "Great. Now you owe me four favors." - Matthew (to Guy)
  • "I am NOT you!!!" - Kent (to Sain)
  • "I am Glass! The gods fear my name!" - Glass
  • "That annoying little girl...Nothing but a savage from Sacae... The Caelin throne...should be... mine..." - Lundgren (death quote)
  • "But you should really fear the enemy's archers, not your own." - Wil (to Florina)
  • "Eeek! Stay back! Don't get so close." - Florina (to Sain) (Florina is androphobic, and Sain is a womanizer).
  • "It's time to get to work." - Matthew (to Lyn)
  • "Hey, you! Yes, you, the grim-faced one!" - Farina (to Hector)
  • "I am here for you. Even were I not a knight, even if you not my lady, my heart would not change."- Kent (to Lyn)
  • "Craven cur!" - Eliwood
  • "Big words make my head hurt!" - Bartre
  • "You... must understand. I am... a man. As a child, I was often teased for my appearance, and I have never once profited from it." - Lucius (to Priscilla)
  • "Not... bloody... likely..." - Matthew (to Serra)
  • "Not that I'm correcting you, but I am only in my thirties. I would think "ill-hearted gentleman" more appropriate... Now, I must be off." - Oswin (to Hector)
  • "Gahaa...Urrg....gaa...Is this...death? Is this..what I have...wrought so oft before?..." - Pascal (death quote)
  • "Beware the Black Fang!"- a dying Marquess Santaruz, stabbed by Ephidel.
  • "Yes. It's strange, isn't it? I feel as if we have known each other from birth." Fiora (In the A support conversation with Kent)
  • "You kicked me... in the stomach." - Wil (B support conversation with Rebecca)
  • "Ah. Of course. The first opportunity to get involved in trouble, and she jumps right in. No amount of money is worth this. Hoo..." - Erk (talking about Serra)
  • "Tell me...are you afraid to die?" - Ursula
  • "Oho!! I...I've been saved!" - Merlinus
  • "But be of good cheer! In dying here, you will be spared the cataclysm to come! I am Uhai! The Soaring Hawk! Come!" - Uhai
  • "The punishment for traitors is death." - Jaffar, then he kills Leila by Ephidel's orders.
  • "You're inhuman. Your soul is black and devoid of warmth." - Jaffar (to Sonia)
  • "For those who's reasoning is bent, I shall straighten it with my bow" - Rath
  • "OK, let's see... Saint Elmine, praise be your graces. Please ensure that no one dies in this battle. Please grant me speed to heal my allies' wounds. And, um, what else... I want Hector to give me a lot of gold, and I want to get all the good food and only ever have to do the fun jobs, and I want a servant who does whatever I say, and everyone should worship me and give me things, and...uhh..." - Serra (praying in her support conversation with Oswin)
  • "Frail? You? Serra, you have no need of any escort to protect you. Even the most hardened criminal would flee in terror after five minutes in your company. I'll return your money. Gladly. Now, will you please go on to Ostia alone?" - Erk
  • "If I teach you any more than this... Then I will have to cut you down where you stand. I would cleave you in two before you could take a single breath." - Karel (to Guy)
  • "In the name of the Fang, I sentence you to death. Do not blame fate, for it is your own doing..." - Lloyd
  • "We do not question our orders. We are the jaw that bites." - Lloyd
  • "Pray. I'll give you that much time. All the evil that you've done up to now... Repent it, and sleep." - Linus
  • "This body and this heart are constructs. Yes, as is this sorrow." - Limstella (death quote)
  • "Then I'll have to break down this door and go through you." - Raven
  • "Behold! A giant walks among you! My defense is impenetrable! Come! Break your weapons against me!" - Wallace
  • "Hm... What a delightful expression! That settles it - I'll kill you first" - Vaida
  • "Blood? Is this... my blood? Ephidel! Come to me! Your master... calls you... I am the ruler... of the... world..." - Marquess Laus (death quote)
  • "Nothing is more beautiful than the suffering of men... When I'm watching, I'm afloat in a ocean of pure bliss... I will watch you for a long, long time" Kenneth
  • "My lord Nergal brings me people whenever I want to kill... which is all the time, really..." Jerme
  • "You're about to die. Scream if you must." Damian
  • "Hm? Must be this thing called 'love', you know?" Legault (In the infamous A support conversation with Heath)
  • "I will claim the mighty quintessence of the dragons. I will become stronger, and move ever closer to perfection!" Nergal
  • "I am who I am. The pain of others, I do not feel. The sorrow of other does not touch me. Death feeds me. Death pleases me." Nergal
  • "Ga... Not like this... I will not die... like this. With my last breath... Tremble and despair! Ha ha ha... Ha ha!" Nergal (death quote)
  • "I will end you with my hands, in the name of my lost friend!" Renault (to Nergal)
  • "If you covet the dark, you must enter it of your own free will. You must erase yourself and become an empty vessel. Only then will you be able to receive the dark and master it. If your disposition is weak the dark will overwhelm you. You will be… lost… oft times you will forget why you seek the power to begin with. Only a few people gain true power. To win such a prize, one’s self is a small and insignificant sacrifice. I’ve heard rumors… Bramimond, one of the eight legends, devoted himself entirely to the dark. All emotion, all memory… dissolved in a river of dark. That is how he received the power to best dragons…" Teodor To Eliwood and Hector
  • "You know nothing, little lord. Nothing of Nergal's might. Nothing of his terrible power. You are ignorant, and so you hope to oppose him. You are insects railing against the heavens" Uhai To Eliwood and Hector after taking Lyn hostage
  • "This is a message from Lord Nergal. 'I await you on the Dread Isle.'" -Denning
  • "Take me into your bosoms and keep me safe forever!" -Merlinus (to Eliwood and Hector)
  • "Now you watch that pretty mouth of yours, lass, before I turn it sideways!" -Dart (to Farina)
  • "Why can't I talk to girls?" -Erk (in his support conversation with Nino)
  • "You don't smile. You don't speak. And you're still creepy." -Legault (to Jaffar)
  • "Thunder! Thunder, hear my cry!" -Aion
  • "That little bird has escaped this island cage twice." -Ephidel to Eliwood (refering to Ninian)
  • "And you call yourself the toughest axeman alive?!"-Bartre (to Dorcas)
  • "... I never said that..."-Dorcas (to Batre)
  • "Cut me down, Brother. I simply wanted to hear your voice before I died. Now I have. I am satisfied."-Karla (to Karel)
  • " not grieve for me, soon, I will be with long absent friends..."-Athos (Excert from dying speech)
  • "Leila..."-Matthew(death quote)
  • "Matthew..."-Leila(death quote)
  • "I am Sain, of the Caelin knights! That's S-A-I-N. Do not forget, my lovely!"- Sain (Support conversation with Fiora)
  • "I see... fields of flowers..."- Sain (Support with Fiora)
  • "Humans... they are so very fragile."- Ephidel
  • "Aaahhh!!! You're no perfect being! You're a Monster in human form! No mercy! No forgiveness!!!"- Nino (Excert from Battle Dialog between Nino and Sonia)


  • Nergal: Ah, Athos, see my power. I am already beyond you.
  • Athos: Have you already become so blind, old friend? Then I will do my duty as a friend.
    • Conversation when Athos and Nergal enter battle for the first time.

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones (Fire Emblem: Seima no Kouseki)[edit]

  • "May the blessed light drive you from this land!" - Artur [Proceeds to attack a monster]
  • "Hmm... You waste your last breath on insults, and feeble ones at that. Die then, fool of Frelia." - Caellach
  • "Man, you can't even do anything without me! And stop crying!" - Colm [to Neimi]
  • "Neimi, I'm the only one who can make you cry. For now and ever, got that?" - Colm [to Neimi in their last support conversation]
  • Hey, you! Have you seen a scary-looking woman?" - Colm [to Marisa, when in fact she is the scary-looking woman]
  • "...Yes, I have broken my vows, Valter. And yes, it may be I who falls when we tilt lances... But a dog like you will never see me crawl." - Cormag [to Valter]
  • "I don't pick fights I can't win." - Ephraim [to Valter]
  • "You mean Prince Innes? He's probably 100 percent stress. But I'm sure he's quite the ladies' man. I bet you have a crush on him, too. You're blushing, so I must have hit a nerve! A romance between a prince and his knight? What scandal! What intrigue!" - Forde [to Vanessa]
  • "Yes, I think I'm about the same age you are. You know what that means? That means, from now on, you're my rival." - Franz [to Amelia]
  • "Trapping me was a mistake. Failing, an expensive one. I think it's time for you to learn how expensive"." - Innes [to Pablo]
  • "It seems that I've fallen in love with you." - Innes [to Eirika]
  • "Bah... I am in NO way inferior to this so-called Demon King." - Innes [final battle quote]
  • "I won’t give up... Not here... Not in this place... I’ll keep going, even if I have to crawl..." - Innes [death quote]
  • "Say... you want to make a bet? [I bet] that you're gonna fall for me, sooner or later. I'm betting yes, personally." - Joshua [to Natasha]
  • "Yeah, well... I just happened to be in the neighborhood is all." - Joshua [to Natasha]
  • "What's that saying? The cooler the head, the hotter he bets?" - Joshua [in his support conversation with Innes]
  • "Er, excuse me... if at all possible, uh, would you mind not stalking me like that?" - Knoll [to Lute]
  • "In this darkness... I will find... peace..." - Knoll [death quote]
  • "Cad! Beast! Pervert! Devil! How dare you try to take advantage of me in my confused state!" - L'Arachel [to Ephraim]
  • "I see. So you're 'Son-of-the-warrior-garcia-ross.'" - Lute [to Ross]
  • "There are many books in this world, and I have read most of them." - Lute
  • "Well, there's my monk-watching habit." - Lute [support with Ross]
  • "I lost.." - Marisa [Death Quote]
  • "You don't look particularly sorry. You look rather pleased with yourself." - Moulder [to Colm who has set his package on fire]
  • "...Princess Eirika. If anyone could understand my feelings it might be you. For the one I love... I betrayed everything. My country, my lord and master... Everything..." - Orson [to Eirika]
  • "You haven't changed, Dozla. Your ability to misread people still ruins all conversation. I am lamenting, old man! I am raging against my horrible misfortune!" - Rennac [to Dozla]
  • "Ah, Valter... You're a beast. You're bound to no country, you care nothing for friend or foe. Kill a man, claim a woman... You live for nothing more, you wretched beast. That's your strength, that's what makes you stronger than any man alive. A beast acts without remorse. Man's morality cannot win. That is nature's way..." - Riev
  • "Heh heh heh. The young lady of Rausten... The more cruel and gruesome your death, the more that cur Mansel would weep, am I right? And that would make me so very, very happy." - Riev
  • "Grr... Your eyes annoy me... Why do you not despair? Why do you not surrender?" - Riev
  • "Me? Die? Prince Ephraim, you misunderstand me. I have no intention of dying. Madness though it may be, I will be the one doing the killing today." - Selena [to Ephraim]
  • " Why should i bother to care about you, if YOU can't be bothered to care about ME?!"- Tana [to Ephriam]
  • "I've no use for these bloodless minnows... Give me prey that will sate my bloodlust... I Hunger!" - Valter
  • "I am Valter! The Moonstone! And you are a corpse who does not yet know he is dead!" - Valter


Innes: It must be tough for a pampered castle brat like you to interact with soldiers.
Tana:If you can say something like that to your own sister, I'm more worried about you.

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance (Fire Emblem: Sōen no Kiseki)[edit]

  • "Well, for all those born with nothing, there are those born with everything. Perhaps those who never notice the difference are the ones we should envy." - Ranulf
  • " means much more than that...To my last breath, I will do all that I can to ensure your dream...Elincia." -Ike (in a support conversation with Elincia)
  • "Hey, I was joking! J-O-K-ing." - Shinon
  • "You there, in the bushes. You have until the count of five to show yourself before I start throwing sharp objects. One... two... four..." - Volke (C Level support with Bastian)
  • "Damn... I... After all this... Forgive me, Elincia..." Ike (death in final chapter)
  • "This can't happen...Ike! I won't accept this... No... I-I won't! Don't do this, Ike. Don't leave me..." Elincia (if Ike dies in final chapter)
  • "Dang. Should've brought more priests... or... babies..." Schaeffer (death quote)
  • "Rhys? I'm a Crimean Knight! We fear neither blood, nor pain, nor terribly sharp implements being inserted into our..." - Kieran (to Rhys)
  • "I figured that egg thing was a joke, but I had no idea it ever really happened... Bird tribes... Go figure." - Ike (to Janaff)
  • "Now we've got you! Eat rock! Heh... eat rock... I'm pretty clever..." - Soldier (to Ike's army)
  • "Mmm... I think I'll just stretch out here... Yeah... that's it. This moss is nice and squishy. Leave me alone. It's nap time." - Haar (to Jill)
  • "Sure, no problem! Hmmm... I guess I'll just... sit down here and... knit... something... Ooo, look! A bear!"-Kieran (in his support conversation with Rhys)
  • "You've grown quite good at hiding it. But, it's merely a matter of time before your heritage becomes... evident."-Stefan (to Soren)
  • "Please, Ashnard. I can hardly wait to rake my talons across your face." - Tibarn
  • "That was my name... once. But I... threw it away. The only weapon I need... is right here!" - Greil (to the Black Knight, refering to his former position as one of the Four Riders)
  • "I see. Well, in that case, may your blades run red with glory." - Black Knight (to Mackoya)
  • "When the time comes-- and you will know when-- ride to Grann Desert. You have friends there."-Stefan (to soren)
  • "Devdan thinks that you look angry. Why are you always scowling? Small children will start to cry!"-Devdan (to Nephenee)
  • "You can learn the dance of blades from me without knowing my history, can you not? What say you? Let your heart decide."-Stefan (to Ike)
  • "You've grown stronger... I... commend you..."-Black Knight (death quote)
  • "Make the ground... sssssoft with blood. Turn thissss plassse... into a graveyard..." - Bertram (to a soldier)
  • "What!? You're not!? Phew! Hah... you had me there. I mean... just one nasty look from that face of yours could scare a man to death!"-Makalov (to Haar)
  • "So you're saying I'm ugly, is that it? I look like some kind of thug to you?"-Haar (to Makalov)
  • "Is that...all there is? No challenge? No... resistance?" Black Knight after he kills Greil by impaling him through the chest
  • "Humans are shameless creatures that carelessly ignore any misfortune which does not befall them directly. They can--and often do--turn a blind eye to all manner of wickedness so long as it does not touch them or their kin."-Soren
  • "Wh-what? WHAT?! And watch how you say my name, boy! Boy, boy, boy... Wittle boy Ike... Wittle Ikey..."-Shinon (to Ike)
  • "Screw you!"-Shinon (to Ike)
  • "The Dark Angel... She's found me at last... At least I can sleep now..."-Haar (Death Quote)
  • "Ike? Ike! This can't... It can't... What am I... If you're not here, what am I to do?"-Soren (If Ike dies chapters 18-25 or 28)
  • "Ah... This stinks. If I can't fight, what good am I? Sorry, Ike, but I'm too pretty to die... I'm backing off. Take care of things, will you? And be safe!"-Ranulf (Death Quote-Final Chapter)
  • "Deceitful, lying, squinty coward!"-Kieran (to Oscar)
  • "Ho, I'm fine! Don't worry about old Kieran! I just need to pull this axe out of my head here... Whooo, that's sharp!"-Kieran
  • "O blessed goddess... protect these brave warriors..."-Rhys (if killed in-game)
  • "The world... it grows so dark."-Nephenee (if killed in-game)
  • "When our dad died, I was the one who had to care for baby Rolf... I had no clue what I was supposed to do. Oscar received a discharge from his military service and came home, but life was hard"-Boyd (Ch. 8: Despair and Hope)
  • "Listen, the difference between you and me is that I'm a professional."-Boyd (Referring to Ike, Prologue: Mercenaries)
  • "So your nervous little staff officer told you that did he? Has he snapped yet? He seems high-strung." -Ranulf (Referring to Soren)
  • "Oof...that was...poorly done."-Soren (If killed/injured in game)
  • "You can be a general, or you can be dinner. I don't really care which... But do try to show a little initiative, would you?" - King Ashnard (to General Petrine)

  • Ike: Hey, Soren.
  • Soren: ...
  • Ike: I've been thinking a lot about what you said the other day, and there's something I still don't understand. You survived. You're strong. Why would you feel insecure about who you are? Tell me. Tell me everything.
  • Soren: Curse you! Why can't you leave me be?! I don't have any friends, Ike! I don't have anyone else! If I tell you and you turn on me... I... I... I don't think I can survive it.
  • Ike: That's why you have to tell me, Soren. You'll never tell anyone else. And if you don't tell anyone, you're just going to keep suffering. Look at you! You're a mess! Come on. Talk to me.
  • Soren: Ike... I... I...
  • Ike: Soren, it's me! Trust me. I don't give two figs who your parents are! I'll stand by you.
  • Soren: Ike, I...sniff... No, I won't... ...sniff...Ah, Ike... ...I'm... Branded. I'm one of the Branded.
  • Ike: A Branded? What's that?
  • Soren: It's a cross between a beorc and a laguz. Such a taboo union violates every teaching of the goddess. And of society. We are untouchables. Abominations. Condemned to a life of hatred and shunning from both races.
  • Ike: Wait, wait. Hold it a second. Let me make sure that I follow you... You're part laguz?
  • Soren: Yeah. This mark on my forehead is the proof. I learned about it while researching ancient books at the Mainal Cathedral. I always thought it was a birthmark. Others thought that it was the mark of a Spirit Charmer.
  • Ike: What's a Spirit Charmer?
  • Soren: Magic comes from interaction with spirits. If you let one into your body, it will give you tremendous power...for a price. That's why the old sage was so interested in me. He thought I had struck a deal. But instead, I was just a filthy Branded.
  • Ike: All right. I understand. So?
  • Soren: ...What do you mean, "So?"
  • Ike: So, you have laguz blood in your veins. So, you have a mark to prove it. So... What's the problem?
  • Soren: What's the problem...? Don't you find me repugnant!? I work beside you, eat beside you. I'm nothing! I don't belong anywhere! Doesn't that sicken you?
  • Ike: No. It doesn't change anything. You're still you, Soren! You're a capable officer of our army. And my friend. We can't keep going unless you are with us.
  • Soren: ...Ike... I thought... I thought you...
  • Ike: What?
  • Soren: It was Gallia. The sage lived in Gallia. A few beorcs had settled there and...
  • Ike: Gallia? Are you saying...
  • Soren: When the sage died, no one would help me. I couldn't speak. Couldn't find food. I was dying. You were the only one who helped. You and your father. That's why you're my friend. My...only friend.
    • Ike/Soren A Support Conversation

  • Ike: You've grown strong, Princess.
  • Elincia: That's only because I had such a great role model.
  • Ike: Hah! I think you meant to say bad role model, right? By the way, do you remember what you said to me on the southern sea?
  • Elincia: W-what did I say? Hopefully, it was nothing too embarrassing.
  • Ike: You said, "Give them a sound thrashing!"
  • Elincia: That I was trying to fit in, my lord Ike. To be rough and capable like the rest of you.
  • Ike: You caught me off guard with that one.
  • Elincia: Hee hee! It brings back memories. When I fled the capital and was told about Crimea's defeat in Gallia... I prepared myself to live in crushing, colorless despair for the rest of my days. But when I look back, I can see there were some warm rays of hope...poking through.
  • Ike: You're right...
  • Elincia: Tomorrow, I will face King Daein and reclaim Crimea...or die in the attempt. It is the only thing on my mind.
  • Ike: You employed me as a mercenary. I'll give you your money's worth!...No. It means more than that... To my last breath, I will do all that I can to ensure your dream...Elincia.
  • Elincia: Oh, Ike...
    • Ike/Elincia A Support Conversation

  • Ranulf: Hey, Ike. Isn't it a little too late to be training?
  • Ike: I haven't had a chance to train today. I try to swing a sword everyday, even if it's just for a little while. It helps me focus and keeps me calm. Plus, it's good practice. Haaaa! Kyaaaaa!
  • Ranulf: I see. So your strength doesn't just come from your bloodline. It's also a result of your persistence. No wonder you grow more powerful every time I see you... Nice. Very nice...
  • Ike: Haaaaa! And one and... Hiyaaaa!
  • Ranulf: Oh, sorry. I'm interrupting you. I'll see you la--
  • Ike: Wait. What do you want? I assume you came out here to tell me something.
  • Ranulf: Not really. I'm just being a mother cat... No matter how many times we tell you to take it easy, you're always working. I thought you might take a break if I came over and talked to you. But... I can see that you're still crazy. I'll go now.
  • Ike: You think I'm crazy? How so?
  • Ranulf: Well...a little crazy, yeah! I've never worked for a leader who's as blunt and straightforward as you. It's pretty shocking to have a commander who doesn't care what anyone thinks, no matter how powerful they are.
  • Ike: Well, that's just my style. I don't have to be like someone else, do I?
  • Ranulf: Why are you so confident? I don't get it. Normal beorc just do what people tell them and try not to make a fuss. But not you! I heard you even yelled at the apostle!
  • Ike: Yeah, that wasn't my brightest moment.
  • Ranulf: Then again, worrying about a beorc like this is definitely not normal laguz behavior. I guess I'm a fish out of water myself... Wait, did I just call myself a fish?
  • Ike: Wha--? Ha ha! You're a cat, remember!? I thought you ate fish! Ha ha ha!
  • Ranulf: Hey! I made you laugh! That's good. That's a good first step.
  • Ike: Fine, fine! I'll take a break. Um... so what do I do now? Am I supposed to drink tea or something?
  • Ranulf: Tea is good. And eat something. Oh, and maybe you should take a... catnap! Wha ha ha ha!
    • Ike/Ranulf C Support Conversation

  • Shinon: Why are you standing out here like a scarecrow?
  • Gatrie: Hey, Shinon. I'm just waiting for my girlfriend.
  • Shinon: Oh. Her. Right. You're still dating?
  • Gatrie: Yep! And when I gave her gift that you picked out for me... boy, was she happy! In fact, I'll tell you a secret... we're getting married!
  • Shinon: Aren't you rushing it a little?
  • Gatrie: Oh, no! You see, she's terminally ill. She has Brain Stones. It's really bad. She only had a few days left to live. And since she didn't have enough money to pay for the treatment...I thought it was time to spend my gold!
  • Shinon: You paid for it?
  • Gatrie: Yep! Every last gold piece! And guess what? The treatment cost exactly as much as I had! It's fate, isn't it Oh, with a coincidence like this, I know that we're meant for each other!
  • Shinon: ...You've got to be kidding me.
  • Gatrie: Between the war and her illness, times are pretty rough, so we decided to have the wedding right away. I was supposed to meet her here and then introduce her to the company. I wanted to do it in style, you know? But she's not here yet... Oh, wait is that... No, that's a horse. Hmm... I'm a little worried. I went to her house this morning, but I think I got the address wrong. All I found was an abandoned shack. But it'll be all right! She knows I'm with this army, and... And...
  • Shinon: Gatrie? She's not coming. You've been conned.
  • Gatrie: Whaaat!? No, I don't believe it! She's such a fine girl! So pure and kind! She'd never hornswoggle ol' Gatrie!
  • Shinon: How can someone with only days left to live manage to walk the streets looking for a knight with lots of money?
  • Gatrie: Because... Because she needed to meet me! It's fate! Remember?
  • Shinon: Then why isn't she here?
  • Gatrie: B-because... Um... Wolves?
  • Shinon: No, Gatrie. It's not wolves.
    • Gatrie/Shinon A Support Conversation

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn (Fire emblem: Akatsuki no Megami)[edit]

  • "Did you practice being this stupid?" - Boyd (To Rolf)
  • "Curse you Soren!" - Titania (To Soren)
  • "Right. Lord Ike, "hero" of the Crimean Liberation, leader of the Greil Mercenaries, and father of Sothe's children..." - Micaiah (After Sothe praises Ike)
  • "Of course... General Ike... again." - Micaiah (Later chapter, to Tormod after mentioning Ike)
  • "My...What a stupid speech" - Soren (about Skrimir)
  • "...This is ridiculous. I'm amazed that someone was desperate enough to make that fool a general." - Soren (To Ranulf, about Skrimir)
  • "Ah! Don't cry! I hate it when girls cry!" - Tormod (To Micaiah)
  • "Whoa! You're thanking me? Better get ahold of yourself, Sothe. You're gonna make ME get all weepy." - Tormod (To Sothe)
  • "Ridiculous... As if you didn't already have that annoying bird... Ouch! Ow! Ow ow ow! I take it back!" - Sothe (To Micaiah about Nailah sending Volug to protect her)

"Hey, Begnion dracoknights! Are you lost, or have you just been letting those scaly fleabags do your navigating? What're you doing in Crimea's sky?" - Marcia (To the dracoknights trying to capture Leanne in the Part 2 Prologue)

  • Aimee: Oh... It's like a dream come true. My hero, standing right in front of me. Somebody pinch me.
  • Ike: Hey, if you don't let go of my hand, I can't pay you for anything.
  • Aimee: No! My darling... Let us not spoil our time together with talk of money! Speak sweetly to me, handsome.
  • Ike: Listen, lady. This is a shop, and I'm a customer. What's so sweet about that?
  • Aimee: Oh, such cold words... My hero plays hard to get! You're only making me more interested.
  • Ike: Will you let go of my hand? Please?
  • Aimee: Then tell me I'm beautiful! Tell me I'm more beautiful than any woman in this camp!
  • Ike: ...And then you'll let go of my hand?
  • Aimee: Of course. I'll even give you everything you want for free.
  • Ike: Oh! All right, then...
  • ???: No, Ike! Don't say another word!
  • Aimee: That voice! It's--
  • Ike: C'mon, Soren. She's going to give us everything! For free!
  • Soren: Nothing in life is free, Ike. Suppose you said what she asked you to say, hmm? What then? You'd hear it all over the camp. In nearby villages. Eventually, the entire country would be saying it! "Ike, hero of the Mad King's War, is in love with Aimee the shopgirl." Rumors can quickly spin out of control.
  • Ike: Come off it. You're exaggerating.
  • Aimee: Ooh, don't be so sure. With my network of merchants, I'll spread the word to the four corners of Tellius! Within half a year, everyone will know! Then you will be mine forever, Ike! You'll have no choice at all!
  • Ike: Man, you go right for the neck, don't you? All right, Soren. She's all yours.
    • Base conversation, "Item Shop"

  • Astrid: Look at how calm Sir Makalov is. He never gets irritated or upset. It's the mark of a true knight. A good knight must know how to keep his cool on the battlefield.
  • Marcia: Um. But... we're in a bar.
    • Base conversation, "Calill's Shop"

  • Soren: I'm late. My apologies.
  • Skrimir: Ah, here comes the great strategist! Don't be so shy. Come sit next to me.
  • Soren: Not if you begged me, Skrimir. (goes to stand between Ike and Titania)
  • Titania: Soren! I'm so sorry. He's rude to everyone, but strangers especially.
  • Skrimir: You still don't trust me? Then I will take the first step. I admit that we won the last battle thanks to your cleverness. I underestimated the wisdom of the beorc. As a general of Gallia, you have my thanks.
  • Soren: ...You're welcome.
    • Before the battle of Part 3, Chapter 4

  • Ilyana: Ah...
  • Zihark: Ilyana! It's been a while.
  • Ilyana: Too long, Zihark...
  • Zihark: So you remember my name!
  • Ilyana: How could I forget you, Zihark? Why, I think of you often! You treated me to food...glorious food... On 23 separate occasions! But who's counting?
  • Zihark: Apparently, you are. And now, might I request something in return?
  • Ilyana: Well, um, yes. What exactly did you have in mind?
  • Zihark: For you, something sweet! You join our merry band, and together, we fight for Daein's freedom. I'm counting on you, my dear. You wouldn't want to disappoint me, would you?
  • Ilyana: What?
    • During the battle of Part 1, Chapter 5

  • Jill: Tormod!
  • Tormod: If it isn't Jill!
  • Jill: Thanks for fighting beside us. It's a big help.
  • Tormod: Ah, it's nothing!
  • Jill: How did you happen to...
  • Tormod: An enemy! Excellent! Leave him to me!
  • Jill: There he goes... At least some things never change.
    • During the battle of Part 1, Chapter 7

  • Sothe: Ah hello. It's been a while.
  • Muarim: Little Sothe... You've grown up.
  • Sothe: Why does everyone keep saying that?
  • Muarim: Hmm?
  • Sothe: You know, little?
  • Muarim: Oh sorry. I guess I have to respect your manly pride now.
  • Sothe: Yes, please. Or something like that.
  • Muarim: Sir Sothe. Will that do?
  • Sothe: Sothe will do. Just Sothe.
  • Muarim: I'm afraid I could never speak so familiarly with my little one's good friend. So, with your permission... Sir Sothe.
  • Sothe: No! That doesn't... Ohhh, never mind!
    • During the battle of Part 1, Chapter 7

  • Sothe: Hey Tormod!
  • Tormod: You! What in blazes did you do? You scurvy traitor!
  • Sothe: What are you talking about?
  • Tormod: You grew! Too tall!
  • Sothe: And to think, I expected you to make sense. I have more important things to tend to.
  • Tormod: Hey, it's important to me!
  • Sothe: What I'd really like to hear about is that issue I asked you to look into... How did it go?
  • Tormod: I have news to report. But! There's no time to chat in the thick of a fight. I'll tell you later!
  • Sothe: Hey! Drat!
    • During the battle of Part 1, Chapter 7

  • Zihark: Muarim!
  • Muarim: Zihark, has it been three years?
  • Zihark: First Crimea, now Daein. Never a dull day! Still, it's good to fight with you again.
  • Muarim: You can say that again.
  • Zihark: OK. It's good to fight with you again.
  • Muarim: Beorc humor is so...odd. But you know I feel the same.
    • During the battle of Part 1, Chapter 7

  • Zihark: Hey there, Tormod. You're looking well.
  • Tormod: So you're here too, eh, Zihark?
  • Zihark: Polished your mage skills over the past few years, I see.
  • Tormod: But of course! I'll toast anyone who dares oppose me!
  • Zihark: Really? Well then, why don't you take on the rest of the guards while I sit back and take a break?
  • Tormod: You know what I mean! Get back here and fight like you mean it! Zihark!
    • During the battle of Part 1, Chapter 7

  • Marcia: Hey... Look who's here! It's Haar!
  • Haar: ...Hello, Marcia. I see you're still flying about on that apple-eating hairbag.
  • Marcia: And you're still asleep at the reins of that foul-smelling... Oh, crackers! I don't have time for your nonsense! Open that one good eye of yours and take a look around, will you? Those Begnion dracoknights have invaded Crimean skies! You've got to help us save the laguz they're trying to kidnap. Well, c'mon, Haar!
  • Haar: Me? Why? I owe the queen a flavor or two, but I'm not one of her soldiers.
  • Marcia: You... You cad! Does having fought together in the Mad King's War mean nothing to you?
  • Haar: Well, no, but... Look, I've got a delivery to make, and this cargo's really heavy. Sorry, Marcia. Maybe next time.
  • Marcia: NEXT TIME? You lizard-loving jerk! Would you really abandon us? What kind of man are you?
  • Haar: The kind who lives to sleep another day. Well, good luck to you. See you around.
  • Marcia: Stop! You have to stay and help! Uhm... OK, Haar, hear me out. You were an imperial dracoknight once, right? It's your job to fix this! They're your old comrades--you have to keep them in line!
  • Haar: Huh? You're not making a lick of sense, girl.
  • Marcia: Why do I have to make sense? If Jill were in trouble, I bet you'd help her! Please, please, please! C'mon, Haar! You have to help us. You have to!
  • Haar: ...Is it really all that bad?
  • Marcia: Yes! They're a tough bunch! And I'm all alone... I don't think I can manage to protect Queen Elincia. Please say you'll help... If only for the safety of the queen...
  • Haar: ...Oh, fine. I really don't have time for this... But I guess I can lend a hand.
  • Marcia: Thank you so much! I take back all the mean things I was thinking about you earlier.
  • Haar: That girl's nothing but trouble. Well, if we're going to do this, let's get it over with. Up and at 'em, partner!
    • During the battle of Part 2 Prologue

  • ???: Queen Elincia!
  • Elincia: Marcia! How are you doing today? And what are you doing here?
  • Marcia: Lucia told me about those no-goodnik nobles and their chest-beating contest, so I thought you could use some cheering up. You weren't in your chambers or the garden, so I guessed you would be out her
  • Elincia: Forgive me. I needed some...time to think. I'm sorry to trouble you.
  • Marcia: Not at all! After everything you've done for me, it's the least I could do. It was nice of you to hire me as a Royal Knight, but hiring my sponge-brained, spine-deprived brother might qualify you for sainthood!
  • Elincia: Even so, I'm afraid I may also have caused you a great number of hardships
  • Marcia: Huh? Oh! The grief I'm getting from the nobles? It's nothing I can't handle. If you think your country has stuffed-shirt windbags for aristocracy, you should see Begnion's! When I was a pegasus knight there, they had a new shenanigan every week! After that, the Crimean crybabies are no big deal.
  • Elincia: No, it's my fault, and I'm sorry. I'm so new at all this, even you are affected by my blunders. Sometimes, I think... Maybe I just don't have what it takes to be a queen.
  • Marcia: That's so not true! Queen Elincia, anyone can strut around in a queen hat and say she's a ruler, but you always put your people first! Look, it's not that you're doing a bad job, it's just everyone's on edge lately, with Daein getting a new king and all. People are worried that Daein'll start another war like the one three years ago, and they're taking it out on you. Just don't let those peacock-wearing nobles bug you, and remember that you don't have to go it alone. You've got friends everywhere.
  • Elincia: Thank you, Marcia. Your kind words have lifted my spirits.
    • Before the battle of Part 2 Prologue

Fire Emblem Awakening[edit]

Premonition: Invisible Ties[edit]

Chrom: [to the Avatar, who has just impaled him with magic] This is not your… Your fault. Promise me…you'll escape from this place. Please…go… [falls over, seemingly dead]

Prologue: The Verge of History[edit]

Chrom: [to the Avatar] You all right?
Avatar: Y-yes… Thank you, Chrom.
Chrom: Ah, then you know who I am?
Avatar: No, actually. I... It's strange... Your name, it just...came to me...
Chrom: ...Hmm, how curious. Tell me, what's your name? What brings you here?
Avatar: My name is... It's... Hmm?
Chrom: ...You don't remember your own name?
Avatar: I'm not sure if... I'm sorry, but where am I, exactly?
Lissa: Hey, I've heard of this! It's called amnesia!
Frederick: [unconvinced] It's called a load of pegasus dung. [to the Avatar] We're to believe you remember milord's name, but not your own?
Avatar: B-but it's the truth!
Chrom: …What if it is true, Frederick? We can't just leave her/him, alone and confused. What sort of Shepherds would we be then?
Frederick: Just the same, milord. I must emphasize caution. 'Twould not do to let a wolf into our flock.
Chrom: Right then - we'll take him/her back to town and sort this out there.
Avatar: Wait just one moment. Do I have a say in this?
Chrom: Peace, friend—I promise we'll hear all you have to say back in town. Now come.

Frederick: [to the Avatar] Gods forbid one of us keeps an appropriate level of caution. I have every wish to trust you, stranger, but my station mandates otherwise.

Lissa: [seeing something ahead; interrupts] Chrom, look! The town!

[Everyone turns to face what she's pointing at. The screen briefly shifts to Southtown - the settlement is literally on fire.]

Chrom: [when the scene shifts back to his group] Damn it! The town is ablaze! Those blasted brigands, no doubt… Frederick, Lissa! Quickly!
Frederick: [gesturing to the Avatar] What about (him/her)?
Chrom: Unless (s)he's on fire as well, it can wait!
Frederick: Aptly put, milord.
Lissa: Let's go already!

[The three Shepherds run ahead, leaving the Avatar standing there.]

Avatar: But what about - Hmm…

[After a brief moment of indecision, the Avatar runs after them.]

Chapter 1: Unwelcome Change[edit]

Frederick: [after defeating the Risen] It seems all the creatures are vanquished. This young man took care of the others.
??? ("Marth"): ……
Lissa: Um, I never got to thank you…for before. So…thank you. You were very brave.
Chrom: [to ???] You saved my sister's life. My name is Chrom. Might I ask yours?
"Marth": You may call me Marth.
Chrom: Marth? After the heroic king of old? You certainly fight like a hero. Where did you learn you way with a sword?
"Marth": I'm not here to talk about me. This world teeters at the brink of a horrible calamity. What you saw tonight was but a prelude. You have been warned. [leaves]
Lissa: Huh? What's teetering where now? Hey, wait!
Avatar: Not much for conversation, is he?
Frederick: It appears his skills lie elsewhere. I wager we'll hear his name again…

Old Villager: Look! The exalt has come to see us!

[Cut to image of Emmeryn]

Avatar: The exalt is your ruler, yes?
Frederick: Yes. Her name is Lady Emmeryn.
Avatar: Is it safe for her to walk among commoners like this?
Frederick: The exalt is a symbol of peace—Ylisse's most prized quality. Long ago, at the dawn of our age, the fell dragon tried to destroy the world. But the first exalt joined forces with the divine dragon and laid the beast low. Exalt Emmeryn reminds us all of the peace we fought for then.
Chrom: With Plegia poking at our borders, the people need her. She's a calming presence, when some might otherwise call for war.
Avatar: Then the Ylissean people are lucky to have her.
Lissa: She's also the best big sister anyone could ask for!
Avatar: Yes, I imagine she… Wait, what? She's your… But wouldn't that make you and Chrom…
Frederick: [chuckles] The prince and princess of the realm, yes. You remember Chrom's name and not this?
Avatar: You said you were "shepherds"!
Chrom: And so we are…in a manner of speaking. We just have a LOT of sheep.
Avatar: C-Chrom… I mean, Prince Chrom! Sire! Forgive my dreadful manners!
Chrom: Just Chrom is fine. I've never been much for formalities.
Avatar: The prince and princess… That explains why Frederick tolerates all the teasing, eh?
Frederick: Indeed. Oh, the sacrifices I make for the good of the realm…
Chrom: [to the Avatar] It looks like Emm is returning to the palace. Would you like to meet her?

Chapter 9: Emmeryn[edit]

Emmeryn: [as she falls] Chrom... Lissa... And all my people... Know that I loved you.


Chrom: Emm...

Chapter 13: Of Sacred Blood[edit]

Avatar: [Lucina explains her future to Chrom, the Avatar, and Lissa] But why? What happens in the future?!
Lucina: The fell dragon, Grima, is resurrected. His roar is a death knell for man, a scream that silences all hope… Death everywhere…
Avatar: Chrom? …Our whole company? All of us? Dead?!
Lucina: …Yes.
Avatar: [stunned] …I…I don't know what to say.
Chrom: A tale that beggars belief, and yet the truth of it stands before us. She carries Falchion, my same sword. And the same sword the first exalt used to defeat Grima long ago.
Lucina: Your blade and mine are one, Father. It was… It was all I had left of you.
Chrom: [to the Avatar] There is only one Falchion, Avatar. I believe her.


Lucina: Naga, the divine dragon, feared mankind would face Grima again. In preparation for that day, she devised a ritual. It allows one to return to the past and alter events already written. I made the journey with others, but…we became separated.
Lissa: Don't worry, Lucina. If they're out there, we'll find 'em!

Chapter 23: Invisible Ties[edit]

Validar: The Awakening rite is not only for exalts and Naga, you know. With it, I'll arouse Grima! The fell dragon needs only a mortal vessel, which you so kindly brought along…
Avatar: [realizing] …Oh, gods. He means me.

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