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Flashpoint (2008–2012) was a Canadian police procedural television series.

Season 1[edit]

Scorpio [1.01][edit]

Greg: Snipers: Ed, you're Sierra Two, Jules, you're Sierra One. Mr. Lane?
Ed: Absolutely. Absolutely. Spread the wealth. Is it Jules Day?
Jules: Every day is Jules Day.

Greg: Babycakes, how are you?
Spike: Frickin' shag carpet. Been picking it out of her treads all morning.
Ed: Lane: Price of love, Spike.
Spike: Yeah she didn't even make me breakfast.
Greg: Say good bye to your girlfriend. Briefing room, five minutes.

First in Line [1.02][edit]

Sally: New shirt?
Greg: You like?
Sally: Pink, huh?
Greg: The high-risk world of Internet shopping.

Jules: Ten rounds, ten targets, you don't get to miss.
Sam: I don't miss.

The Element of Surprise [1.03][edit]

Jules: Ready, Sam?
Sam: I've cleared bad guys before.
Jules It's serving a warrant for the search of the gentlemen's premises for the highly corroborated presence of narcotics.
Sam: Speed, surprise, and aggressive action.

Steve: Uh, you know Sam Braddock was in our unit, right?
Ed: Yeah. What, something I should know?
Steve: It's not my place to say.
Ed: I don't do innuendo. You got something to say about a member of my team, say it.
Steve: I'm saying it. Watch your team's back.

Asking for Flowers [1.04][edit]

Ed: Well, can you go any slower? Well let... do you want to just stop? Let's just stop. I'm cool with that. We'll just stop the car.
Wordy: What is your problem?
Ed: I don't have a problem.
Wordy: It's my opinion. All right? Your kid gets into some trouble, you go into the school. You figure it out.
[Ed scoffs quietly]
Wordy:: What? That's how I feel!
Ed: Shelley teach you that?
[Wordy chuckles]
Ed Lane: Just go, go braid some hair, express your emotions. All right, Wordy? Whatever!
Wordy: No, you know what Shelley taught me?
Ed: No, Wordy, what'd your wife teach ya?
Wordy: Don't be a victim, don't be a perpetrator, and above all, don't be a bystander.

Greg: We've got no calls yet, but tonight there's gonna be a full moon so...
Sam: So?
Greg: So full moons they make people crazy, proven fact so... gonna call tonight patrol night.
Wordy: Alright.
Spike: Whoo!
Ed: Yes!
Greg: Alright do a little Team One PR, let the city know we're here, keep the bad guys on their toes. Yeah Spike?
Spike: [hand raised] Club district? Me and Lou? What there's all kinds of troubles there all the time.
Greg: Fine patrol happy hour, all those very threatening young women in tube tops, but just uh, button up.
Spike: Sorry. [buttons up shirt]
Greg: Be good, look good.

Who's George? [1.05][edit]

Ed: So there's no way we can get in there without him seeing us.
Greg: Okay. Okay, you figure out how to get into the impossible building and I'll go talk to the killer with nothing to lose.
Ed: If you put it that way.

Greg: [running from the truck to the bank] Team One, Sierra One, I think he's coming out. Get ready.
Ed: [from a rooftop] That's great. Congratulations.
Greg: Negative. Not good. He said goodbye to his wife and put his mask back on. He's coming out armed, Ed. Do you understand? Loss of a loved one; mask depersonalizes him and us. He's looking for direct confrontation. He wants us to kill him. Suicide by cop. Hold fire! Suicide by cop.

Attention Shoppers [1.06][edit]

Sam: 15-year-old girls.
Jules: One day they're playing with Barbies, the next it's a semi.
Ed: Better to be in the gang than to get beat up by the gang.

Greg: You up to intervention?
Jules: Copy.
Greg: Okay, you're talking to a victim of an attempted rape. She was brutalized in retaliation for going to the cops. She's got no home support. But from what Luria says, she was holding on. She was doing everything she could to keep her life together. All right? And I'm here if you need me.

He Knows His Brother [1.7][edit]

[Sam is sipping coffee and reading the paper while watching everyone else clean up the storage lockers]
Jules: What are you doing here, anyway?
Wordy: [annoyed] 'Cause you just had to bring it up?
Sam: Well, Constable Callaghan, that would be because yesterday I got—
Everyone in unison: Tightest grouping at both long range and short range firearm practice.
Sam: Meaning you get to do monthly cleanup, and I get to do this.  [returns to reading his paper]  Missed a spot there, Ed.

Lou: What's your problem?
Spike: Woods. My people don't like 'em.
Lou: Your people? From Woodbridge?
Spike: No. Romans. Three times we fought in the forest against the Huns. Didn't go so good, okay?

Sam: You'll be saving him by bringing him in. Or you're going to spend the rest of your life wondering what might have happened if you just tried.

Never Kissed a Girl [1.8][edit]

Sam: Bravo team in position. Frosted windows, limited joy.
Greg: [on radio, looking at his watch] Stand by, we're five minutes away.
Wordy: [looking at a thermal image] That one's Ed. You see the cuffs?
Sam: I've got the suspect. I could take him right now.
Wordy: We don't fire on a thermal image. We need to see the guy for real.

Greg: Spike, he's escalating. Where are you?
Spike: [whispering] 15 seconds away.
Greg: That's not good enough. [throws a chair into a desk] Now! I need you now! I need you now!
Sam: Bravo team has it.
Greg: No, I don't want to go lethal! I don't want to go lethal. Alpha team, I'm watching you. Are you set?
Michael Jameson: [pointing his gun at Ed and the other hostage] Your time is up.

Planets Aligned [1.9][edit]

Greg: Good morning, Sunshine.
Kira: You can call me Sunshine as long as you promise to...
Greg: [taking the paper she's holding out] Ah... yes. Letter of application. Basic Tactical Operations course. I'm signing it right now.
Kira: Thank you, Sarge.
Greg: My pleasure, Kira.

Greg: [talking about the required psych evaluation] They're just questions. No right or wrong answers.
Jules: That's the problem, I like right or wrong. You shoot, there's a target, you hit it. Bulls-eye. Bam. You go home.
Greg: That's true. You can be perfect. Scared to make mistakes - it's going to get in your way. We're human. We're going to get things wrong.

Season 2[edit]

Eagle Two [2.1][edit]

Jules: What?
Sam: Just haven't seen you in a suit before.
Greg: Well, there's a first time for everything. Can we get a little

Greg: Sam you're my second today. Spike, Wordy, Lewis, you're working access.
Spike: By access you mean?
Greg: Exits and revolving doors.
Spike: [Sarcastically] Awesome.

Backwards Day [2.2][edit]

Spike: I told her - line-dry only. She keeps putting my pants in the dryer.
Wordy: Hold up, hold up. You... your mom still does your laundry?
Spike: Hey! She's Italian, okay? Try and stop her.

Ed: What?
Lou: You... in the truck.
Ed What can I tell you? It's backwards day.

Haunting the Barn [2.3][edit]

Greg: They got a guy coming in for the A.C.
Spike: Alleluia!
Wordy: Okay.
Greg: Tomorrow.
Spike: Nice.
Wordy: Oh, come on.
Greg: Okay, we're going to hit the briefing room and then we're going to patrol in air-conditioned comfort.
Spike: Have I told you recently how much I really do love you?

Ed: [to Daniel who is threatening suicide] Danny, Danny, don't do it! Don't do it!
Wordy: Danny, put the gun down!
Greg: Danny! Michelle's here!
Michelle: Daniel.
Daniel: Michelle? What are you doing? You can't be here. Get out of here! You shouldn't be here!
Michelle: I'm not going anywhere, Daniel!
Daniel: Get her out of here!
Michelle: I'm not going anywhere!
Daniel: Don't make me do this in front of her!

Between Heartbeats [2.4][edit]

Sam: [regarding their secret relationship] Think he knows?
Jules: Who?
Sam: Sarge.
Jules: Yes, I think he knows. [flicks him on his ear]
Sam: Ow... Why?
Jules: You have blue paint on your ear. [from helping her paint her house]
Sam: Well, we might as well just tell him now. Get it over with. I'll do it, I don't care.
Jules: Yeah, and then what? One of us gets transferred to another team? These guys are my family.
Sam: Not just yours. Doesn't mean I want to give you up.

Jules: Police! Drop your weapon! Hands in the air or we will shoot!
Sam: Show me your hands! Show me your hands! Show me your hands! [pulls off camoflage to find no one underneath] It's a decoy!
Jules: Callaghan: Where is he?
Ed: [on radio] It's a decoy. Fall back! Fall Back now! Take cover!
[gunshot hits Jules]
Sam: Officer down! Officer down! Medic, come now! Jules has been hit!

Business as Usual [2.5][edit]

Security Guard: Excuse me, sir?
Brian: Hey, how're you doing?
Security Guard: I'm... I'm going to have to ask you guys to leave.
Brian: Oh, I... I'm sorry. Uh... uh, really, I don't want to inconvenience you, but, uh, we'll be out of your hair, but first we want to talk to Joel Graves.
Stan: Yeah. [holds up a magazine with Joel's face on the cover] This guy.
Brian: CEO of the year. You'd be doing us a big favor if you'd just radio that request upstairs for us, all right?
Security Guard: Right. Right.
Brian: Okay.
Security Guard: [in his radio] Sector Two, I'm going to need some assistance in the uh, Media Center.
Brian: Th... that's not code for you want to kick me and my friends out of here, is it?

Spike: [about Donna] She repels like a spider.
Lou: Thinks on her feet.
Wordy: Is it time for a vote yet or what?
Greg: I'm thinking I need to think some more.
Ed: She's a no-brainer.
Greg: She's got the chops, no question about it.
Ed: But?
Wordy: Boss needs to think.
Spike: Copy that, boss needs to think.

The Fortress [2.6][edit]

Ed: How'd it go?
Greg: How did what?
Ed: Come on!
Greg: Oh, yeah. It was fun.
Ed: "It was fun." That's it? "It was fun."
Greg: It was "The Lion King." What do you want me to say?
Ed: You like this girl or what?
Greg: You know what? Here... tell you what. Here's an idea. You and me, after we're done with the hormone therapy, we go into the little ladies' room and I'll tell you all about it, all right?
Ed: [smiling] That's funny stuff. It's funny stuff. I... I'll just go grab my purse. I'll be back.

Spike: [over headsets] Guys there's a way we can do this.
Greg: Talk to me Spike.
Spike: Okay, the system's divided into sectors so we can shut them down one sector at a time. So as soon as the ninjas go through sector one, we bring it back up, then we go to the next, and then we go to the next.
Greg: Before they realize the sectors down?
Spike: That's the theory.
Greg: I'm not asking for theory, can we do it?
Spike Yeah! [covers ear piece and whispers to Lewis] Theoretically.

Clean Hands [2.7][edit]

Sam: You obviously don't wanna hurt anyone, except—
Walter: Well, the plan's changed. Can't afford to be so considerate anymore.
Sam: [looks at Walter] Infantry? Air force? Come on, not Navy, please.
Walter: [nods] You?
Sam: Special forces.
Walter: That figures. Jumps on a grenade. Tell all the ladies what a superhero you are?
Sam: Yeah, infantry spend all your time bitching about special forces.

Delia: Not a bad vacation for the guys who get to fly over, at least.
Greg: Well, if you like jumping over the ocean in a metal coffin, sure.
Delia: So, there's something that you guys are actually afraid of.
Greg: Well, you know what? We all have our weak spots. Could be anything... flying, [looks at Ed] cats.
Ed: It was one cat; it was mean!
Spike: [nodding] I was there; it was mean.

Aisle 13 [2.8][edit]

Ed: How you doing?
[Sam looks at him then looks away]
Ed: I asked you a question, Sam. How you doing?
Sam: Fine. I'm fine.
Ed: You look like crap.
Sam: Thanks.
Ed: But you're fine?
Sam: That's what I said.
Ed: That's what you said.
Sam: Oh, you mirroring me, Ed? 'Cause I'm your teammate, not your subject.
Ed: I know that, but if something's wrong and it's going to affect your performance, I need to know.
Sam: [with less attitude] I'm fine. Really.

Greg: [after Sam told Ed that his girlfriend would be breaking up with him that night] Maybe they weren't meant to be.
Ed: You know what? They never really looked like a couple to me.
Greg: How did you know there was something up?
Ed: I figured it out.
Greg: How'd you do that?
Ed: Because I'm special that way.
Greg: [laughing] Yes, you are. Yes, you are. Let me buy you a soda.

The Perfect Family [2.9][edit]

Terry: [handing the baby to Parker] You take care of him for me.
Greg: You bet. Here we go. [grabs Terry's arm as he takes the baby] Here we go. That's it. I got him. I got him.
Terry: I'm sorry.
Greg: Let go of him, Terry.
Terry: I'm sorry.
Greg: No, you're not going anywhere. [puts arm around Terry's back as he struggles to get free] You're not going anywhere. Don't go, Terry. Don't go Terry. Don't go! Terry, don't go! Don't go, my man! Don't go, my man!

Ed: Boss, he's headed for the stairs and he's got the baby.
Greg: Eddie, stop him.
Ed: He's too far to tase.
Greg: Then go lethal.
Ed: Rubber bullets?
Greg: That might not do it, Ed. If he makes it up there, that baby could die!
Ed: Copy that. I don't have a clear shot. Sabine, do you have the solution? Sabine, you have Scorpio, take the shot.
Donna: [hesitates and lets subject get away] Negative, no solution.

Remote Control [2.10][edit]

Donna: This M.O. goes one of two ways. They either don't get the money and kill the hostage...
Ed: And two?
Donna: They get the money.
Ed: And they still kill the hostage.

Ed: [talking about Donna's future not being on their team] I've been thinking, she's as good as any one of us. Any one of us, Greg. Maybe even better.
Greg: And you're asking why I'm not putting the best person for the job on the team?
Ed: It's crossed my mind.
Greg: Hey, a team's alchemy. It's more than the sum of its parts, right? Donna is great, but Jules is...
Ed: Jules is family, and I get that. And I'm behind you a hundred percent, and you know that. And I will welcome her back with open arms. She's a great team member. But I gotta ask you: When the call comes in, are we sending in a SWAT team or are we sending in family?

Perfect Storm [2.11][edit]

Detective Price: [first responder enters command post and talks to SRU officers] Hey, there's a kid up there with a gun. We got to get up there as soon as possible. Every second counts!
Greg: Which is why we're slowing down movement until we get further intelligence. See, right now, the subject is inactive.
Detective Price: And by "the subject" you mean the gunman.
Greg: [turns away and talks to Scarlatti] Zero fatalities, two injuries. Sounds like they were unplanned.
Spike: Which affects our subject profile, which affects our response.
Detective Price: Okay, and what about the injured?
Spike: [annoyed] We're on it! Sir.

Detective Price: [being placed under arrest after shooting the subject] He killed my boy.
Wordy: What? Come on, let's go.
Greg: [on phone walking in] Yeah, put him on. [to Danny] Somebody wants to talk to you.
Tony: [on phone] Dad?
Detective Price: Tony?
Tony: I'm okay.
Detective Price: Tony! You're okay...
Tony: He just wanted me to say I'm sorry.
Detective Price: Tony... [sees Billy being treated by EMS and realizes what he's done]
Greg: I've got a son; he's in high school, too. So I get it, all right? I... I get it. But this is our job! And you gotta let us do it!
Detective Price: I'm sorry.
Greg: Yeah... Yeah, me too, buddy. Me, too. [sees Billy then walks out] Son of bitch.

Last Dance [2.12][edit]

Greg: [on radio] Winnie, let's track the gold sedan's license plate, see who we're looking for.
Spike: [on radio in other vehicle] Or we put a call into Oakwood dispatch. See if we can tap into the fleet's GPS. Track 'em down that way.
Greg: These kids and their toys.

Sam: What is this place?
Greg: Popular wedding spot.
Ed: Target-rich environment.

Exit Wounds [2.13][edit]

Ed: Boss, we up for a drink tonight, or what?
Greg: Buddy, can't. I gotta finish this article - Critical Incidence newsletter.
Ed: Who says Greg Parker doesn't know how to have a good time?

Ed: Officer Callaghan, how you doing?
Jules: You really want to know?
Ed: Well, unless the answer is "outstanding," not really.

One Wrong Move [2.14][edit]

Foreman: [answering his cell phone] Yeah.
Greg: This is Sergeant Greg Parker with the police. We've received a bomb threat targeting your construction site.
Foreman: Speak up. I can't hear you. [yelling to worker running a saw] Jimmy, kill it! [to Parker] Yeah, go again?
Greg: This is the police. We've received a bomb threat. You need to evacuate.
Foreman: Come on. I haven't got the time for this. Who's this?
Greg: Sir, this is not a prank! We've received a bomb threat. You need to evacuate now!

Sam: [arguing over whether or not to let Spike try and save Lewis] Lou's leg is shaking, his muscles are going to spasm, and when that happens...
Greg: Sam.
Sam: You gotta make the call.
Wordy: I'm not gonna be the one to hold him back from saving a friend.
Ed: And I'm not gonna lose 'em both!
Greg: So what are we gonna do, just wait for Lou to get tired?
Ed: What's the option here Greg, you tell me?

Never Let You Down [2.15][edit]

Uniformed Cop: I'm pretty sure we have a hostage situation in there.
Greg: Any of your officers try to make contact?
Uniformed Cop: No, told my guys to maintain a hard perimeter and wait for the cavalry.
Greg: Thank you.

Ed: Where were you an hour ago?
Jeff: I was here. She's my girlfriend, man. What do you think I'm gonna do?
Greg: Girlfriend? We heard Zoe broke up with you and you were taking it pretty hard.
Jeff: Screw you.

Just a Man [2.16][edit]

Spike: [looking at a bomb] This doesn't make any sense.
Ed: What?
Spike: The bomb. It's good to go, set up really smart, it's a solid piece of work. But it's lame.
Ed: What do you mean?
Spike: I mean, it's just propane, the kind of explosion you're going to get from this is a big flash a big boom, but a flash isn't going to take out a wall. You need something with actual force and this just it doesn't have it.
Ed: Spike those guys looked like they were good to go.
Spike: No everything about this looks good to go, but to go nowhere, unless...
Ed Lane: Unless the big boom was the whole point.
Spike: Distraction?

Greg: Okay, we've got multiple hostages and seventy-five to a hundred inmates involved.
Ed: We're looking for knives shivs, shanks, improvised mases. Everything is a weapon so we're strictly less lethal. Gas, rubber bullets, tasers.
Leah: A prison riot and we're less lethal?
Ed: Yes.
Greg: No firearms in the prison. You think it's bad now, throw a loaded gun into the mix.
Sam: And us up against a hundred cons with shanks and shivs isn't?
Jules: What, you ever get hit by a rubber bullet? Take anybody down.
Spike: That's good 'cause it's not like we're running into a place with a dozen guys we put away or anything.

Custody [2.17][edit]

Greg: What about the custody case?
Spike: Well, according to the clerk in family law, it was a "real nasty one."
Greg: And Donald lost the kids.
Spike: No. He won. He got full custody.
Ed: Say it again?
Greg: He got custody?
Spike: Yeah.
Greg: His wife's stealing the kids.
Ed: So this isn't about revenge on the lawyer.
Greg: This is about a parental abduction.

Greg: What would you do?
Ed: What do you mean?
Greg: You and Sophie split up?
Ed: It wouldn't happen.
Greg: Just say, you and Sophie split up, she wanted Clark - what would you do?
Ed: Just like I said.
Greg: What?
Ed: It wouldn't happen.

Coming to You Live [2.18][edit]

Jules: There's somebody in there.
Greg: What do you hear?
Jules: I heard labored breathing, but it's only one person.
Greg: One person?
Jules: Yeah.
Greg: Eddie, aggressive entry.

Jules: Late night?
Sam: Yeah, you can say that.
Jules: Blonde, brunette or redhead?
Sam: One of each.

The Farm [2.19][edit]

Sam: I say we take Charles first.
Wordy: Yeah, cut off the head of the snake.
Greg: Okay, let me try talking to him first.

Greg: I know, Rachel, you think we're the bad guys, but it's Charles who's threatening to kill all those people, including your son.
Rachel: [tearfully] No.
Greg: Come on. Let me help you. I can't do that until you start trusting me. Please.

You Think You Know Someone [2.20][edit]

Tyler: [pointing a gun at Parker as Kevin walks in] Come on, man, let's do this.
Kevin: We're waiting for somebody.
Tyler: What? This isn't a party man, come on.
Greg: Okay, just so we're clear, you two have kidnapped, assaulted and are now unlawfully detaining a police officer.
Kevin: Hey, shut up.
Tyler: You're a cop! This guy's a cop?

Ed: Kevin, I need to know what you told Haley about that night. Kevin?
Kevin: I told her the truth, okay? That, that he killed her mom!
Ed: That who, who killed her mom?
Kevin: You know who kill... Greg did! Don't try to cover for him, okay? Because I know what happened! He was the only one in the room!
Ed Lane: He didn't tell you. Okay, Kevin, you want the truth? Here it is. Haley's the one who shot her mother.

The Good Citizen [2.21][edit]

Greg: [on radio] Team One, turns out our Good Samaritan is armed.
Ed: Got I.D.?
Greg: Not yet, but he may be going after the same target as you.
Ed: So, what, we got some citizen trying to be a vigilante?
Greg: Looks that way.
Wordy: [in vehicle with Ed] Vigilante?
Ed: What would you call him?
Wordy: Some guys try to intimidate a local businessman. This guy steps up, fights back. I'd call him a good citizen.
Ed: A good citizen... in pursuit with a firearm.

Spike: [sees Parker walk in, take out his earpiece and motion to him to do the same - nervously] What's up?
Greg: You tell me.
Spike: Uh... I don't... know. Busy... working.
Greg: Coming out of my house this morning and two high-ranking security agents want to take me out for coffee.
Spike: Oh, that.
Greg: Yeah, that. They want to talk to me about you.
Spike: It's not what you think.
Greg: No?
Spike: No.
Greg: [sighs] Okay. We'll pick this up later

Behind the Blue Line [2.22][edit]

Jules: [on radio] Sarge, the owner of the rifle...
Greg: Yeah, Jules. What?
Jules: He was at home.
Greg: Then who's firing on my team?
Jules: It's his hunting rifle. He says someone must have stolen it. Claims to not know that it was missing.
Greg: And you believe him?
Jules: Ex-hockey player, hockey coach. His rifle goes missing?
Greg: You know what we call that in the police business?
Jules: Hinky?
Greg: Hinky! Interrogate him.

Greg: [after Sam is hit with phosphorous] Who gets their hands on phosphorus?
Spike: A lot of stuff you can get in the black market, but white phosphorus?
Sam: Afghanistan, leftovers from the war with the Russians.
Greg: So this guy is military.
Spike: [examining Sam's arm] Didn't break the skin. You're gonna be okay.
Greg: And if it had?
Spike: It would have gone in the bloodstream - it would have damaged his organs.
Greg: Son of a bitch.

Season 3[edit]

Unconditional Love [3.1][edit]

Penny: [about Paul] He's quiet. He's sensitive. He, um, he really cares about his studies, especially if it's a subject he gets into.
Greg: Like what?
Penny: Science. These days, it's, uh, cities; how they work. He skipped two grades. His IQ is 137.
Greg: Near genius.
Penny: We prefer "gifted."
Spike: I prefer "gifted" myself.

Greg: You think I'm listening to you?
Paul: [holding a girl hostage] I don't want to hurt her.
Greg: I know that.
Paul: I don't, I don't want to hurt her.
Greg: I know. I know. I knew that the minute we started talking.
Paul: Do you want me to give the gun to you?
Greg: If that's what you want. Or you can just put it down on the ground.

Severed Ties [3.2][edit]

Greg: Dean had an accident on his dirt bike.
Ed: Is he okay?
Greg: Yeah. He broke his arm. But I had to find out through Facebook.
Ed: Well, at least he sent you a message, right?
Greg: Nah, he never confirmed me as a friend. He did friend my cousin, though, and that's how I found out - through her.
Ed: If it makes you feel any better, Clark didn't confirm me as a friend, either.
Greg: Yeah, but your son doesn't live 2,000 miles away.
Ed: Planes go to Dallas, boss.
Greg: [referring to his ex-wife] She won't let me through the front door, Eddie.
Ed: So, you bring a ram.

Maggie: I can take care of her!
Greg: No, you need to let them go - her and Riley.
Maggie: I just got them back. I'm not going to lose them again.
Greg: No, you never got them back. You took them from their families.
Maggie: I'm their family!
Greg: [harsly] Not anymore. You lost that chance with the choices you made.
Maggie: I'm a different person now.
Greg: See, you're still thinking about what you want, not what's best for them!
Ed: Greg, easy, easy.
Greg: [more gently] I know what it's like to lose your kids. To not be a part of their lives. I haven't... been allowed to see my son for ten years. And the hardest part is to accept the fact that they're doing okay without you.
Maggie: That's not true.

Gregory Parker: Oh... No, we have trouble believing it, don't we?

Follow the Leader [3.3][edit]

Spike: They got a network of security cams. Wireless, which is good. We knock out camera two, we've added 15 degrees zone of entry.
Sam: Knock out camera four, we gain another 20 degrees.
Spike: Nice.
Wordy: Dangerous with a rifle, deadly with geometry.

Ed: [under heavy fire with Wordy and Parker] Sam? Status!
Sam: [on radio] Almost there.
Greg: No. No, we need to find those bombs.
Ed: I hear you but I'm not listening.

Whatever It Takes [3.4][edit]

Ed: Where's your brother?
Kevin: Where's my lawyer?
Sam: Does Cory have your car?
Kevin: Man, you can fish all you want, I ain't gonna bite.

Doug: Every year he - he bonds the team by turning on the weak or guys that are too strong, guys like Carlton. And you people turn a blind eye because he gets results. For years, this place has been sacrificing kids for victories. Two decades.
Mrs. McKecknie: That's not true. Basketball is out of my sphere.
Ed: Ma'am, if you are in charge, this is your sphere!

Collateral Damage [3.5][edit]

Spike: [on radio] There's an extensive air vent system, one in every room.
Sam: [outside autopsy] You wouldn't know it from the smell.
Wordy: Breathe through your mouth.

Ed: [arrives at wife's hospital room, son stands up and begins to cry] Are you okay? You okay? How you doing?
Clark: There was so much blood. I was scared.
Ed: [hugs him] You did good. You were the man of the house today. I'm so proud of you.

The Other Lane [3.6][edit]

Greg: What about the other thing?
Ed: What do you mean?
Greg: I mean about Sophie staying with her mom.
Ed: I'm okay. I mean, it's okay. She... She's gonna get some rest. It's just for awhile, so...
Greg: Last time I came home to an empty house, it stayed that way.
Ed: That's not what this is about.
Greg: I'm just saying - go careful.

Greg: [talking about Ed's brother Roy] Gamboli says, since he lost his partner, he's been showing up to the station emotionally volatile, he's been self-medicating with alcohol.
Ed: He's always been trouble.
Greg: Hey, Eddie, we've all known a little trouble.
Ed: You ever get your partner killed?
Greg: No.
Ed: Or steal a hundred grand out of evidence to start a new career in weapons trafficking?
Greg: That is what we in the business call jumping to conclusions.

Thicker Than Blood [3.7][edit]

Jules: Got a couple more witnesses. He's working alone, he's emotionally volatile, he managed to disarm a security guard, and he keeps saying "it's my money".
Greg: He came unarmed?
Jules: Yep.
Greg: Well this isn't sounding like a stick em up.
Jules: Yeah more like a really unsatisfied customer, whose name is Mr. Finch.
Greg: Mr. Finch.
Jules: Yeah that's what the staff kept calling him.
Greg: Well you could've said that first Jules. Spike?
Spike: [From truck] Got it, Mr. Finch, I'm accessing the credit union's records right now. And I got CCTV coming up too.
Greg: Now how ya getting that from the truck?
Spike: 'Cause I'm magic.
Jules: 'Cause he talked to the assistant branch manager who gave him the access code.
Spike: And I worked my magic by asking her nicely.

Chris: [in pre-op, sees Jules come around the curtain] Whoa!
Jules: Are you Chris?
Chris: Yeah. Who are you?
Jules: I'm Jules. I'm looking for your parents. Are they here?
Chris: What kind of uniform is that?
Jules: [smiles] Strategic Response Unit. Are your parents...?
Chris: That's like SWAT, right?
Jules: Pretty much.
Chris: Except... what?
Jules: Well, except, uh, besides the normal SWAT stuff, we also specialize in, uh, psychological profiling.

Jumping at Shadows [3.8][edit]

Winnie: [sees a teenager standing at the counter] Hi, can I help you?
Dean: Uh, yeah. I'm here to see Greg Parker.
Winnie: [as Greg walks in out of Dean's line of sight] Sure. Can I tell him who it is?
Dean: Yeah, um, Dean Parker. [turns and sees his dad for the first time in 10 years] Hey.
Greg: Hey? Hey!
Dean: [shaking his dad's hand] Uh, hey.

Ed: Who's the boss talking to?
Winnie: His son.
Ed: You're kidding me.
Jules: Why? What's going on?
Ed: Well, he hasn't seen him in ten years. When his wife left, he was deemed "unfit."
Jules: Well, he's a different guy now.

Acceptable Risk [3.9][edit]

Ed: Spike, we got eyes yet?
Spike:: [Looking at computer screen in truck] Sort of, the motion detectors are working, but not all the CCTV cameras are operational.
Ed: So some of the cameras have blind spots?
Spike: Yep, like the room you're in now.
Ed: [Looks up at camera] It's been shot at.
Spike: Well that would do it.

Ed: Boss, I need Spike out of the truck and in the building.
Greg: No, he's serving a purpose in the truck, Ed.
Ed: Boss, I need the hands here.
Greg: We could use the intel more.
Ed: More than quicker containment?
Greg: Eddie, a building like this, without intel, we're blind. We're running around in circles.
Ed: Not a fan of circles.

No Promise [3.10][edit]

Spike: [on phone] All right, Mac, sit tight. Promise we'll have you out of there in no time.
Oliver: And no promises. I taught you better than that.
Spike: Yes, sir. [to Parker] Rookie lesson - make no promises. Cops are human. We only do what we can.
Greg: He's right.

Greg: You should take some time.
Spike: He was a good cop.
Greg: Yes, that's why when he saw a young man facing execution he did something about it. You know why he was able to do something like that? Because he knew you had his back. He knew you'd be there for his daughter. You know what else that guy did?
Spike: What?
Greg: He taught you everything you know about being a good cop. And you're one of the best I've ever known.

Terror [3.11][edit]

Jules: [whispering] All right, I'm just gonna change this, okay? Don't try to be the tough guy, I know what it feels like. I've been shot before. I know how much pain you're in.
Steve: So, how do you like the date so far?
Jules: You really know how to keep a girl on her toes, huh?
Steve: Wait till you see what I... have planned for the next one.

Steve: [recovering in hospital from gunshot wound] Last few months, uh, doing a lot of thinking. Just about, uh, the big picture.
Jules: Yeah, I have, too.
Steve: Just family. Future and stuff. What I'm guessing is, uh, our big pictures aren't the same. 'Cause you're in mine, but, uh... I don't think I'm in yours. Hey. It's okay. It's all good. There's no regrets. Well, almost no regrets.
Jules: What do you mean?
Steve: Never got to finish our ice cream.

I'd Do Anything [3.12][edit]

Greg: Whatever Jackie's motives were, whether she's working with us or against us, we have to assume Carson made her as a CI and her life is at risk.
Spike: There's no card skimming equipment in that building, there's no computer trail?
Det. Danner: It's off site, we don't know where. Carson's mobile or very well cloaked.
Spike: How wide are your warrants?
Det. Danner: Any and all electronic surveillance if that's what you mean.
Ed: [Sees Spike thinking] What do you need here Spike?
Spike: Detective Danner it's your investigation, but give me a chance at the lawyer's laptop. I'll have to take it apart.
Det. Danner: [Apprehensively] He's good right?
Greg: He's the best.

Greg: Eddie, I got to ask you about what happened at the club. You hesitated at the door because you had a bad feeling or this thing at home leaking into work?
Ed: That's why you put me on the perimeter.
Greg: I'm glad I did.
Ed: Okay, Greg, look. We did the best we could with the information we had. If I had had a bad feeling, I would've said something.
Greg: Would you?
Ed: I saw Sophie last night and she said that I have to choose.
Greg: What do you mean?
Ed: It's her, the kids, or it's the job. It's the job. And what am I supposed to do with that? What am I supposed to do?

Fault Lines [3.13][edit]

Toth: Did you know about the relationship before Jules was shot? You... you knowingly put them in danger.
Greg: That relationship is over.
Toth: The mere mention of each other's name triggers stress reactions.
Greg: You know what, you read a lot into stress reactions.
Toth: Braddock and Callaghan clearly still have feelings for each other.
Greg: Yes, of some kind.
Toth: Which they value, it seems, more than their own team's security. They both have cause to be expelled from SRU, as do you - for turning a blind eye.

Toth: Your family keeps you grounded. You can't be the kind of cop you have to be if you're not grounded. Your family knows you, warts and all. They're there for you. But what gets you through the tough calls, Ed, the lives you couldn't save, the people you had to kill, the guilt?
Ed: My family.
Toth: So, how are you coping with them gone?
Ed: How do you know that?
Toth: Beside the point.
Ed: I work 12 hour shifts. I train 14 hours a week on top of that so that I don't cost somebody a life, so I don't let my team down. And you're saying what, that I am not a good enough cop because I am not more of a family man, is that it?
Toth: I don't care what kind of family man you are. I care whether or not you can cope with the job, for your team's sake. It's a question of balance.
Ed: Of balance? You try telling that to a guy with a gun to his head, to a kid on a ledge. What do you want me to say here? "Sorry about your luck, I got to get home for dinner?" Is that it?
Toth: I get that.
Ed: That's good. Now, you tell Holleran to stay out of my family life.
Toth: It's not Commander Holleran.
Ed: [pauses] Greg... how did he know that Sophie left me? How'd he know about that?
Greg: I didn't trust myself to be objective, Eddie, as a colleague or as a friend.

Season 4[edit]

Personal Effects [4.1][edit]

Greg: Winnie?
Winnie: ...Fort York Boulevard.
Greg: What's going on?
Winnie: Officer down, multiple shots fired. He's SRU.
Greg: The team accounted for?
Donna: Yeah, boss.
Greg: It's Ed.

Greg: [to Winnie] Recall Team One.
Hollaran: Slow down a second.
Greg: Page 'em 10-33. Get 'em back to the station.
Hollaran: Your team's not cleared for duty.
Greg: Then clear 'em for duty! I have a man down!
Hollaran: Sergeant Parker...
Greg: Winnie...
Toth: Can you stay objective?
Hollaran: Are you saying his team is fit for duty?
Toth: I'm saying... this team has a man down. Can you stay objective?
Greg: I know how to do my job.
Toth: Winnie, recall Team One.

Good Cop [4.2][edit]

Ed: Gentlemen.
Sam: Look who drops in.
Ed: How are you?
[Ed shakes Sam's hand]
Wordy: Didn't bring Isabelle?
[Wordy and Ed shake hands]
Ed: Nah, I left her at home. She gets too much attention, this is my entrance.
Spike: Get her in here sooner we're staging a raid.
Ed: How are ya
[Spike and Ed hug]
Spike: Oh, sorry don't want to pop a stitch.
Ed: It's good all the stitches are gone. I'm good.
Greg: Well you're a sight for sore eyes.
Ed: Still in one piece without me?
Greg: We get by.

Yosh: [Approaches SUV with Spike inside] Gimme the bat!
Spike: Protesters are swarming the truck.
[Multiple protesters begin beating and rocking the SUV]
Spike: I need back up.
Sam: [From inside courthouse] Spike we're on our way, don't open those doors.
Spike: Keeping the doors closed going with that.
[Protesters start shaking the SUV more violently]
Spike: It's gettin' to feel like a hard day's night in here.
Yosh: Move! Get back!
[Spike looks up just as the protester breaks the window and shatters glass in his face while another throws in a bomb]
Wordy: [Wordy, Sam and Jules arrive outside the courthouse just in time to see the explosive detonate in the SUV with Spike still inside] Spike!

Jules: Let's get you to sit down, we're going to get you some oxygen.
Spike: [Coughing] No I'm good, I'm good. I just need some light.
Jules: Spike you took in a lot of smoke.
Spike: And the walk back here did me good. [Coughing]
Wordy: What is it?
Spike: It's a pipe-bomb.
Sam: Typical anarchist weapon.
Spike: Yeah except these guys aren't amateurs. We saw these at the 2-20.
Sam: They had Molotovs there too.

Run, Jamie, Run [4.3][edit]

Sam: I've been an idiot. I want you to stay with me.
Natalie: Is this the part where I'm supposed to give you a hug?
Sam: Nnnn... you can grab us a couple of beers.
Natalie: Two weeks. A month, tops.
Sam: Okay, but any longer, one of us is gonna need to learn how to cook.

Spike: Boss I found Sage's IP address, registered to the house of a Steven Cunningham.
Greg: A Steven Cunningham or the Steven Cunningham?
Spike: Uh... lost me boss.
Greg: Spike, the multi-millionaire who just bailed out the symphony.
Spike: [Sarcastically] Oh right that thing, with the wooden instruments, plays songs from a thousand years ago. I keep up with the arts.

Through a Glass Darkly [4.4][edit]

Ed: [enters locker room as Spike, Sam, and Greg are laughing behind his back] I checked out that weapon's ID site last night, I'd like to patent it. It gives you the impact pattern on virtually any kind of cartridge.
[Spike continues laughing]
Jules: [enters locker room] Did you guys tell him yet?
Ed: What?
Greg: Buddy you got baby spit-up all over your back.
Spike: [Still laughing] You want me to impact pattern that for you?
Ed: [Looks at his back] Well it looks like it came from an eighty degree angle.
Sam: High velocity.
Ed: Yep, that's my girl.

Wordy: I had an appointment.
Ed: Okay.
Wordy: Everything's fine, though. Okay, I-I didn't mention it to Shel 'cause I didn't want her to get worried. But everything's fine.
Ed: All right. Look, whatever's between you two, that's none of my business. That's not what worries me. What worries me is that I know you. I can read you.
Wordy: I just need you to t...
Ed: [cuts off Wordy] And you are still not being straight with me. And as long as you're a member of my team, that is my business.
Wordy: Eddie, I need you to just trust me.
Ed: You got something you want to tell me?
Wordy: Do you trust me?
[Ed doesn't respond, Wordy closes locker and walks away]

The Better Man [4.5][edit]

Jules: Why did he take Wordy's gun?
Sam: He's team leader - if he took it, there's a reason.
Jules: Well, it's not safe.
Sam: Ed knows what he's doing.
Jules: We're walking into a warrant without cool heads.
Sam: Yeah, Boss and Ed not on the same page. I don't like it.
Jules: Teams and secrets. [shares a look with Sam] All right, I'm gonna shut up now.

Greg: Look, Eddie, I get the anger. You just found out your best friend is sick.
Ed: Let's just, let's just drop the psychology, stick to the job.
Greg: It's a lot to process.
Ed: Why didn't you tell me?
Greg: Maybe I should have.
Ed: This is why Team One's on probation. We got Toth reading the transcripts of every call we go on, looking for cracks.
Greg: He's not watching you, Eddie, he's watching me. I made a judgment call.
Ed: Well, maybe you made the wrong call. Because what happened out there, now it's on record, Greg, and now we are all accountable.

A Day in the Life [4.6][edit]

Jules: Cary, would you please look at me?
Spike: I don't think he's hearing you. It's time to take the gloves off. You try a reality check?
Jules: Okay. So you want to jump. Do you want me to tell you what actually happens? I can, 'cause I've seen it. I can tell you what's going to happen when your body smacks against the ground and your skull explodes.

Jules: Valentine's Day.
Sam: Busiest day of the year.
Raf: Really? Valentine's Day?
Spike: Yeah, doesn't matter how you test, tac, talk.
Greg: Nothing prepares you for Valentine's Day.

Shockwave [4.7][edit]

Ed: A suspicious package was found in the lower level of the North Tower, corner of King and Bay.
Greg: Security guard was on patrol, sees something in the trash can he doesn't like and he calls it in.
Sam: So what was the package?
Ed: Blue and white vinyl gym bag. He opened it up saw some wires, didn't go any further.
Raf: Wow vinyl gym bag, I haven't seen one of those since high school.
Spike: Hey, I had one of those.

Sam: [pulls a lid off a trash can - on radio] Spike! I found your bag. You must've walked right past it.
Raf: Uh, we're with the package now.
Spike: Sam, get those people out of here right now. There's two bombs.

Raf: [searching through debris] Sam! Oh, man, Sam's down.
Spike: Is he breathing?
Raf: Boss, I... I found Sam. He's unconscious, uh, but his pulse is good.

The War Within [4.8][edit]

Jules: Here comes Mr. Family Affirmation.
Greg: Jules. Take it easy.
Jules: What? I don't get a baseball bat?

Ed: Ryan, I'm Ed Lane.
Ryan: Get out of here!
Ed: I'm Clark's dad.
Ryan: Nice to meet you. Now leave me alone.

Cost of Doing Business [4.9][edit]

Spike: I found a clean part of the call. I enhanced the background and made a loop, listen. [Plays loop from phone] Guesses?
Greg: Shopping cart?
Sam: Parking lot?
Spike: Skateboards. Some guy not quite making a trick.
Ed: Home Run Spike.

Greg: [Sees M2 graffiti] Well they're certainly making their presence known.
Martin: Dogs marking trees.
Spike: Smart enough to kidnap the guy you're supposed to be protecting.

Wild Card [4.10][edit]

Raf: So she's taking her own money, out of her own account?
Spike: Yeah. We had five robberies like this last year, robbery by proxy. Guy targets a wealthy client, forces them to go into the bank and bring out the money. That way they don't have to put on a ski mask and go in there yelling "this is a stick up".
Raf Rousseau: And if it's a false alarm?
Spike: Oh I don't know, could go do some shopping.

Spike: [From command truck looking at video surveillance] Guys, I see gamblers, I'm in.
Greg: Did you just guess at the wireless password?
Spike: No but I guessed that Harvey's IT guys are one step behind the highly illegal password cracking software to which I subscribe.
Greg: Spike, sometimes you scare me.
Spike: I scare myself sometimes.

A New Life [4.11][edit]

Spike: [Looking at witness statements in notepad] According to our guests our yelling guy is "six feet, no he's 5'2", he was wearing boots, no he was wearing shoes".
Raf: At least they can agree it was a he. I got three guests that swear it was a woman.

Stainton: Wow, we've got victim, shooter, weapon... I gotta call you guys more often.
Greg: What about motive?
Stainton: Ach! Don't tell me you got that too? You're gonna put me out of business, partner.

Grounded [4.12][edit]

Roland: Your peaceful surrender scenario is no longer an option.
Greg: It is an option until it isn't. When it isn't, we'll be ready.

Spike: [In cargo hull of hijacked plane] I gotta get this shape charge in the right spot.
Ed: Yeah you do.
Greg: Fast and safe.
Spike: Copy that.

A Call to Arms [4.13][edit]

Spike: [On rooftop with suicidal subject] I just lost my father Zen. We didn't always see eye to eye, but I'd give anything to have him back in my life. Your daughter loves you, let her help you.
Zen Mai: She can't help me.

Ed: Spike, you hear me?
Spike: [using the parabolic mic] In full, stereophonic sound. [he gives Ed a thumbs up]

Team Player [4.14][edit]

Raf: Today's not gonna win him any points with the authorities.
Greg: No, no. But he was innocent, and he showed a strong moral code, and that counts for a lot. I'll talk to Lavery, maybe a criminal institution isn't the best place for him.
Raf: Change of environment?
Greg: It's gonna make a world of difference.
Spike: It's nice to get someone outta prison for a change.

Ed: Did you see Spike when he came in today?
Greg: Yeah.
Ed: Mom's moving back to Italy, selling the house. He's on his own for the first time in his life. Did you hear that?
Greg: [stunned] How did I miss that?
Ed: That's my point, Greg. Usually, you don't.

Day Game [4.15][edit]

Ed: [on radio] Greg, make some noise.
Gil: [handing Greg's radio back to him] Tell him I'm headed south.
Greg: I can't do that, Gil.
Gil: [points gun at Decklan] South across the bowl. Tell them.
Ed: Greg, talk to me.
Greg: [puts radio on ear] I'm here, Eddie. Subject is headed south, repeat, he's headed toward the south end of the bowl.
Ed: [on radio] Okay, Team One, you heard the man. Stop the sweep. I need everybody to regroup on level one.
Greg: Back-up's on the way, Ed, so move with caution and stay frosty.
[Ed, Sam, and Raf all stop dead in their tracks]
Ed: He's got Greg!

Ed: What are you thinking, boss?
Greg: I'm thinking this wasn't about money. I'm thinking this was about being a cop again.
Spike: He set this whole thing up so he could stop it?
Ed: Step in and save the day.
Greg: Prove that he's SRU material after all.

Blue on Blue [4.16][edit]

[Greg looks at the Security Alarm System and notice the flashing alarm indicators]
Greg: Eddie
Ed: Boss
Greg: Alarms 3... 49... 6... 3496
Ed: That's Spike badge number
Greg: And then 10... 33
Sam: Officer needs of assistance
Ed: We gotta find Spike fast!
Jules: Unless this is Spike's work because only a inside guy can hack into the system
Raf: And set off a alarm intentionally
Ed: To get his team here

Greg: [Enters home where Natalie and Spike are being held hostage] How ya doin' Spike?
Spike: Could use a set of handcuff keys.
Greg: Copy that. [Hands Spike handcuff keys] Sir I need you to put that gun down and step away from the girl. You're not going anywhere, please I need you to listen to me.
Spike: [gets free of restraints] No don't listen to him! Listen to me! Maybe you get past us. Maybe, by some miracle, you get out of the country. You know what? Doesn't matter.
Greg: Spike that's enough.
Spike: I don't care what third world jungle you hide out in. I will find you. Whatever I have to do, I will do.
Sam: [From outside house near glass door] Device is set ready for entry.
Spike: I will never forget you. Not after what you did to my friend's sister! And not after what you did to my team!
David: Back off!
Spike: What, what you wanna shoot me? Go ahead, go ahead. Go ahead! Shoot me!
Greg: Sam!
[David points gun at Spike just as glass door is broken and Sam takes down David]

Priority of Life [4.17][edit]

Ed: [after Rose confesses to her boss about tainted vaccine] Yeah thank you for your honesty. Jules, you get that?
Spike: [Confused, Rose looks at Spike] Your boss was calling from our station. Miracle of modern headset, whole team's connected to one set of ears.

Ed: Doctor I'm gonna ask you one last time before I put any more of my team in danger. Is there any possibility that Xavier could be right?
Dr. Oullette: Only if squalene were present in the VVA-50's composition, but I, I'd of seen that in the records.
Spike: And hypothetically if there had been a cover up?
Dr. Oullette: Not possible, not without doctoring the records, not without employees being aware.
Ed: Or employees being let go?
[Dr Oullette nods]
Spike: What kind of employees?
[Spike begins looking through past employees]
Dr. Oullette: Depends on the nature of the cover-up.
Rose: What are you doing?
Spike: Operations manager, safety supervisor, quality control inspector?
Dr. Oullette: If it were a contamination issue, definitely.
Rose: There is no cover-up.
Ed: [Sees on computer that safety team was let go] That many people were let go?
Spike: Last year. The entire safety operations team, just before Xavier was hired.
Ed: [Frustrated] Rose, you replaced your entire safety department? What, did you get a result you didn't like?
Rose: As I said before, our safety operations manager left and took his entire team with him. I was sorry to see them go.
Ed: Huh.

Slow Burn [4.18][edit]

Greg: You take the lead Ed.
Ed: What are you talking about?
Greg: You take this. He's better off in your hands.
Ed: [and Greg walk away from other team members] That's a negative. You have a connection with him, he needs to hear it from you.
Greg: I already made one bad call today, I can't make another one. If I talk to him, I'm gonna lose him Eddy. He's safer with you. [Walks away from Ed] I'm done.
Spike: [From control tower] Guys, that just happen?
Jules: Well I guess the Sarge made his choice today.

'Spike: Winnie, time check?
Winnie: One hour 'til the end of shift.
'Spike: Got me down for pasta?
Winnie: Yeah, pasta salad.
'Spike: Two bottles of homemade red?
Winnie: Yeah.

Season 5[edit]

Broken Peace [5.1][edit]

May: [From command truck looking at monitors] Those dots, is that your team?
Spike: Yep. And if my mom was in trouble, they're the ones I want to see come through the window. [Accesses hotel security cameras]
May: That's, that's inside, how did you...
Spike: That's magic.
May: Or hotel security just gave you their access code and wi-fi password.
Spike: [Smiling] She sees right through me.

Spike: What's not to love about being a cop? The hours, the glamour, the girls. [Looks at Raf]
Jules: The girls?
Spike: [With huge smile plastered across his face] King Street, Saturday night. I'm just sayin' I saw you.
Raf: Hey, I was just making sure the ladies got home safe.
Spike: Both ladies.
Jules: Ah!

No Kind of Life [5.2][edit]

Andrew: That's why my code wasn't clean. I was rushed.
Spike: [not buying it] "Sure thing."
Andrew: You know, you're easily my least favorite cop in the world.

Jules: Bringing a child into that world... it doesn't seem right.
Sam: Simple as that?
Jules: Isn't it?
Sam: Yeah, I suppose.
Jules: Then what's the matter?
Sam: It's our world too.

Run To Me [5.3][edit]

Eyes In [5.4][edit]

Greg: Spike what about our tipster?
Spike: Well all I can say at this point is that he's good Boss. To infiltrate our internal servers, not to mention remotely hijacking our CCTV system, that's big league.
Greg: Does that mean our comm is compromised?
Spike: I don't know. I can tell you he's been in our system for a while.
Greg: How do you know that?
Spike: Well he had to tunnel through firewall and set up some sort of encrypted back door controls. Takes time.
Jules: That goes with the cameras he hijacked too, he would to have cracked them in advance.
Greg: So this guy's been planning this day for a while.

Stuart: [Rebecca approaches Stuart sitting at the back of an ambulance] Rebecca. I am so sorry.
Rebecca: Who did that to you?
Stuart: It doesn't matter now.
Rebecca: Did Eric do that, Stuart?
Stuart: [nods] Yeah.
Rebecca: [sits next to Stuart in the ambulance] I was worried about losing your friendship.
Stuart: You think maybe, we could just start over again?
Rebecca: I don't know. Can we be straight with each other?
Stuart: Yeah. You see the fingers on this hand?
Rebecca: From your stroke.
[Stuart stares in disbelief]
Rebecca: I've known for ages.
Stuart: Are you kidding me? How?
Rebecca: Because I called your supervisor after our first session, to tell him how great you were, and he told me.
Stuart: [Stunned, Stuart chuckles] Okay, well in terms of big scary revelations, that's kind of my best card.
[Rebecca and Stuart both laugh]

Sons of the Father [5.5][edit]

Below the Surface [5.6][edit]

Forget Oblivion [5.7][edit]

We Take Care of Our Own [5.8][edit]

Sam:  [after Jules tells him her pregnancy is confirmed]  Here, here, here, have a seat, have a seat.
Jules:  [chuckles]  I can sit.
Sam:  Do you want me to get you a tea?  Like an herbal tea or somethin'?
Jules:  I don't need an herbal tea, I can sit, and you're not allowed to do that, treat me like I need bubble wrap or something.  I'm the same, okay?  I don't want you to change on me.  Everything is the same.

Greg:  We'll stay here, figure out how to find a cop car in a city full of cop cars.

[Sam is trying to talk down veteran Robert Gray, who rigged himself with explosives]
Sam:  Today, my teammates spoke to a lot of people who think you're a great man.
Gray:  They're wrong.  I'm just doing my job.
Sam:  That's what sergeants always say.
Gray:  You serve?
Sam:  Yes, sir.  I never met a sergeant who didn't impress me.  Today, you gotta lead by example.  Don't put your team at risk.  Let's end this.

Lawmen [5.9][edit]

Clark: Threat assessment? Like from here to the door?
Ed: That's right.
Clark: Shin splints?

Ed: Want to grab a pizza?
Dean: [exchanging a surprised glance with Clark] Yeah, sure.
Gre: See, that's another thing about being a cop, 10 percent discount at Vanelli's.



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