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Francisca Oboh-Ikuenobe (born August 1962) is a geologist from Ubiaja in Esan South East Local Government Area of Edo State. She specialises in palynology and sedimentology, and is Professor of Geology in the Department of Geosciences and Geological and Petroleum Engineering, and Associate Dean of Academic Affairs in the College of Engineering and Computing, Missouri University of Science and Technology.


  • Collaborate. Go outside your comfort zone occasionally and choose your collaborators carefully. Your chances of obtaining competitive research grants are higher and your research and publication productivity will increase, too.
    • [1] Prof Francisca give advise to her students in 2016.
  • Success will come easier and faster as a young scientist if you are confident about your abilities, are not afraid to step out of your comfort zone, seek out a mentor, and collaborate on projects. This will improve the likelihood of obtaining competitive funding, and increasing research and publication productivity.
    • [2] Francisca give advice to young scientists in 2018.
  • Unconscious bias that women are less qualified than men to study or teach STEM disciplines still exists.
    • [3] Francisca speak on gender bias in 2018.
  • I loved mathematics and science-related subjects.
    • [4] Francisca expressed interest in science while in elementary school.
  • Several people, including members of my family, tried to dissuade me from studying geology because women were not supposed to be out in the bush or field as a profession.
    • [5] Prof Francisca speak on challenges she faced as a geologist in 2018.
  • The women who persevere go on to achieve great successes in their STEM careers.
    • [6] Francisca speak on Women in STEM in 2018.
  • I am truly honored to have this exciting opportunity to serve the students, faculty, staff and alumni of our college.
    • [7] Francisca named as associate dean for academic affair in 2021.
  • My advice is to stay true to her passion while being open-minded to a variety of opportunities. Paleontology has proven to be a key player in the puzzle we know today as planet Earth, especially as fossils were among the first clues used for plate tectonics.
    • [8] Francisca advice upcoming women paleontologists in 2021.
  • Ask for help when she needs to. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. Instead, it is a chance to learn and advance. Also, she should be proud of every contribution she makes in life and should not allow others to define her success.
    • [9] Francisca advice young women researchers in 2021.

Quotes about Francisca Oboh Ikuenobe[edit]

  • Throughout the nomination process for the Woman of the Year Award, Dr. Oboh-Ikuenobe was noted as a true role model for all current and future UMR students.
    • [10] Chancellor, Gary Thomas commended Francisca in 2004.
  • I appreciate Dr. Oboh-Ikuenobe’s willingness to lead the department of geosciences and geological and petroleum engineering during this time of transition.
    • [11] Dr. Ian Ferguson, Vice provost and dean of the College of Engineering and Computing at Missouri S&T appreciate Prof Francisca in 2014.
  • Her leadership, mentorship and expertise in her field, combined with her institutional knowledge make her an ideal candidate for interim chair.
    • [12] Dr Ian speak on Francisca attributes in 2014.
  • Dr. Oboh-Ikuenobe is known for her passion for both undergraduate and graduate education and for her rich knowledge of academic affairs.
    • [13] Dr. Richard Wlezien, vice provost and CEC dean describe Francisca in 2021.
  • She has been an outstanding interim, and I am pleased that she has accepted the permanent position.
    • [14] Dr Richard explain in 2021 how Oboh-Ikuenobe has served as interim for the past year.

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