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Four Brothers is a 2005 action crime film directed by John Singleton.

Jack Mercer will do violence to get justice. (taglines)

Bobby Mercer[edit]

  • She's got a boyfriend, she's got hard dick in her right now. She screaming somebody else's name and the last thing she's doing is thinking about is your black ass.(teasing Angel Mercer)
  • You missed mother's funeral too,jarhead(talking to Angel)
  • ....Nitro got Midnight in a headlock!Get him!!....(as soon a Jeremiah and Angel starts a brawl in the house)
  • (talking to Jack while playing ice hockey)There you go!Shit,I gotta make a man outta you!
  • wanna make a Evelyn Mercer...the greatest mother four degenerate bastards ever had.
  • (in an annoying voice) yea...we gonna do the gas thing...
  • (in an annoying voice) the PO-POs are here....ya'll better run,man these white cops are crazy.
  • No,no,no,no,no (stuffs a shirt into a gangster's mouth)...this is not the talking part okay?This is the listening part.So shut your mouth!
  • Its ten,O,2(10:02)and the light is still on...lets pop this motherfucker out.
  • its a Mercer family tradition.
  • Fowler : you know what this is??(showing Bobby a hair sample)
    Bobby  : a hair from your wife's tit?
  • ay,Sofi!why dont you give me a favor cleanin' some of those shit?Make yourself useful!
  • (pouring petrol on Douglas's car)I'm gonna turn your ass into a black gingerbreadman now!
  • he thinks i'm an idiot...he thinks i dont know what the fuck is goin on...
  • good timing,Jerry...just when it seems when its all lost for you,she got shot by some gangsters and now you hit the fucking lottery??
  • thank god?you killed my mother,my little brother,motherfucker!thank Victor Sweet!!! (shoots the hoodlum's head)
  • It doesn't count as a plan if it takes you longer to say it than it does to think it up, Jerry.
  • police?cops love the Mercers, Jerry...

Jeremiah Mercer[edit]

  • close your mouth Angel.Think you're a cow or something?
  • ya'll stick around...might give ya'll ass a job!
  • dont call me if ya'll got shot up...this is Detroit in case if ya'll forgot!
  • somebody gotta look after ya'll clowns..
  • no!you dont know who ya'll fuckin with!
  • ya'll trippin cause I made an insurance payment?!!WHAT?!!(stands up)I paid all her(Evelyn Mercer) bills!!!(pushes Bobby,punches Angel in the face)What the fuck with ya'll?!!HUHH?!!!How many years I had to take care of her my goddamn self?!!!Ya'll around doin nothin!Bullshit!!And you gon' tell me I killed her?!C'mon man!

Angel:We heard you pay off a killer like Sweet!And what the fuck did he do for you,Jerry?! Jeremiah:Wh-What he do for me??He killed my fuckin life!!

  • he'll deal, he's a bussinessman.
  • we cant kill a cop,even if he is dirty.
  • a whole new proposal.


  • Jack Mercer will do violence to get justice.
  • Jerimiah Mercer will take the law into his own hands.
  • Angel Mercer wants to know who killed his mother.
  • The Mercers want mercy.
  • Two black, two white. To avenge their mother, they must unite.
  • They came home to bury mom... and her killer
  • Bobby Mercer is not the kind of man who asks twice


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