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Game or quarry is any wild animal hunted for animal products (primarily meat), for recreation ("sporting"), or for trophies. The species of animals hunted as game varies in different parts of the world and by different local jurisdictions, though most are terrestrial mammals and birds. Fish caught non-commercially (recreational fishing) are also referred to as game fish.


  • The bird, that’s fetcht from Phasis flood,
    Or choysest Hens of Affricke brood;
    These please our palats. And why these?
    Cause they can but seldome please.
    Whilst the Goose soe goodly white,
    And the drake yeeld noe delight,
    Though his wings conceited hewe
    Paint each feather, as if new.
    These for vulgar stomackes be,
    And relish not of raritye.
    But the pretious Scarus, sought
    In farthest clime; what e’re is bought
    With Shipwrackes toyle, ô, that is sweet,
    ’Cause the quicksands handseld it.
    The pretious Barbill, now groune rife,
    Is cloying meat. How stale is Wife?
    Deare Wife hath ne’re a handsome letter,
    Sweet Mistresse soundes a great deale better.
    Rose quakes at name of Cinnamon.
    Unles’t be rare, what’s thought upon?
  • Souls of Poets dead and gone,
    What Elysium have ye known,
    Happy field or mossy cavern,
    Choicer than the Mermaid Tavern?
    Have ye tippled drink more fine
    Than mine host’s Canary wine?
    Or are fruits of Paradise
    Sweeter than those dainty pies
    Of venison? O generous food!
    Drest as though bold Robin Hood
    Would, with his Maid Marian,
    Sup and bowse from horn and can.
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