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Free Birds is a 2013 American 3D computer-animated buddy comedy film starring the voices of Owen Wilson, Woody Harrelson and Amy Poehler. The movie's about two turkeys going back in time to the first Thanksgiving to get turkeys off the menu. It was produced by Reel FX Creative Studios as its first theatrical fully animated feature film. The film was released on November 1, 2013, by Relativity Media. The film received negative reviews from critics and earned $110,000,000 on a $55,000,000 budget.

On Nov. 1 hang on to your nuggets(taglines)


Elder Turkey: Our world is made of corn. [grabs leaf] Leafy corn. [has corn in hand] Corn corn.
[Elder Turkey waves hand at sun]
Elder Turkey: Fire corn!
Reggie: That's an awesome theory, but I think they actually call that the Sun.
Elder Turkey: [pauses] Out. OUT!

[Jake's childhood flashback. He grew up in a factory farm, attempted to escape with unhatched eggs in order to start a new flock, but couldn't get the eggs through the fence. What rubs even more salt to the wound is all the other turkeys drooping in disappointment and heartbreak]
Jake: I failed. I let down my family, and my flock.

[The Chief sacrificing himself to save the flock when the pilgrim's attack. He's trapped underneath flaming debris and instructs his daughter to go without him]
Chief Broadbeak: GO! GO!
Jenny: Not without you!
Chief Broadbeak: [softly] Jenny...
Jenny: Daddy!
Chief Broadbeak: I'll always be with you.

[Reggie arguing with Jake about his tales of "The Great Turkey" and he heads back to the present without him]
STEVE: Good morning, Reggie. Why the long face? That is a punch line from a joke.
Reggie: Just take me home.
Jake: Reggie, wait! The flock is in trouble!
Reggie: Yup, and you know why? Because of us! We didn't save anyone. We made everything worse!
Jake: But, Reggie, the Great Turkey told me—
Reggie: THERE IS NO GREAT TURKEY! There is no mission! You made it all up in your head! It's all a lie! [Jake slumps] Now, I'm leaving, alright?! Before we mess things up even more! And if you're smart, you'll come with me!
Jake: [close to tears] I can't give up.
Reggie: Yeah. If you're smart. [turns his back on Jake and enters the time machine and sits on the time chair] Look who I'm talking to!
[The time machine doors close and Reggie disappears back into the present, leaving the disheartened Jake behind]

Reggie: Well, I guess this is good-bye.
Jake: No, Reggie. Good-byes are just hellos, carried across the wind until our paths... intersect once again.
Reggie: That's beautiful… and confusing.


  • On Nov. 1, hang on to your nuggets
  • The greatest turkey movie of all time.
  • Changing the main course of history


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