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Image of the film The Orphan and Game of Death II

Game of Death II (Chinese: 死亡塔) is a 1981 Hong Kong martial arts film directed by Ng See-yuen

Quotes about Game of Death II[edit]

Ng See Yuen's attempt to rework Bruce Lee's original footage work Golden Harvest is more exploitative Ross mare in a further attempt to perform the same tastelles trick. When the real Bruce Lee 'dies' halfway trhough, the movie rapidly descends into macho posturing and speededup fight scenes, wich lead to an interminable Bond-style sci-fi climax. As the chinese sage Lao Tzu pur it, 'Wine my become so diluite that few will drink of it'.[1]


    獨自在遠方 冷暖自己嚐
    你不在身旁 誰能與我分享
    回頭看過往 糊塗夢一場
    原諒我的錯 原諒我給你的傷
  #穿越思念的海洋 現在的你在何方
    世界若沒有你 一切都沒有意義
    藏在胸口的渴望 怎麼也不能遺忘
    生命一點一滴 我已經學會珍惜
    〔終於明白 你是我唯一路向〕
    經過這麼久 慢慢地成熟
    現在我才懂 當年你的心痛
    好多的感受 想要對你說
    若能再相逢 不讓愛輕易錯過
    重唱 *,#,#
    〔終於明白 你是我唯一路向〕 


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